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Thread: Red Arrow plane crashes at Bournemouth
20/08/2011 15:08:26
According to BFBS (British Forces Radio) there are no fatalities...
Thread: What do you do for a JOB... ???
19/08/2011 21:50:06
I know where you are comming from, its a tough game to get into and not the easy route anymore! However you have age on your side and light is at the end of the tunnel if you are switched on and work hard then go for it! PM me I can give you a lot of info etc as I am serving!
19/08/2011 18:25:58
You would have to join the Army to fly the Apache !
Thread: GAD Gloster Meteor F4
18/08/2011 19:48:10
Nice work Ady, looks the biz!
Thread: Help me get my enthusiasm back
11/08/2011 19:31:40
Go buy that model you have always dreamed of !!
Thread: Hobbyking cells.
10/08/2011 19:36:51
Hi Gary,
Personally I have had/still do great results from Turnigy and Rhino Lipos, not much of the Flightmax ones though!

Edited By Dusty on 10/08/2011 19:38:15

Thread: Some advice on my Spitfire please
09/08/2011 07:59:55
Hi Ben,
Here is a build thread of the Spit., might be handy to you as there are lots of pics! Are you going to make it electric or put a petrol engine on it?
08/08/2011 21:14:57
You can get a cowl here
The elevator linkage is easy, on the elevator joiner there is a metal/aluminium control horn soldered onto the joiner so the linkage is hidden! As for the servo ya 1 will do, I am using a 12kg MG servo which is more than enough, baring in mind with a fully symeterical aerofoil you wont need much deflection of the elevator...
Are your control surfaces permantly hinged or can you remove them?
As I say I can help you with pictures, trust me the plans are good for the skeleton of the airframe and then everything is else is left to the hearts content! Let me know
08/08/2011 20:15:14
Hi Ben,
I modified the elevator servo position from the plan, on the DB Spit the elevator linkage is internal with a long "snake" push rod, not my ideal method on a large model. I moved the servo back just behind the cockpit to have a more direct system, shorter the better in this case; positive control with no binding!
The Db spit is based around a Mk1Aa but can be reworked in other various Mk's, Danny will be you man on the distinction and knowledge of individual Mk's etc...
If you like PM me your email address and I can take millions of pics of my DB spit that I 3/4 the way trhough building and help you out, its easier to email rather than upload and post?? Here some pics in my album on here nevertheless... I am after another canopy from the guys at DBS&S so they do spares but are away until the 16th according to the email responce I got..
08/08/2011 16:41:58
Looks like the old version of the DBSportandscale Spit? I got plans for the new version if you want but your model looks like it is almost ready to fly so no need for them? Plus the wings are different by looking at the photos...
Engine size you would need something like a ZG38 or electric of course!
Thread: Latitude Longitude
06/08/2011 18:48:29
Just incase you want to explore the world more here is a calculator to work out some "Rhumb Lines" here crossing all meridians of longitude at the same angle.
"flying is easy, navigation is not"
Thread: a spooky tale
05/08/2011 21:02:45
Pete B if there was a "like" button to comment on posts i would have seconded that comment lol!
Thread: Dustys Spitfire sound effect module.
31/07/2011 21:54:29
Ok maybe we need to start testing, right the speaker is mounted as close to the surface of the cowling as possible, obvioulsy the cowling is of a curved nature and the speaker is flat, so the mounting lugs of the speaker are screwed into hardened balsa blocks glued into the inside of the cowlng acting as "dampers" to absorb any vibaration/distortion? How would a speaker react to being placed near a electric motor, another tech question?
Malcolm, its a quest, I fly petrol, glow, electric etc and want to give this a go!! Its got a volume control if all is too loud so hey ho!! It wouldnt work well with a IC engine so the idea is to use the "quietest as possible" power train to achieve the hoped for results of a realistic engine sound, quite a vast hobby these days IMO!
31/07/2011 21:11:15
Thanks Martin,
Interesting you say to get the external suface to work, do you mean by using a external surface to "bounce" distribute the sound waves to achieve a acceptable volume? Point taken...
31/07/2011 20:15:04

Under the rainbow of wires and motor lies the speaker! The chosen power train (after selling a model or 2, is the Hacker A60-18M with a dedicated mount to support the motor shaft via a ball bearing at the firewall end. This is to have a secure motor mount but also to have the motor as quiet as possible I hope...
More photos and detail to follow...
More to follow, any ideas and suggestions are welcome! DJ's are welcome!

