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Thread: Rc flying commandments
10/02/2015 00:07:56

oh, and Thou shalt not speaketh the words 'WATCH THIS ! ' for they are the evil precursor of a major catastrophe and much fire, brimstone and balsa shards shall rain down on p

10/02/2015 00:03:59

thou shalt always remember that mid air collisions only occur when just 2 models are flying - never when loads are airborne !

Thou shalt be S.M.A.R.T and S.W.E.E.T - the basic BMFA rules which we all forget but will come around and bite us in the backside when we fail to check model type, Tx voltage, or where to safely ditch a dead stick.

Thou shalt not connect thy glow clip to the 12v sockets on the flight box - plugs be dear thou knowest

Thread: First electric flight foray ....SUCCESS !!
09/02/2015 23:51:38

well after the tribulations of navigating the hobby king website, postage and dollar conversions, debating over scale looking war birds, I finally settled on the Skipper as an interesting subject with options for water or snow flying and no U/C to damage.Stresses trying to set up speed controllers, and the worries over charging lipo's (i have treated them like unstable phosphorus grenades). I have now maidened the Skipper. What a great model !!!! a few clicks of trim and it flies on rails.

Good bits: looks great, super value for money, reasonably quick, can fly from grass, water or snow, fast in roll and pitch but can be dialled down if required.

Could be Better bits: colour scheme not very visible so new paint might be on the cards, battery tray strap was rubbish-binned for an easier to use Velcro affair.(not much is it )

For my first proper 'leccy model, this model inspires confidence. With most of my models being 6-10ft span, It's way smaller than i am used to flying but its no less a proper model for that. For under £100 with a couple of lipo's this is a proper cracker. I even find myself looking at the durafly autogyro now.

Roll on some west country snow please.


Thread: Alan Barnes
02/02/2015 11:08:53

Having watched the story unfold i find Mr Barnes to be a very modest, quiet and unassuming man who i am sure has battled prejudice for most of his life and appears to have had the support of family and local community through the years and more so now his story has spread. Look at his suprise at the strength of feeling from the public.

His appearance has nothing to do with it Robert Jones14. Would you mock a soldier who lost his leg in Afghan as 'Hoppy' ....i would hope not. Look to the person's character and spirit, not the outward face they present. I have come across many 'good looking' people who have ugly personalities.


Thread: self adhesive foil versus 2.4ghz reception ?
01/02/2015 14:53:34

I have to say the glass tape looks like a winner

cheers for all the input

31/01/2015 23:23:43

Evening all. just bought a HK skipper waterplane but wondered if i could add protection to the lower hull/fuselage to protect the foam on grass landings. glass cloth/epoxy will add weight, so wondered about adding thin self adhesive metal foil tape to underside of the step. Anyone used it and know how 2.4ghz reception is affected ? or other suggestions for a lightweight durable covering for foam.?



Thread: Throttles, Speed Controllers and Motors
30/01/2015 23:54:13

cheers Pete

have printed the instructions and will try again tomorrow

30/01/2015 20:28:36

help please. first foray into electric flight with a hobbyking Skipper as i wanted a plug and fly first model. It has a turnigy 40amp speed controller with an unknown motor (buried in cowl) but its a red anodised outrunner if colour helps identification. I have fitted a Futaba 2.4ghz 617 Rx and Tx is a Futaba ZAP9. On connection of lipo i get the following :

2 quick chimes, a quick twinkle chime, 1 beep, 2 beeps, 3 beeps, 4 beeps, long chime, long chime plus short beep, long chime plus 2 beeps. than a pause and it then repeats from 1 beep.

it does this regardless of min or max throttle position.

nothing in instructions (downside of all in a box ?) and cant find a download file from turnigy

what now ? frown

confused Rich

Edited By richard cohen on 30/01/2015 20:46:38

Thread: Hobbyking postage
23/01/2015 23:22:46

i still think they should show postage up front in the basket so you know where you are

grumpy of Royal Wootton Bassett

23/01/2015 23:21:05

Pilot error and a confusing webpage !!! website was definitely, currency set to GBP and union flag in top banner. but having looked again at the page there is a small menu next to the Add to Basket tab which lists UK, Euope and international. you would think it would default to UK sarcastic

when i click on UK it reloads the page but the price has gone up £15 for the model .....Hmmmmm ...looks like HM Gov is taking their share of my hobby fund .....haven't been brave enough to go thru' the whole thing to find a delivery price....perhaps i'll ring them and ask a person not a microchip

cheers for the reality check though lads.....


