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Thread: 6 Turning 4 Burning
22/01/2020 21:44:01

john d

I think you will find the nose wheel steering is independent of the rudder and has its own control. Once lined up on the runway the nose wheel will be locked to straight ahead.

I think the 'steering wheel' is on the commanders side.

Edited By Simon Chaddock on 22/01/2020 21:56:26

Thread: Antonov AN124 Ruslan
22/01/2020 20:24:46


I am using tiny quad motors and props inside the engine nacelles so only 250 g (8 oz) thrust from each but on the plus side each motor only takes 8 A at full power meaning that just one 2000 mAh 4s battery is all that is required to power its 1500 g (54 oz) all up weight- hopefully!

Thread: 6 Turning 4 Burning
22/01/2020 14:20:08

Not often realised that the B36 jet pod and pylon was 'lifted' directly from the B47 inner pods. It even included the bulge between the jets that housed the retractable 'stabiliser' wheel used on the B47. wink 2


The only addition was the retractable aerodynamic 'shields' to stop the turbine blades rotating when not in use. With these in place it would still be scale to do without actually putting EDFs inside.

Edited By Simon Chaddock on 22/01/2020 14:20:36

Thread: Flat plane wing question
22/01/2020 00:46:51


At twice the size a solid wing is not only 8 times the weight but is nothing like 8 times as strong or stiff. smile o

The strength of materials does not scale directly.

A small size model plane can be plenty strong enough using just a solid foam wing but the same at full size has to very carefully designed with a complex structure that puts just enough material, be it hard wood, aluminium or steel, only where it is required to achieve the required strength and stiffness.

The bigger the wing the more its structure has to be 'designed' to suit.

Thread: Folland Gnat
21/01/2020 16:07:20

The tail fin is mounted in the same way as the tail planes and glued directly to the duct.

Tail fin1

The rear fuselage planking can now be completed to support the fin.

The next job is to build the nose section so the ESC can be mounted and once it is joined to the motor wires the EDF can be tested to make sure it still works. wink 2

With everything "built in" testing at every construction stage is essential.

Thread: Antonov AN124 Ruslan
21/01/2020 09:56:59

Thanks for the kind words.

Posted by Stephen Jones on 20/01/2020 23:26:59:

does the body flex under it`s own weight when you lay it on the ground.


I can assure you that the body with its huge dimensions is incredibly rigid. The wings on the other hand.......wink 2


The fuselage does fit in the Clio but there is not much room for anything else, including me!

20/01/2020 13:23:09

A nice calm but cold day today so I took the opportunity for a "outside" picture, in fact the first time any of it hass even been outside. smile o


The cavernous inside.


And the rather more serious "Will it ever fit?"


Thread: Hi from me and my KK Fairey Gannet build
20/01/2020 13:16:56


On such a light weight model the elevator hinges are just full length tissue paper! wink 2 Not really robust enough for outdoor although I do use full length top tape hinges on some of my quite big RC foam jobs.

To my way of thinking a free moving hinge and linkage is vital to a) allow a much smaller (lighter) servo and b) reduce the servo current required which reduces the chances of the rx suffering from a low voltage brown out.

I think you may be surprised at just how much thrust is available for the weight of a brushless motor(s) and a LiPo.

I hope your Gannet can be made to fly.

Thread: A Depron Sea Vixen.FAW2
20/01/2020 00:02:07

There is a bit more to this story.

Although I had 'tweeked' the wing to balance the wing incidence L to R before it was finished in fact there was some still present. The second flight in the video above required virtually full aileron trim to keep 'wings level'. In such a configuration I feared any flight close to the stall would at best be interesting or at worst result in a serious crash.

I could easily see the problem, the geometry of the inlet duct was different! smile o To correct it was going to require some pretty major surgery. I just did not have the heart to cut up a just finished model so it was left hanging on the wall 'for later'. wink 2

'Later' actually arrived after nearly 2 years - June 2019!

The major surgery required the left wing to be cut completely off just inside the left boom. A narrow 'slice' cut out of the bottom surface of the LH inlet duct and it all reassembled with much masking tape to hold it all in the correct position until the glue set.

One advantage of thin Depron is that when a structure is 'bent' into shape over time it permanently deforms so virtually eliminating any residual stresses.

It now flies quite well and even better when you remember to switch the 'stab' on! wink 2 You can hear the 'click' at 0:17!

Still really only a 'fair weather' flyer but it looks the part and makes a rather satisfying 'whine'.

Thread: Folland Gnat
18/01/2020 23:04:48

With a start made on the underside planking, it is a tedious slow fitting process, the long EDF wires have to be installed whilst access is still possible..

EDF wires

Magnet wire is used as it saves the weight of the heavy silicon insulation used normal multi strand wire. With so many formers the solid wire is well supported.

A bit more planking and the tail planes can go on.

Tail plane1 Each is a very light monocoque with 2 mm Depron skins over a pair of Depron shear webs. Each half is glued to the duct and will be supported by the fuselage skin. Although the 3.7 g servos are flush with the top skin the tail plane is so thin they do protrude 1.5 mm on the underside.

