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Thread: Facebook Cover Competition
17/10/2017 11:55:03


17/10/2017 11:50:51

Piper AE1 medivac sideslipping past the Wiltshire countryside

Thread: Help in identifying a model
04/05/2017 09:33:41

WE HAVE A WINNER !!!! the Hild Marshonet it is !

thanks to Steve and Martin

04/05/2017 00:00:23

Hi Martin

nice idea but i am positive it had obviously well swept wing sets - very odd looking thing

03/05/2017 22:48:44

now this might be a long shot but i am trying to find out the name of a model that was a magazine feature some years ago. It was a vintage style bi plane with a forward swept bottom wing and rear swept top wings.

I seem to remember it was a real fullsize design circa 1920's ?

extensive internet searches have not revealed it - can anyone shed any light ?

Thread: hel[ identifying model gliders
30/08/2016 19:00:44

a local family has donated their late fathers models to our club but i wanted to find out what they were, age, etc. the solar film covered one is a 2 channel model while the other is a free flight bungee launch with a mechanism to activate a small rudder as the bungee releases. any help/info appreciated. (oh and if someone can shed light on the purpose of the metal hooks on the top of the tailplane...they are puzzling me)

cheers Richard





Thread: motor upgrade help please
31/07/2016 22:51:03

thanks for everyones input. just placed the order for a 2200kv motor and made up a fly lead to connect multimeter in line. hopefully all will be fitted and tested in a couple of days and ready for some seaside fun when i go to the coast in a couple of weeks

31/07/2016 20:52:42

cheers all for confirmation on the motor. Its currently fitted with a Turnigy 40 amp ESC. with regard to test current draw, i was going to make up a lead to connect my multimeter to the model - do i just need to connect in line on one of the 3 motor leads or does it go between battery and ESC ? once i know the amperage draw x by 11.1 v gives me the watts - what margin is safe on a 40amp ESC ?

31/07/2016 19:31:59

cheers guys, clearly the guff i read about 15,000rpm for outrunners is tosh ! i have found a higher Kv motor - could you advise if you think this might suit - i dont want to spend a fortune on a motor for what is a fun fly model for me

this one seems a bit shorter than stock so i would need to space it out or shorten cowl





Edited By richard cohen on 31/07/2016 19:45:40

31/07/2016 17:54:29

i'm a dyed in the wool i.c flyer but decided to join the 21st century with a HK skipper and its a proper hoot but flying for over a year off water has taken its toll on the motor bearings and i need to replace it. There are no markings on the motor to pattern a replacement. model specs are:

Wingspan: 700mm
Length: 970mm
Wing Loading: 25g/dm²
Flying Weight: 575g
Motor Thrust: 850g

its running a 6x4 prop and motor size is approx 29mm dia x 30mm length powered by a 3s 11.1 1500 lipo

I have purchased a 1400kv A2212 2826 10T as it a similar size and specs indicate it will provide around 135watts on a 6x5.5 prop but having fitted the motor, its power is marginal at best on the 6x4 or the 6x5.5. it wont take off from grass like it used to and required a handlaunch and pottered/struggled around the circuit. A larger prop fouls the fuselage so not an option but I really have to get enough power to rotate off water so do i need more Kv ( i read somewhere that an outrunner can't do much more than 15,000 rpm so 1400 x 11.1v = 15540rpm seems about right. any and all help appreciated to a 'lekky newbie


Edited By richard cohen on 31/07/2016 17:55:29

Thread: Top Flite Elder 40 problem
28/03/2016 14:29:47

Hi Ian. nothing in the kit or die cut sheets that matches and nothing on the plan to cut my own. Just tried an email to product support at TopFlite but its bounced back frown

28/03/2016 13:57:44

Afternoon all

i am midway through building an Elder 40 gold edition and so far all was going well but my problem now is installing the firewall. The instructions advise to locate the Firewall Mounting Gauge to ensure the correct right thrust. The problem is that i cannot find said gauge or anything which matches the picture in the instruction picture. As its a pretty important phase of the build, i want it right. Not sure if its a part missing from the kit, labelled as something else and/or redesigned to a different shape. Theres not a pattern on the plan to make a gauge from either. Has anyone built this model and know what i need to find ?



