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Thread: Petrol first timer
04/09/2017 18:39:42

Cheers Cymaz.

I can't get near it 'till the weekend but I've squirted a bit of fuel into the carb to 'wet' it.

02/09/2017 21:54:46

Thanks for all the input guys. I did think about soaking in fuel, I'll check all the above and try squirting a bit of fuel up the chute.

02/09/2017 19:43:04

Thanks Tom, is that easy enough, I presume there is a rebuild kit available. Is this sort of problem common and if so what's the prevention?

02/09/2017 19:29:20

Hi all, I've finally succumbed and bought my first petrol ic, a DLE 60 twin. Bought from a mate but unused originally from Steve Webbs.

It's all plumbed in and live but I can't start it. The issue seems to be no fuel into the carb. If I blow down the feed pipe its like blowing against a bung regardless of throttle/choke position. I've checked the low and high speed needles are at factory. A small squirt of fuel into the pot creates a pop so I know there's a spark. I feel the carb is just not sucking fuel in but am I missing something, what am I doing wrong?

Thread: Summer's here! Who's been flying?
05/08/2014 19:32:37

Me!!! It's been nearly a whole year since last time.

Thread: LMA Cosford
20/07/2014 20:50:17

I saw that. Hope everyone is ok.

Thread: Carolyn Grace Spitfire ML407
19/06/2014 19:58:09

Done. Some things are important.

Thread: What would you like, I'm paying?
15/04/2014 19:00:44

That's mighty kind of you. Since my offer of 2.67 million USD didn't turn up I had to cancel the 1/4 scale Spitty, MZ 18, and the Moki radial for the big Jug. Can't wait!!

Thread: YT International 120 Spitfire build.
03/12/2013 15:18:38

I agree Martin. The Laser is easily my best engine. It sounds gorgeous, starts like a dream is reasonably economical and yes it does fly the Spit well. However, I just think this model could use a bit more power. Now if Laser made a reasonably priced 35/40cc petrol, I'd be one of the first in the queue!

03/12/2013 13:44:33

Hi Peter

the flap horn technique I used has worked very well, so I can recommend that. I didn't alter the firewall or surrounding area at all except to shim it for a bit of right and down thrust. Since then, I have undone this as it is not needed. One area I did strengthen is where the rudder hinges fit into the fin. Mine only had a soft piece of balsa behind the glass and didn't look strong enough to me.

I know the SC engines and they are OK, I would just be wary of the power, especially if you fly off grass as I do. Make sure you are well up to flying speed before you rotate. She will tip stall to the left (aided by torque effect) if you are not fast enough. Use plenty of right rudder to control this.

The Laser 150 will fly mine well, great sound, scale like speeds. What I miss is the ability to pull big loops and Immelmanns. Just not enough power. Oh, unless you mean the 2 stroke SC?

03/12/2013 10:24:44

Hi Peter and Tony

only just spotted this. For my doors I used light ply which I scored inside at the places I wanted the bends. Then used steam to 'roll' the ply to the shape of the wing. I initially cut it oversized to the hole so that the roll didn't make it too small then cut to fit. I used silicon to stick the door to the oleo which allows the door to spring off if it gets caught on grass. I'm not sure where to find it but I remember Danny Fenton showing how to do the same with Lith plate.

Peter, I know what you mean about the tail but persevere and don't use the supplied pull/pull cable. I quickly found out that the YT kit is not for the feint hearted! For the price I would have hoped for better hardware but, the scale outline is fantastic and and I love the way mine looks and flys. I would never have time to build what I wanted myself so this was the next best thing. It's not ARTF but a great base for a custom finish. What engine are you going to use?


Thread: Seagull Sea Fury retracts replacement
09/09/2013 17:45:57

The elite retracts in my 109 seem ok. However the best units I have are by Lado in France. They are not cheap at £200 a pair, plus legs but they are ace. All electric, very strong and great service from Christophe.

Thread: Do you ever get nervous when flying?
05/09/2013 13:07:26

Well that'll teach me! Having flown my 109 a few times, nervous and concentrating each time, I flew yesterday and felt nice and relaxed about it. Too relaxed it would seem as I ploughed into the long grass before the runway tearing out one retract. Doh!

Thread: Laser engines, brilliant customer service
05/09/2013 13:01:55

Boom indeed! I had one go on me for that reason.

Thread: Hanger 9 P47
02/09/2013 14:28:05

Congratulations Mark, good to hear.

Thread: Laser engines, brilliant customer service
02/09/2013 14:24:32

I could not possibly let this go by without posting my appreciation.
I purchased new a Laser 150 some months ago and it has powered my YT Spitfire. Allthough there is a good hole in the cowl, there has not been enough cool air passing over the engine. This caused a bearing to overheat a little and slip out of position creating a stiff prop shaft. I was terrified that I'd wrecked it and promptly sent it back to Laser.
Within a couple of days of receiving it Andy from Laser 'phoned to tell me that it was not serious, the bearing was pressed back into place and he would run it up to check everything was fine. He also offered a lot of advice on cooling that model. A day later he 'phoned again to tell me everything was fine and he would get it back to me. Again we had a good chat about engines, models and how to get the best from a Laser.
And the charge for all this......nothing!

Andy is without doubt a top bloke and I can not praise Laser enough for producing a first class product and awesome customer service.

Thank you.

Thread: Hanger 9 P47
01/09/2013 21:23:58

Well best of luck. H9 make great kits, I've had a few. It's been a while since you started this thread so I guess you've got a lot more experience. There's nothing like a warbird, once you start you won't be able to stop!

Thread: Hangar 9 bf109-F
01/09/2013 18:18:47

The 90 is to avoid extra dead weight I think.

01/09/2013 18:17:09

Hi tomtom, mine is IC with a Saito 115 but bigger would not hurt. I think most of the leccy crowd is getting best results with a power 90. There is a good thread on

01/09/2013 15:17:30

Hi tomtom, I've not been watching this thread and missed your post. Did you have a question?

Ive had a good few flights now and I love it more each time.

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