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Thread: Who knows how to felt a flat roof???
22/05/2012 19:44:23

ask around the flying club. I am lucky that we have 200 members so there is always someone who knows a certain trade and usually will trade it for your skills - in my case, mending cars, MOT,s etc.

Gotta be worth asking around at the patch


Thread: Parking problems...
19/05/2012 22:05:56

go to Google Earth, type in Tucson, Arizona. To the south of the city are 2 airports. The north east one is a single runway, look to the east to find a massive storage depot for mothballed aircraft. You will be able to test your aircraft recognition !! my favorites are the RB57 canberra's and the cessna O2's. Also check out the b52's chopped up and left out so the Russians can see the y have been destroyed under the arms limitation treaty.


Edited By richard cohen on 19/05/2012 22:06:44

Thread: I simply don't believe it!
18/05/2012 22:35:59

i seem to recall a thread on a forum somewhere, where a chap lost transmission to his model and suffered a flyaway. After seeing it disappear out of sight, he fetches his car, packs up his gear and get in to go home when he hears a drone and sees his model appear from 'tother direction having done a very large circuit. Grabbing his Tx from the car, he switches on, gets control and lands the model !!!

Not sure if true, exaggeration of the truth, but a good story none the less smile

Thread: Recovery stories
16/05/2012 21:30:52

just back from a trip into the 5' tall rape field for a clubmates model and luckily found it (unlike the other couple still awaiting the combine harvester) because i'm 6'3'' but in a month or two it will be over 7' tall so no hope of finding anything. I have just written an article for the club newsletter suggesting fitment of a model finder, whether audible or direction finder type. It must seem sensible because as a club we have bought them for all our club trainers and several members including me have also got one coming. At a tenner each its hard to justify NOT fitting one. check out njttechnical (other model finder systems are available smile p)

Dusty yellow Rich !!!

ps. wife has just seen state of clothes that were clean on at lunch time crying 2 .. her head has come off !

Thread: STUPID honest little old me
12/05/2012 17:14:58

still do that now Alan. Used to always hand in found money as a kid and waited patiently for local bobby to call round with money and ticket saying it was mine and then off to the model shop for a spending spree smile p.

I recently found a nearly new abandoned bike outside house few months back. Suspected it had been nicked and dumped so kept it locked up at front of house so it could be seen but not taken for a few days then reported to police and put notices up on lampposts and local shops. No luck and after few months police said it was now legally mine so little lad now has it, but i wonder how many people would make the effort ?

Thread: DIY Transfers
12/05/2012 08:24:46

heartily agree with BB.

After spending silly amounts at places like Pyramid models etc on vinyl graphics, i heard about water slides and took a chance. Superb. Any design you can print can be applied, the thin decal applies to almost any surface /contour. My only comment to add would be if you use a lazer printer rather than inkjet (and the correct type of paper to suit) then you dont need to laquer it. Just print, dry and apply. I love the stuff. With car even big decals can be made (though application needs a lot of care when they are bigger to avoid wrinkles/fold back)

The sheets are around £1 each so a pack is quite dear but when 2 sheets can hold every decal for a model, £2 is a bargain. If you check ebay you can buy a few sheets at a time rather than a pack.


Thread: Happy Birthday to me.
10/05/2012 21:56:14

i went out on their DH rapide....oh the raptures !!!

plus you get to spend the rest of the day in the museum ....brilliant day is on its way !

Thread: Hello new website/forum
07/05/2012 17:03:58

A little cheeky, methinks !

Thread: Not for those with vertigo
06/05/2012 23:44:21

Holy Moly - its the bit a 7.17 when he is right at the top and while fiddling with a carabina, lets go with both hands !!!!!!!!!!!!!disgust

Thread: Pleeeease - Needing help - know nothing!!
05/05/2012 20:22:37

Having dealt with wheelspin models i would avoid them like the plague and i am sure a few other members will agree. There is a thread on here listing the problems with them. Go with a trusted supplier.

