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Thread: Silly question 3
20/01/2021 14:59:51


What appears to be ideal for you would be a Spektrum DX6i. It was a very popular radio in its time, a sort of beginners computer radio with a 10 model memory but with a somewhat limited range of 'clever' features.

I would not recommend buying a second hand DX6i (although I did from ebay with no problem!) Hobby King do sell the Spektrum compatible Orange TX6i which has virtually the same specification but now with 20 model memories..

Just a thought.

Thread: Depron HE 162
20/01/2021 00:46:48

The duct with the 2 mm Depron place.


The first few planks go on.


This of course is just the nacelle that sits on top of the fuselage. The fuselage proper is twice as long!

This is all going to take quite some time. wink 2

Edited By Simon Chaddock on 20/01/2021 00:47:47

Thread: Silly question
18/01/2021 23:47:33


The bind procedure just in case you don't know matches a unique code between the Tx and Rx. The Tx puts that code into a permanent memory so it is recalled when the Tx is switched on. Only the original Rx will now respond to the Tx signal.

Thread: simple 3axis gyro(Flight controllers)
18/01/2021 20:36:33


I also use Lemon Stabilised receivers on my more extreme own design scale planes.

In 'rate' mode there is no true stabilisation only a reaction to counter any disturbance. There is no attempt to return the plane to its original attitude. As the gyro input is limited to about 15% control surface deflection full stick input is always available.

It makes a tricky plane easier to fly and with an easy to fly plane just don't leave it too long on its own - it will fly away. wink 2.

Thread: Depron HE 162
18/01/2021 15:09:54

I had not considered a HE 162 as a possible winter build but it was suggested and the more I looked at it the more of a challenge it appeared to be.


As an airframe layout it does make a reasonable EDF but the BMW 003 is an early axial turbo jet so had pretty small exhaust although quite reasonable inlet area & geometry.

So the challenge would be to keep the exterior to scale which would mean a relatively small EDF and when coupled with the fact its wing span is less than its length it would have to be seriously light to fly adequately with a hand launch and belly land. A necessity due to the nature of the field I fly from.

My last scratch build was a Folland Gnat where the inlet duct was 3D printed as a complete assembly with a 50 mm EDF which was then used as the 'spine' around which the fuselage was built using Depron formers and a planked Depron skin. It worked well as a process.

The HE 162 was a pretty small plane to start with so using a 50 mm EDF with a scale exhaust it would have a span of no more than 600 mm and with only 1/2 the wing area of the Gnat. It would have to be quite a bit bigger.

My Airbus A350 flies nicely using Emax 2205 racing drone motors turning 3x3.5 four blade props on 4s. The result is electrically more efficient (g/W) than any true EDF an important attribute as battery weight on a true light weight is significant.

With a 3" duct and a scale exhaust the span came out to a more reasonable 970 mm span although it will be 1340 mm long.

It seemed reasonable to concentrate on the duct and motor mount first and if successful to then build the nacelle around it

The characteristic exhaust centre body of the HE 162 neatly reduced the prop swept area to 85% a figure that on previous tests with the A350 gave the greatest (bub not my much!) static thrust.



Printer bed limitations meant the full duct has to be built up from 12 individual parts that took a total of nearly 10 hours to print but at least they all fit together exactly..

The full duct along side the nacelle plan.


A short test run but only with a 2s at this stage. wink 2

Only a gentle blow but it is only drawing 1.8A or just 13W.

So far so good but now I have got to buckle down and build the rest of it. smile o

Thread: How complicated?
17/01/2021 15:46:24

The sad part it it is logical to them. Its just they have different logic "go/no" which works fine on a micro chip.

Thread: Film over tissue
17/01/2021 15:43:20

Unfortunately Jeff did say Ezy Dope which is water based.

It is possible to dry strip but it is a very labour intensive process!

Thread: Can you tell what it is yet?
14/01/2021 12:49:44

Well done alan p.

Obviously it was too easy.


A build blog will follow.

14/01/2021 10:50:19

I am rather slowly on a winter 'lockdown' build.

It is a scale single engine jet.

So far I have printed the exhaust nozzle.


It is fairly distinctive externally.

