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Thread: Hotliner suggestions
11/09/2013 13:59:06

+ 1 for E-typhoon, or maybe even an Alex F5B (sometimes refered to as an "Enigma" on US sites) from

Please note, I'm not affliated to this organisation, but I did buy one of these a few years back (and still regularly fly on 4s - Could go larger on the battery but don't see the need) and it goes like stink!

Blizzard and others are in my view "warmliners".

Edited By Simon K 3 on 11/09/2013 14:01:49

Thread: Weekend Giveaway
01/03/2013 10:04:15

Count me in please.

Thread: Another "which plane" thread
13/04/2011 17:04:12
Not sure what you mean when you say "modest electric setup", but two models I'd suggest...Both big enough to see, but small enough to land on an average strip.

Sebart Miss Wind 50. - Got an Scorpion 4025-12 on 16x10 prop, 80amp opto and ubec.
Lovely model, smooth, predictable, VERY flattering to the pilot's ability. (though price is a bit dear)

Goldwing Extra 330 Brilliant model. Mines got an Axi setup on 6s.
Again brilliant model, flies extremely nicely, and is a touch bigger than the Miss Wind.
And for the price... excellent. (Will 3d, but you don't have to! ... if you turn the rates down she's gorgeous!!)
Nice little write up done in the last couple of days on another website HighAlpha Forum

Just my two pennies worth, as they're in my fleet and I don't intend to let them go!

With regards to the electric set-up, I'm sure that there would be "low / modest cost" options with the advent of Direct imports, non-branded, etc...

Edited By Simon K 3 on 13/04/2011 17:09:00

Thread: High seasonal demand for the Post Office Tower
08/04/2011 13:55:53
I think someone needs to put the cap back on the glues and open the windows!?!?!?
Thread: selcol cells
01/04/2011 13:50:57

Almost as nice as this one on

New Micro F3A announcement!

Edited By Simon K 3 on 01/04/2011 13:51:22

Thread: Wot 4 E mk2 vs standard wot 4
17/02/2011 15:38:05
With respect the Mk2 -E and MK2 Foam-E are almost exactly the same span, so sort of understandable about the "assumption".... though you are right I'd also not spotted that.
I too have not flown the Mk2 -E.
But we all know what happens when we ass-u-me!

If you went for Wot 4 conversion - here's an article which might be interesting (though you've probably seen it already)...Link

16/02/2011 10:55:15
I had a Wot 4 MK II and Mk III with Irvine 53 (sorry IC not E) a while back and I've flown a club mates Wot4 Foamie Mk2 recently.
Both fly nicely Traditional Wo4 on electric would require larger motor and packs
The really personal subjective answer...
I personally would like a bit more power on the Wot4 foamie, but there's nothing wrong with the standard set.
It also depends on what sort of conditions you want to fly in.
I suspect that the traditional kit converted might have a wider window of conditions as it'd probably be heavier, but it really depends on what you're after and when / how you fly.

I'd also have to think real hard about the additional cost of going with the traditional kit converted to electric, as it would require larger motor, battery packs, etc.... as the Wot4 Foamie can fly nicely on 3s and give reasonable flight times.
As I said, really depends on what you want from the model and your flying style....
Just my two pennies worth.

"Opinions are like mouths..... everyone's got one" ( the polite, forum safe version of this statement).

Thread: Do you think i am mad
14/01/2011 20:03:04

Would be worth taking a look at the BMFA website and locate a local club who might be able to help?

I'm assuming you mean "pay for instruction"? 
Whilst surfing for the best prices for rc bits and pieces, I remember seeing that Brentford rc (model shop) are offering flight training for planes and helis near Beaconsfield.

Not sure if this is of use?
BTW... I have no association with this organisation and also no knowledge of the quality of their kit or training so would be worth doing a little research first?
Thread: ST Model Discovery
05/01/2011 16:08:21

Posted a reply to your "Hi from Basingstoke" posting.
(I'm a Basingstoke and Basingstoke Model Aero Club member)
Other clubs in the area are Aldershot MFC, Fleet and District.
So worth looking at what's convenient to you.
I think before deciding on a model to buy, I think it would be very useful to visit a club and have a chat - it talk is free (though the occasional offer of a beer goes down well ).
There are some decisions which I think you may want to make before committing any of your hard earned cash to. (which club ,Budget, Electric or IC, 2.4Ghz or 35Mhz, Futaba, Spektrum, JR or other, and so on....)
My main piece of advice is think about what you want to get out of your flying and what your budget is. A little extra cash invested at the start can pay dividends down the line.
That all said, based upon how I've seen some new members progress, a very capable model is Wot 4 Foam-e Mk2. Having  flown one myself I was very pleasantly surprised.
Thread: Hi from Basingstoke
05/01/2011 13:11:13

Welcome to the forum; welcome to the hobby.
I fly at the Basingstoke Club, and we have a club night tomorrow (Thursday) evening.
We'd be more than happy for you to come along and have a chat.
Information about our site, plus directions on where the club night is can be found on our website -> BMAC
Should I be able to provide any other information, please feel free to send me a PM.

