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Thread: Finding 3-view and scale dwgs
08/12/2016 14:59:23

There's also this Russian site:


You'll need to brush up on your cyrillic alphabet...

Thread: going back to glow
08/12/2016 14:50:43


I never whimper

I rarely wash the car

My kitchen is a mess

My workshop floor is liberally bestrewn with shavings and turnings

I'm old (-ish - I'd have thought my advocacy of diesel would have clued you up on that!)

But I will confess to being exceptionally talented...

When I converted my Moki 210 to petrol (got my hands dirty turning up a new carb spigot and prop driver, shimming the head, tapping the crankcase for a pulse port, etc), my prime motivation in doing so was to get away from the mess that that otherwise superb engine spewed out!

I've run and tuned glow engines for many years and it's only relatively recently that lower content synthetic oiled fuels have become available. JE's instructions for the Moki were quite specific - no less than 17% oil IIRC. Other engines (mainly 4S) were run on Southern Modelcraft Double-Lube Lo (12% I think - but half of that is castor!) So there's no getting away from gunk in one form or another. I've recently used Contest 10 which seems to run cleaner, BUT:

While wiping away a bit of oil from a small motor is not a huge problem, its insidious ingress into every nook and cranny of a structure over time, and the way it gets under and lifts coverings is most definitely a royal PITA!!

Edited By Mike T on 08/12/2016 14:52:47

Edited By Mike T on 08/12/2016 14:53:32

Thread: Here we go again
08/12/2016 14:21:58

Pretty much the only way that 'bad' law gets changed in this (or any) country is by breaking it. Law makers have a duty to the public to ensure that laws are just and fit for purpose and to act as a moderating brake on the 'ban everything' brigade (modellers are usually a conservative lot and tend to fall into this category...) Failure to oppose bad law leads to tyranny, which usually leads to bloody revolution (cf France 1789; Russia 1905/1917)

The negative reaction to 'drones' i.e. multicopters seems entirely due to their military/surveillance connotations and camera-carrying capabilities (which is why I'm surprised there isn't more of an outcry over the Investigatory Powers Act a.k.a. snoopers charter - another bad law).

Perhaps if 'drone' flyers are confronted by irate members of the public, they should respond with "if you've got nothing to hide, you've got nothing to worry about!!"

Thread: What can I replace my Wot4 Foam-E with?
08/12/2016 14:02:01
Posted by iqon on 07/12/2016 15:25:54:

the new wot 4 ep/ gp uses 4s....nothing from a foam model will fit...

I don't have the model, so I'm relying on the ad at the back of the Dec mag and the first link in Neilma's post above.

Both refer to 3s 2200 batteries being recommended...

Thread: Electric conversion C of G position
08/12/2016 13:49:44

You should always stick them on with non-permanent adhesive. That way, if you find your CG is 'out', you can relocate them easily to correct it...

Thread: What can I replace my Wot4 Foam-E with?
07/12/2016 15:20:13
Posted by Ian Mathews on 07/12/2016 08:11:12:

The balsa 80% Wot 4 is a great model, but it is a lot heavier than the foamy version, so I'm not sure you'll enjoy the same level of performance as you'd be used to if you recycled the power train.

I learnt to fly on the balsa electric wot 4 on 3 cell 2200's however I now fly it with 4 cell 2200's and it's a different plane! I use a 60amp ESC and the largest motor that would fit in the cowl and still had to add about 110g of lead!

Are you talking about the old balsa version or the new 2016 version? I know there were weight issues with the earlier version; I assumed the 'makeover' version was designed to over comes issues like this.

The website specs refer to a Quantum ii 40 motor; 40A ESC and 2200 3s batteries. Motor aside, that's what comes out of the foam-e. Personally, I can't think of any reason to choose the balsa version over the foam-e. If they did an 'airframe-only' kit of the foam-e, there'd be no market for the balsa version!

Thread: Here we go again
07/12/2016 00:03:52

What grinds my gears is this. When the skateboard craze started, lots of damage was caused to public paths, kerbs, balustrades, steps, etc.

Did Councils ban skateboards? Like hell they did - they went out and spent public money constructing skateboard parks!

