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Thread: 'Mediator'
19/01/2021 00:44:45

David, that looks absolutely superb! yes.

I read your posts on the DSSC website and very much agree with your comments re 'fuselages' - who wants to fly a broomstick with a plank? This design has bags of character and as for a plan, I'm all in favour, and from what I can see, your drawing skills seem well up to it! *

Looking forward to your report (and pics) of the maiden!

*Please, please save us from another Hawk - or a Mustang! devil

Thread: Overseas purchase
18/01/2021 14:49:54
Posted by Andy Stephenson on 17/01/2021 11:48:07:

I'm prepared to take the risk, after all who would want to steal a package if they thought it contained only $1 worth of goods.


Somebody who knows that the value on the customs dec. is almost always understated?

Thread: GLOW to PETROL
18/01/2021 14:47:38

I agree re small engines, which is why I wrote: "big Super Tigres and Mokis are the best..."

When I first got my Moki 210 (the engine I converted), the advice from JE was to run it on no less than 18% oil. It now runs on 5% petroil mix, post-conversion. Yes, the 'effluent' is black, but there's a lot less of it...

15/01/2021 16:36:41
Posted by Martin Harris - Moderator on 15/01/2021 13:05:41:

Dave from Southern Modelcraft told me that if stored in the dark and in sealed containers, unused model fuel (including that containing nitromethane) will last indefinitely.

It's a pity, particularly in the current circumstances, that SM are so unbending in their refusal to do mail order. Their fuel is excellent and by far the best value.

Re petrol conversion, I'm not going to repeat what I've posted before (seek and ye shall find) but suffice to say if you have the right engines (big Super Tigres and Mokis are the best) the riht Walbro carb and access to a lathe to turn a simple carb adaptor spigot, then a very satisfactory result can be achieved. I've also used the G5 plug, which works but with a slightly lumpy (and higher rpm) idle. Forget it on anything less than 20cc...

BTW - the primary driver for me in converting was not cost, but reduced mess!

Thread: EU drone rules
13/01/2021 16:46:48
Posted by Alan Gorham_ on 13/01/2021 11:57:21:

I'm not having a go...

LOL - not much!

This is insurrection - impeach him, Martin!! devil

Thread: Overseas purchase
13/01/2021 16:31:59

Yes, the old £15 'small fry' concession has been eliminated. While bigger suppliers like Aliexpress and Banggood may play ball, I suspect that at some point, some poor sod is going to pay "VAT" to an ebay supplier, then get hit by a bill from RM/DHL/whoever because there is no record of any tax having been remitted!

Thread: Bench Design
13/01/2021 16:26:52
Posted by Andy Joyce on 11/01/2021 16:51:28:

Surprised few have commented on the use of adjustable feet as thinking this could be real weak point in the design

Not at all. I used "3 be 2" PAR for the framework of my fitted benches. The legs were cut back to 2 x 2" at the foot and clearance holes drilled for the T nuts that were banged in. 12mm hex bolts were screwed into the T nuts to act as resilient, adjustable feet, to ensure the top rails could be trimmed out parallel. There are no locknuts on the bolts. Once trimmed out, they haven't been touched. I fitted carpet squares after the bench was installed, so the bolts can't even be seen.

One thing I couldn't do without is the mobile bench in the middle of the workshop. This is constructed on an old 600 x 600mm kitchen base unit, with an 18mm MDF top and extensions on either side mounted on some very heavy duty (but cheap!) fold-down hinges. It has castors at the back which only touch the ground when the front is lifted using a couple of fold-away handles, which makes it easier to heavey around in the limited space I have available (rear 3/4 of a partitioned-off single garage).

The middle bench is essential as the others are now all covered with crap...

Thread: Panic! Damaged prop shaft threads - can't fully unscrew retaining nut. Help please!
12/01/2021 14:21:10

Try one of these: spinner adaptor/extender

You'll need a new washer to suit and you'll need to ream the prop out, but you will be using much more of the crank thread to secure everything.

Thread: Balsa Fuel Tank
10/01/2021 14:47:08
Posted by kc on 03/01/2021 18:49:28:

Why bother when polythene bottles of all shapes and sizes are thrown away every day?

