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Thread: Laser Engines development.
06/07/2020 15:23:36
Posted by Doc Marten on 06/07/2020 14:06:56:
Posted by Doug Campbell on 06/07/2020 14:03:44:

None of those. A return to smaller engines please

Jon has already stated with his reasons why this is a non starter I'm afraid.

Must have missed that what did he say? I realise that economically they would cost as much as a larger engine but I would pay that for a 30 or 40 size Lazer

Thread: Diesel anybody?
06/07/2020 15:20:12
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 06/07/2020 14:09:12:
Posted by Cuban8 on 06/07/2020 13:24:48:

On the subject of oily and smelly diesel exhaust there any reason why synthetic oil cannot replace the castor that all commercial diesel fuels seem to contain - and how about using a much more refined and cleaner burning lamp oil in the fuel that's advertised as a replacement for use in smelly old green house heaters running on paraffin?

A fundamental engineering reason for sticking with the old familiar brew, or is it just a case of "we've always done it that way"?

Edited By Cuban8 on 06/07/2020 13:25:27

Most 'synthetic' oils are not really synthetic, in way of being an 'artificial' lubricant. They are still made from crude oil, which comes out of the ground. But the crude oil, rather than being broken down to the required 'thinness' is broken down fully and then rebuilt, equals 'synthesised'..

As a result they don't mix well in the high ratios needed with the other constituents of diesel fuel. Which is why such fuels, if they use any at all, only use a small proportion, the rest being vegetable oil.

This is not true. Automotive turbo diesel fully synthetic mixes perfectly at 15% with white spirit and ether

Thread: Laser Engines development.
06/07/2020 14:03:44

None of those. A return to smaller engines please

Thread: Diesel anybody?
06/07/2020 14:00:25

I have used mineral oils, synthetic oils, and also white spirit. Fortunately with all these variations the diesel perfume lingers for days in the car to remind you of the flying session you had.

Thread: Personal Injuries.
19/05/2020 19:00:22

Unfortunately only the rich can afford to get justice in this country, but good luck and I hope your son makes a speedy and full recovery.

Thread: Has anyone heard from Jeff2Wings ?
15/05/2020 20:26:09

When it was quiet at work I used to try and find topics that Percy hadn’t posted on. It used to pass a lot of time, he had an opinion on everything.

Thread: Fuels Paradise
16/03/2020 16:15:52

Using duraglo I have no coking or varnish build up. The internals are always clean and I get very long engine life. In my fourstrokes I use model technical special 4 stroke with even more castor and again no coking or varnish. I'll stick with what works for me thanks.

I am not averse to trying new lubrication ideas. My ED by West runs happily on turbo diesel synthetic as recommended by Weston, and my Laser 80 diesel is happy on sae 50 mineral oil

16/03/2020 12:28:49

I have run castor, synthetic, and castor/synthetic mix in model engines and racing two stroke motorcycles. The only cases I had of lubrication failure or damage was when I used solely synthetic oil. I think they both have there own advantages and disadvantages. This is why I settled on duraglo  and have used it for years without any problems, as have many others. What gives you the right to try and get it discontinued?

Edited By Doug Campbell on 16/03/2020 12:29:43

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
15/03/2020 14:54:05

Quite a clear explanation of the governments strategy here

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
21/02/2020 12:43:42

Still no sign of my operator ID. Should it have arrived by today?

Thread: Irvine .53 / Ugly Stik
14/09/2019 09:36:00

I have a 60" stick with a Super Tigre 51 in the nose with a 12x6 prop. Ample power for any acrobatics, not unlimited vertical but more than enough for sport flying. So 60 inch span is my recommendation.


Thread: One for the single channel fans
05/09/2019 22:56:36

I am the very lucky chap that Pete built the Mule for. It is still in regular use, currently in a Sharkface and gives me a huge smile every time I fly it. Thanks Pete.

Thread: August Nationals 2019
27/08/2019 16:54:02

There was enough advance notices and warnings not to arrive before 5.30 so no complaints there. I arrived at seven, got near where I wanted to be and set up by eight. Perfect. My only moan would be the miserable toilet/shower attendant continually complaining about wet floors but not stopping up the loo roll and paper towels.

Still, one of the best nats ever

Thread: Finding Models
27/07/2019 19:09:52

What is to land out? Our planes land. Full stop.

Thread: Mill 75 electric set up
27/07/2019 19:07:57

An original Mills is more than up to the rough and tumble of a free flight model. The lightweight gives low inertia impacts that don't cause problems. A flexible nylon prop might be useful at first.

Thread: The demise of. ASP/SC
10/07/2019 12:45:37

I got my first West engine for Christmas last year, an ED 28 diesel. I used to think wrongly that West engines were expensive but after operating this one I realise that I was mistaken and they are great value for money. I intend getting a glow version soon.

As for alternative engines you need to look to the Ukraine. Fora and Profi make high quality engines but at a price. Novarossi are available although there are rumours of their demise

Nothing in the Asp price range but good quality

Thread: What does your wife or significant other half think of your hobby?
09/07/2019 15:20:21

Mine is quite tolerant and supportive. I get a new engine every birthday and Christmas and a new motorbike the other year as well. I think it helps her having far more expensive hobbies so needs to keep me sweet

Thread: Suggestions for vintage model
18/05/2019 22:12:28

How about modernist vintage?. The Eaglet x 2 is a really good model.

Thread: What BMFA Flightfest is all about
14/05/2019 08:54:50

Good show. It was similar at Old Warden with the addition of an unusually large amount of the general public that walked around the airfield. Loads of questions from potentially new members to our hobby

Thread: Glow Sticks
14/05/2019 08:31:04

I am building a new flight box. I have installed a Cyclon 25Ahr cell which should give a seasons starting, and a circular rheostat to regulate the voltage. I have made a custom scale for it with the setting for each type of plug clearly marked, and fitted a stop to prevent plugs getting burnt out inadvertently. A 0 to 10 amp ameter completes the package. The glow stick will only be used if a restart is needed on the way to the flightline. Fingers crossed this will be a good solution to the age old problem of starting glows

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