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Thread: Veron Avro 504N
13/10/2019 20:00:21

I'm sure one of my clubmates built one of these for electric power not so long ago. I don't know exactly what happened but it didn't last long. He'd fitted ailerons and said it was very difficult to fly and that he thought he'd have been better off leaving it as rudder and elevator only.

Thread: indestructible slow flyer....
28/09/2019 20:13:16

Paul there's no such thing as indestructable. Given enough time and determination I can break anything. But the nearest you can get would be something made of EPP foam. Robotbirds have a couple of EPP trainers and Hacker Models make a few. All fairly ARTF and electric powered. They will be generally fairly light but might cope with a bit of a breeze and will teach you the basics at least. EPP is lovely bouncy stuff and as tough as old boots. The Wild Thing slope soarer I have is made of EPP and can thumped into the slope repeatedly without damage. Other foams, such as EPO, are fairly durable and easy to glue back together, but not a patch on EPP. Balsa models can't come close for toughness but are much more satisfying to build and fly IMO. Maybe what you need rather than a tough model, is a good conventional model and an instructor with a buddy box. Is joining a club out of the question?

Thread: All weather flyer.
11/09/2019 21:03:37

Phoenix 2000 is what I go for if it's windy. Any powered slope soarer type of thing or warmliner/hotliner would be just the job as they're designed for the winds you get up a hill. And you can go slope soaring with them if all else fails.

Thread: What have I bought today?...
22/08/2019 20:27:37

Looks more like a DB Mascot to me. Will fly very nicely on a 35. I had an Chart Mascot, same thing but with a foam wing, that flew well on a really weak Magnum 40.

The Hi-Boy had a veneered foam wing and ply fuselage and was pretty heavy.

Thread: Servo Torque guide - Sport Flying (electric)
29/07/2019 10:07:59

Just because the prop was turning doesn't mean the motor was running. The throttle would have been closed to enter the spin and assuming the cause of the failure was the sbec overheating and cutting out, then the throttle would have remained closed. The prop would now freewheel and would speed up as the airspeed increased in the spiral dive. The fact that everything worked fine later points to the sbec as it would work as normal once it had cooled down.

Workable theory?

Thread: Phoenix 1600 motor advice please
28/07/2019 10:32:11

Assuming the fuselage is similar to the old Phoenix 2000 I've got and you're using 3S lipo, then the Propdrive 2836 1000kv that I have in mine should work. On a 10x6 folder it shows 210W on the meter. There's enough headroom to go to an 11x6 if you feel you need more but it's perfectly adequate for my needs.

Thread: Phase 6 or middle phase electric conversion
26/07/2019 09:28:46

You could try a Phoenix Model Products Pzazz-E. Looks like the same sort of thing and all the conversion work's been done for you. Never had one myself but the kits are all laser cut and seem to have a very good reputation.

Thread: CAA registration consulation
28/04/2019 11:18:05

I hesitate to join this discussion as it it strikes me as all just a wee bit overwrought, but here I go anyway.
Firstly, all this 'end of the world as we know it' ranting is misplaced on here is it not? The rules have already been established, no new rules are being suggested and, as I recall, the rules and exemptions recently announced were greeted with sighs of relief all around and much congratulatory praise of the BMFA. Business as usual was the phrase being bandied about. Nothing has changed.
What we're talking about here is registration, nothing else. We knew it was coming and nobody was terribly worried about it, so what's new? Well it turns out we're actually going to have to do it and pay for it ourselves. To which I say 'Big deal'. So we're going to have to give up half an hour of our time jumping through a few pointless on-line hoops which prove absolutely nothing. Could be worse. And we're going to have to pay a fee. Anybody who flies model aircraft of any sort can afford an extra £16.50 a year. Not the end of the world.
Having said that, £16.50 is far too much. A lot of casual drone users won't want to shell out that much just for the odd flight a couple of times a year and it will hold back the numbers registering, and the CAA's funding model will fail. I can't blame the CAA though. They've been told to get it done and make it pay for itself. Unless our government decides to subsidise the system, like every other government has done, which seems unlikely, we're stuck with it. We shouldn't be surprised, everything costs more in the UK.

Thread: Taranis X9 and JR
03/03/2019 20:25:58

I don't think there was ever any input from JR. I guess KST wanted to make a nice transmitter so, in the best Chinese tradition, they found a good one and copied it smiley.

03/03/2019 17:35:49

The Taranis uses the case from a radio called the KST T810 which never took off. It's obviously a copy of the JR design but isn't identical. FRSky saved a few bob when they decided to produce their own transmitter by buying the design off the shelf. No link to JR as far as I know.

