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Thread: Repair of a Hanger 9 P-51 Mustang.
03/09/2019 18:33:42

Is the u/c electric or that mechanical monstrosity with wire legs?

I replaced the gear in my H9 P-47 with the heavy-duty HK electrics and a couple of their P-47 bespoke oleos. They work extremely well, with a scale-like 6 second transit time.

A clubmate has the older H9 P-51 (in "Miss America" colours) and he's done the same thing.

Thread: Ladybird 1.5
03/09/2019 18:28:20

Superb build Keith! My unfinished original size one is still in the shed somewhere, awaiting conversion to lightweight 2-channel RC. Power will be a DC Merlin. Where will you be flying yours?

@Capt. Kremen - we still fly at Trelai Park (the old Ely racecourse). We bung the Council a couple of bob every year to preserve our right to do so.

Thread: Any clubs fly in Porthcawl?
03/09/2019 18:14:02

You may find a bit of lift for a lightweight floater off the cliffs between the town and Rest Bay (or even off the pierhead/breakwater).

Then there's the cliffs at Southerndown (about 3 miles east as the crow flies, but longer by car to cross the Ogmore estuary). They work south to south west. Was there a couple of hours ago myself...

Further afield, to the north east is the Meio and well north of that, the (in)famous Bwlch. Much further west is Rhosili.

01/09/2019 13:53:03

None that I know of. The nearest is S Wales RCS at Llandow, which is about 10 miles east, but whenever I go past, no one ever seems to be there!

Thread: Essential RC's videos
01/09/2019 13:07:46

I'll echo Jo's comment Dom. Thanks for making and putting up all these high quality vids. I don't spend a lot of time on the flightline at shows (I treat them more as shopping expeditions), so it's nice to know that when I get home, there's going to be film of anything I've missed, shot far better than I could manage!

Re the Comet, I was surprised to see it reappear. I assumed Steve had retired it...

Edited By Mike T on 01/09/2019 13:08:16

Thread: Needle valve settings, generally...
25/08/2019 12:46:17
Posted by Foxfan on 23/08/2019 12:07:16:

But what, if any, is a good rule of thumb setting to start with on a needle valve?

Open 1.5 turns from closed.

Thread: Full-Size Lancaster at Woodsprings today
15/07/2019 00:13:55

The crowd on Saturday got 4 passes! (I thought any more than 2 made it a 'display'?)

The big Cubs were superbly flown and in very close proximity. I couldn't take my eyes off them (mainly in case debris started coming my way).

The Bishop's Reds display was superb too, notwithstanding an u/c failure on their first outing.

Thread: Droning on at the F1...
15/07/2019 00:07:05

"Northamptonshire Police officers and drone specialists from Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service detected the devices earlier today, Saturday, July 13, using drone detection and pilot detection software...

Policing commander for the event, Superintendent Dennis Murray, said: “The specialist software has so far proved extremely effective. We have been able to detect the drones and locate the pilots..."

Excellent news. The technology now appears to exist for stopping illegal drone flights, so the rationale for requiring registration or testing has just disappeared. I hope this is brought to the Select Committee's attention!

Thread: Local club attendance
02/07/2019 01:12:05

We have 20 members and we've been at our current field for nearly three years. I'd consider the facilities pretty good. The most cars I've seen there is 7. I'd prefer more members to turn up as my main concern is that regular non-attendees may eventually decide it's not worth it and leave, which would really screw our finances.

I'm seriously considering some kidology and putting the word about that we're restricting our numbers and starting a waiting list for new members. The lure of exclusivity!

Thread: Thunder Tiger GP42
02/07/2019 00:46:25
Posted by Richard Acland on 01/07/2019 23:12:11:

... is this a reliable engine

I have one in my favourite hack, a Precedent Funfly. It's over 20 years old...

Thread: Spinners for brushless.
23/06/2019 14:17:22

Due to the need to accommodate backward nations still using the 'imperial' system, there is confusion over the conversion used to get from 1/8" (a common 'imperial' shaft size) to metric, which is either 3.17mm or 3.2mm, depending on how accurate your manufacturer feels...

The problem with 3.17/3.2mm shafts is that you can never guarantee what you are getting. Some sellers will advertise a "3.2" but you actually get a 3.17 and vikky verky.

The easiest way around this is to use motors with at least a 4mm shaft. DYS are usually good for oversized shafts, size for size. 4mm is unambiguous and I've never failed to get a good fit, either with the collet or grub screw type of adaptor or spinner.

One thing to beware of with collet-type spinners is the collet adaptor itself. On some, the threaded portion for the prop nut overlaps the shaft hole, leaving perilously little metal holding the whole caboodle together. Hobbyking do a superb pointy spinner, ideal for the Skystreak, which is ruined by this defect...

Thread: Elevator joiner wire plastic tube bearing
19/06/2019 02:23:54

Spot on...

