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Thread: Petrol glow plug
01/09/2016 20:45:36

Re Timothy Harris 1's points, more manufacturers do seem to be going for smaller petrols. OS is already producing 'model' petrol carbs (instead of using Walbros). And if OS are selling a petrol plug they must have a degree of confidence in it. (They know dabblers will try it in lash-ups, so they'll have made it robust so it doesn't get a poor reputation.) Re the industrial engines - in their intended use they get a far harder time than in any model installation, so they have to be bullet-proof. Hence they use a virtually unbreakable ignition system, burning readily available fuel. Moreover, it is the system used since their inception and has been proved to work, so I suspect their market would be quite resistant to change (a bit like the 'model' market, in fact!)>>

AFAIC petrol is no more hazardous than glow, if handled correctly, and surely one of the main selling points of petrol/spark is the 'fit and forget' nature - i.e. no more fiddling with needles. The main motivators for me to convert my Moki from glow in the first place were firstly mess and secondly fuel cost - the Moki was a thirsty beast on glow! The fact that I had the tools and materials to do it also helped. It was a simple step from there towards trying the G5 plug.>>

01/09/2016 19:10:46

Posted by GONZO on 01/09/2016 12:25:48:

Any use?

Yup! Go on - turn some upcheeky

Thread: sanding round edges
01/09/2016 00:54:12

Permagrit do convex and concave sanders. I usually do the straight edges using my 280mm sanding block. When they are done, I do the curves - using my 280mm sanding block. All it takes is a steady hand, a good eye and 40 years of experience...

Thread: Petrol glow plug
01/09/2016 00:48:32

If someone did a range of petrol-optimised needles and jets for popular glow carbs, that would be ideal!

Thread: Laser 75 glo attachment
01/09/2016 00:42:41

I've got one of these on a cowled RCV91:

Once it's on, the glow cap fitting is quite difficult to remove, so no issues over security!

Lots about, from various suppliers...

Edited By Mike T on 01/09/2016 00:43:39

Edited By Mike T on 01/09/2016 00:44:39

Thread: Petrol glow plug
31/08/2016 13:12:49

A massier prop would probably help. The wood prop in the pics is a Clark 20 x 8. The Moki will easily swing a 22" but I haven't the ground clearance (even with the "tundra" tyres...). I can live with the high idle, but may try a G-sonic prop at some point (or a Master if I'm really desperate!)

31/08/2016 00:01:17

I should add that while this plug clearly works, I am using an engine that's already optimised for petrol (shimmed head; walbro carb). However, as it was originally a glow engine, it shows that a bit of light engineering can make these plugs worth a punt. Next experiment is to try it on a spare fourstroke (glow; no adaptions) to see how it gets on in that...

30/08/2016 23:51:23

I'm using one in a Moki 210 fitted to a H9 1/4 scale Cub. The Moki was converted to petrol by shimming the head (2 shims from JE) and fitting all the necessary Rxcel gubbins, plus a Walbro carb mounted via an adaptor spigot which I turned myself. I heard about the OS G5 plugs, so bought one (about 8 quid) and tried it. It works. Only problem is the idle which is not as low as I'd like - I'll maybe try another shim to lower the compression a bit more. One positive is that I have reverted to the 'reverse bounce' start that got the Moki going first time when it used to be a (messy) glow. Some pics:  First 2 show engine running with ign cap clearly off.  Remainder show installation with and without the Rxcel gear.  HTH.os g5 running.jpg

os g5 running1.jpg

withandwithout (4).jpg

withandwithout (3).jpg


Edited By Mike T on 30/08/2016 23:53:04

Thread: Prop ballancer which one to buy.
29/07/2016 23:42:58

That does look rather smart!

Thread: Engine out practice
28/07/2016 18:52:57

I managed it (sort of) on my 388! One throttle (esc) channel was mixed to a rotary control knob, primarily to trim-out the inconsistencies between esc's so that throttle response was linear. It had a side benefit in that said knob could be fully wound back to close down one motor. Installed in a Twinstar II, it was useful for single engined practice. (It became superfluous as one motor always quit before the other anyway!)