23/01/2015 22:34:43

just been on Hobbyking website for a first foray into PNF electric flight. Model and batteries came to £79 which was alright, then Basket page showed the figure in dollars. then went to paypal and logged in and figure still at £79, then pressing continue to pay took me back to HK website which added postage cost of £75 !!!!!!! ..... for a sub 2kg package in the UK ? needless to say i didn't click the final pay button but emptied the basket and thought they were taking the proverbial - so much for a uk warehouse (or is simon cowell delivering goods for them) anyone else find the postage is .A. outrageous and .B. only shown at the last minute?

just hoping they don't somehow take the payment anyway so watching paypal account carefully

i could drive to the warehouse for less than £75 sarcastic 2


Thread: foray into electric flight - - advice required
03/01/2015 19:37:14

yes. no joy with the December issue (even asking if they had a copy out the back) but thanks to Ian for the scan offer - pm message sent. If anyone has any of these models i would appreciate their input.


Edited By richard cohen on 03/01/2015 19:37:38

03/01/2015 10:30:46

Cheers Dave, as a first try i think careful charging of the HK batteries would be better than buying really dear ones. at least if i make a mistake i wont be upset to cook a cheaper cell pack.

Ian thanks for the RCMW tip. will slip out today and see if i can scope one out to get the gen. i had heard to previous model had issues but if the new one has problems then it might guide my purchase towards an unpatriotic U.S design

02/01/2015 23:26:24

Cheers John, glad to know Rx can be tucked away. Lipo's are good news too - just assumed lipos would be more money than that but i'm not complaining. Gurth, i did have a look at other manufacturers but while Eflite are quality they are a bit dearer for a first excursion into the black art. Regards civvy stuff, i confess to being a proper warbird nut (unless i find a Dehavilland Rapide - favourite plane ever ! ) so a multi engine bomber is a must

02/01/2015 22:05:53
now don't go telling everyone but I find myself looking at el*ctric models but find myself in an area of which I have little knowledge. As I prefer scale type aircraft I have homed in on Hobbyking as they seem sensibly priced and come as a plug 'n' play format so i just need to add Rx and Lipo without fretting over motors/esc's etc. The 3 models I am looking at are the Lancaster, B25 Mitchell and B17 fortress.
My questions are:
The reviews on these models seem ok but Lancaster lacks a rudder :/ but any experience appreciated.
Can you mount a 2.4 Rx and aerials inside fuselage ( does the foam block a signal ?) or do aerials need to protrude fuse.
Battery range for these models are 3s 1800-2200mah and Hobbyking list Turnigy lipos for only £7 - this sounds quite cheap or is this normal ?
any guidance appreciated
Thread: The most stupid/embarassing things youve done whilst flying...other than crash
02/01/2015 19:35:43

having flown my Cub i wasn't happy with its performance so landed and removed prop and cowling to make some minor tweaks to carb. Much happier, i reassembled model and took off ( wondering why it took a much longer run to get up) I flew a few circuits thinking that while the engine pick up was much better and crisper, the model just didn't respond. i gave it a minute or two and decided to land to investigate find i had refitted prop back to front ....DOH ! despite the ribbing from clubmates i still insisted it takes a good pilot to fly a model when the fan is back to front

Thread: how to measure engine mount location ?
06/04/2014 16:02:56

Hi Iqon, that sounds like a plan. i was trying to measure the line but temporarily screwing mount is easier to see how it relates to the cowl. Stevo, as the model came with predrilled and spike nutted mount holes (that are for a different type and size of mount) i have to assume that the firewall has thrust built in but i can always shim the mount if needed after test flight. thanks for your help.

05/04/2014 23:52:50

i have picked up a preowned world models Tucano 60 airframe and having got it fitted out with Rx / servos and fixed the retracts i am ready to install some propulsion in the form of a 91FS. The problem i have is a blank firewall and nothing to indicate a mounting position for it. (nowt on the online instructions either) While i can measure the horizontal centreline across the firewall, what methods so others use to get a vertical centreline so the prop driver is the right height to come out of the cowl centrally ? I have had a couple of ideas but none seem particularly accurate so i am throwing it out to what others do

Cheers all


Thread: Westonuk Fuel ?
15/02/2014 20:46:40

I have used prosynth 2000 (the blue one) for at least 8 years. Very clean and crisp running, very well priced when you order 4 x gallon cans and it goes in everything from .15 to 1.20 motors (2 and 4 cycle)

If you don't think you would get through 4 gallons, ask at your club and buy a box between a few of you.

highly recommended !

Thread: Brrrrrr, winter's here, how much flying are you getting in?
11/01/2014 22:09:06

first flight of the new year was an outing for the Skyraider. great weather and light winds made for a good afternoon (except for the numpties in a full size Westland Wasp helo who though our disused runway was a good place for a low pass and hover (NOT!) they soon eased off so presume they got the message from those of us present.

june 2013 044.jpg

douglas a1 skyraider (6).jpg

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