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Thread: I hate Solafilm and Profilm
26/01/2011 20:27:00
Same prob, keep it short!
Thread: Tony Nijhuis 1830cm Spitifre
22/01/2011 12:34:31
Hi Danny thanks,
Still a while to go as I have to rivet the wings etc.. hoping it will be ready for around March time
22/01/2011 12:08:48
Hi guys,
Been a while since posting progress of the Spit, anyway here goes...

Got the power train installed, not much space on this model as the nose is very narrow.

Made my own custom canopy by using the original as a plug, thus I have a stong glass fibre canopy now, need to make the sliding mechinism still.

I have done the panel lines and rivits only on the fuselage so far, pain staking job!! Mr Biggles has a little smile on his mush now as his plane is starting to take shape!

Thread: To slip the surly bonds...
21/01/2011 21:24:59
Thats cool! Rocketery is a art for sure and love the landing!
Thread: Tony Nijhuis 1830cm Spitifre
12/01/2011 20:37:55
Hi Mal,
I am building the Top Flite Spit and Herry let share progress here as it was all about Spits and Mk IX's.. I Have noticed this longer nose and modified my firewall and cowling to add a extra 1/2" also to help the with the c of g! I think I will need all the weight I can in the nose and the extra leverage will definately help.
Please share some photos of your progress, I feel like a am progressing but when you look at the model it does not seem so, I suppose the finer details and thinking required for the overall finnish?
12/01/2011 20:15:11
Any update guys with your Spits?
I have come some way on mine but a lot of niggling with converting to electric (space wise to fit lipos etc) and making the new canopy functional.
I will get some pics up soon!
Thread: Pulsing Motor- Help Reqd
06/01/2011 20:26:09
Welcome to elec-trickery... You will be all over it soon enough!
Thread: Tony Nijhuis 1830cm Spitifre
30/12/2010 21:13:43
Thanks Danny,
Much reading to do and so much to learn about this magnificent flying machine lol! Complex in many a way!Cheers for the link I have ordered the book as it will be useful for this project and many more to come I hope. I found the text above the pictures in the link I posted, seems that Spit had a hard round but looks good in it's new atire!
Cheers for the help mate! Right back to sanding.....
30/12/2010 19:37:49
Cheers Danny,
Sorry I called you Matt, lol I was thinking of Matt Halton for some reason lol, must be the fumes!! Blonde day today...
Ya I have looked over these pics all evening and there is so much detail there to work from. I noticed the fabric covering on the control surfaces, assuming a cheaper cost of restoring a aircraft of this nature to CAA flying standards? Defo a Mk IX?
30/12/2010 17:23:48
Infact I am a fool, Matt you posted a nice pic of the wings ! Must be stress lol!
Whilst in my 5 mins of googling I came accross this site, I hope it may be of benifit to you guys as there are some nice pics!
30/12/2010 17:20:10
HI guys,
Have you got any pictures of the wing blisters by any chance? The aircraft being modeled seems to have only one blister per wing?
29/12/2010 18:10:37
Thanks Herri,
I am pleased with the Robart pump TBH and it only takes a few pumps to fill a tank, the gauge on it is accurate too! No wires, no weight, no more batterys, no thrills but does the job!
29/12/2010 17:34:10
Ok pics as promised,

Modded elevator balance tabe and rudder, see the tail light!
Kind of looks like a Spitfire now?

Bit of detail with the hatch for the air refill valve.

Made the cannons from some wooden dowl hollowed out, piece of carbon rod to hold them into the wing and easily removable to transport the wing with out breaking the cannons off!

A dry fit

Another one

Wheel wells,

Another angle

Glassed the tail wheel strut.

And a overall view! Still some sanding needed before another coat of primer, many more hours left in this build
Matt you idea with the cowling would be possible but I think fabricating a new one would be better? I suppose this one will do for now!