Thread: Horus is nearly upon us...
28/07/2016 18:36:48

I've been looking forward to this, but the price tag is going to force a re-think - mainly looking at 2nd-hand JR11X-Zeros.

I can appreciate that FrSky have reacted to the criticism of Taranis' lack of 'plug & play' functionality, but maybe the better sales strategy would have been to release Horus with Open Tx (thus capturing the mature Taranis upgrade market) and follow up with a downloadable plug & play system once the surge of 'upgrade' sales had subsided.

Releasing now and at £480, I think they've missed the boat with the collapse of the £ and the general air of economic uncertainty following you-know-what...

Thread: Prop ballancer which one to buy.
17/07/2016 13:13:35

I bought a cheap fingertip balancer to make a magnetic balancer with. The balancer shaft turned out to be stainless steel...

I also use the Du-bro "wheel" type, for its capacity and accuracy.

Re sanding/cutting props, well I always 'dress' moulded props by shaving off the moulding flash and cleaning the seam up with wet and dry before balancing. If the prop is only slightly off-balance, I'm happy to use a 10A blade to scrape the rear face of the heavy blade, which I then polish with wet/dry and or Autosol. If it's badly off, then the light blade gets tape or varnish. Wooden blades get the varnish treatment.

Thread: Set a status?
16/07/2016 14:03:02

Thanks for the info. I've now set a status that is both accurate and enduring...

Thread: Here's how you build a fuselage and keep it straight without a jig
12/07/2016 01:20:09

Why a square tube, though? A round tube can be gently twisted to aid extraction. A sq. tube requires a straight pull and my luck would see a former or two getting cracked!

The move towards CNC kits is welcome though - I'd much prefer to put those lovely jigsaws together myself. Just think of all the KK Flying Scale models that would actually have flown, had they been CNC cut from balsa (not teak). smiley

Thread: Garage conversion
12/07/2016 01:02:21

I cleaned and sealed the (concrete) floor then laid some 2nd hand (ex work) carpet tiles. Not much in the way of insulation, but it does make standing for long period easier - use localised, thicker matting (per Jack) near worksurfaces.

Walls were insulated with gyproc that had 2" thick foam bonded to it (with a layer of Al. foil in between). You could woodchip and paint this (but I didn't bother).

I built benches (some with drawers under) on 3 walls and a mobile walk-around bench for the middle - which is a godsend. I used an old 600mm kitchen base unit for this, topped with 18mm MDF, with hinged flaps either side (7' long when deployed). The whole mounted on large castors for mobility - and also helps raise to a comfortable working height. A multi power outlet is screwed to the back. A 1KW fan heater under one of the benches keeps it all snug.

Thread: wot 4 foam e
12/07/2016 00:38:03

The embedded part of the mount should be vertical within the fus when it is held up level (i.e. when the rear fus. behind the wing is horizontal)

The motor carrier that screws to the plate has a few degrees of down bent in a part of the folding process - no more than about 5 degrees, I think. If your internal plate is not vertical, then I suspect your fus has got bananaitis and needs to be 'eased' back in line... HTH

Thread: BMFA Survey..via Club Secretary's
22/08/2015 14:18:50

I tried to help out our Club Sec'y by filling in the form (as linked by in the email sent to sec'ys), with a view to saving and sending to him, but I found that while I could fill in the text boxes, none of the 'radio buttons' worked. So I gave up.

Just me?

Thread: is it possible for a parcel to be delivered intact
30/08/2013 16:24:41

I need to send a kit to someone next week. Has anyone any good experiences, to give me some hope?


Thread: "Multiman" (Roger Pullen)
30/08/2013 16:19:27

Hi Ian.

I too have the article somewhere, as well as the (well faded) plan. I just wanted input from anyone who'd built and/or flown it!



24/08/2013 21:13:24

SO - that'll be a big fat NO, then... sad

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