No prizes! Just for fun.

Thread: Watts/lb misleading?
14/01/2021 02:11:02

The Watts per pound is only a guide to ensure you have sufficient power, An electric motor can always be throttled quite happily and is likely to be more efficient at converting Watts to thrust if you do.

It is possible to fly on a lot less than the guide. I got a 48" span plane to maintain height using just under 14W/lb.

Thread: The 'share your photos' thread (not model flying)
06/01/2021 12:29:07

Absolutely nothing to do with planes but technical nevertheless.

I never grew up so using the kids Lego I built a twin cylinder double acting 'steam' engine.


Square pistons and everything. With the aid of a vacuum cleaner it works.

My grandson used to play with his Lego but now of course its all about computer games on the internet.
I am sure he thinks I must be senile in my old age!wink 2

Thread: Fuel additives ?
04/01/2021 17:20:47

Like putting oil in the fuel of a model plane 4 stroke for lubrication!

Thread: Import tax/VAT from europe.
04/01/2021 16:25:17

HobbyKing EU Warehouse does not give any UK shipping charges at the moment. The Global Warehouse (3 times the price) still does.

Brexit 'freedom' is likely to prove a bit expensive. wink 2

Thread: Sticking micro servos to carbon
03/01/2021 20:26:09


My solution is to stick micro servos directly but with something like UHU POR. On hard flat surfaces with a film on both sides and let to dry for a 10 to 20 seconds it acts as a instant contact adhesive. It will reach maximum strength after an hour but it will always be able to be prised off with a sharp knife.

Provided the servo is lying on it side and ideally 'buried' it will not move, indeed with the force required to get it out you have to be careful not to break it.

Just glued in place in foam.


To make fitting a bit easier I nearly always cut the lugs off the servo as well.

It works for me.wink 2

Thread: Balsa Fuel Tank
03/01/2021 14:41:09

Interesting but I suspect for the same weight and capacity a fibreglass tank would significantly more crash resistant.

I also wonder just how resistant epoxy is to long term exposure to nitro?

Thread: C/H programmer dead, heating still on.
03/01/2021 14:29:40

Of course you can always ditch the electronics and revert to a mechanical system. Just a synchronous clock, adjustable tabs and switches.


Yes it has to be hard wired into the boiler so not as convenient but they are super reliable. Our CH boiler (its new) is controlled by a second hand one bought at a car boot sale over 20 years ago! wink 2

Thread: Hobbyking EU
02/01/2021 14:09:44

It looks like you are right. No shipping from the EU so far but items can still be shipped from the Global warehouse. .

Thread: 3D printers recommended
02/01/2021 13:53:19

I does of course rather depend on what you want to use it for and how much you wan to spend.

There are a number of very similar & cheaper 'clones' to the Creality series however.

I use an Anet A8 which can be considered a Creality clone. Seriously cheap at the time and came as a kit of parts you had to assemble but the actual working parts are of equal quality to any of the others.

If you intend to design components yourself it does take some time and patience to fully understand how to get the best out of it both of the printer mechanical settings and the abilities of the 'slicer' programme. Part orientation on the bed can make a big difference to its final mechanical properties.

Using a CAD programme to create a design in the first place is a completely new ball game!

My humble Anet A8 is used regularly to create a huge range of parts for my planes and according to its onboard log has consumed over 2 kilometres of filament so far!

Thread: Tier 4 ?
31/12/2020 10:19:27

I do not fly model planes because I have to.

I take the view that in Tier 4 it is more a case of what you should do to minimise the risk to others rather than what it is possible to do.

I will not fly until things change or I am vaccinated.

Thread: Aircraft Skin
30/12/2020 15:53:56


The link you posted says this guy also held the previous record in 2013 with an earlier version of the plane.

I think you can take from this that he and his team are very experienced aero modellers so would have enough knowledge to be able to improve things by small degrees, which is the most common way of progressing if you have something that works already.

Trying to work out something like even a model plane from first principles is very complex and requires substantial resources to do.

The best way is to learn the 'what and how' of what has been achieved already and then see if there is a practical way that might give an improvement. wink 2


Edited By Simon Chaddock on 30/12/2020 15:54:38

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