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Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
02/04/2011 20:33:08
In the DB Spit when I get started! Might mock mount it in the H9 P-47 just to play around with the system and get a feel, ya cant wait to have a play lol!
02/04/2011 20:16:49
Cool, I will post it to you Monday! Just to TEASE you my Bendini sound system is arriving next week , Thomas sent me confirmation today that the order was complete!
02/04/2011 08:49:24
Morning Danny,
Just weighed the adaptor for you, 57g
01/04/2011 21:51:58
No that much heavier by feel of hand, I am mobile at the moment,I will check in the morning for you and me and report back,obviously I need to reballance my model when fitting this, the weight is worth the strength and manly M10 shaft?
Thread: Get the silk filled
01/04/2011 19:30:51
Argh Tim, this game rocks! Thanks
Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
01/04/2011 19:26:00

The new prop adaptors are made care of my good German friend, they are made out of tool grade steel! Same length as the supplied turnigy one but the shaft is M10 and there is a M4 threaded hole in the shaft so you can fix a spinner hub. I have just tested mine and its spinning true as a whistle.
If you up for it I will pop you one in the post on Monday? TBH with your size Spit this can only be the forward and a extra few gramms of weight on the nose!
Happy weekend, forcast 23 deg c here for the weekend, barn storming it is then?
Thread: Service in Slough
31/03/2011 18:13:05
Ha ha funny this Chris,
I was in the UK a few weeks ago, had a appointment in Surrey which lasted all of 20mins, so when done I had pre empted a few addresses of model shops into the Tom Tom en route to Stansted where I had a return flight back to Zeefatherland. Anyway the mentioned was the nearest off route, so as I had time to kill I thought I would drop into the model shop and see what it was like!
Driving through Slough was like driving in Joburg in South Africa lol, anyway I found the shop, went in and had a gander! I decided I needed some bits and bobs that would be too big to fit in my overnight bag and too big for hand lugage, so I asked the guys in there if I could order the parts, pay etc and if they would post it over for me a day or 2 later if possible! The reply to my question was "no you can buy the parts and then go to the local post office down the road and post them to yourself".
Some people must be making far to much money to care about customer service these days! I will NEVER give them a penny, many more willing to help people out there!
Thread: To UBEC or Not to UBEC? That is the question.
30/03/2011 18:37:09
Tim have you looked at the Jeti Max Bec ?
I use these in bigger more valuable models, just another 2p!
Thread: Hangar 9 Taylorcraft BNF
28/03/2011 21:41:33
Looks a good combo? Break the bank treat yourself!
Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
28/03/2011 08:35:20
@ David thanks, I didnt realise the pics were that small, I will try get them up a bit bigger.
@ Ton, thanks, yes it is the Top Flite Spitfire! I cant remember the rpm off the top of my head, I can get back to you reference that. The weight of the model is 10.1lbs AUW. C of G is critical and must be per the plan/manual, I have to add 160g of lead to the nose even with 5000 6s under the cowling. Make sure the controls are set per manual too, very effective on the pitch, I used some expo too to soften things up. I found the nose drops when flaps are lowered so you can mix in a bit of elevator to compensate. It flies solid, expected with the weight I think! Good luck for your mates maiden, let us know how he gets on, hope the info is useful to lead up to the succesful maiden.
27/03/2011 21:02:33
Thanks flugfan?
Thanks a lot where do you get you spares for this motor? Pm me and I can send payment and postage for yes (flimsy 4x bolt on adaptor)! They really should be shorter and thicker, there is some serious power in these motors!!
27/03/2011 17:57:28
Hi Danny,
I had 5 mins set on the timer but landed on about 6 mins, checking the lipos after there was 38% left in the 3s packs x2 in series. The packs are quite old but everything was cool considering I dont have any cooling either! I was thinking of 8s too but I wanted to fly on 6s and see, very surprised really! I will get some vid, unlimited vertical on full taps. Anything over 70A on this motor then things get hot so I like to keep the Amps low and avoid the heat build up.
I have one bug with this motor, its the prop adaptor, after the minute nose over the prop adaptor shaft is bent ever so slightly putting it out of ballance!! Do you use the supplied shaft or do make your own?
I must admit building a kit and doing a maiden is a complete different experience to a ARTF - "jelly leg". I hope I have prompted you guys to get your Spits done and in the air! I cant wait to tackle the big BDSportandscale kit now... Danny please let me know about the prop adaptor solution!
27/03/2011 13:45:20
Thanks Tim!
27/03/2011 12:59:13
Finnaly got the maiden done this morning! Nervy as expected but it flies - on rails! I swopped the motor for a Turnigy 50-65 380kv, 17x10 wooden prop and 6s 5000 lipo. 1500W and pulling near 70A. Turns out this is more than enough thrust so I might test a 16x10 3 blade and see what figures I get. Anyway I knew I was slightly nose heavier by about 100g on the nose, all I needed to trim the model was 2 clicks of up, everything else was bang on. Went 4 mistakes high, dropped the gear and flaps and waited for the stall, yes a big wing drop on the left wing as expected. Surpising the stall speed is very very low so that gave some confidence for the landing. Couple of slow and fast passes and then the landing. Nothing special, just flew the model like a plane with some power on until the flare and she settled on the mains. Typical warbird at the end of the landing run she fell on her nose! Anyway...

