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Thread: September 2012 mag
04/08/2012 01:59:19

What free gift? I have been subscribing for three years and have not

seen hide nor hair of a free gift. I subscribed because over here my

local Barnes & Nobel did not get that many copies and if you did

not time it right so you got a copy, Tough.


Thread: modelling crisis - advice needed
26/07/2012 03:47:46

Simon, flying is like so many other things in life. Compromise.

Building space, storage, transport to the field, and of course your better half. I could build and store larger models but then the car would have to set outside. That does not make for a happy household. So I build and fly things in the 24 to 36 wingspan range. Keeps Mum happy and I can fly close by.

Don't get rid of planes you enjoy flying unless you are sure you will not be moving the rest of your life. The road of life has some unforseen twists and turns and it is hard to replace some thing once it is gone.

Thread: The Flying Doctor
09/10/2011 02:17:48
Hello Martyn,
Just checking, is every thing OK?
I enjoy your articles very much and get worried when you don't have an update for a while. With relocating, I know you will be very busy getting the new place the way you way. However could you spare a few minutes to let those who follow your adventures
know what is happening with you.
Take care,
Thread: up the ladders
01/10/2011 21:52:34
David 7,
I just returned from a successful recovery so I know how you feel. I am too old to be climbing trees or ladders. I use a fishing rod and bow and arrow. I tie the fishing line
to an old arrow. Shoot the arrow over the branch that the airplane is caught on.
Take the line off the arrow and attach to some strong nylon cord. Pull that back to the fishing rod, then tie the cord to a rope and pull that back so two people can pull on each end of the rope and shake the airplane loose. Depending on how sturdy the branch is that is holding the airplane, you may be able to forget pulling the rope over. Some times the cord will be strong enough to shake the airplane loose.
It works where a ladder will not reach and there is no danger of an old guy falling and hurting himself.
Just make sure the archer gets the line over the branch and doesn't hit the airplane.
Don't ask, just take my word for it.
Thread: The 2011 Special Issue
27/09/2011 13:10:44
All that grumbling about how long you have to wait for the magazine.
Just think what it is like on this side of the ocean.
Hope it comes today, as it is supposed to rain all day.
Thread: The Flying Doctor
22/06/2011 23:41:18
So nice that you are back. Is there going to be an Airport 2?
Missed your articles. Hello to your Lady also.
Now I can quit fretting about how you are doing.
Thread: The 'spot the plane' competition
22/05/2011 12:12:02
Thread: Selcol battery
09/04/2011 20:25:18
Isn''t that notice dated April 1st. Over here we call that "April Fools
Day" .
I get real wary about things that have that date.
Thread: Pick a Plane 2011
19/11/2010 01:44:36
 How about the Mitchell B-25 or an A-10 
Thread: Hot wire foam cutter Query
07/10/2010 23:45:15
 If you guys have yard sales on that side of the Alantic, look for a toy train transformer.
 Over here you can find them for 3 or 4 dollars.
 I got my nichrome wire from Radio Control Modeler over 15 years ago.
Thread: Speed 400 Motor
29/07/2010 12:52:05

   Don't you or any of your pals have a pair of motors in their parts box?
   Any thing that is going down to the curb for trash that has a motor in it is torn apart.
   The motor or motors along with any LED's go in my "just in case" box. If you find a pair  
   of motors, mark them so you tell they are a matched set. I sometime find toys with
   good motors in the thrift store that are cheap.
Thread: David Boddington
18/04/2010 02:12:40

  So sorry to read of Mr. Boddington's passing. I only knew him through RCM&E
  but wish I had been able to know him in person.
 My sympathies to his family and friends.
  Dennis E Schardt Sr
Thread: The Flying Doctor
06/09/2009 03:24:13

 Dr. Harvey,
 I can understand your feelings about the Mosquito. I love the looks of it. I built a control line model of it way back in the late 50's. Yours flew better than mine. I have never spent so much time on a model to get it just like the plans. Mine had a pair of Fox  .19's on it. I spend an hour getting the engines just right. Balance was per the plans. The sound of two engines feeds the inner person. It sent shivers through me. It took off and promptly came in on the lines. Flew about 15 feet over my head and exploded into a cloud of balsa on the other side of the circle. I still have the plans, I treasure them. Some times when the building table is empty I spread them out and place servos, RX, ESC and two electric motors on and think someday I will build another one.
 Enjoy the Flying Doctor very much. Hope you write a book about flying over the bog some day.
Thread: Are some people ashamed of themselves
01/05/2009 15:13:25
  They may be like me. I am not sure how to do a profile. I would sooner build a bi-plane with all the ribs to cut, than work with this computer. It usually takes me 10 minutes or so just to enter the prize draw. It was getting easier when it was a daily draw. Now that it is back to monthly, I keep forgetting. Wonder if some of that might be because of smelling glue and dope fumes since 1956 when I built and flew my first control liner?
 Just wait until I get a computer like on Sta Trek. All you have to do is talk to it, instead of hollering at it.
Thread: Keith Riders The Firecracker
02/01/2009 01:20:00

  Hi Robert,
 Liked the video also like the way it flew. Putting it on my build list. Have a DVII and a Chipmunk in progress. This one will be next. What motor and battery did you use? Did you draw your plans or buy them?
01/01/2009 16:47:00

  Hi, Robert,
  The pictures are very interesting. You must have loads of patience as I have tried to build by your method. Could not get things laid out right and gave up after wasting some foam. I first saw a plane built that way about - a long time back. I was still fledgeling. The plane I saw was made out of paper like a manila folder. I believe over there it is refered to as thin card stock.
 As my computer does not translate and all I understood was "depron and 3MM ply" I hope your build is put in a magazine so it is translated into english.

 Like to see how it flies. Will be watching forit.

Thread: Guillows Piper Super Cub 95
19/12/2008 12:13:00

    Hi Ben,
         Watch the tail weight (covering with card) as if it comes out tail heavy, you will have to add usless nose weight to get it to fly decent. There is an old saying that I don't remember that well, about a nose heavy aircraft May fly again. A tail heavy aircraft likely won't fly again.
  Keep building.

Thread: The Flying Doctor
12/12/2008 15:24:00
 Dr. Harvey,
 Your writing is the most enertaining thing that I have read on the internet. Just read about the Shark.
 I live near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and watch different aircraft in their landing patterns. There is a huge one that does what you describe. It comes in until it is low enough to determine if it would have made a safe landing and then turns the fire back up and goes around again. Sometimes for an hour or two. What little I understand is they get more practice landings in with less wear and tear on the aircraft and runway, then they would if they made a full landing.
 Read about Patrica suggesting you buy some thing better than being so frugal. Let her know that she has a fan over here with that attitude. However I also have a box of bits that I go to when I need just a little bit of balsa or ply. No use to burn it as it would not even toast a marshmallo so I guess I will keep it.
                        Happy Holidays
Thread: Weh hey's actually looking half decent
07/12/2008 00:52:00

 Reading down through the forumn it strikes me that on your side of the pond or on my side all modelers sound the same. Too cold- too windy- wife has other plans. Modelers are all the same.

 We just like to fly different things. I happen to like planes with open cockpits and two wings.
  What works for me is to fly when ever I can.

Thread: Batteries
18/11/2008 21:44:00
 Probably not. being able to toss a plane in the car after flying without having to wipe it down is a bonus. however a war bird without engine noise lacks a bit of realism.
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