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Thread: Best Petrol Engine For An SLEC T240 - Advice Please Guys
10/09/2016 22:30:42

Coincidentally, I have a mate called Reg (also a pensioner) who built a T240 a few years ago. He fitted his with one of the ubiquitous 26cc petrols (either an SPE or RCGF). Flew just fine. Of course, four stroke petrols are nice to own - but horses for courses, eh?

Thread: propellor
04/09/2016 17:39:44
Posted by Percy Verance on 04/09/2016 15:49:11:

Just use a two bladed prop Eric. Four bladed props are not as efficient as two bladed props, and you won't know it's a two blader when it's in the air........

Wandering through Tesco the other day, I saw a promo video for a UV-activated cyano type adhesive.

One of the uses they demo'ed was fixing a broken blade back on a quad... surprise

Thread: How to make wing ribs
04/09/2016 17:35:33

Understood, Percy - just flagging up the 'flexi' option for new purchasers yes

04/09/2016 14:10:52

Cheaper, more flexible (literally!) and no less effective than Permagrit's spar slotters is a sheet of their own abrasive material which can be cut with heavy-duty scissors and cyano'd/epoxied to suitable sized offcuts of spruce, ply, etc. You can make up all sorts of scrapers and rifflers with this.


Thread: Simple Question
03/09/2016 17:50:32

When you say 'winter build' - do you mean the mass build, or the plan that'll be in the autumn special? I understand the latter is going to be a Zero. Either way, I'd go for the Tiger every time...

Thread: Junior 60 incidences
03/09/2016 17:43:17

The plan that comes with the Flair kit is pretty much identical to the KK plan you can download from Outerzone:


Mine was built as per, but it flies with a lot of down elevator trimmed in - the equivalent of cymaz packing the wing TE!

A 'built-in' solution would be to build the wing seat area nearer 0 deg. or pack the tail seat LE up a few deg. (at least 5 I'd guess)

FWIW, mine flies just fine with the down trim.

Edited By Mike T on 03/09/2016 17:44:42

Thread: Petrol glow plug
03/09/2016 17:23:02

Re needles, adaptors, carbs, etc., this is the sort of guy who I'd hope would take an interest:


Thread: Brushless Twinstar ESC conundrum
03/09/2016 16:20:53

Brushless gives a quantum leap in performance and I believe motor mounts in the latest version have been modified to make brushless installations easier. It is a superb (and superbly presented) model, which lends itself to all sorts of adaptions and conversions.

Thread: Petrol glow plug
01/09/2016 21:18:01

Nice! I'm going to try the plug in a 'stock' SC65 F/s, just to see how usable an unmodified engine is.

Thread: sanding round edges
01/09/2016 21:14:49
Posted by Phil 9 on 01/09/2016 09:13:50:

I have made a few test pices from scrap to have a practice first

Always the best way to learn! yes

Thread: what is a " shockie "
01/09/2016 21:06:58

I think the name comes from the fact that a) it flies and b) it's shocking the amount some suppliers will charge for a sheet of Depron devil

Thread: NGT GT35 Engine Problem & Fix
01/09/2016 21:03:56

I agree with Bob - it looks as if the original carb had the opposite port providing the pulse - which would explain why there was a milled groove in the first place. They've changed the carb (or their supplier has supplied the wrong spec carb) and the gaskets/spacer haven't been changed to match! Schoolboy howler...

Thread: Petrol glow plug
01/09/2016 20:45:36

Re Timothy Harris 1's points, more manufacturers do seem to be going for smaller petrols. OS is already producing 'model' petrol carbs (instead of using Walbros). And if OS are selling a petrol plug they must have a degree of confidence in it. (They know dabblers will try it in lash-ups, so they'll have made it robust so it doesn't get a poor reputation.) Re the industrial engines - in their intended use they get a far harder time than in any model installation, so they have to be bullet-proof. Hence they use a virtually unbreakable ignition system, burning readily available fuel. Moreover, it is the system used since their inception and has been proved to work, so I suspect their market would be quite resistant to change (a bit like the 'model' market, in fact!)>>

AFAIC petrol is no more hazardous than glow, if handled correctly, and surely one of the main selling points of petrol/spark is the 'fit and forget' nature - i.e. no more fiddling with needles. The main motivators for me to convert my Moki from glow in the first place were firstly mess and secondly fuel cost - the Moki was a thirsty beast on glow! The fact that I had the tools and materials to do it also helped. It was a simple step from there towards trying the G5 plug.>>

01/09/2016 19:10:46

Posted by GONZO on 01/09/2016 12:25:48:

Any use?

Yup! Go on - turn some upcheeky

Thread: sanding round edges
01/09/2016 00:54:12

Permagrit do convex and concave sanders. I usually do the straight edges using my 280mm sanding block. When they are done, I do the curves - using my 280mm sanding block. All it takes is a steady hand, a good eye and 40 years of experience...

Thread: Petrol glow plug
01/09/2016 00:48:32

If someone did a range of petrol-optimised needles and jets for popular glow carbs, that would be ideal!

Thread: Laser 75 glo attachment
01/09/2016 00:42:41

I've got one of these on a cowled RCV91:

Once it's on, the glow cap fitting is quite difficult to remove, so no issues over security!

Lots about, from various suppliers...

Edited By Mike T on 01/09/2016 00:43:39

Edited By Mike T on 01/09/2016 00:44:39

Thread: Petrol glow plug
31/08/2016 13:12:49

A massier prop would probably help. The wood prop in the pics is a Clark 20 x 8. The Moki will easily swing a 22" but I haven't the ground clearance (even with the "tundra" tyres...). I can live with the high idle, but may try a G-sonic prop at some point (or a Master if I'm really desperate!)

31/08/2016 00:01:17

I should add that while this plug clearly works, I am using an engine that's already optimised for petrol (shimmed head; walbro carb). However, as it was originally a glow engine, it shows that a bit of light engineering can make these plugs worth a punt. Next experiment is to try it on a spare fourstroke (glow; no adaptions) to see how it gets on in that...

30/08/2016 23:51:23

I'm using one in a Moki 210 fitted to a H9 1/4 scale Cub. The Moki was converted to petrol by shimming the head (2 shims from JE) and fitting all the necessary Rxcel gubbins, plus a Walbro carb mounted via an adaptor spigot which I turned myself. I heard about the OS G5 plugs, so bought one (about 8 quid) and tried it. It works. Only problem is the idle which is not as low as I'd like - I'll maybe try another shim to lower the compression a bit more. One positive is that I have reverted to the 'reverse bounce' start that got the Moki going first time when it used to be a (messy) glow. Some pics:  First 2 show engine running with ign cap clearly off.  Remainder show installation with and without the Rxcel gear.  HTH.os g5 running.jpg

os g5 running1.jpg

withandwithout (4).jpg

withandwithout (3).jpg


Edited By Mike T on 30/08/2016 23:53:04

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