Thread: Book give away
27/04/2012 20:00:54

stick my name in the hat please ta


Thread: Ebay sellers...
25/04/2012 20:02:14

Now this chap is the definition of an ebay optimist !!!

if i could £500 for my old 9Zap i would be properly happy ,

Thread: 1/4 scale futaba servo repair
22/04/2012 17:05:14

Hi Paul, one of the other team members has the servo but it just stopped working. Was fine during one set up session and dead the next. Gotta assume its an electronic issue

Edited By richard cohen on 22/04/2012 17:06:33

22/04/2012 15:03:41

I am looking for someone who might be able to repair a futaba 1/4 scale servo.

Its for the tail wheel of a large model and would rather not buy a brand new one if the original can be repaired.

Does anyone know of someone who can help ?

I am in Swindon, Wiltshire



Thread: An unwelcome visitor in the shed
17/04/2012 21:49:37

was it a wasp ? it sound very much like a european hornet. I came across a few last year and one huuuge one a week or two back, and they do seem to love wood ( i have a rather large wood pile for the fire) as much as i don't like squishing anything that flies better than me i did have to make an exception for the same reason as you - family welfare !

Thread: How Many of Us Are or Were Motorcyle Enthusiasts and Why?
15/04/2012 22:36:38

Yamaha 175 trail bike for mudplugging up the Ridgeway, RD350YPVS for thrashing on 'B' roads and a kawasaki 550 ZX for drag racing in the national drag racing association competitions smile p but getting a house, mortgage, married, a child etc, meant stopping racing, then the road bike went and finally the dirt bikesad but this left lots of room to refill it with models thumbs up

I reckon its the tinkering factor.....most bikers know how to work on their bikes and modellers are mostly the same.

Thread: Model protection?
09/04/2012 22:08:47

if you want to save on some cash ( i always like that) then check out your nearest Honda car bodyshop. Honda car panels are delivered in a superb firm bubble wrap with a soft foam lining. It comes in sheets around 8ft x 3ft and i collect rolls of it from my local body shop as it just goes straight into the skip.

Cut to pattern for wings, tails etc and join with gaffa/duct tape. Properly hanger rash proof, costs only a roll of tape and honestly lasts for years. Every one of my models has wing bags made of this lovely stuff and it takes just 10 minutes to cut and tape them, and add velco tabs/cords to keep them on.

Thread: new junior flier joins the ranks
08/04/2012 21:36:51

Well today a very proud dad (me) took his lad for his first flying lesson at the club ! He paid his membership fees from his money box and went up on the dual control club trainer and practised his circuits. He is a massive warbird fan (like his dad) so as a treat i have given him a Precedent T180, (duly repainted in RAF colours) for his first trainer. The smile says it all !!!! I leant to fly on one, its a good size model for orientation, a tail dragger so he learns to use rudder and a proper floater. Fresh air, practical skills and socialising beat games consoles every time !

new junior flier

Thread: Help me find a shed!
02/04/2012 19:40:31

I have said shed, still good value compared to same size from diy stores etc. The only things i found were the roof and fllor panels were a bit thin. They drooped a bit on the roof so i just made up an extra roof truss midway to provide extra support. and the floor felt a bit flimsy but as i always make up a framework to stand shed on this stiffened it up and following a tidy up at work i found some sheets of ply spare so just dropped them on top of existing floor. Tidy !

Lots of light from the 4 windows and easy access with both doors open

so a few niggles but easily sorted and still way cheaper to modify than a store bought job


Thread: Hi from Royal Wootton Bassett
02/04/2012 19:27:55

Hi Jeff

you will be more than welcome to come along and see the site and meet the folks.

Depending whether you work or are retired will depend n the best time to come along.

I would suggest you give Alan Whittington (our training officer) a call on 01793 340194 and he can arrange a visit. Unfortunately you can't just show up as a non member because security on the airfield is very tight,but you can be signed on by one of the committee as a guest.

any questions, just ask, all the contact details are on the website


(media rep)

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