Tail under

The elevators also have 2mm Depron skins and top tape full length hinges. Scale they have a remarkably small area considering the Gnat fighter used all moving tail o

The 32 AWG servo wires have to be extended up to the cockpit area before any further planking can take place.

So far so good.

Edited By Simon Chaddock on 18/01/2020 23:05:48

Thread: Hi from me and my KK Fairey Gannet build
17/01/2020 22:43:17


Twice the size!

Are you modifying the construction?

What is perfectly acceptable for small rubber power maybe inadequate as the size increases particularly with the additional weight of RC gear and electric power.

No problem with the a 'close stringer' fuselage but the wings may need attention with of course with the minimum of additional weight. wink 2

I found the original KK Gannet a bit of a 'brick' compared to other more practical planes in the rubber Scale range. The Auster Arrow was my favourite as it actually flew pretty well.

My KK Gannet. Built in 1972 and I still have it.


Original KK size except the wing chord is 10% bigger.

It is electric, but indoor control line, with the current for its brushed motor fed through the fine copper control lines.

Edited By Simon Chaddock on 17/01/2020 22:44:33

Thread: CAA registration take-up?
16/01/2020 11:56:28

"The majority of our effort has been in working with national media to place stories around the registration scheme."

That sentence from the CAA's response may seem innocent but it does make me wonder. There is there is nothing like a 'scare' story to get serious media attention at little or no cost. wink 2

Thread: Folland Gnat
15/01/2020 22:04:58


My target was to build a Gnat with scale inlets and exhaust not in competition with TN but to demonstrate a different approach. I was fully aware it would require some unusual techniques and built time to achieve.

I could certainly get a 55 or bigger fan in the fuselage but then the scale inlets would be very restrictive resulting in a portion of the extra battery power/weight being used to overcome the deficiency rather than create more thrust unless of course extra inlet area was provided.

With a light wing loading high speed was never a goal but a good performance and duration might still be achieved with a relatively modest fan.

Well that's the plan. wink 2

Thread: What size model?
15/01/2020 10:43:28

Surely its just a matter of personal choice.

As I build 'own design' most of the time size is only one of many parameters. The biggest reward is achieving what I set out to do whether big or small.

Thread: Trial Flights - Promoting the Hobby
15/01/2020 10:35:34


In the current 'anti drone' climate I am not sure "flying in public spaces" automatically attracts interest in the hobby. In some cases it can be the exact opposite.

Thread: battery c rating
14/01/2020 19:17:17

Now if you can build a plane that only needs well under 1C from the battery to fly:

a) it will be able to fly for along time and

b) It will still be able to fly with significant battery degradation but just not for so long. wink 2

Thread: Guillow's Radio Control Conversion Nieuport 11 Part 10
14/01/2020 12:59:52


If you really want to go mad do a motor that does go round and with the prop! wink 2

Mono front

In a 24" monosoupape Pup rather than a Nieuport.

Thread: Folland Gnat
14/01/2020 12:19:51


It was pity that the HAL Ajeet was not more of a success with the Indian Air Force as by the time it was fully developed it was a pretty capable fighter/ground attack aircraft. With a 'wet' wing it carried more fuel than any Gnat and had 4 wing hard points.

The problem was the IAF had just got a deal with the USSR to supply Mig 21s which in the interceptor fighter role made the HAL Ajeet look pretty tame. wink 2

The printed duct supporting the 2 mm Depron fuselage formers.

Fuse forms 1

With only 6 sections shown on the 3 view all the intermediate former shapes had to be 'interpreted'. A rather slow and tedious process. This section of the fuselage can now be planked 'as is'.

On the other hand the fuselage nose section will have to be built using the 'Half section over the plan' method and when complete simply glued on.

Structurally the wing is simple as it fits over the top of the duct but the tail plane is harder as it is fully bisected by the duct.

Thread: HobbyKing Bixler v2 setup
14/01/2020 11:49:41


Glad you have found a solution but the DUAILAILE option in the Set up list should not make any difference with the Bixler 2 aileron set up.

As both ailerons are connected by a Y lead only the 'Ail' port on the Rx is used. This port operates in exactly the same way regardless as to whether the DUALAILE option is selected or not.

It sounds like something else is also going on.

The MONITOR function, also in the Set up list, shows what the Tx 'thinks' it is sending. It would be interesting to see if the 'Ail' channel marker still moves without the DUALAILE option being set. If it does that suggest for some reason the Rx is just not 'reading' the Tx aileron command. Not an ideal situation.

The 'Ail' position marker certainly moves normally on both my DX6i with or without the DUALAILE option. wink 2

Thread: Folland Gnat
13/01/2020 15:26:20


I have no problem with big and light. Indeed I rather prefer a 'near scale' speed.

As my first printed EDF duct was really just a 'proof of concept' prototype with the plans now printed out a new duct to the correct dimensions could be printed. As the duct cross sections ware unaltered it only requires a single print parameter on each part to be changed.

The new duct with the prototype for comparison.

Flight duct 2

Note the small Depron make up portions to alter the semi circular duct branch to the more complicated scale inlet shape.

Make up piece

As the majority of the fuselage will be constructed around the duct using it as a 'spine' the inlet branches were braced together for additional rigidity.

I still have sufficient Depron for a plane this size so hopefully it will indeed be 'light for its size'. wink 2

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