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Thread: Is it Just my impession?
28/11/2019 13:26:56

Many years ago, both timber and foam ARTFs seemed ridiculously cheap. Since then, an increase in native production costs and the going south of the pound have put paid to that.

It'll be a long, long time before the pound goes back to $1.40/1.50 (if ever...)

Thread: Aeromaster
28/11/2019 13:16:40

IMO the Aeromaster looks by far the best of the designs linked in the OP. I'm not sure the Super Aeromaster looks better - the radial cowl looks disproportionately small to me.

If it were me, I'd keep the outlines of the Aeromaster (with possibly a decent sized radial cow) and design-in the simplified structures of the others.

Thread: Hobby King Again Rrrrrrrrrr
14/11/2019 13:50:23
Posted by tigerman on 13/11/2019 20:23:49:

You try ordering 6s 6200 batteries from Hobby King .

Just did a test order. 2 x 6s 6200mAH Zippy compacts. £127 the pair, from either UK or EU.

Because of Parcelforce restrictions (as detailed in the delivery Ts & Cs) ordering from the UK w/h will cost you £19.71 delivery. The same order placed with the EU w/h is post-free.

Nothing on the site led me to believe there'd be a problem with this order if I'd gone ahead. I think you've just come up against a one-off communication problem. My last contact with their customer service people was hassle free.

13/11/2019 17:54:59

@ Cymaz:

On the basis of those numbers, your order (inc. postage) must be worth around 25 quid - so £10 over the £15 personal importation threshold for VAT. Bang to rights.

What's so bad about the 8 quid? It's usually more, depending on the mail service used. It includes the cost of clearing the item through customs and the cost of remitting the money to HMC. These processing costs likely don't vary much with the value of orders.

WIW I always do a fag packet on the numbers before placing an order, to assess whether the risk is worth it.  If you get away with it - happy days.  If not - suck it up... laugh

RM Customs Charges

Edited By Mike T on 13/11/2019 17:56:02

Edited By Mike T on 13/11/2019 17:58:00

Thread: Hobby king delivery charges
13/11/2019 16:24:42

Your order was well below the tax (about £18) and excise (about £135) thresholds. If I were you I'd be making a fuss...

Nice to see a bit of candour from HK's main man - not least singling out the UK warehouse for praise. I'm convinced part of their trading problems are due to their disastrous IT 'upgrade' a few years back - the effects can still (irritatingly) be seen today...

As I recall, ALL orders were postage extra 'back in the day' They introduced post-free for $50+ a few years back, then a month or so ago it went up to $80, now $100. Most UK based businesses only do post-free for £100+, so HK are still pretty competitive. On typical HK orders, postage from the UK and Euro warehouses is still only about a fiver.

Customer service was always poor, but has improved recently. Last month I had to reject a fairly expensive charger which was defective out of the box. I expected to have to return it, but they just approved a replacement immediately, no quibble. (I repaired the defective item...)

Thread: XYH motors
10/10/2019 13:46:10

Try Robotbirds.

I've bought several from their 'budget' range over the years and they all turned out to be XYHs. I particularly like them because, size-for-size, they have thicker shafts than other equivalents (e.g., 5mm on a 35-series motor, where other brands are usually 4mm)

Thread: ST2000/ Giant Jabberock
06/10/2019 14:51:48

My gut reaction is that the prop is just a tight fit on the extension. I'd try grasping the blades and levering back and forth gently. You could try a bit of heat as well (from a gun, obviously - not a naked flame!). I'd be reluctant to put oil on it, but as a last resort a bit of penetrating fluid to break the 'stick' may be necessary.

Nice bit of kit, BTW...

Edited By Mike T on 06/10/2019 14:52:41

Thread: Think I've been spammed!
02/10/2019 13:50:07
Posted by FlyinFlynn on 02/10/2019 13:21:42:

I have got into the habit of using Paypal for all overseas transactions, and then paying Paypal from a CREDIT card...that gives me two layers of protection. I am currently in a Paypal dispute over a Banggood non-delivery which they won't refund me for as I did not purchase their 'shipping insurance'....we will see how Paypal view this in due course....and if they don't agree with me and issue a refund then my credit card company should. (being governed by the consumer credit act)

Sadly, you are mistaken.  You LOSE your CCA S.75 rights when you pay via Paypal, even though you may settle your Paypal acct. via your Cr Card: **LINK**


Edited By Mike T on 02/10/2019 13:55:06

Thread: Cheap Chinese Laser Cutter
28/09/2019 16:50:24
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 27/09/2019 20:14:24:

...Obviously there's the possibility of being charged duty and VAT ...

No duty on £106 worth of imported 'machinery'. Just the VAT and the delivery company's handling/collection fee, which is usually £10 to 15. So roughly £140 by my reckoning.