Thread: LBT
28/02/2019 20:39:22

The DFT module is exactly the same inside as the DJT module and I can assure you, from personal experience, that it works with V8, D8 and 'X' series receivers as long as they can be bound in D8 mode (it will say in the product description). I used one with all of these and it worked perfectly. I went for X8R LBT receivers latterly to 'future proof' myself and eventually bought a Taranis QX7 LBT version which, when loaded with the correct version of its firmware, also operates all of these receivers while making all the telemetry features of the more recent ones available.

A word of warning though, if you want to keep things simple just get the module and some receivers, plug it in and get flying. The FRSky protocol is excellent but their transmitters are not everybody's cup of tea and it takes some work to get the best out of them. Do some internet searching and some reading before going down the Taranis path as one or two people have found themselves a bit bamboozled and ultimately disappointed. Personally I love my Taranis and wouldn't have anything else, but it isn't for anyone who doesn't like computers and tinkering around with stuff to see how it works.

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
04/01/2019 20:53:38

Sad news indeed. I will miss his contributions to this forum, which won't be quite the same without him. He came across as a man of intelligence and common sense, and a generally nice guy. Condolences to his family.

Thread: A bit of nostalgia
04/01/2019 20:43:22

My original Mini Robot could only manage a few feet in a gentle right hand turn. The DC Bantam did its best but the weight of the model beat it. Doped nylon, Humbrol paint and fuel proofer all adds up! Seemed sturdy though.

I had a look and found one of those Veron leaflets from the OP that must have come with the kit. Never throw anything away. Must do a Cardinal or a Deacon some time.

04/01/2019 15:51:31

My Mini Robot built from an original plan for electric power with rudder and elevator. Flies well but the wings fold if you loop it robot.jpg

Thread: SMC Splot
29/12/2018 19:53:16

Hi Tom,

I had two of these over the years. They were great fun. I still have one in the garage but I stripped all the gear out last year as it hadn't been flown for a while. Went well with my OS25FP up front.

I don't have a PDF but if you PM me your address I can send you an original plan, provided you don't mind it folded to fit in an envelope. It's slightly dog-eared and yellowing but still serviceable.

Hope that helps,


Thread: Can a drone fly at 10000ft?
15/12/2018 11:20:55

The altitude record for a rotorcraft on FPVLAB is currently 9,898ft, set by a mini quad. So still 102 ft to go apparently.

Thread: intro & advice
06/10/2018 16:25:29

What about the RCM&E Chapter One designed by Nigel Hawes. Lots of build information on this site and available as a plan pack from Sarik Hobbies. Has the advantage of having been designed for either electric or glow power, so no conversion to do. Otherwise very conventional and can be built with or without ailerons.

Thread: Do I need a UBEC?
24/09/2018 21:04:18

Don't think a capacitor would help. The problem with an overloaded BEC is heat. If it gets too hot the whole ESC goes into thermal protection mode or whatever and shuts down and stays shut down until it cools a bit. I remember that causing issues a few years ago with a helicopter at our place which used to simply fall out of the sky periodically. By the time the owner recovered the model and tested it, the radio worked fine. He blamed Spektrum until he eventually realized what was going on and fitted a receiver battery. I suspect it's quite a common cause of mysterious 'brown outs' or 'lost link' events. Once the ESC cools and starts working again the receiver sorts itself out pretty much immediately I think. Instantaneous 'brown outs', i.e. instances where the battery voltage drops below the safe minimum for the receiver for a moment, woudn't even be noticeable in flight, the receivers recover so quickly. Wouldn't happen with a BEC anyway, would it? It would either be delivering 5V or not working at all I would have thought. Not sure about that to be honest.


23/09/2018 20:54:35

Further to what Jason was saying, I have a 30A ESC with a 2A linear BEC like the BLHeli and the instructions state that if using a 4S lipo the maximum number of typical 9g servos it can run is 3. With 3S it can handle 4 servos and on 2S, 5. I'd definitely get a 3A switching UBEC. Only a few quid and safer.

Thread: My Wildthing 60 has died in the loft !
16/09/2018 15:56:01

That Wild Thing isn't dead, it's just resting. Takes more than a bit of lifting tape to kill one of them. I recently had to re-cover mine due to wear and tear, also treated it to a new pair of balsa elevons as the old ones had warped. Good as new and flying better than ever.

Shame you never made it to the slope, better luck next time.

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