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Thread: Ebay sellers...
14/09/2012 23:03:40

on the other end of the scale though are these beasties link or link...but why dont they put them on a dedicated modellers site like this one or on the LMA website for folk that know what they are looking at and what might be required to make them airworthy.

I have messaged the half built one just to find out if it is LMA registered for the build process and where it is in the inspection scheme but how likely is someone to take a punt on this sort of model ?


Thread: Should I just give up on this engine and chuck it in the bin?
06/09/2012 20:06:41

all of the above are worth looking and even small airleaks can play havoc with running. With regard to sealing the needle valve, with nothing against KC, rather than use PTFE tape (which can pull into thin stringy bits ) i pick some fuel tube with a tight fit into the needle housing and an inside diameter tight around needle threads and cut a thin slice of fuel tube to make an o it to needle, ease it into housing and it forms an airtight seal backing up the original needle seal.


Thread: RCM&E Hanger 9 P40 B Review
02/09/2012 15:45:38

CM Pro Extra 330.....rushed to buy one once i had read the review, got it out of the box, beautiful finish to the model and went to together quite well. so far so good, took it for its maiden flight and then got met by 3 clubmates who all said ' not you as well, we all had one and all were lost within a few flights - best of luck ! ' ,......not the best recommendation but on i went with the flight. Felt better when it flew really well but on landing the slow 3 pointer that the reviewer carried out must have been with another had to be landed like a jet fighter - power on and fly it onto the runway. it should have been called the CM Pro TIPSTALL... i persevered but it wanted to fall out of the sky at low speed, after several equally tense landings, it got sold.

the lesson ? read the review, wait till someone else buys one and then see how they get on first


Thread: Mach 6 Jet!
14/08/2012 22:17:45

have a look at the waveriders Daady, the X43A scramjet. back in '04 it reached almost mach 10. but again it was a short burst flight without recovery of the vehicle

blisteringly fast but to build it to a passenger carrying size is likely to be impractical

ho hum, back to the venerable airbus's and boeings for us mere mortals

Thread: Colditz Glider in action -Channel 4 tonight
13/08/2012 22:33:54

well we know the design flies coz a full size piloted model was built for a channel 4 documentry back in 2001 ish and was flown by a glider pilot very well in front of the old pow's who built the original. Shame this flight ended in an 'arrival' to avoid pranging someones garden shed but it would clearly have made a nice touchdown with a hundred yards more runway - more proof of good old british ingenuity

Thread: installing 2.4 rx aerials
09/08/2012 22:22:30

thanks for the replies lads. I used drinking straws to keep the aerial orientated and tonights flights started off cautiously but it was soon apparent that everything was cushty ! not sure if it is my imagination but the responses seem crisper and more positive - just me ?

i soon got used to not seeing the aerial but the Tx feels odd without the balancer of the aerial so i might try using a neck strap again

all in all, very pleased


08/08/2012 09:14:39

cheers lads

mind now at ease and first 2 Rx's in and working - but boy does it seem odd not having a silver fishing rod in front of my face when holding the Tx dont know

Thread: UMX Gee Bee
07/08/2012 23:17:20

Tim, i'm not sure how big or colourful the model is (but i am guessing its quite small) but if you cannot find it by walking the tractor tracks listening for servo chatter then it is always worth seeing if the farmer is local and asking him to look out for it when spraying the crop or harvesting it. We have 2 rape seed fields along our airfield and several models have gone in. Some were found by field walking but others were located by offering a beer token to the tractor driver who was crop spraying who spotted and collected them. We even had one last year found 2 months later by the combined harvester driver before it got ingested. It was a fibreglass fuselage and turned out to be very water proof with no damage to electrics/servos/rx. I guess a foam model might fare equally well to a few weeks in the crop ?

In light of other comments, the only reason i dont fly leccy/foamie models is coz i dont understand electrikkery sad. Having seen the range, detail and flying abilities of these newer models i feel i might be missing out at times. While I love the noise of a four stroke, the amount of support equipment needed makes me jealous of the speed and minimal needs of leccy models.

Ignore the doubters, find yer model, and fly the wings off it and above all, have fun. (just fix the battery issue ! )


Thread: installing 2.4 rx aerials
07/08/2012 22:37:41

evening all. Having saved up the pennies i have joined you all in the 21st century by purchasing 3 x 617 Rx's. I am mounting the rx on velcro with a tie wrap to ensure it doesnt shake loose but my question is aerial orientation. i know they need to be 90' to each other but is it the full length of the aerials or just to bare tips ? can i mount as per my picture where they run together and then split apart ?rx pic.jpg

Thread: Does the BMFA insurance cover surface vehicles
02/08/2012 20:47:40

try sticking a pair of fins on the roof - if you have a mishap, tell them its a new experimental flying car design that you couldn't get airborne !disgust

Thread: OS 120FS repair - who to use?
01/08/2012 21:53:21

Steve, well done so far. Just needs a little bravery and logical process, marking as you go. Just 1 other tip in case you decide to whip the valves out of the cyl head to do a full clean while engine is apart - the collets and valve springs are very small and very, very easily lost - even on a clean clear work bench - put the head into a large clear plastic bag and then dismantle - its a little fiddly being in a bag but trust me, when the collets or spring decide to fly out, its a few seconds to retrieve from the bag compared to searching all over the workshop floor.disgust

Thread: Wheel brakes... Do they work on a model..??
16/07/2012 19:32:09

Chrissie, Alex Whittaker did an article on exactly thiswith brakes for club size models. (Sometime in the last 18 months i think - do you have subscription to check back issues online ?)