Off the top of my head, 'duty' (for our kind of gear) starts at about £135 landed cost and even then its usually only 2 or 3 percent. VAT starts at £18 landed and would be levied on top of the duty (if payable). The handling/collection fee is usually fixed and varies from firm to firm. RM, e.g., is cheaper than UPS.

Like Geoff, I have yet to be charged, even on big boxes loudly proclaiming their contents!

NB:  E&OE!!

Edited By Mike T on 28/09/2019 16:51:39

Thread: Duxford Spitfire Day
24/09/2019 16:05:51

Nice pics - thanks for sharing

I suspect the SE5's are made-over Currie Wots (or similar).

I took a Rapide trip when I did Flying Leg Ends last year. Well worth the 50 quid and safe as houses!

Thread: Security of Information
23/09/2019 18:52:21
Posted by Phil 9 on 23/09/2019 18:26:41:

misquoting is not paraphrasing

"Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools" not law

You're bogging yourself down in detail and missing the bigger picture...

Bader - yeah. TBH I've always thought it was too intelligent for him, but I assumed the attribution would play better to the demographic of this forum...

23/09/2019 18:21:11

Re "law", I'm paraphrasing here, but I think it was no less a luminary than Douglas Bader who proclaimed that while laws were for the obeisance of fools, they were merely for the guidance of wise men...

Furthermore, a very well respected daily newspaper has recently been running editiorials praising the avowed intention of an individual (who is amongst the very highest in the land) to break the law in order to achieve a specific outcome.

Examples to us all...

Re the OP's question, I believe the BMFA has already stated that while it would share information if it were beneficial to its members to do so, it would - with their permission. If it were not, they would not - in compliance with Data Protection law (damn - that word again!).

Thread: Repair of a Hanger 9 P-51 Mustang.
03/09/2019 18:33:42

Is the u/c electric or that mechanical monstrosity with wire legs?

I replaced the gear in my H9 P-47 with the heavy-duty HK electrics and a couple of their P-47 bespoke oleos. They work extremely well, with a scale-like 6 second transit time.

A clubmate has the older H9 P-51 (in "Miss America" colours) and he's done the same thing.

Thread: Ladybird 1.5
03/09/2019 18:28:20

Superb build Keith! My unfinished original size one is still in the shed somewhere, awaiting conversion to lightweight 2-channel RC. Power will be a DC Merlin. Where will you be flying yours?

@Capt. Kremen - we still fly at Trelai Park (the old Ely racecourse). We bung the Council a couple of bob every year to preserve our right to do so.

Thread: Any clubs fly in Porthcawl?
03/09/2019 18:14:02

You may find a bit of lift for a lightweight floater off the cliffs between the town and Rest Bay (or even off the pierhead/breakwater).

Then there's the cliffs at Southerndown (about 3 miles east as the crow flies, but longer by car to cross the Ogmore estuary). They work south to south west. Was there a couple of hours ago myself...

Further afield, to the north east is the Meio and well north of that, the (in)famous Bwlch. Much further west is Rhosili.

01/09/2019 13:53:03

None that I know of. The nearest is S Wales RCS at Llandow, which is about 10 miles east, but whenever I go past, no one ever seems to be there!

Thread: Essential RC's videos
01/09/2019 13:07:46

I'll echo Jo's comment Dom. Thanks for making and putting up all these high quality vids. I don't spend a lot of time on the flightline at shows (I treat them more as shopping expeditions), so it's nice to know that when I get home, there's going to be film of anything I've missed, shot far better than I could manage!

Re the Comet, I was surprised to see it reappear. I assumed Steve had retired it...

Edited By Mike T on 01/09/2019 13:08:16

Thread: Needle valve settings, generally...
25/08/2019 12:46:17
Posted by Foxfan on 23/08/2019 12:07:16:

But what, if any, is a good rule of thumb setting to start with on a needle valve?

Open 1.5 turns from closed.

Thread: Full-Size Lancaster at Woodsprings today
15/07/2019 00:13:55

The crowd on Saturday got 4 passes! (I thought any more than 2 made it a 'display'?)

The big Cubs were superbly flown and in very close proximity. I couldn't take my eyes off them (mainly in case debris started coming my way).

The Bishop's Reds display was superb too, notwithstanding an u/c failure on their first outing.

Thread: Droning on at the F1...
15/07/2019 00:07:05

"Northamptonshire Police officers and drone specialists from Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service detected the devices earlier today, Saturday, July 13, using drone detection and pilot detection software...

Policing commander for the event, Superintendent Dennis Murray, said: “The specialist software has so far proved extremely effective. We have been able to detect the drones and locate the pilots..."

Excellent news. The technology now appears to exist for stopping illegal drone flights, so the rationale for requiring registration or testing has just disappeared. I hope this is brought to the Select Committee's attention!

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