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Thread: Government Consultation on Drone Flying in the UK.
24/08/2018 00:14:32
Posted by Cliff Whittaker on 23/08/2018 23:22:50:

... If just 5 members of each club participate...

The trick will be to get the right 5 members. There are some clubs whose members really are.... members...

Thread: Just Brushless motors supplies UK
23/08/2018 16:25:49

Me too. But then I saw the offer on the Skylark and bought a couple!

Thread: Unexplained crash
23/08/2018 14:41:36

As cheap servos of uncertain provenance are now so ubiquitous, I always plug any new servos into a tester and let them cycle for an hour, checking regularly for overheating.

Not something I ever bothered to do when only the main big name brands were available (but then, neither were servo testers...)

Thread: Max Thrust Ruckus
23/08/2018 11:06:19

IIRC it's significantly more expensive than the Riot and I can't see why...

Thread: Please Help Me Out With The Arithmetic On This One Gentlemen!
22/08/2018 14:46:32

What the OP needs is one of these:

Splendid bit of kit. I swapped the Deans for some short tails with 4mm plugs & sockets.

Plug in between battery and ESC, fly, then cycle through the readings before disconnecting. It'll give max volts, amps and watts.

Edited By Mike T on 22/08/2018 14:47:03

Thread: Power Safe for any receiver
22/08/2018 01:19:22
Posted by Chris Bott - Moderator on 21/08/2018 22:33:49:

I don't think I'll be going into production, they're pretty fiddly to put together and take time.

But if you (or someone) could put the boards, headers and plugs in a polybag with an A4 'how to' sheet, I'm sure there'd be lots of takers - assuming you could do it for, say under 10 quid?

Edited By Mike T on 22/08/2018 01:20:01

Thread: Hawker Hurricane Mk I fabric detail
13/08/2018 15:59:17

Excellent technique! Thanks yes

Thread: Thin foam sheet
13/08/2018 15:58:16
Posted by Piers Bowlan on 28/07/2018 11:52:44:

Er, why would you want to face your sanding blocks with foam?



Thread: Accurate Stick Cutting - What's the Secret?
02/08/2018 16:13:39

The breakthrough for me was realising that this kind of joint can be easily cut just by looking at it.

I could hardly believe it at first, but it's true...

I saw it with my own eyes...

Thread: Thinking of changing my car
01/08/2018 15:41:57
Posted by gangster on 31/07/2018 18:56:16:

Another vote for Mazda 6. Mine is 11 years old. 95k on clock. Still drives like new and only repairs it’s needef was a wheel bearing (probably self inflicted) and a roll bar joint deffo self inflicted towing a caravan across a rough field. 143ps plenty of go and carries loads of stufg

Snap. Though mine is 13 years and 94k. Both front calipers have had to be changed and one rear wheel bearing, however it's only on its second set of brake pads...

Smaller outside than the big Renault Safrane which preceded it, but more room inside - ti has a huge load area with the back seats down. In saloon config. its a very quiet comfortable tourer, but the 2.3 petrol makes it a fabulous sprinter as well. The only replacement I can envisage is a later facelift model...

Thread: P.P.I. Yes it's Boring But.......
01/08/2018 15:23:09
Posted by Martin Harris on 01/08/2018 13:41:34:

Forgive me if this upsets anyone but it feels like those who willingly entered into agreements to give them peace of mind against losing their jobs or changing circumstances are now taking advantage of the companies and claiming back payments for cover that wasn't needed in retrospect - I wish I could do that for my car, home and pet insurances over the years!

I agree. However the original 'scandal' was that people in precarious financial circumstances who knowingly opted for the cover did not realise that making a claim was nigh-on impossible. It was in this sense that it was mis-sold. It was later discovered that PPI was being applied to all sorts of other financial products.

Like others, I never knowingly signed up for it, but have no idea how I'd go about searching out my past borrowing history without recourse to some organisation that has access to the various records. As far as I can see the DIY templates are just a standard letter? The problem for me would be where to address it!

Thread: Thin foam sheet
30/07/2018 16:15:07
Posted by Engine Doctor on 29/07/2018 11:15:52:

Use of foam might explain some of the horrendous repairs I see while driving around !

Never confuse the capability of a tool with the incapability of the klutz wielding it...

Thread: Getting the young ones involved
28/07/2018 14:47:36

The biggest problem these days is getting hold of old pram wheels and axles. They just don't make 'em any more. Was a time you could retrieve a set from any local pond...

Edited By Mike T on 28/07/2018 14:47:53

Thread: Thin foam sheet
28/07/2018 14:42:31

You need a range of surface conformity when sanding, from zero (Permagrits) to max (hand held paper) and all points in between.

Top tip: What! ( the retail outlet - stupid name) sells packs of foam abrasive blocks in coarse and fine grades at £1 for 10. The first set I got were so good they lasted years. The most recent lot not quite so good, but as good or better than the branded stuff you get from DIY stores which cost a few quid each!

Thread: RIOT - why 2.4 GHz only
23/07/2018 21:14:48

FWIW I flew my Wot4 Foam-e on PCM 35 for a couple of years without a glitch . Only swapped to 2.4 'cos I wanted the (bullet-proof) JR rx for a higher value project!

Edited By Mike T on 23/07/2018 21:15:06

Thread: Bit of a new Horus X10 problem.
23/07/2018 21:06:37

Every time I try and convince myself that I need a FrSky tx of some description, a thread like this pops up to convince me that (touch wood) my old JR 388 will be good for another year yet...

Thread: stripped thread in crankcase
23/07/2018 21:04:22

I'm not at all confident that the studding would not turn in the alloy when doing that final 'nip up'. I've done that kind of thing in the past, but I've epoxied the stud in first...

Thread: Old Warden Aerodrome - July 2018
23/07/2018 20:58:18

The Bristol Monoplane, Triplane and Camel were all built by the Northern Aeroplane Workshops in Batley, W.Yorks.

The Triplane was declared to be a 'late production' model by Sir T.O.M. Sopwith himself. Sadly he did not live to see the NAW Camel finished or flying.

Thread: Bit of a new Horus X10 problem.
23/07/2018 10:45:45

If you right-click on the file in your 'trash', you should get an option to 'restore'. Click on this and it should put the file back exactly where it came from.


Thread: Is this yet another scam
04/06/2018 14:17:55
Posted by Denis Watkins on 04/06/2018 11:18:49:

So one greedy receptionist is selling ex directory contact information to equipment sellers?

LOL! Yeah - blame the poor sap on the front line. I don't suppose for one minute that it's the greedy bosses at your NHS Trust selling the data, do you?

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