Thread: What did you want to do as a kid, when you grew up, what would you chose in hindsight ?
28/03/2015 23:45:18

i was torn between becoming a farmer or joining the Royal Marines. Realised that my body can't cope with cold temperatures so both outdoor roles were out. Ended up taking a saturday job at a garage, then an apprenticeship in the workshop, getting my papers, moving from technician to service reception, then to service manager for 3 franchises. Then got out of main dealership and now run a small independent garage - less stress, nicer customers, better hours (more time to fly). Biggest regret ?.....being offered an apprenticeship in a classic car restoration firm and thinking that making wooden chassis's, machining new pistons and panel beating to restore anything from early 1900 cars to 1970's race cars wasn't proper mechanics thinking what a plum !

Thread: Hobbyking CriCri - anyone got one ?
27/03/2015 22:40:15

Tony, kinda matches what i found but he seems to add even more rear weight .... where did you find the post ?

Bill, its the small one (that said it's almost 1/4 scale wink)

27/03/2015 21:00:22

Hi all, anyone else got a Hobbyking CriCri ? recently bought one and found that with the battery in the recommended position the model was too nose heavy. To achieve the stated CofG, i had to move the battery rearward but the maiden flight showed the model to be too tailhappy by far. has anyone found a better CofG position ?


Thread: Second Hand Piper Cub Dilemma
25/02/2015 21:48:56

Ben, not sure where you are in the country but i have a set of Hanger 9 Cub wings with aluminium airfoil section struts here in darkest Wiltshire if you are interested for small contribution to the current lipo fund wink 2


Edited By richard cohen on 25/02/2015 22:07:40

Thread: suggestions for a motor/prop/esc combo
24/02/2015 23:41:58

Hi Pete. thanks for the info. the BRC page is useful (even if they didn't reply my emailsarcastic)

The power combo certainly seems to match your 100-150w per lb and if the weight comes out lower then i can always throttle back !

one thought has occurred to me. as the model lands on its belly, the current prop is quite flexible and has never broken on landing (i guess it flexes enough and then the motor rotates till horizontal). Will an APC prop have some 'give' or is it going to break, or do i need a folding affair like the glider boys use


24/02/2015 23:33:24

Hi Frank. thanks for the reply and good to know i can standardise the lipo packs. with regard to where to buy, i have tried emailing Robotbirds,BRC and Puffin but with no reply i kinda think 'how rude' and why should i use them but maybe i am cutting off my nose etc. my only other experience was with hobbyking for the Skipper purchase and prices seemed keen but i'll be guided by the forum if you have suggestions.

24/02/2015 22:46:52

evening all. While an experienced pilot and LMA member, i have only just started playing around with electric flight. My first forays have been with a HK Skipper and it is a hoot but it does come with the hardware supplied so i didn't have to think about the setup. Some years ago, i bought a parkzone spitfire (again it all came complete in a box) which i kept in my workshop for a lunchtime flying fix in the local park. I never considered it a proper model as it was 3 channel and on 27mhz but it served its purpose and then got shelved. Well now i am looking at electric flight in a new light i thought that it ought to come out to play again but instead of the brushed motor/gearbox and Nimh set up i ought to see if i could cheaply change to brushless/lipo. My problem is choosing the set up. I have read lots of threads, articles and the like but my failing is numbers ....they just don't gel in the old bonce. (which is why i prefer oily items). I emailed 3 leading electric flight specialists but have never had a reply so what i am looking for is advice on a motor/esc/prop combo which will provide adequate power. The model is 36 inch span and currently weights 1 pound without a battery. If i could utilise the 3s 1500 lipos from the skipper that would be helpful. I don't want to spend a fortune and don't want a pylon racer, just enough go to perform scale flying and basic aero's.

any help would be very much appreciated



Thread: First electric flight foray ....SUCCESS !!
10/02/2015 21:00:08

Geoff, by all accounts they will fit but it flies better on smaller packs so i went with 1500's

It has elevator,rudder, ailerons and throttle. rudder not needed much in flight but great for doing donuts on wet grass !

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