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Thread: New Model Servo/Trim setup
17/05/2019 23:35:30

Hi Ron, just out of interest.. What Futaba servos do you use?

Thread: Early Morning Flying Followed By........
17/05/2019 18:54:55

"Hills and mountains on your doorstep.."

Thanks for the photos Percy. I just love the Lake District,, no finer place on earth. I used to visit the Lakes often some years back. Being there just feeds my "soul". No wonder it has millions of visitors every year. Hope to be there this summer.

Thread: South Herts Glow Switch
08/05/2019 20:37:25

Thanks Adrian, received the pics.. PM sent.

Adrian has come out the blue to the rescue. It amazes me the help and generosity aeromodellers give to each other. We must be a different breed. angel

08/05/2019 00:05:51

Thanks Dave, I had sent them a email enquiring but no reply. I don't need for a twin but someone in Oz may want one so I'll let him know. Cheers..

Thread: Exponential for beginners?
30/04/2019 23:35:00

Thanks Nigel, that is very interesting.

I flew today, had the usual 10% on, with light winds my 3Kg 71" high wing slippery model on low rates (58%) was erratic in the turns. Got to remember to increase the expo to 12-13% in calm conditions.

Some people even expert flyers like it 'raw'.




Edited By ASH. on 30/04/2019 23:52:26

29/04/2019 22:56:43

I am a firm believer in Expo... Not much, just 10-12%. It's almost negligible but it helps smooth out the centre ever so slightly. I would always recommend it to all. And newbies need not fear it. I don't fly 3D.

Thread: Spring is here. Who is flying?
29/04/2019 22:34:58

Your model looks super in that picture Tim. The red and white livery is striking.

The light reflectlng off the surfaces and the sky makes for a  atmospheric shot.

Edited By ASH. on 29/04/2019 22:42:49

22/04/2019 21:12:19

That last photo is superb. Great flying shot of your bi-plane Graham.

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
19/04/2019 22:04:42

'altering settings too much'. That what it was Tim. A good reminder for us all - only change one variable at a time.

19/04/2019 21:31:45

Oh Tim, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. It saddened me to read that. She was a beautiful model and I know you put a lot of time and effort into her.. Commiserations.

On the positve side - You have many other beautiful models to fly - you're a lucky guy! As has been suggested put her away - for a few days, then strip and then access the damage. I know your dab hand with the fibreglass and epoxy so you never know. See how you feel then.

Good flying weather the next couple of days.

Thread: Acrowot with laser 80
10/04/2019 23:34:01

Looking good Tim. Could you give some more details on your flexi pipe arrangement. Is there any brazing involved and how is it affixed to the engine?

I have a Laser 70. Will like to use it one day without the muffler if I can.

Also, the AUW on your model? I use a 14x6 APC on my Saito72, gives good thrust, torque and flywheel effect. No "flameouts" ever. Tried lighter Graupner 13x6 and 14x6 wood and found engine cut on the down verticles coming out of a loop. 



Edited By ASH. on 10/04/2019 23:41:51

Thread: Infinity 90 Build
10/04/2019 00:54:48

Cymaz, regarding flyaway trims.. I would seal them by using clearcoat or clear nail varnish. I know it can be time consuming and it's somewhat superficial compared to other things discussed here but it will help preserve her looks.

Thread: Crankcase breather/. 4stroke
28/03/2019 00:55:54

flyboy, yes, the crankcase breather tube is very important. Keeo it simple and attach a lenght of fuel tubing to nipple which exits ouside of the cowl. Don't worry about the lenght, Secure it loosely to the engine mount and also zip tie to end of silencer leaving an inch or so hanging. Excess oil will be ejected out clear of the fuselage. Just make sure tubing has no kinks so oil and pressure can move freely This tube also allows you to inject After Run Oil into the crankcase after a flying session, something which is Best Practise - to preserve bearings & cam from corrosion etc. Plug the end after to keep sealed.

Happy flying. Hope you enjoy your fourstroke as much as I enjoy mine.

Thread: South Herts Glow Switch
27/03/2019 19:28:10

Does anyone have a single cylinder South Herts Intelligent glow they would be willing to sell. Perhaps you have gone over to petrol or electric and have no need of yours.

Please let me know.


Edited By ASH. on 27/03/2019 19:33:55

Thread: Castor oil in 4 stroke engines
20/03/2019 23:45:50

Thanks JD8, I'll give chlorine a miss.

I have used Cillit Bang and non scratch scourer with good success on silencers with burnt on oil. But how to get to valve stem and exhaust chamber? Halfords may have something.

20/03/2019 20:24:55

What about cooking it in antifreeze in a crockpot? It's a age old recipe which people say works. I just don't want to discolour or affect the aluminium and other metals. Any ideas -anyone?

The chlorine is interesting.. I will have to experiment.


Edited By ASH. on 20/03/2019 20:29:43

20/03/2019 18:31:19

Reading all the posts above I think I'm being converted to fully synthetic (I am so easily swayed embarrassed). But no, I cannot give up totally on castor just yet! It not only helps me to sleep better but castor vapour soothes the olfactory nerve with nostalgia..

Does anyone know or have any info on ML70? I'm thinking of switching from Klotz.

Also, what's the best way to remove carbon without dismantling and grinding?

As to the varnish mentioned above, I've seen photos of brown stain coating on engine cylinder &piston which had only been run on fully synthetic.

No info on oil on Aspen website - *LINK*

17/03/2019 20:17:12

Old timers swear by Castor - it has a higher flash point than synthetic and so protects the engine in case of accidental lean runs.

As to oil content,, I'm now using 12% Klotz (2%castor) reduced from 18%, 6.6% nitro. To my surprise I find a significant increase in power which I can only put down to reduced drag from oil friction something I had previously been highly sceptical of.. However, I have found the Saito 72 runs hotter especially when flown at WOT. The engine is tuned to optimum on both needles and so there is very little oil residue to clean up from fuselage underside.

How does Klotz Technipate compare with ML70 apart from huge price difference..? I have heard European oils are more superior to the American stuff which is ester based PAG or POE..!??

I am concerned about the carbon build up on exhaust valve/ chamber. I will have to find some way to clean it off when I come to do the bearings. Anyone know the best way to do this without completely dismantling the valves,rockers etc. I was thinking of getting an UltraSonic cleaner.

I know I know, I probably need therapy but I'm hooked on the aroma of burning castor.


Edited By ASH. on 17/03/2019 20:27:37

Thread: Seagull 80" DH Chipmunk
15/03/2019 14:42:34

Graphite has been suggested for tight pushrods, it may work for this.

Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
10/02/2019 20:31:17

I admire your modelling skills Martin.
One question : What tool do you use to cut out lightening holes in the control surfaces?
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