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Thread: Playboy Senior
07/08/2019 07:56:23

I downloaded a plan a couple of years ago and made one of these .

Do not worry at all about the weight, the wingspan is so big and fuse so small you could double the weight and it will fly without any issues.

Mine is powered by an OS 26 4 stroke and is way overpowered.

It takes off in a few feet and will climb at 80 degrees like a homesick angel, then it flies at nothing more than tick over for ages, I usually just let it free fly and use the trim on the TX to change course or height as it hardly needs any input. flies at anything from backwards in a wind to very slow walking pace to a couple of miles an hour, not designed to fly fast. In a wind it will hover or go backwards for ages, fully under control.

Do not try and fly it like a modern plane as it was designed for free flight, so let it do its own thing and enjoy it. it is virtually crash proof even if you put full control inputs in

My C of G is about 75% back from the L/E as per the original plan, but it really does not matter as long as it is some where within the wing forward of the rear spar and aft of the L/E.

Do not put the C of G forward like a modern plane, again these designs are different to them. If you can view the original plans on the internet and see the notes and C of G on them.

I have an album with some construction images in if you are interested.


20160902_062133 (copy).jpg

Thread: Solarfilm
06/03/2019 11:48:05

Sorry to resurrect an oldish link, but just been on the solar film Facebook page and they are advertising a new range of solar film colours and updated contact details, and on another website somewhere I saw something about Solar film being brought out.

Any idea what is going on as it would be good if they resume production.


Thread: ASP 120 or Saito 125 four stroke
12/08/2018 15:40:46

The ASP is a good reliable work horse engine.

The Saito 1.25 on the other hand is probably one of their best engines they have made. and in a different league to the ASP.

Mine was very powerful, very light and small. it powered my Top Flite Sea Fury with real authority and that was a really heavy aircraft.

The Saito is well worth the extra money and once tuned will not let you down.


Thread: What are the rules?
28/02/2018 15:18:38

Hi Supertigerfan.

3 part series by Peter Miller starting Feb 2009.


28/02/2018 08:31:50

Peter Miller had a 3 part article in the magazine some years back which gave a really simple guide to how to plan, draw and make a model.

It was so simple and logical, that using this guide I drew up and built 4 own designs of different sizes from 25 to 60 size, that all flew hands off from the drawing board.

Basically you draw a series of lines and then sketch in a fuselage shape you want.

Plan around the size of the tank, engine length, servo size etc and all will be good.


Thread: does balsa harden with age?
04/02/2018 11:45:08

I have lived in Dubai for over 10 years and find that due to high heat (50c in summer) and the high humidity it affects the balsa greatly.

Some goes hard and very brittle so it snaps very easy, other balsa turns to dust. My Boomerang Sprint fuselage started to get a layer of balsa dust which when cleaned off would return, turned out the wood itself was breaking down and crumbling with age, so a new fuse was constructed using the old as templates. I use UK sourced balsa where possible as this is so different to the USA sourced stuff. Lighter more flexible, softer and just appears so much better.

All the USA kits I by I normally scrap a lot of the wood as it is beyond belief how hard and heavy it is.

Talking of wood crumbling, I recently rebuilt a full size truck automatic gearbox in my workshop and some of the ATF fluid spilled onto a belly fairing for one of my sport models. A couple of weeks later I found the fairing under the bench and the wood had turned grey and mummified and turned to dust when touched. The fluid had broken down the cellulose in the grain and it just crumbled and was gone. Most strange to see and feel.


Edited By Djay on 04/02/2018 11:46:10

Thread: Chris's Vicomte 1916
10/01/2018 17:34:35

I built the Svenson version many years ago powered by a OS 40 four stroke I purchased in 1987. It is still flying regularly today and is one of my favourite flyers.

It is 3 channel, on 35mhz radio and flies so slow and stable. In windy conditions it will just hover and even fly backwards. A real vintage style plane and really easy to build.


Thread: Playboy Senior build
05/12/2017 16:05:51

Hello Giuseppa.

sorry for the late reply.

I used close loop on the rudder as it is so simple to install, just a couple thin plastic tubes as the outlets glued into the fuse.

tailwheel is fixed, but you do not need it as it is not on the ground long enough.

Wing mount was made a little deeper inside the fuse and the fuse cross members made deeper to give more fixing area, a few triangular braces on the inside stopped any wobble.


Thread: 80" Playboy Senior
31/10/2017 08:24:57

Hello Monty.

you need hardly any movement on the rudder. I fly mine using the rudder trim, just a couple of clicks then back to where it was. I only use full rudder when getting carried away and throw it around near the ground for a bit of fun.

As the rudder is above the stab you can set it how you like, maybe 1 inch each way and see how you get on.

I used pull pull cables as they are quick and easy to install.


25/10/2017 18:18:08

Hi Monty, yes I did show the build. Love these vintage models, to me this is real aeromodelling

Thread: My Ultimate Biplane Build
25/10/2017 18:11:13

sorry but no one mentioned applying elevator/rudder and ailerons, off cause it will do strange things if you apply them all.

I mentioned ailerons only initially, your average rc model will bank on ailerons only, and anyone who can fly an rc plane can and will use rudder for co-ordinated turns, not to do flat turns, which i did not mention.

And as this is a balls out aerobatic model then it emulates the full size, where aileron input only rolls it around the longitudal axis with no other effects.

Once again I did not mention applying rudder or elevator.

I fly all my F3 pattern ships, my turbine jets and sport models with aileron rudder and elevator to co-ordinate turns and not one of them snap rolls.

