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Thread: Hammer F3 build (another another) - glider newbie
24/10/2020 17:56:16

Re your question about the ballast tube - I assume you've sorted this now?! I epoxied mine to the fus. floor, straddling the nominal CG position. It's held in place with epoxied 1/4" liteply formers. I used 25mm alloy aerial tube from B&Q. The ballast slugs are lead in 22mm copper jackets (a.k.a. hot water plumbing!). Pics:

pict0400 (4).jpg

pict0405 (2).jpg


pict0403 (2).jpg


I finished it back in '17. Still hasn't flown... sad

24/10/2020 15:12:46

Ideas only, I'm afraid, as I varnished my wings.

The hinge is under the veneer, so I think scoring through your laminate on the hinge line down to the veneer surface should free the control surfaces off nicely. However, I would try flexing them before cutting, to see how freely they move before scoring, and then only score as necessary.

Thread: Replacing start capacitor for compressor - help please
15/10/2020 12:47:28

@Simon (OP) - did you get it fixed?

Thread: Freebies
15/10/2020 12:24:42

Have you tried actually running it? You may be surprised. The marks on the piston indicate extensive running in the past which means that the crappy carb must have been doing a reasonable job.

Even if you still decide to sell it, at least you may be able to advertise it as a 'runner'.

Thread: Cardboard construction for planes
13/10/2020 17:46:27


A Cardboard RC plane

Thread: Tig Welder.
13/10/2020 01:13:34

Something like this, John:

Youtube mini welder

12/10/2020 14:05:20

Guys - any opinion on the miniature welders you see on Youtube?

OK for an infrequent hobby user, or a complete waste of time and money?

Thread: Boeing F4B, when one is just not enough!
11/10/2020 16:56:17

They look superbly built and finished - jammy beggar!

I always fancied one the of the Berliner-Joyce 2 -seaters (King Kong Killers!) or a Curtiss Sparrowhawk.

Thread: Awful Aviation Documentaries
11/10/2020 16:40:38
Posted by Engine Doctor on 11/10/2020 11:05:17:

An annoying thing is that the BBC are part of the Discovery Channel and in all probability use our license money to make this rubbish then sell it or show it on subscription only channels .

Nope!. The BBC is not part of the Discovery Channel. They did sign an agreement last year for Discovery to be the distribution 'platform' for getting BBC documentaries (Life on Earth, Blue Planet, etc.) shown around the world. If anything, this will lead to a welcome rise in the quality of Discovery's programming!

Thread: OS 46 - stripped crankcase cover screw threads
11/10/2020 16:19:08

That's an excellent result! yes

I think the cost of the helicoil sets is probably justified on a high-value engine, where the repair is 'exposed' (4-stroke rocker cover screws) or stressed (cylinder head bolts). Where the repair is less conspicuous, I see no reason why other methods wouldn't result in a visually and structurally acceptable repair, if made with skill and care (probably less than required for a successful helicoil repair...)

08/10/2020 11:38:28

Sounds eminently do-able, then! Presumably the tapping drill will be 3.5mm.

(BTW, I meant of course that the heads of the bolts don't look much narrower than the casting...)

07/10/2020 20:12:53

What's the outer diameter of the helicoil? Is there enough 'meat' in the crankcase rear plate lugs to take it? The heads of the bolts don't look to be much wider than the casting...

As for aesthetics - well I'd fit four studs and some nice Aerotight nuts.

Thread: Replacing start capacitor for compressor - help please
07/10/2020 16:24:29

Well this thread prompted me to unearth the disassembled remains of my old compressor, for some comparative testing.

Long story short, I swapped over the start capacitor and the newer machine kicked into life! (The older is definitely dead, due to a seized motor that seems impossible to extract from its 'chest' for disassembly).

Given the OPs compressor exhibited the same fault as mine, I hope it just requires a new cap to fix it!

FWIW, I found this very useful: **LINK**

05/10/2020 13:37:31
Posted by mightypeesh on 03/10/2020 11:07:28:

Thank you for all your info. I have contacted a company and sent photos for them to confirm I am buying the right part. Cheers to you all, Simon

Please keep us posted, Simon. Which Company did you contact?

@Brian - thanks for the info. Although my compressor has had any easy time with me, it may have been hammered in its previous life - something to do with security tagging in a department store!

Thread: Veneered foam vs traditional built up construction
03/10/2020 19:30:49
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 03/10/2020 13:51:59:

It's just two different takes on the hobby, do you want to invest time and develop your building skills creating a work of art or do you want to build a practical flying machine and fly it?

As a long-term project, I'm currently investing time and developing my building skills on a 1/5 scale Spitfire with an epoxy/glass fuselage and foam wings. Time will tell if it becomes a work of art.

As a diversion, I put together a quick-build practical flying machine - the aforementioned Funfly which is all built-up balsa and lite-ply.

There are no 'different takes' in my workshop...

03/10/2020 15:52:00
Posted by Allan Bennett on 03/10/2020 11:48:27:

One advantage of foam over traditional built-up wings can be noise reduction. I first replaced the plastic wings on my Kyosho Learjet with built-up balsa wings when I wanted to add retracts, but later I got a pair of foam core wings made for it (can't remember what prompted me to do that) and the reduction in whine is amazing.

My new Precedent Funfly (built-up wing) is considerably noisier than the one it replaced (foam wing). I habitually picked the old one up by wrapping my free hand around the leading edge. When I did this with the new one, my fingers split the sheeting - so superior point loading is another advantage for foam!

That said it all depends on the foam. I had one kit with foam so soft and spongy that handling the wing panels inevitably resulted in surface deformations. On a current project (yet to fly) I'm concerned that the wing is so heavy it won't lift it's own weight. The best foam wings I've seen came with the ATS Kite kit - superb in all respects.

Thread: Alternative (and very cheap) covering material.
03/10/2020 15:38:52

@paul d - I'm curious as to why you would put tissue over the top? Is the polyester too fragile on its own, or is it just to stiffen it up?

A while back, somebody posted a link to an ebay supplier of "Habotai silk" which looked interesting. (The supplier was only a few miles from me, but you-know-what scuppered any thoughts of a visit...)

Thread: Replacing start capacitor for compressor - help please
03/10/2020 15:31:55
Posted by Brian Sweeting 1 on 03/10/2020 14:41:06:. The compressor could be seized although electrically sound.

That's my fear. When the old one failed, I took the lid off it but could not turn the motor by hand sad.

I sincerely hope I'm wrong and that a new cap will sort the OP's problem!

It's all a bit annoying as my compressor was rarely used for anything other than occasional redistribution of dust around the workshop - yet the same type of compressor works for years in the fridge...

03/10/2020 14:17:45
Posted by Brian Sweeting 1 on 02/10/2020 17:58:41:

The capacitor is a "run" capacitor and the resistor is there to bleed off the capacitor charge when the motor is switched off.

I have exactly the same problem as the OP - a buzzing sound for a few seconds and then silence. It happened on a previous compressor I owned (same make/model) and swapping out the capacitor with that from a friend's (identical) compressor made no difference...

But if the cap is a run cap, shouldn't the motor start and run anyway?

Thread: AcroWot Foam-e undercarriage Screws
01/10/2020 17:17:20
Posted by John Lee on 01/10/2020 14:24:14:

Link to Modelfixings No4 Cap Head Woodscrews which should do the job nicely.

Note the AF size of the Allen key required - make sure you have (or get) one that will fit them...

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