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Thread: IC Models-Should we be worried?
03/11/2018 22:39:53
Posted by Percy Verance on 03/11/2018 21:49:24:


In the decades I've been involved in the hobby I've seen very few youngsters come into it. Those whom seem to come into it can be anything from late 20's to mid 50's. Some are returnees, others are newly coming into it. Some stick around, some don't.........

I wouldn't even guess where the hobby might be in 40 or 50 years time. In any case I shan't be around to see what's happened!

Edited By Percy Verance on 03/11/2018 22:07:37

I have spent a very pleasant afternoon with one of the club's senior members instructing his 15 year old grandson how to build a mini Robot.

He enjoys flying model aircraft and is interested in how they are constructed. He now is reasonably safe with a sharp knife, knows how a saw works and has been using a covering iron (don't tell his Mum). He is now under orders to keep up his revision (GCSE's) and at the soonest opportunity we will continue with his model.

We are all guilty of complaining about the young people not being interested in doing something practical, but how many of us are prepared to do something about it. A large number of parents don't seem interested and the education system certainly isn't. We (my generation) all learnt skills at a young age and many of us then packed them away for years while we got on with "life", but these young people are struggling to have the opportunity.

Ok, I'll get off my soap box now.

03/11/2018 21:21:22

Is it true that you have to be over 75 to take part in these discussions ? devil

If you think about it, by the time the yoof of today reach that age the only ic engines about may well be model ones !

Everything from garden tools to container ships will probably be powered by electric.

Mind you, where they will get the fuel from to run them is another question.

Thread: Pop bottle canopies and cowls
02/11/2018 21:40:37

Just picked up on this old thread.

I use this method occasionally, but these days finding decent plastic bottles isn't easy as they tend to be made very thin with ridges to add strength. I find that the Waitrose fruit juice bottles are excellent for small canopies, but I am struggling to find decent larger ones.

Any suggestions ?

kevin b. Bottled it dept.

Thread: Marutaka / Royal Beech Craft D17 Staggerwing Kit
17/10/2018 09:57:38

P.M sent.

Thread: ASP anybody?
12/10/2018 22:19:09


I happen to like ASP / Super Custom engines.

12/10/2018 22:17:28
Posted by SIMON CRAGG on 12/10/2018 20:15:21:

Just wondering if its the end of ASP altogether......would not suprise me!.


Honestly, it's like the beginning of an episode of Up Pompeii.

Does anybody out there know the whereabouts of the forums populated by optimists ?

The amount of negativity on this forum takes some believing. I wouldn't be surprised if the mods don't have a direct line to the Samaritans, just in case !

This is a hobby. I thought it was something we all supposedly enjoy being involved with. I have got to the point now where I can't be bothered even winding the whingers up any more !!!

Not going to waste any more time on this one.

Cue for a song. Ok everybody, after 3.

1, 2, "Let's all look on the bright side of life...………….."


Thread: Ebay sellers...
28/09/2018 19:04:59
Posted by kevin b on 18/09/2018 10:22:45:

Posted by kevin b on 20/08/2018 19:11:50:

Is this some sort of reverse logic ?


2 weeks ago advertised at £18.0, postage £3.95.

Last week advertised at £20.00, postage £4.95.

Now advertised with a start price of £21.00 and postage £5>95.

I wonder how long it will be until the penny finally drops ?


I thought it had gone quiet with this one. However it looks like he is just building up the excitement !!!



Well he's done it again !

This week it's £27.00 !!! **LINK**

Why don't we all put it on our watch lists ?

Who knows how high it will go before he realises it's a wind up ?

I've never seen an auction before where the seller is the one who keeps upping the price when it doesn't sell !

Edited By kevin b on 28/09/2018 19:05:53

Thread: Attention newbies !!!
22/09/2018 16:54:05

Ok. So you have managed to perfect the art of hitting the ground without damaging anything (generally). So what is next ?

Most of us enjoy all aspects of the hobby. Building, flying, socialising etc. Some prefer specific parts of the hobby. Where do you go from here ? What do you want to achieve from your hobby ?

Let's go back to the beginning. You are reasonably competent flying your trainer, but you have ambition. Is it flying more complicated models ? That is fine as there are a whole stack of readily available off the shelf models you can buy as your ability improves. This is ok if flying is what it's all about.

Many of you have the dream. "I want to build and fly a Sp****** (not me!)". If you are one those then you will need to start somewhere.

So my question is. Where do you want to start ? You realise there is a learning curve, but what are your thoughts and questions as a new builder ?

There are many of us on the forum who have and would like to share there experience when it comes to model building, but we need you to ask questions. As they say the only stupid question is the one you don't ask.

For the last few years the forum has run a "mass build" thread, particularly aimed at new builders. However there is currently a discussion going on as to its future.

So I am asking you as newbies, what would you like to build ? I don't mean a specific model. just what type of model. High wing, low wing, vintage, sport, scale...…… ? The list goes on.

Let's get the ball rolling !


