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Thread: Destiny, My new design.
04/11/2016 14:24:27

Forgot to ask - can we assume a free plan in due course, Peter?

04/11/2016 14:19:20

Hmm - interesting! I have a very strong sense of Howard 'Pete' nose and tail, with a fair bit of Astro Hog in the middle, with some nice Spitfire wings to finish!

I like the use of the bush to take a bung. In fact any threaded fitting solution (like Bob's) is preferable to the 'finality' of an all sweated-up installation.

Thread: de Havilland Aeronatical Technical School T.K. 4 from 1937
04/11/2016 13:13:45

Thanks again, Timo! yes

Thread: Junior 60 incidences
02/11/2016 17:20:10

Weight at the front is the key (and next to nought at the back of course). Mine has an OS40FS, Solartex'ed wings and fus., Litespan'ed tail. Servos, rx, tank and NiCad (yes, NiCad) all up front. No Lead!

The wheels are B&Q buggy wheels (NLA). A bit OTT perhaps, but they are light and the proportions are just right.

j60 (3).jpg

Thread: de Havilland Aeronatical Technical School T.K. 4 from 1937
01/11/2016 18:32:05

Thanks Timo, for sharing your build of an absolutely fascinating (and superb!) model. It has a fair turn of speed - as befits a racer!

In some earlier pics, you showed the retracts, which look to be well engineered - can you tell us the make/model, please?

Thread: lipo batt question
01/11/2016 00:03:29

Chris, LiPos are typically charged at "1C" - that means they are charged at the same current as their amp/hour capacity. So a 3200mAH battery should be charged at 3200mA, or 3.2Amps. A non-balanced charge takes about an hour, but balance charging is a bit of a stop/start affair (to put it simply), so usually takes about an hour 15 or 20 minutes.

Thread: S6R receivers
30/10/2016 10:55:17

As a long time FrSky user, this rx caught my attention as their first with auto-stabilisation. This thread tells me all I need to know about (NOT!) getting one.

Message to FrSky: Plug N Fly, guys, Plug N Fly...sad

Thread: hobbyking - big changes
30/10/2016 10:39:29

Still FUBAR. (Can I say that?)

The amount of dysfunctionality they've managed to build in is impressive. IT guys - we salute you (with the median 20% of one hand...)

Edited By Mike T on 30/10/2016 10:45:32

Thread: What denotes scale
29/10/2016 17:00:35

You'd need documentation to prove who had daubed your Fokker - e.g. either by Herr Kurz or by Herr Hoch...

Thread: Club member appathy
23/10/2016 15:15:41
Posted by Jon Laughton on 23/10/2016 14:49:17:

As Chairman of a club I can validate the 80/20 rule and can understand that the pressures of modern life mean devoting time to anything other than flying can be difficult for a lot of members - but this is true for the more active members too!

In my experience it is often some (but not all) of those members who are usually passive / apathetic that become the most animated, irritated & whining when a club faces real problems such as flying field security or threats to flying. Suddenly they pop out of the woodwork to become very critical of more active members such as those on a committee and apply hindsight with great precision but little forethought.....but it was every thus and over the years I have developed a thick skin to go with the gumption others choose not to display...

Nail > head...

Thread: Motor Shafts
23/10/2016 14:52:49

Try RCLife:


Re circlip gooves, I've had several shafts snap at the groove - usually in highly aerobatic planes where gyroscopic precession puts enormous loads on the shaft.  I've replaced these with a plain shaft, retained by a deeper flat for the grubscrew at the rear of the motor.  The circlip is only to prevent the 2 halves of the motor coming apart, which is only really needed in an 'overhung' mounting, in which case a collet is much better.

Edited By Mike T on 23/10/2016 15:00:05

Edited By Mike T on 23/10/2016 15:00:17

Thread: "Multiman" (Roger Pullen)
21/10/2016 18:05:17

Belated (much!!!) thanks Andy embarrassed. I missed your post (or I'd have acknowledged it sooner), but the airfoil was the one reason that stopped me going ahead with the Multiman build. I couldn't reconcile the section and its camber (way +ve) with the 0-0 setting of the tailplane. Also, a Phase 6 and a Hammer came along in the meantime...

I value the appearance of an aircraft over its outright performance, which is why I was drawn to the Multiman, so I scratched that particular itch by modifying the tail-end of the P6 to replicate it (sort of).

In the hope that you pick up on this post, what section would you recommend for the Multiman?


PS - Apologies to everyone else for resurrecting an old thread!

Edited By Mike T on 21/10/2016 18:08:24

Thread: Drones Again........
21/10/2016 15:07:39
Posted by Erfolg on 21/10/2016 14:45:07:

There is a petition hat the BMFA supports along with other national bodies in other European countries.

A link is on the BMFA web site, plus many area chairman have circulated the E-mail link to local clubs.

If there is a link, it's been very cunningly hidden...

I declined to sign the semi-literate petition that's been doing the rounds lately, but I'd happily sign one supported by a literate, cogent argument.

Thread: Help mounting a motor
18/10/2016 22:38:35
Posted by Liam Ryan on 18/10/2016 22:23:03:

Sorry Mike don't know what DYS is? The model is Turnigy D3548/4, shaft is 5mm


Edited By Liam Ryan on 18/10/2016 22:23:24

They come out under various names... I was guessing it was a 5mm shaft, in which case that collet will be fine. Most motors that size have a 4mm shaft, which is OK, but this particular brand does 5mm, which is better!

Thread: Spitfire
18/10/2016 22:35:46

Even then, he'd have been funnier than Vic...

18/10/2016 21:10:23

Mick is the funnier of the two, for sure...

Thread: Help mounting a motor
18/10/2016 20:46:16

Is that a 'DYS' motor, Liam? What size is the shaft?

Thread: Slope sites near Monmouth
18/10/2016 20:15:20
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 17/10/2016 14:53:46:

Follow the notice at the bottom re parking etc and then apply normal slope etiquette.



Edited By Mike T on 18/10/2016 20:15:57

17/10/2016 14:35:07

Agreed! Are there any restrictions, Frank, or can you just turn up and fly?

Thread: Junior 60 incidences
01/10/2016 14:42:05

A balmy summer evening, you cut the throttle and she glides down to alight just on the threshold. A little dab of throttle and a touch of left rudder (aileron) and she trundles along the runway on her left wheel. A little dab of right and she trundles along on the right. At the end of the runway, you open the tap and she soars up and away - into the easiest rolling circle ever...

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