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Thread: 1/ 6 Scale ordnance
10/02/2013 19:37:54

Hi Paul. Good call for variety, just a bit on the small side for 1/6 scale. I will have a peruse at other US sites though - might be someone else. I did check Ziroli's site but they only list centre fuel tanks. Cheers..Rich

10/02/2013 17:47:40

Afternoon all. Despite hours scouring the web i have had no luck in finding a uk stockist of 1/6 scale underwing weaponry suitable for a US vietnam era warplane. I am looking for USAF type bombs, tanks and rockets for a Ziroli Skyraider. Any ideas out there ? Richard

Thread: Ice Pilots ?
23/01/2013 14:41:15

Seeing as how the whole country seems to be moaning about the snow, I thought I would buck the trend and try to enjoy it. A set of ski's designed with the TLAR method (That Looks About Right) were manufactured ( read cobbled together) overnight from some wide wooden blind slats. Steamed to shape, and rigged to an airframe that wouldn't matter too much if it all went horribly wrong. 1/2 day booked off work and straight off up the airfield. A 16mph cross wind  meant a wind chill on the airfield of -10' but the little four stroke fired up and burbling nicely, she gracefully slid out onto the runway and with a little side slipping, she eased off into the wide blue (white) yonder. The ski's do seem to upset the trim a bit but nothing drastic and much pleasure was derived from just doing proper square circuits with low passes and touch and go's droppings the back edge of the skis across the snow. Then as thumbs numbed till the sticks couldn't be felt, it was time for a landing and coffee in the clubhouse. This is soooooo much fun. Highly recommended.


022 (2).jpg


Edited By richard cohen on 23/01/2013 14:42:58

Thread: TV classics.
30/11/2012 13:56:00

Colditz ! stiff upper lip, what ?

Dad's Army - ageless ....Don't tell 'em your name Pike !

The Sweeney - put yer trousers on, you're nicked, son

Minder - Arrrrfurrrr

All creatures great and small -

Thread: The weather
26/11/2012 22:49:38

lucky to have a full size runway so no worries about the flying site but getting to the airfield might get interesting, Malmesbury up the road is under water, there are water filled fields that could host a float plane fly in round the village and the local river Ray down the hill is looking decidedly full and last time it let go the water was chest high and i'm 6'3''. I waded through to help a mate whos house was filling up via the letter box !

Thread: Will it fly again?
13/11/2012 20:38:36

could be worse - this one was left too close to a fire link

Thread: Hanger 9 P47
05/11/2012 21:26:38

i bought my H9 P47 the day they launched it back in 2006 and mine has flown for so long its had 3 sets of bearings in its OS91Fs. It is my regular weekly hack .It flies beautifully, retracts work perfectly despite many hundreds of landings, and no structural issues at all. On the standard fuel tank, my OS91fs will see 25-30 minute flights and when properly trimmed it will fly itself and can fly mere inches off the deck with barely a correction on the sticks (my party piece while making daka-daka noises in my head smile p)

I have just expanded my fun factor by fitting wing pylons and droppable 500lb bombs to make strafing runs more dynamic,

I would heartily recommend it as a first warbird but would recommend you get low wing tail dragger experience first (black horse travel air perhaps?- cheap and nice flier)

low, fast and loud Tally ho

Thread: Airfix help please!
20/10/2012 21:15:07

i'll be honest, i have never used filler. i tend to research kits to get good crisp mouldings. Have a chat at the model shop for advice on that one.

for sanding i would say wet and dry. the finer the better. The bigger the number (printed on the rear) the finer the grade ie 2400 is really fine and 80 is really coarse.

to keep costs down, see if you can blag a few sheets from your local car bodyshop ( i work in the motor trade so thats where mine comes from - it doesnt even have to be brand new. most sheets tossed out have still got loads of life left in them and just need rinsing in clean water to get the debris out of them)

just go steady on seams to avoid erasing detail or adding divots


20/10/2012 20:25:59


i would go with satin. if you change your mind you could always add a coat of gloss varnish over it, but satin should look fine.

With regard to thinning, if the paint seems too thick (certain colours do seem to vary in consistancy) then add a drop at a time. I thin it if surface detail disappears or brushmarks are visable. you can always add another thin coat but you can't take it away if its too thick.

I tend to use acrylic as its water based which means mistakes can be removed with a damp cotton bud, brushes are easy to clean and drying can be sped up with a luke warm hairdryer !

i think most of mine look ok...


20/10/2012 18:03:32


Depends what paint you are using. If Humbrol then i believe its 163 Dark Green and 164 Dark Sea Grey and 64 light grey for the underside. I dont use a primer as too many layers lose surface detail. I thoroughly wash all parts in slightly soapy warm water to remove any mould release agent and grease.