Edited By kevin b on 22/09/2018 16:54:19

Thread: The Future of the Mass Build
22/09/2018 16:25:44

Hi Dave.

I must admire your stamina, when it comes to promoting our hobby !

Or do you just like pushing "it" up hill ?

This time I agree with you whole heartedly !!!

I notice that so far only one "newbie" has responded to your posting (his comments very much appreciated).

This is part of the problem. The mass build stooped being new builder focused.

The Mass Build thread should predominantly be aimed at the construction of the model and the techniques involved, in order to assist the new builder in progressing.

My other comment is that it should be a mass build, not a "mass fly". How many builders of the model go to Greenacres ? My suggestion would be to have a photo competition (as well) at the end of the build. 3 categories. 1. photo of the model. 2. photo of it flying. 3 photo of builder flying the model.

I have ducked out on the last few builds, mainly for the above reasons. I would get involved again, but it does need to go back to basics as far as I'm concerned.

Another thing for the mods to think about (though I am sure you already do), is that a lot of "newbies" come on the forum and we advise them to find a local club (very good advice). It might be worth remembering that to a fair number, this forum is their club, for whatever reason.

All the best. Kevinb

Edited By kevin b on 22/09/2018 16:26:17

Thread: Printing of plans
19/09/2018 20:58:19

Now that is interesting.

A man from WIGAN talking to a man named PIERS.

(a little geographical pun there ?)

I think Erfolg that there are a considerable number of printers out there who would take issue with your last comment.

As a keen member of this hobby I always happy to help others as long as there is no financial loss to myself (most of the time). I have a large format printer and computer software to run it. Even so it still costs about £5.00 a copy to print and send out a plan. That is not including the cost of my time (at least 12 minutes for an individual plan), or the expense of travelling to the nearest post office. You have paper costs, ink costs, machine servicing costs, electricity costs and depreciation (wear and tear) of the machine itself. That doesn't include the postage and packing costs.

In commerce the words "supply and demand" are used a lot. However as in ALL walks of life there are always those who are more than willing to take advantage of others. As we say in Yorkshire "watch thi sen" (we use English). wink 2

19/09/2018 09:59:26

I know Piers, but I couldn't resist it.

At least our plans are worth the paper they are printed on. devildevil

If anybody is having difficulty getting plans printed PM me and I will try and help. I can also alter plans as well.

18/09/2018 20:35:20
Posted by Erfolg on 18/09/2018 19:59:25:

Recently my wife said how can a green grocer with one shop afford a +£2m house, obvious I replied they charge well over 4 times as ALDI, and still get customers, who swear at the superior quality. Plus they drive a Range Rover and a monster Mercedes.

I can't see the problem.

One used to run the country ! devil

18/09/2018 18:31:19

PM sent.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
18/09/2018 10:22:45

Posted by kevin b on 20/08/2018 19:11:50:

Is this some sort of reverse logic ?


2 weeks ago advertised at £18.0, postage £3.95.

Last week advertised at £20.00, postage £4.95.

Now advertised with a start price of £21.00 and postage £5>95.

I wonder how long it will be until the penny finally drops ?

I thought it had gone quiet with this one. However it looks like he is just building up the excitement !!!


Thread: New Laser engines. What do you want?
13/09/2018 18:48:39

Hi Jon.

According to the latest magazine, Neil Tidy is using a petrol powered Laser. Any comment ?

Thread: Hello from Charles Towne USA
13/09/2018 18:39:44
Posted by Lee Taylor 1 on 13/09/2018 18:25:03:
Posted by Don Fry on 13/09/2018 17:22:06:

glue and crash is a lighter note?

Crashing is a reality for me personality. To your point I do suppose it is not a lighter note. I have been flying on my new simulator and I crash frequently when trying new aerobatics. Sadly in my little world crashing is part of it whether on the sim or at the field. But I do agree, crashing is not a lighter note. But then again it depends on what one compares it to.

Yes I agree. Early American colonisation was apparently no "bed of roses".

Greetings from North Yorkshire (we used to be a kingdom), England. You will meet lots of interesting people on here.

Keep your head down tonight. It might be a bit windy. !!!

Kevinb Colonial welcoming dept.

Thread: Best Building Guide or Book for first time builder
13/09/2018 14:42:57

How about

Learn to make models that Fly, by Kelvin Shaxcklock.

It's about building, not flying models.

He starts with the basic chuck glider and shows how to progress through to full scale warbirds.

You get plans and full build instructions on each type of aircraft, all very logically put.

On Ebay from £11.00 and Amazon from about £8.00.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
13/09/2018 00:57:05

I needed some light relief this week, so I played with my laser cutter.

robots 1

robots 2

Just need to get some folding props.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
20/08/2018 19:11:50

Is this some sort of reverse logic ?


2 weeks ago advertised at £18.0, postage £3.95.

Last week advertised at £20.00, postage £4.95.

Now advertised with a start price of £21.00 and postage £5>95.

I wonder how long it will be until the penny finally drops ?

18/08/2018 19:25:53


Well it made me laugh !

Kevin b Wet undies department

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