Yours truly after the succesful maiden!

Thread: SR-71 Blackbird
21/03/2011 17:28:22
Hey Matt why dont you put a list together of what you want to sell and I am sure one of us will make your bank account smile . I am always after stuff (planes, kits etc)!
21/03/2011 12:06:26
Hi Matt,
I had a look at it if it counts? Looks a nice kit but there is a lack of information on the RCG forum about this model... Does it fly well, hand launch, bungee or wheels etc? Looks a nice project to finnish off?
P.s What else are you trying to sell?
Thread: Suspect !!
18/03/2011 20:00:59
Thanks Peter,
I got this from the BMFA site after communicating with mentioned, either the person is wanting something and he is ligit or he is getting scammed or he is a scammer. Oh well best avoided!
18/03/2011 18:07:09
I got this today...
Hi Dusty, sorry to send you this email on such short notice. I am here in London, United Kingdom, for a small conference.
However, i have sent you this email because in am in despirate need on your help. After the conference yesterday, i discovered that i had misplaced my wallet. papers, plane ticket, credit card, ATM card and all the cash i have in my possesion. I am totally stranded here with no food to eat or what so ever.
For this reason, i ask that you please send me some money to puchase my plane ticket back to the United States and also a little extra cash to hold for my PTA travel back into the United States. I promise to return your money and even with interest ; If you so desire as soon as i get back to the United States.
Please send the money by westren union money transfer to my name and details below;
Name : Paul Disho
City: London
Country : United Kingdom
Please get back to me with the senders name, amount sent and MTCN number as soon as you have the money sent.
Thanks in anticipation.
Let me think? NO
Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
16/03/2011 21:54:46
Thanks Danny! I got the DB kit in a calssified add so bargin too, it was more of the scale I was after in the begining of this quest. However I don't look back to the TF Spit build as it has helped me mature as a builder etc. Its the new version DB kit so I am interested to see how it all fits together, i am trying to get as much info as possible. What I have read so far is that it has a lot of presance and it flies really well with no bad vices.
I think I will go electric on this too from the start, I got ideas on how to keep things lighter rather than following plans and manuals from the start. Petrol is in the mind but I have to consider "noise" for our low threshold here of 80db.
I will share pics of the kit when it arrives and examined! The BT Spit is very nice... What other stuff do you have in the line to build before? I am being nosey lol Never know what you have and want to part with... I am looking for a twin or a FW-190 or Me109 to fill some spaces/to do list.
Sorry off topic...
16/03/2011 21:02:03
Looking good Danny! I still have not maidened my Spit yet, just installing the new motor now and hope to be sorted for this weekend weather depending. I did be naughty though and buy a DBsportandscale Spit lol to build for next season... addictive these things arnt they?
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