Edited By Dusty on 31/07/2011 20:15:43

Edited By Dusty on 31/07/2011 20:21:51

31/07/2011 20:02:24
Ta Tim, amazing what the Gods can do

Ok so pictures tell many words? The first out of 2 speakers i have decided to mount on the underside of the cowling, many reasons for this! I had proposed the wings as the main platform for the housing of the speakers, I turned away from this option as to the internal structure of the DBSpit wings as to not induse any weakness into the internal structure. Thinking back now I could have used smaller speakers but it's to late now, so I hope other's can help me on this journey of achieving satisfactory sound out of a model this size!

exhaust outlets opened up to hopefully expell some of the sound as well as the warm air from the motor, esc and sound system amplifier...?

This is how the 10cm speaker looks like under the cowl, I have actually mounted the speaker to the inside of the cowling and baffled the inside area with depron, this wont probably make any sence until you see a image of the inside cowling. As building progresses I will remove the cowling so we can see!
Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
31/07/2011 19:10:30
Tim I wont comment on here, if you would like another thread on this subject then let it be, the gods have spoken .. Can you use your magic and make one appear using extracts from what we have been discussing  so far on this thread? Just so we dont have to start from point one again... Feel free to delete this too as not to clutter Dans thread!

Edited By Dusty on 31/07/2011 19:12:45

31/07/2011 18:02:51
Ok so proposed idea, any other ideas or education would be appriciated for the 2nd speaker.

Second speaker

Proposed location, I know its poo, only other place I can think of putting it is forward of the windshield to the front armour section and making a mesh grill to cover the speaker so it does not look odd but hardly scale? Who cares if it works and gives the effect in the air... ??

Here is the left wing panel with the "gull" wing towards the rear, notice the split flaps that section into two,

A close up of the flap retaining system, a small piece of carbon holds the "springy" flap joiner in place,this allows easy removal and maintenance of the flap, the end of the flap towards the wing tip is retained into the trailing edge of a wing spar by a short peice of steel wire. The "fisheye" wire things, whatever you want to call them slide inside a nylon tube affixed to the inside of the flaps, this allows the flaps to open up when deployed and accomadate the "gull" type wing, when retracted the flaps are flush.

Inboard flap, this is not seen when the wing is joined and fitted to the fuz...

Fitting the nav light in the port wing.
31/07/2011 17:45:50
Hi Danny,
Thanks mate, I put the plans away a while ago after constructing the skeleton of the wings and airframe, noted the c of g and control movements and now all that is left is to my hearts content?

Ok so this is one of the 10cm speakers mounted to the cowl, there is no gap between the speaker and the inside of the cowl, I have filled this area in, the speaker is mounted to the cowl in esance!

Opened up the exhaust stacks to let air and sound out? The air bit I know will work as for the sound I am a virgin on this matter!

An inside view of the exhaust outlets

Another shot of the underside of the cowl from spinner towards tail, I just dont know if one speaker will hack it?
31/07/2011 15:17:10
Thanks Tim,
I was wanting to fit the speakers into the wing, however I avoided this idea when construction began, the way the wing was built involved rib braces to achieve the washout at the wing tip, I figured if I cut holes into the wing this would 1. cut the braces and have a weak and bent wing 2. the wings are very heavy as is, even if the speakers did fit in the wing they would be behind the c of g 3. obstruct the in housed control linkages etc.
I will get some pics and show you, if thats ok with Danny?
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