Thread: Listen for the sound of exploding Timbo's
16/12/2010 12:02:08
Seems like the bad guys are already using large RC models for unwanted / illegal purposes.... Link  found on Highalpha forum

Trouble is the rules are designed to try and stop the small minority from doing nasty things, but in reality are the bad guys going to take any notice.... probably not.
Will this impact the "Jo Average flyer".... yes and for no real reason.

Whilst some great flying, the minority spoil it for the majority.... shame but true.
Thread: Multi faceted question.
05/12/2010 08:07:41
A1, No reason why you shouldn't use an electric starter. - Though this is pretty subjective, as long as you watch for the hydrolyic lock, already mentioned.
A2, You don't say what your "Cheapie geared starter" was...

Before I made the switch to All-Electric, I ran an OS 160 and YS110 motors and had no problems with a Kavan Planetary Starter.
Just make sure you've got a clean good quality glow plug, a fully charged starter battery and a starter rubber which is in a good state and finally ensure you've got a good glow ignitor battery.
 Never owned a chicken stick as I thought in the event of a kick I may not get it out of the way in time.... that said the one day I forgot my starter, I elected to flick start without a glove.... you guessed it, it kicked and I spent the next two hours in casaulty having turned to remove the end of my finger.
A3. Everyone has their own ways that work for them; but prime without glow, few extra turns after primed, attach glow and use starter.

Edited By Simon K 3 on 05/12/2010 08:08:19

Thread: How long to wait for products ?
02/12/2010 17:22:21
Not making excuses as we don't know which company it is (or where you are in the country); but Most web traders are pretty good; though some do it "part time" and given the weather I maybe tempted to cut them some slack.

Though £3 for a "few grams" sounds like an awful lot, even allowing for a jiffy bag. postage and a trip to the post office (If they don't collect)
I ordered a new SAS Fusion today and Alan let me know that whilst he was taking it to the post office this afternoon, nothing had moved from the Gatwick depot for a couple of days due to the snow.
Absolutely nothing he can do about that; but nice of him to let me know and set expectations. (There are some great traders out there... like Alan).
(Postage for an entire kit + some x-weave and vinyl tape was around a fiver! )
Hold in there; but like Tim Says, if its appropriate ... name and shame

Edited By Simon K 3 on 02/12/2010 17:25:55

Thread: impulsive disaster
02/12/2010 16:47:20
If RC trucks do it for you and like abusing your FLYING field, Just remember not to take a look at Ebay in next 4days and 3hrs....
Might get close to BEB's video!!

Edited By Simon K 3 on 02/12/2010 16:48:39

Thread: Pick a Plane 2011
18/11/2010 21:11:51
Ok, so here goes nothing,

what about something REALLY different....
White knight one or two (with or without detachable space ship)

or possibly  Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer
Thread: Pilot's notes
04/11/2010 10:47:01
Firstly Congratulations.
I''m really enjoying the recent set of excellent articles entitled "Pilot''s notes".
Very useful as I am looking to improve the understanding, quality and precision of my flying.

What I was wondering is whether a suitably skilled person might be able to record some short demonstrations of how to perform these manoeuvres?
For example, I understand that Phoenix flight sim can show a controller and stick positions as well as allowing for the actual flight to be recorded.

I appreciate that this is not a request which is going to be quick or easy to sort out, but I think it might be extremely useful for people, such as myself, who can "sort of" visualise what should be happening but would like confirmation and would be invaluable to others who can''t get their heads around what is happening and when.

That all said, if someone knows of a resource out there, which already has this sort of demonstration, then I''d very much welcome the link.

Thanks in advance

Thread: Compiling Electric Set up Data
01/11/2010 13:58:13
Tony, interesting info. Thank you.
01/11/2010 12:23:53
Sorry, Web app, whilst nice was a bit of a joke comment.... though doable
I was suggesting that having a text template would be a good idea to get around Excel / Open Office issues for the set-up "contributors" side, though Excel or similar would still be required on the "collators" side.
Also has benefit that someone on the "collation" side would have to review before including in the spreadsheet.
 If I can help, even in the collation of data into a sheet, please let me know.

Edited By Simon K 3 on 01/11/2010 12:45:25

01/11/2010 11:53:25
As people have said, Let's keep it simple.

XLS is good for recording and publishing
(As an option, we could produce a simple HTML page which just shows the info).
We shouldn't bite off too much and the "user" of the information can do a bit of reading it they want to find a model / setup rather than adding search capabilities and macros.... ?
Rather than having people using Excel or Open Office, maybe we could put together a template text document (everyone should have textpad, notepad or similar), which they can complete and email back to a central point, and that can be entered when its convenient.

Eventually we could turn this into a web based app, with a DB, and spend lots of happy hours maintaining, rather than getting out there and flying....
(Will now remove tongue from cheek)

Steve, I'm happy to try and provide assistance, should you need it.

Edited By Simon K 3 on 01/11/2010 12:04:44

Thread: No sound Phoenix on Windows 7
30/10/2010 17:30:24
As has been asked, what error message are you getting?
I'm using Windows 7on a laptop with both v2 and new Beta v3 with no issues.
Mines set-up to use Sound library: XAudio

Obvious question I know, but sound is working generally on your machine?

Edited By Simon K 3 on 30/10/2010 17:31:06

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