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Thread: What happened to the great model magazines?
28/10/2020 19:44:52

The answer to the thread question is simple.

Advertisers stopped advertising in them.

Publishers produce magazines to make money and a (very) large percentage of that money comes from advertising.

Advertisers are fickle and would often change from one magazine to another (usually when the bills came in).

As the number of manufacturers ( and distributors) has reduced over the years the revenue has reduced and this is the result.

These days most small manufacturers are able to get their products seen for a lot less expense using social technology (and word of mouth).

A combination of lack of advertising and a reducing market (mostly age related) means there is less demand for magazines. It is interesting that many people complain about the current cost of magazines. Many years ago the price of magazines was about the price of a portion of fish & chips, or two pints of beer and there were no complaints. I wish I could get either for the price of a magazine these days (don't mention petrol).

Times change, but people don't want to (unless they are getting more for less).

Thread: RCM&E Nov 2020 issue
27/10/2020 19:09:49

Roy, you are just too eager !

Mind you, the way the weather is you will have plenty of time to read it.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
27/10/2020 19:07:26

I agree that it's not "dodgy" and that it just another way to circumvent paying a fee to a company that is renowned for its bias towards buyers. However the reputable scrap dealers usually offer a facility to request other parts, which they will then sell through ebay. I know, because I deal with them. Most of the others want you to deal over the telephone and wherever possible collect and pay cash. This is not restricted to a specific area, or ethnic background. Such has always been the case with trade. What I find amusing is how people "latch on" to methods of advertising / describing their goods. For instance, we are now seeing old foam artfs being sold as "vintage" and model aeroplane short kits of antique plans sold as "rare". It is the modern world I am afraid, where the stupid think they are more intelligent because they can find people who are even more stupid to sell to (I am not going to bring politics into this as it is against forum rules and I actually do know some very intelligent Americans).

Maybe I should have put this on the "get it off your chest" thread.


Thread: Cat stuck in Loch Ness
27/10/2020 12:39:29

I think it will be quite safe. If you were Nessie and saw a "Pterosaur" that big you would certainly keep out of its way !

Thread: Ebay sellers...
27/10/2020 12:32:39

Looks like the scrapyards are getting into model aeroplanes, judging by this one (would probably take cash, mate).


It looks like the "mould" has a friend.


On the plus side there appear to be a lot of inexpensive built airframes being advertised at the moment (as well as the cr*p).

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
26/10/2020 20:46:48

Very nice Paul. A trainer with proper windows ! Not that you need a trainer. A winter hack maybe ?


Thread: Will old electric motors ever have the fascination that IC engines do?
26/10/2020 20:43:27
Posted by jeff2wings on 26/10/2020 20:41:19:

(Well l hope people continue to take this thread in the light hearted manner that it's meant and not get to upperty about it, we are all nerds together here cool !

Well given a choice between this

Or this?....

Or maybe this........


No prizes for guessing my preference laugh

I totally agree and if that is your collection face 7.

26/10/2020 20:41:30
Posted by Doc Marten on 26/10/2020 10:00:32:
Posted by brokenenglish on 26/10/2020 09:56:09:
Posted by kevin b on 26/10/2020 09:44:34:

It depends on how electric motors develop in the future and the attitude of "collectors".

If you had told a modeller in the early 50's that an ED Bee, or Mills in its box would be worth more than 20 weeks wages in 50 years time they would have told you not to be so stupid.

IMO, the question doesn't really concern monetary value or week's wages.

I had an ED Bee in the early fifties, and I wanted to keep it, just because it was interesting and great fun, and it's been that way ever since...


It's not about monetary value, it's about attachment and sentimentality.

Sorry. I didn't mean to go off topic, but to some a monetary value of an item can add to its fascination. My point was that just because this generation feels a certain way about something doesn't mean to say that future generations will feel the same. Youngsters today for instance, look at the Harrier "jump jet" in the same light that many of the current aeromodelling generation look at the Sopwith Pup.

26/10/2020 09:44:34

It depends on how electric motors develop in the future and the attitude of "collectors".

If you had told a modeller in the early 50's that an ED Bee, or Mills in its box would be worth more than 20 weeks wages in 50 years time they would have told you not to be so stupid.

Thread: Has anyone 3D printed an RC engine to create a dummy radial?
24/10/2020 16:20:34

Try here.


Thread: Ebay sellers...
24/10/2020 16:13:51

Now here's an interesting project for somebody. There is definitely "mould" involved.


Thread: Modern domestic heating thermostats
23/10/2020 18:24:34

Alarm clock. Time to get up ?

I didn't join this pensioners club to follow rules any more !


Thread: Get it off your chest.
23/10/2020 18:20:58

Coo. This one's going well and so far people are behaving themselves.


Thread: Anyone know what this low ginger is ?
22/10/2020 19:21:47
Posted by Martin Arnold 1 on 22/10/2020 16:45:25:

Sorry "Winger"


I thought this was going to be thread about biscuits. sad

Thread: Get it off your chest.
22/10/2020 16:25:57

That was a bit of quick editing kc. Some of us with Scottish heritage might have taken offence. cheeky

I will agree with the roads, but they weren't very good at building walls. wink 2

Thread: Hobby King Postage ??????
22/10/2020 16:14:12

I just bought 2 x 2s lipos through Amazon. The seller was Chinese, but I don't know where they came from. Arrived in less than 10 days and were delivered by Royal Mail. Only downside was that they were in flimsy boxes, packed in a plastic envelope. Fortunately they weren't damaged by the drop through my letterbox !

Thread: Get it off your chest.
22/10/2020 16:07:37

Having read through many threads and found that eventually somebody has to "go off on one" (we've all done it !) I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread specifically for those of a certain persuasion to vent their spleen. Of course within forum guidelines. It also gives the mods somewhere else to move posts that are going off topic in a negative manner.

For example. What did the Romans ever do for us ?

Thread: Looking for a Flair SE5a Kit
22/10/2020 12:41:10

We only have ourselves to blame on this one.

I agree 100%. yes

Daniel. I am most surprised that Derick hasn't answered your email. He is usually very quick to answer messages.

P.M. me with your email address and I will get him to reply to you.

Thread: Plane but which ?
21/10/2020 22:33:05

If it's scale you want, how about a Moth, Fokker DVII, or SE5a ? Lots of plans about for those.

21/10/2020 20:40:52
Posted by Gary Manuel on 21/10/2020 19:38:47:

Oh dear. I forecast that this isn't going to go well.......

How will a plane cut wood with a Saito engine fitted to it? etc....

Very noisily I would imagine. Would be an interesting drive mechanism.


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