To check coverage i would suggest a trial by painting the inside of the fuselage where it wont be seen ( rear section) to check coverage. Whether acrylic or enamel, if it needs to be thinned add one drop of water to acrylic or one drop of humbrol thinners at a time, mix well and retry till happy. Only then move onto visable airframe parts.

Best of luck


Thread: Why are we not seeing many twins
16/10/2012 20:23:43

i always wanted a twin but the worries about asymetrical thrust if a motor goes out were a concern so i went a different route, an inline twin - Cessna 02 Skymaster. And the sound is even better when the prop wash from the front motor goes through the rear blades - always gets lots of attention and flies perfectly well on just one engine - i have lost an engine or run out of fuel on several occasions and it has enough power on one motor to do a few circuits before bringing her back in. The dead motor does 'windmill' so I do wonder if i added a remote glow if it would refire up - how cool would that be smile (not as cool as keeping it running in the first place i hear you cry!)

Cessna 02 SkyMaster

Edited By richard cohen on 16/10/2012 20:24:29

Thread: 2.4ghz link failure
15/10/2012 16:13:11

sometimes you have just got to hold your hands up and face the flak....

so you've worked all through the night to fit bomb racks capable of dropping ordnance, the release mechanism and cables are routed, wiring and servos are in, the Tx is programmed with the correct switch but you when TX and model are switched on, nothing works. Being new to 2.4, i recheck that the Tx is set in the right PPM/PCM setting, the RX is powered up and all servo correctly connected, the aerials are properly routed. not a flicker of i walk over to my Tx case to get out the instruction manual and there sitting pretty in its snug foam cut the 2.4 module !!!!

funny how everything works much better now smile p

hope it raises a few wry smiles


Edited By richard cohen on 15/10/2012 16:13:33

Thread: Which fuel for ASP 70 FS
10/10/2012 23:38:48

weston pro synth 10%

super clean, and delivered free of charge when 4 x 5litres ordered and it works out as cheap or cheaper than model technics from LMC

Thread: Parachute jump from space
09/10/2012 22:21:32

proper job, i wonder if he just tells the bloke ' don't mess about, just jump !'

09/10/2012 22:01:13


have pm'd you details


09/10/2012 21:43:27

still a touch off topic but Mr Trubshaw was a customer of mine till he died. He lived in a nearby town and i serviced his car ! we also had the concorde pilot John Cochrane at our club when as a publicity stunt he was challenged to fly a radio control concorde built by a club member. He flew it successfully and we have photos on the club website smile


09/10/2012 21:10:09

ah, slow typing and CJ beat me to it sad

09/10/2012 21:06:44

sorry folks but its all a bit old hat Colonel Joe Kittinger and project excelsior and look on youtube for footage

jumped from 103,000 ft back in 1960 - long before the possible consequences were fully known...on one jump he entered a flat spin rotating at 120rpm and blacked out - auto parachute saved his neck. Not to be put off he made other jumps and even loss suit pressurisation and had his hand swell up to twice its normal size ....eeek.

All altitude records and speed records but as it was military tests they stayed 'in house' with the USAF and didnt make official records but still got a DFC and is a cast iron legend in my book.

Not to take anything away from the new chap but its just higher with newer kit, full understanding of the dangers and better back up. Joe K just said 'i'll give it a go and jumped !


Thread: Fiery Dragon Rapide
15/09/2012 23:11:13

tragic shame sad. I flew in her for my birthday - wonderful old girl and one of my lifes top experiences.

Sadly i understand it was always a chance occurance - caused by either fuel leaks or fuel system spitting back and setting the doped wings alight,

i did notice that with only 1 door there were escape hatches in the roof !!


Thread: Ebay sellers...
15/09/2012 19:40:27

I have had a message back ref the half built model

' Hi Richard, not much help really, It was scratchbuilt by longstanding LMA member chris hodgson but was never finished as he is now deceased. but would presume so, its around 15ft span and quality built '.

not a lot of info to go on really but as I have my hands full with a 1/3 scale P51 its off my watch list but depending how long its been 'off the bench' it might need to restart the LMA inspection process all over which is a nightmare as covering might all have to come off to inspect the airframe integrity.

as for the Dornier, Peters right, this is the 3rd time i have spotted it listed - worth £5800 (apparently) and for sale at half price £1800 (half ? - Math fail ! ).

To most casual observers the model does look huge but again, a visit to an LMA meet shows it as average sized now and there are no real details on radio installation, redundancy, back ups, u/c etc.



Edited By richard cohen on 15/09/2012 19:42:28

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