He experimented with small servos operating a curved brake shoe against the tyre. I suppose with a rotary knob control you could alter the pressure applied. I guess it could b a micro servo on the strut or else a single central servo with cable pulls to the shoes - i have played with the idea to slow up my bigger models but it is a lot of faffing about - probably easier to dial in spoilerons to dump lift/add drag.

He also mentions a disc of velcro glued to the wheel hub and the opposite glued to a disc on the strut and then the wheel collet adjusted to vary the amount of binding.


Thread: making metal fuel tanks
06/07/2012 23:44:43

thanks for everyones tips and after a lot of mistakes and curses angry 2, i have got a finished tank. It ain't as pretty as some of yours but it's air tight !

I used the metal from 5 litre thinners tins from our bodyshop. Couldn't find any suitable size commercial tins so I tried the 2 'U' shaped panels method without much success - too big and too much flexing. I ended up opting to make the base and 4 sides from one sheet folded up to make a box. I then tried Peter's tip of soldering in a ring to accept a standard fuel bung from a regular tank. When happy with the clunk position i soldered on the lid. This gives me 0.6 litres of fuel which should give my AU23 Peacemaker a decent 'stooging' time running a saito 120 FS. Now what else can i make out of plate and solder dont know


Thread: Winter in Shifnal
03/07/2012 22:49:08

Very pretty indeed Tim, the light through the trees is lovely.....but with the current weather i can't help thinking it might look the same when we come up to Cosford in a few weeks. Better make sure the heater gas is topped up in the caravan !

dont know

Thread: making metal fuel tanks
01/07/2012 14:46:48

Cheers Craig, will browse the back issues.

Peter, the idea of a soldered ring to accept a standard bung is clever and i see the benefit of using a premade bottle/tin. I will have a look out for a suitable size tin.

If not, then cheers to BB for the link, Certainly takes me back to my youth seeing the lovely seam edges. Makes me tempted to make one anyway and see how it comes out


30/06/2012 22:49:08

Evening all

I have searched the forum but can't find anything related so here goes.... I cannot source a commercial fuel tank to suit the installation of my latest model so i figured it must be possible to solder one up from tin plate (remembering my old control line fuel tank from 30yrs ago). I figure to use the metal from a thinners tin as i presume its coated to prevent corrosion but i would appreciate any tips, guidance or links on best method to construct one. ie: what type of solder to use, do i fit a pick up pipe and clunk and then solder into place (meaning i can't get to it in the future)

any help appreciated


Thread: Summer's finally here, how much flying are you getting in?
29/06/2012 21:26:11

took today off work for my birthday and went to the airfield. Wind was 30mph - gusting to 36mph but i was determined to fly so out came my patternship Swallow 90. Three long flights, flew really well and hovered over the runway like a bird of prey ( i even managed to fly backwards for a while) and then well balanced approaches for 3 pointer landings. Perfick !!!

Thread: Had my first flight from a grass strip
26/06/2012 21:26:32

Well this weekend was our club BBQ and instead of being held on the airfield we held in at our grass field alternative site. Used only as a back up for when the airfield is closed i have never in 10 odd years flown from it. 40,000 sq ft of well mown grass overlooking the Wiltshire countryside, it is a lovely location. Well having spent an afternoon cooking/serving 90 or so members and families, i took myself over to the strip for a fly. Rather than rigging a biplane or strutted Cub, i took the Precendent T180 i am teaching my son on. With the 4stroke puttering away it jiggles out onto the strip and then gathering speed with some up held in to keep the tail down, it gently rises up into the blue. It was a bit windy, around 18-20mph with a few gusts but it meant landing approaches were slow and easy to place. Wafting around over this beautiful countryside, i couldn't help thinking that while i enjoy my bigger models and a long tarmac runway, there was a certain simple pleasure to be enjoyed with a slow high wing model and a small grass strip (certainly improves your final approach to avoid meeting the outfield !)

Roll on the next opportunity smile p


Thread: My field box project
21/06/2012 21:20:37

Rusty, a man after my own heart. I also built mine from mdf about 10 years ago and still going strong. Cost nothing really. I built mine to hold 1 gallon of fuel, 3 drawers of tools and fittings, battery/power panel and storage for starter, spare props etc. I have also added a few extras, cigar lighter power point, magnet to hold small screws, etc. It does weight a bit (30lbs) smile o but i am 6'3'' and 230lbs so no problem for me. I would offer one tip for yours though...add 4 studs as feet to keep base off wet / fuel soaked pit area (and to stop it sliding around car boot into your model - ask me how i know this )


Edited By richard cohen on 21/06/2012 21:25:29

Thread: It's not just aircraft that are abandoned
15/06/2012 23:23:01

some look like wrecks, others kit cars or projects in progress but most look neglected and unloved. As a self confessed 'Alfisti' (Alfa Romeo fan) i am gutted to see 2 Alfa Montreal's at 2:25 and 2:34 and the Alfa Guilia at 3:39.

oh, and the Rolls at 4:17 is the saddest looking car of them all. sad

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