18/06/2019 19:32:33
Posted by Gary Murphy 1 on 18/06/2019 15:28:43:

... The elevators are shown with a 1mm gap at hinge (too much/little?) The plastic tube moves along the wire freely bearly touching the tail. The filler block will push up to the tail leaving no gap. Should I go and glue OR cut the plastic tube away and use the Vaseline tip?

Lastly is 1mm gaps at hinges enough to allow be fore covering,never got this far before?

Look at your plan. It shows the joiner wire inset into the elevator LE. The Nylon bearing tube is likewise inset into the 50mm balsa cover piece. Follow this and you should end up with a gap the width of the wall-thickness of the nylon tube, but hey, this is balsa we're working with!

Cut all your grooves/holes/hinge slots to get a nice fit. THEN cover and then fettle it all to fit nicely before gluing.

(BTW, I agree with Peter re supporting a joiner of any significant length)

Thread: CofG
14/06/2019 13:46:12

Sounds a tad nose-heavy to me, but clearly nothing to worry about. I'd much prefer that to a 'galloping gertie' rearward CG. You could try moving the batt. back a bit. I'd be looking for a steady non-rollercoaster descent.

IMO you can only live with a marginal CG if your elevator set-up, from the servo gears to the hinges, is completely free from play or backlash. This ensures precise return to the trimmed setting when the control is centralised (accurate gimbals on the tx are vital too). And most setups aren't like this...

Thread: Junior 60
13/06/2019 15:50:58

Mine has an OS40FS. I re-engined with this after giving up on the Speed 600 + gearbox! I fly mine "conventionally", i.e. its repertoire includes loops and rolls, even rolling circles (if the sometimes fractious engine is going really well...)


j60 (3).jpg

(wish you could still get those Bolly Clubman props...)

Thread: Hammer F3 build (another another) - glider newbie
01/06/2019 14:34:17

Part 2!

The original importer of the Blejzyk kits (Rob from Flying Dog - now no longer about) insisted that the short, kit-provided box and bar was adequate. I just went a little bit further, to be sure...

If you manage to bend the vertical bar in this, then you're right, I reckon you have a write-off. To use an old aviation expression, "damage would be confined to the entire airframe"...

01/06/2019 14:29:07
Posted by MikeQ on 29/04/2019 07:07:51:

Hello Mike

hows that work then? Are your two boxes 'straight across' ... as in, no dihedral between the actual boxes sitting inside the wing panels and hence no chamfering of the blade required. If so that would force the boxes 'higher up' in the slots, at the panel roots, given the dihedral of the actual panels? Otherwise you'd have to chamfer both sides of blade, which would leave empty spaces in the boxes so to speak.

I was wondering, with the way the instructions are, what happens if you end up bending the blade what with it being glued into the wing? But I guess if you get to that point the wings would probably be a write off anyway?



Edited By MikeQ on 29/04/2019 07:09:04

Edited By MikeQ on 29/04/2019 07:09:51

Edited By MikeQ on 29/04/2019 07:10:59

Sorry Mike - I've only spotted your question just now!

There is enough slack in the wing cavities to put the wing joiners in and still allow for a little 'cosmetic' dihedral.

IIRC, I cut the brass box to length (much longer than suggested in the instructions!), plugged the ends then epoxied it into both wings at the same time - not too much adhesive at this stage - just enough to hold everything in place. Leave a 5mm gap between the wing roots. When well set, hacksaw through the joiner box to separate the two wings. You can then put the wings on their tips and dribble epoxy into the voids around the joiner boxes - a heat gun helps. When that is done you can cut a well-fitting slot in the ply wing root ribs and epoxy these on. When that is done the ribs can be trimmed to profile and the edges of the joiner boxes filed/sanded flush. (NB - this assumes you've installed the wing bolt blocks first!). Then you can cut/fit the carbon incidence pegs (missing from my kit too!)



Thread: Mount for an older small brushless bell motor
01/06/2019 12:57:47

8mm motor mount - Robotbirds

...lots of others listed...

Edited By Mike T on 01/06/2019 12:58:25

Thread: Warning X8R RX - do not use with CDI on IC powered 'planes
30/04/2019 18:04:04

I'm a long term fan of FrSky, being an 'early adopter' from the time when Rob Carpenter (aka 'Giant Cod' ) first brought them in to the UK.

IMO, bringing out a new range to cover defects in an existing product (which they then continue to sell) is an appalling way to treat your customer base, when the very least they should do is offer cost-free no-quibble swap outs for the defective products via a model media wide recall campaign.


Edited By Mike T on 30/04/2019 18:04:45

Thread: Hammer F3 build (another another) - glider newbie
28/04/2019 22:22:57

The joiner boxes are quite loose to make it easy to get the adhesive in and to cancel out any alignment errors when you bring the wings together while the epoxy is setting.

FWIW I baulked at the limited length of the wing joiner and got a length of Graupner 'blade-in-box' joiner from Gliders. Both my wings have the brass box!

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