28/12/2010 21:09:58
Thanks guys for the references!
Happy Xmas and New Year too
Right I have made loads of progress, the Spit is now glassed (Pics later)... I made the 45/90 deg mod on the elevator too, fitted the Nav light on the rudder and covered the control surfaces!
Ok Matt the pics are great, why does the TF Spit have the blisters on the cowl which I havent seen on any other Mk 9's? I looked into the idea of making a new one which would be a task on it own and worth while but I will fly first then make a new cowl without the blisters if all is well!
As for air pumps I used a 12v car pump which does the job  on a one way air valve that will accomadate! TBh the air refill valve that came with my retracts worked fine for about 15 fills then the tiny screw came loose and had air leaks! I changed the refill valve for a "cheap as chips" one from Giant Cod and fill the cylinder with a Robart hand pump and it works a treat, no leaks!
Thread: Myron is in hospital
24/12/2010 17:16:24
Get well soon and Happy Xmas!
Thread: Christmas Pressies
23/12/2010 08:26:27
Do let us know what it is on the big day John! Possibly a nice kit? Possibly some roof bars for you car?
Thread: God Bless The Tri-Star
22/12/2010 20:19:11
Sucks James! You are the homesick angel though and the guys in the back of your ship will thank you for bringing them home, so that's a nice present? All about giving lol!
Hey I am sure you will get the time off else where, maybe a nice moral pressie like another warbird to sit next to your fleet you have already! Keep the good work up,
May Santa bring you a Boeing with P&W engines
Thread: Tony Nijhuis 1830cm Spitifre
22/12/2010 19:56:08



Hi Herri,
This is the particular Spit I would like to replicate, anymore pics 2d or 3d you have or a similar Mk 9 would be of much use please (Confirmation of the elevator ballance tab angle) etc! Much gratitude as always!
Now you can see my cowling is rubbish for this bird! I think I am going to have to mould a new one and miss those blisters out of the TF kit!
Cheers for the gear doors, I think this is easiest way to make them? 

Edited By Dusty on 22/12/2010 19:57:08

22/12/2010 18:42:28
Hi Danny,
Thanks, no the elevator shape is not right for the Mk 9? The ballance tabs should be 90 deg not 45 deg! A easy fix though at a later date, I guess the more you induldge and get involved the more you find out after you have glued bits n bobs lol! Just build above the plan to get it straight though I guess?
I am not chuffed with the cowling as it has blisters on the side which is another inperfection to the end result argh!
If you have any other pics or media of a Mk9 please can you share with me?
Sorry Herri really am crowding your thread now lol!
22/12/2010 18:14:14
Looking good Herri,
I drilled the wing bolts last night, what a mission I say! I used the method using a pin at the tail with some cotton and masking tape to messure the wing tips following the guild lines I had measured and marked onto the wing and fuz centre line... Take a deep breathe and drill with confidence! My first mounting lug was no problem, the second spit so I need to cut it out and redo it arghhh!!!
I have been up to other things in the meantime,


I made the inverted V tail to follow suite if my intended sceme, still needs a little more sanding and filler! Oh I was thinking of putting a functional tail light on the rudder, any idea what colour it was? Red or white?

Made the cowling, need to cut the outlets for the exhausts with a dremel to help with cooling. I have glassed some parts of the insides to avoid cracking etc. I tried some revell model putty for plastic kits and it works wonders as filler for these bits, cheap too! A little goes a long way I must say, very strong!!

Made some gear doors. Not perfect but they will do? I used wax paper and taped it to the wing over the wheel wells, traced the outline and then glassed over the wing. This way the glass when set will take the shape of the wing! Once everything was dry 24hrs later I removed the glass cloth and glued it to wood (3mm balsa). Cut to shape and hey presto so grear doors! They not 100% perfect because the oleo trailing leg linkage protrudes out of the wheel well, if these live up to the job I will make some new ones... Ah I filled the wheel wells with some photo paper, tough, light and looks neat! I will show you a pic at a later date with the gear up!

Ok cut a hatch just behind the cockpit on the L/H side, glassed the inside and out to make the 1.5mm balsa easier to work with and take the shape of the fuz... A little wier handle to open the hatch with your finger nails or a small screw driver!

Hatch open and there is the air refill valve, the hatch is held closed via magnets!

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