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Thread: It's the grand pre-Xmas (better stuff than normal) giveaway!
20/12/2013 23:27:07

i'm in like Flynn and on it like a car bonnet wink

Thread: Valuing long term subscribers
05/10/2013 22:14:29

This is one of my pet peeves ! from banks to shops and tv channel providers. all offer better deals to new customers than existing. My biggest gripe was SKY. Was with them for years until the skybox went pop so I asked them for a new one. They said I owned the box so would have to buy a new one, when I pointed out they give a free box to new customers, why not me, they said they would sort a box if I upgraded to a higher priced package... needless to say I cancelled subscription but now get loads of mailings to tempt me back - not a chance. Jeff, Why not skip a month and then do a fresh subscription and benefit from the free gift ?

Thread: Free stuff weekend
04/10/2013 19:09:28

yes please

Thread: Do you ever get nervous when flying?
03/09/2013 15:32:35

I,m with BEB and PatMc. I call landing the moment i hear some folk start up in the pits whereas i will fly wing tip to wing tip formations with other trusted fliers. I do have the odd 'clench' moment when flying my LMA size models just because there always seems to be a crowd watching. Its double edged sword, we like to show off our models but it means theres always a crowd of your peers ready to dissect each stage of the flight

Mind you, i do listen to see if anyone calls landing as i taxi out ....nothing so far though smile p


Edited By richard cohen on 03/09/2013 15:32:59

Thread: Crash Warning
30/07/2013 11:25:26

HEADS UP !!!!!!!!!smile o

Thread: Video for Goldfrapp's new song features model flying!!
15/07/2013 22:24:15

filmed at Savernake house in Wiltshire.....i know coz i was asked to be the pilot teeth 2 but had to second the job to another club member as the final filming date was in the middle of a family holiday at the coast and my missus didnt seem keen on me driving back for the day to do the filming. sad there goes my 5 min of fame !

Thread: first try at scale detail
23/06/2013 21:57:31

Hi BEB, i am not sure what the issue is but i cannot 'return' in the text box ? if i hit return (either button) nothing happens - am i missing something ?

Thread: Captive Nut Removal
22/06/2013 21:09:15

i have two methods, both used today. first is to press the old one out. basically a g clamp with a fork on one side just wider than the back of the nut. wind up the clamp using appropriate spacers to push out the spike nut. When this doesnt work (coz some over zealous modeller (me) used epoxy when installing them) then i find a lovely narrow screwdriver and prize under each flat to break the glue bond and then press out again. (note to self,....dont epoxy in spike nuts, just a dab of cyano will do)

Thread: first try at scale detail
20/06/2013 20:00:12

june 2013 044.jpg

june 2013 045.jpg

june 2013 046.jpg

june 2013 048.jpg

june 2013 056.jpg

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 23/06/2013 21:26:28

15/06/2013 23:53:36

thanks for the replies lads. even more pleased today as she has had a full assembly rig up and engine start. (will post some pics of the finished product - well almost finished - still considering pylons and ordnance) The zenoah 62 has previously been started by motor but thought if i could handstart it then it would reduce amount/weight of support gear required. The forums all have various feedback on starting a Zenoah with magneto's, from easy to impossible and other advice to convert to cdi ignition etc. Well i am delighted to find have now sorted the knack of priming and hand starting. No flicking over compression like a glow motor as the pick up has passed the magneto once it reaches compression so its a good fast throw of the prop towards compression once properly primed and BINGO ! ,....she coughs for a couple of throws and then burst into a throaty burble. I am properly chuffed.

08/06/2013 16:28:30

Cheers guys. i have added exhaust stains now but it is very addictive, this detailing lark. you keep finding extra things to do and i worry about the 'less is more' ! ......didn't stop me today though ...



Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 09/06/2013 00:04:04

08/06/2013 00:05:29

I have acquired a 1/5 scale 10ft span Skyraider and while it flies nicely it is in Navy grey scheme which doesnt show up well and isnt my cup 'o tea. So with a (very) limited budget i decide she needed a change to a Vietnam USAF special ops scheme. I decided i would follow the RCME article on riveting using glue dots and scale detail with panel lines/weathering to give the model a little more realism. I think the fuselage rivets look too big despite following the article but they at least give some panel lines to follow. The engine cowl i did using just paint and i think it looks much better. Prices for specialist paints in the correct colours were way too dear and likewise for a local paint shop to mix up specially, so a trip to the Dulux trade outlet with humbrol colour cards got me all 4 colours mixed in matt emulsion. Decals were again too dear from a specialist cutter so water slide laser paper was purchased and all decals printed at home.These were clearcoated with polyurethane varnish. A photo of the full size cockpit was printed and glued into place with a nice pilot figure added. Exhaust stacks were scrap brass tube soldered together. total cost: paint/varnish £25 decals £5 a week off work to get a tan while working on model outside ...priceless. Not at all in the league of other large models out there but a lot of fun for a bit of stand off scale detail. I look forward to getting her to the field ready for warbird wednesday

douglas skyraider a1 (3).jpg







pict0001 - copy.jpg

pict0005 - copy.jpg


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 09/06/2013 00:02:50

Thread: method to remove solarfilm from solartex ? any ideas
14/04/2013 19:24:09

cheers guys. the tape method did take some off but as stu has tried paint stripper with no ill effects i had a trial with a few chemicals and found meths works nicely. Warming the solarfilm up with a warm air gun definately seems to soften the glue and aid removal. clearly solartex is tough stuff thumbs up

14/04/2013 15:38:35

Afternoon all. I am trying to remove solarfilm from solartex. it has been added as trim/decoration but needs to be cleaned off ready for a repaint. i have warmed the film and while some has come away nicely (or was never fully adhered smile p) in other areas, the top clear film has come off leaving the colour behind. I have tried gentle scraping while gently warming with a warm air gun but not a perfect result. any ideas out there ? i am loath to experiment with chemicals until i know they wont damage the base layer of solartex. Rich

Thread: Oldest flying model?
07/03/2013 22:06:18

Douglas Skyraider A1, flying since 1992. just out for a service/overhaul ready for this year.1/5 douglas skyraider a1.jpg

Thread: KingSpan ? anyone used it ?
01/03/2013 22:04:33

cheers all. The plan was the builders would keep any half cut sheets for me rather than them being skipped but wolstonflyer has got the right stuff. i have to say it seemed quite firm when i gave it a squeeze but the proofs in the sanding and if its as messy as WF says then i might giuve it a miss

Thread: Weekend Giveaway
01/03/2013 21:46:17

count me in please

Thread: KingSpan ? anyone used it ?
01/03/2013 15:21:42

While we have had contractors at work i have come across Kingspan insulation sheets but i can find nothing on the forum search. It appears to be a lightweight resilient foam that doesnt crumble at the edges and i wondered if anyone come across it.

What glue does it accept and how easy is it to work with ?

if its any good the builders will keep a few sheets by for me thumbs up

Thread: Ebay sellers...
15/02/2013 22:25:48

how many trys at getting the right type of plane do they need ? no, its not a B52, no its not a 757 and no , its not an Eagle link try again ....sarcastic

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 15/02/2013 23:41:26

Thread: 1/ 6 Scale ordnance
11/02/2013 22:08:31

Hi Stu. right scale but more WW2 than vietnam. I was thinking something like this load out..Mark 82 500lb bombs, suu14 munitions dispenser tubes, M47 phosphorus bomb and suu11 chain gun pod. Can you telI i REALLY like my weapons smile p munitions tubes and gun pods i can make but i think bomb shapes will be hard.i might have to try shaping out of foam on a lathe or summat dont knowskyraider.jpg

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