Now post a picture of a readily available poly bottle, external dimensions 54 x 54 x 14mm

Thread: Motor stand offs or boxes?
08/01/2021 13:20:21
Posted by leccyflyer on 08/01/2021 13:09:24:
I use two radial mounts. One on the firewall and one on the motor, with threaded rods through both, into captive nuts set into the firewall. That replicates the squirrel cage mounts that i have used previously, with no chance of biting into the firewall.

Two birds, one stone. All square AND properly supported yes

Re squirrel cage mounts - are these like the carbon fibre lattices that Dave Chinnery used to weave back in the day?

08/01/2021 13:03:51

Looks sufficient if T-nuts are used. No problem if you use studding, which I would probably sleeve with alloy tube. (Studding on it's own looks like a bit of a lash-up).

Thread: LS Special
08/01/2021 12:50:10

Wasn't Timber Reclamation Inc. a subsidiary of Bin Bag Corp.? They had a lot of business from me over the years...

Thread: Covering irons
08/01/2021 12:43:23

Not an ideal solution, but when trying to get some Solartex to stick to the curve of a wing fillet, I used an Xacto style gouge blade* held in some vice grips. I heated this with a hot air gun.

In other words, you could heat up any appropriately sized (and held) piece of metal to use as an iron.

* from a Lidl/Aldi woodcarving set, IIRC

Thread: Swann Morton blades
08/01/2021 12:36:55
Posted by i12fly on 08/01/2021 10:02:56:

.... It seemed all part of growing up (like climbing and falling out of trees -how did we survive?)

Classic 'survivor bias' LOL.

"Not for sale to under 18's" means your Pa or Ma have to buy it for you, in the hope that you then use it with some degree of adult supervision. This should help to minimise the number of 8 year olds who drop scalpels on their feet. smiley

Natural instinct when you lose grip on something is to fumble for it. First rule of working with blades is DON'T FUMBLE! Second is get your feet out of the way, sharpish...

Thread: Motor stand offs or boxes?
08/01/2021 12:21:03

Horses for courses, innit? Box for longer installations, standoffs for the shorter, or a combination of the two for adjustability.

I'd save hard ply for the 'face' of the box. I usually use 6mm liteply for this kind of thing. Light, stiff, easy to cut (with a razor or shark saw) and easy to square up the joints with a bench hook and a permagrit.

With standoffs, (ref. Gary's post above) you need a suitable load spreader where they meet the timber airframe - an alloy plate or "repair washers" from the DIY

Edited By Mike T on 08/01/2021 12:21:39

Thread: rchobby-avenues
30/12/2020 17:18:56

I looked into them some time ago - even used 'streetview' to check out Wenlock Rd! I suspect the address is a front for an offshore drop-shipping set-up.

Thread: RCM&E December 20 / Jan 21 Issue
28/12/2020 13:50:29

My kids got me a subscription starting from February '21.  As I've not seen this issue on a shelf anywhere, I thought I'd order it to make a complete year.  However, it doesn't appear to be available to order anymore.

I hope that's not a sign of things to come. Should I cancel the sub.?


Edited By Mike T on 28/12/2020 13:53:06

Thread: Screen Size
28/12/2020 13:28:00
Posted by Gavin Mack on 27/12/2020 16:26:39:

I bought a LG 55" oled tv 3 years ago, just recently a massive screen burn in has appeared not sure what of (not covered by extended warranty), then a vertical green line appeared (column of failed pixels), now (just before xmas) the tv fails to switch on. I now have a £1500 piece of junk,

I'm not sure of the precise wording but I think changes to consumer law in the last few years made some provisions re reasonable expectations of performance. Would you expect a £1500 piece of electronics to be scrap after 3 years? If the answer is no, you should have a case...

Thread: Solent Sailplanes Ridge Racer
28/12/2020 13:18:45
Posted by Maurice Dyer on 27/12/2020 23:23:16:

Feeling melancholy tonight: isn't it sad how we have to rely on A to contact B who knows someone who knows C and can make a copy of a copy etc etc. I think the 1970s/80s were the hiatus for the hobby. Certainly for Aeromodellers as opposed to fliers.

I've had several goes at trying to respond to this, but I have to concede - words fail me...

27/12/2020 16:34:13

steve1590 is the guy you are looking for. A friend got the RR fus. earlier this year and it was very nicely done. He's not listing fus'es at the moment, but in the listing linked, he does state that he can make to order and put you in touch with a wing man (which I think is Billkits)


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