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Thread: Not impressed with EDF so far !
06/12/2010 16:52:22
That's the way I do it!  The secret is the ducting and exhaust outlet to have effective edf models. Most off the shelf models have this all wrong in the manufacting moulds, so to get the most out of your edf jet is to have decent ducting and a decent fan. All JEPE's models are off the shelf flyfly products that have been modified for better flight performance etc... They are not difficult to fly either, I just think 90mm edf models are the way to go if you want to enter this world, dont be scared!
06/12/2010 12:50:46
The Hawk flies scale, one does not have to fly these models fast you know there is a throttle on your transmitter .
Tim is right, I use excisting 4s and 3s Lipos to make up the 7 and 8s respectively, so no need to fancy chargers etc. The only dissadvantage of going over 6s is more expensive HV speed controlers. You can build these models on a budget so tbh they not going to cost you anymore coin than a ARTF, it just depends on how far you want to go with the kit really!
06/12/2010 10:08:02
BEB you out to get me?
Thread: Squall or fun jet???
05/12/2010 20:26:37
FunJet.............. try it on 5s  remarkable airframe!
Thread: Not impressed with EDF so far !
05/12/2010 17:57:23
If you really want a fast EDF model why not consider this on a 6s or 8s EDF units?

Here is mine R.I.P  (building another to be faster and better) this one cruised at over a tonne and was 130+ MPH out of dives... on 6s

Just like Tim's deceased Hawk here is the JEPE version with inproved ducting and some other mod's, Jepe reworked the same setup Tim had, basically rewond the HYK motor and changed the bearing, modded the WEMO fan blades as he does anyway and made a more and powerful unit out of excisting parts. This is flying on 7s and on cooler days 8s, not fast as the Mirage because the Hawk is heavy  and more draggy but awesome to fly!
Its Xmas and winter, treat yourself!
Thread: Tony Nijhuis 1830cm Spitifre
05/12/2010 16:22:24
I love the shrouds, that really is the top tip of the day and a great idea! Just putting the TF Spitfire together so sorry for Hijacking the thread
Thread: Who says penguins are dumb
03/12/2010 22:11:18
Was that vodka or water?
Thread: Bit Cold Out--How much Flying are You Getting In
03/12/2010 21:55:27
Hi Erfolg,
Everything is running as normal (Cold, snow and ice. no different to any other winter)! TBH I flew into Paderborn last night from Manchester and all was well apart from a 30 min delay due to the inbound aircraft. A few weeks ago I was in Calgary in Canada and it was near -25, all running as should be! Snow ploughs etc etc to move more snow than you can shake a stick at.... where is the problem? Ah eventualities!
03/12/2010 20:20:32
-15.6 here according to the digi thermometer.... No flying just balsa bashing on the TF Spit
Thread: Top Dog Cessna 182
26/11/2010 18:27:33
Hey BEB you on the wine already?  LOL
Was only refering to Stephen's model aeroplane wheel fairings TBH.... I prefer them bare not clothed lol... defo not the owner
Your bad mind
26/11/2010 17:32:19
Stephen where are the wing struts? You can always take the wheel pant off the nose leg and fit a larger nose wheel to the axle (quite a common feature of the full size too), or be a bush pilot and take all the pant's off

Edited By Dusty on 26/11/2010 17:32:51

Thread: Beechcraft Bonanza C35
26/11/2010 08:57:00

These might help too?

Thread: Nice...
26/11/2010 06:46:39
I agree the model's are really nice, cant justify the price when DSR retracts used in them are less than £100.
They do fly as Phil says, even off grass! So anyone going to design something similar and sell the kits and parts for a tenth of the going price?
Thread: How low is low?
25/11/2010 20:54:43

Edited By Dusty on 25/11/2010 20:57:49

25/11/2010 20:47:15
Ok this is nuts! The 74 aint low it's the LH wingtip when he yank'd and bank's! NICE!! Impressive

Edited By Dusty on 25/11/2010 20:49:37

Thread: Nice...
25/11/2010 19:55:09
These are nice!
Thread: GWS A4
25/11/2010 18:41:50
The rudder is large for a edf jet and at decent speed's the A-4 will KE etc... Defo worth making a functional rudder!
You need a WATT meter for sure to see what's going on with that power system, the esc might need some change's of the paremeter's for the optimal performance that you can get of of you fan and motor.
Thread: Beechcraft Bonanza C35
25/11/2010 13:43:01
Hi VA,
The Lander lights are not much brighter tbh! You probably better off sourcing some brighter LED's and making up your own system if you really want bright LED's...
The Bonanza is comming along nicely, have thought of this kit for a while now.
Thread: GWS A4
25/11/2010 12:34:20
The wheel is in the centre of the wing pritty much, it weighs nothing too! It's very effective and no stress hand launches etc.. once the model gets going the rudder is effective enough to steer the model whilst it pivots on the wheel, as for landing it is straight forward.
Thread: Beechcraft Bonanza C35
25/11/2010 09:50:40
These are the RC lander lights used in my Mirage, they were more visiable in the air than the Turnigy ones. As Danny says the Turnigy ones are fine for darker days and on the ground!
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