25/10/2017 10:22:41

Yes Ulltymate, that is correct, but most models when we fly them, you apply aileron, and elevator and they perform a sweeping or sharp turn, even with no elevator they will bank and turn and deviate from its flight path.

On this model, small medium or large aileron inputs only rotate the aircraft, no banking or just continues flying straight no deviation to its flight path.

If you are not used to it, it will catch you out if you expect it to turn.

Thread: Flair se5a help needed.
25/10/2017 09:56:04

I have one of these and it flies beautifully, so easy to fly.

Wheels are standard Williams brothers or Flair wheels, easily obtainable online or from most model shops.

I relocated the remote glow on mine into the end of the gun barrel and made the radiator filler cap the fuelling point.


Thread: 80" Playboy Senior
25/10/2017 09:46:25

Hi Monty, enjoy the build.

Last year I downloaded the plan for this and built one, powered by an OS26 FS.

What a delight to fly, full power 45 degree take off , just like the original, then cut the throttle to idle and every now and then click the tx trims to adjust the flight path. It flies about 2 MPH and just floats around free flight most of the time. I like to take it up fairly high, catch a thermal, adjust rudder trim for a big circuit and just sit and watch it fly itself.

If it is very windy, you can have a lot of fun hovering and flying backwards. I flew over 15 minutes recently taking off across the runway and never went over the center line of the runway or higher than 50 foot, then landed where I took off from.

20160902_062133 (copy).jpg



ps. pics available in my photo album if you can access it. 

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Thread: My Ultimate Biplane Build
25/10/2017 09:36:36

Nice build . I had one of these years ago untill I gave it away to a friend earlier this year.

Built as per the instructions with no modifications, powered by a DL 50 engine.

Flew like a pussy cat, so easy to fly, even beginers tried it and found it easy to fly.

With a 20x8 prop it flew like a Wot 4 on steroids, but very controllable, with a 20x10 orop it flew completely different, more precise and slower.

One thing that may catch you out though is when you apply ailerons it would rotate the fuse around the longitudal axis, not turn the aircraft, so you will need to apply rudder to turn.

Also World Models covering is renown for peeling off in flight. Go over all seams and joints with clear coat or clear nail varnish.

Have fun.


Thread: Tony's hurri retracts!
03/07/2017 11:37:54

I have real cheap mechanical retracts taken from an old ARTF, powered by one servo and after about 4 years it is still flying superb.

C of G as shown on the plan and this plane is a delight to fly, does not stall unless you stop it in the air, slows right down for landing, and with the thick wing is so stable in flight.




dsc00653 (copy).jpg



Edited By Djay on 03/07/2017 11:39:32

Thread: Dihedral brace - Lite ply
17/12/2016 02:45:04

I have a Vicomte that is about 15 years old now, powered by a 32 year old OS 40 four stroke.

The plane flies at about 3 mph, and is a delight to fly.

To be honest the wing loading and the flying speed means you do not even need a center brace. The plane is not really capable of high stress, or even low stress manouvers with its heavily undercambered wing and very light weight.

The plane just putters along and is best flown when the wind is really strong as you can  hover the plane or even fly circuits backwards.

I have done 10 minute flights where it has taken off , flown, and landed without moving forward more than a couple of meters, just varies in height.

I love this plane.

The front wing fixing is more than adequote and the elastic flying wires I attached to hooks made from bending pins to small loops of bent pin on the fuse so easy to attach.

Enjoy the plane but do not overbuild it, or over engine it to try and make it fly faster, it does not require any mods.


Edited By Djay on 17/12/2016 02:45:44

Edited By Djay on 17/12/2016 02:46:12

Thread: couple of old timers
03/10/2016 17:01:40

Here are a couple of pics of a Playboy Senior and Cobra I recently built from downloaded plans. Both from the 1940's.

The builds are shown in the build blog section of this forum in case anyone is interested and not read them.


20161003_062130 (copy).jpg

20161003_062150 (copy).jpg

Thread: Ted Petrolia Cobra build
03/10/2016 16:57:22

well the 52 four stroke fitted straight onto the mount with no modifications required. The rear fuse was repaired where it broke at the tailplane rubber band dowel area and another test flight was tried today.
There was certainly more power and the plane wizzed down the runway, but with no steering and with a negative angle of attack of the wing when it sits on its wheel, it did not lift off but went of the side of the runway into the grass. the shock of hitting the grass with the single wheel snapped the nose off at the rear wing band dowel.
Still repairs are easy to this fuse and they are nearly completed.
A few things I would recommend to anyone building this are:
Reinforce the 1/8 balsa center spline with 1/64 ply either side for the whole length. This will add immense strength, stop any flexing and add very little weight.
Reinforce the fuse sides with 1/8 ply where the tail and wing band retaining dowels go through.
Extend the nose by at least 2 inches to try and eliminate the required lead to balance the model. move the engine mount bulkhead forward and this will keep the weight down by a substantial amount. Even though I built the tail as light as possible ( and I am a very light builder) it still requires 3/4 pound lead with the heavier engine.
Will try again at the weekend but with a hand launch.
if all else fails I will build another fuse incorporating the mods I mentioned above.
Attached a couple of photos today with my Playboy Senior.

20161003_062150 (copy).jpg

20161003_062130 (copy).jpg

30/09/2016 12:33:11

some pics before the test flight.

20160930_063125 (copy).jpg

20160930_063134 (copy).jpg

20160930_063138 (copy).jpg

20160930_063143 (copy).jpg

20160930_063153 (copy).jpg

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