Well what about providing drone parks? (or any-type-of-model-aircraft parks!)

Perhaps we should all be even more delinquent?!

Thread: going back to glow
06/12/2016 23:55:21

It's been suggested that most people convert to electric and/or petrol for reasons of convenience and/or economy.

They may be factors, but for me the biggest drawback with glow is the mess. It's appalling. I've put up with it for years (still do) because it offers good power to weight, but with electrics you can fly out of the boot of your car (in the cold months) and with petrol, you can fly on a sip of petrol with nothing much more that some sooty spots to wipe up.

The ideal ic engine for the modern era is a fourstroke that runs on petrol with a compact electronic ign. system (or an OS G5 plug) with a petrol-optimised carb. So, Jon - get to it!!! cheeky

And as for people who don't like the smell of diesel!! Well they should be busted to the ranks and drummed out of the service!!

(I keep a half-pint in the workshop for a whifff every now and then. I think the ether must have evaporated as it doesn't have quite the same effect as it used to...)

Thread: indoor model planes
06/12/2016 22:56:54


Thread: What can I replace my Wot4 Foam-E with?
06/12/2016 22:55:44

Reading the spec on the back of the latest RCM&E, it seems the 80% balsa version is designed to use precisely the sort of gear that comes out of the Foam-e.

Re the latter - I agree they can be repaired flyable far more (and more often) than a traditional build (and I know whereof I speak). A cunning combination of steam, cyano and brute force is required...

Thread: Finding 3-view and scale dwgs
06/12/2016 22:45:04

The model mags occasionally still do a full-size feature with 3-view, but 'back in the day', Aeromodeller's 'Aircraft Described No xxx' was a regular feature. The 3-views from their archive should still be available - I'm guessing from X-list Plans or Hobbystores.

There used to be a newspaper type (I think fortnightly) magazine which also did 3-views - not sure, but could be 'Aviation News' or 'Air Pictorial'?

Thread: hobbyking - big changes
06/12/2016 22:34:41

Well I placed a UK order for a few odds and ends at 11pm on Sunday and they were delivered at about 11am this morning. Yay! Well done HK!!

However - this was for stuff that I found using their general search tool. I wanted some servos as well but gave up as the specs/dimensions are still screwy.

So maybe not quite safe to go back in the water...

Thread: Book Club
05/12/2016 18:45:44

"Window" - thanks Martin/Tom yes smiley

Thread: indoor model planes
04/12/2016 23:34:18

It's a 2s 300mah. The whole combo is very efficient and after a squirt to get the Mudbug in the air, it cruises on 1/3 throttle.

Which of the Stevens kits do you have? They're not cheap, but nicely done (and of course you get a plan wink)

Thread: Book Club
04/12/2016 23:30:33
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 04/12/2016 22:29:58:


You mention Windows, it was actually called window, not being picky understandsmiley

I well remember as a lad, me and my mates picking up these strips of foil as we proceeded on the long walk to school in the morning. I had a draw full by the time they stopped using it.

Puzzled. As I understand it, 'window' was dropped over Germany by allied (i.e. British) bombers... (Unless you are German of course, in which case alles ist klar)

Thread: Flair black magic - help please
04/12/2016 23:20:12

The plan I linked was perfectly adequate for the purpose a scaling 2 ribs!!

04/12/2016 22:24:21


You should be able to scale it from that.

Thread: What can I replace my Wot4 Foam-E with?
04/12/2016 22:20:38

I'm on my 4th W4Foam-e. Like Steve, the answer is 'another one'.

Hint to all designers - the 3536/910 motor, 40A ESC and 3s2200 LiPo is probably the most popular power train out there...

Thread: indoor model planes
04/12/2016 22:15:40

Hi Jim,

I have one of the "10 gram" 1300kv motors from Hobbyking in my Mudbug, with a 7A ESC from Micron. I get 20 mins. on a 7x4 prop. (Micron also do a "10gm." motor.)


**LINK** (XP-7A)


Thread: Slope Combat Competition .
01/12/2016 18:34:38

Thanks, Steve! yes

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