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Thread: Flair Magnatilla plan wanted
26/02/2020 12:00:08

Try here.


Thread: All laser pointer users to be registered.
26/02/2020 11:48:06
Posted by Peter Miller on 26/02/2020 11:09:40:
Posted by Mowerman on 26/02/2020 10:48:53:

Hand guns were banned but gun crime has increased. Laws that cannot be enforced are pointless.

Drones can still be bought and used by idiots, Guns can still be obtained and used by gang members, Laser pointers are freely available for any idiot to use, I can not think of an answer to these problems, can you ?.

The death penalty. No repeat offenders


Either that, or solitary confinement with a tv showing constant "reality TV" shows 24 hours a day with no off switch.

Thread: BMFA membership cards
18/02/2020 11:51:19

Didn't even receive a paper one. Had to download and print my own.

That must have saved them over £20.000 in postage costs plus printing.

Maybe that's why the membership price hasn't gone up.

Wonder how long before we get the magazine digitally ?

Thread: Anybody heard of this model?
12/02/2020 19:35:39

Do you mean this one Pete ?

wt sheet 1.jpg

wt sheet 2.jpg

Sarik should have the plans listed, but if not I might be able to help as it was a free plan (I don't sell them).

Thread: Who's flying today then ?
09/02/2020 12:38:35

Looks like the rest of the U.K is getting the weather we have had locally so far this year.

Getting plenty of work done on the new model though. Hull and superstructure are ready for painting and the cabin doors have been fitted.

Think the next model might be an Ark !

Thread: Plans books
05/02/2020 11:31:18

Ebay has a few listed and not very expensive.

Search "Plans Handbook". Then go into advanced and select exact words, exact order.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
04/02/2020 19:00:59

Due to the state of the weather over the last year, or so, I have at least 6 aeroplanes to maiden.

My next model will be this.


Boats don't mind a bit of rain and some even like it a bit windy !


01/02/2020 18:36:59
Posted by martin collins 1 on 26/01/2020 14:38:15:

Nigel Hawes 30" Tucano built as a 7 day challenge from a pile of sheet wood and a plan to a fully covered flown model in 7 days. I have now added some trim to make it a bit easier to see in the current dreary skies! Flies really nicely, full build thread can be found under the 7 day challenge thread.



Nice. A model aeroplane doing pilates. smiley

Thread: BMFA Northern Swapmeet
27/01/2020 10:54:19

Thanks Peter.

I did have a look on the BMFA site, but it isn't listed as a swapmeet as it usually has been.

It looks like they aren't doing the indoor one at Leeds this year. Hardly surprising considering last years poor effort. No advertising or signs, very few sellers and not many buyers. Even the indoor fliers didn't turn up until the last of us were leaving ! It was totally free to attend and sell as well.

This isn't the first time I have noticed something like this. It is my opinion that Leeds is the apathy centre of the universe ! Maybe people prefer to stay at home and buy cheap goods from China instead.


26/01/2020 22:47:26

Bump !

26/01/2020 15:20:04

Does anybody know if the Northern Area Swapmeet is taking place this year ?

I can't find anything online saying it is.

Thread: RCM&E Vol.63 No2 February 2020
26/01/2020 11:09:54
Posted by Cuban8 on 25/01/2020 12:25:46:

Regrettably, I've just phoned MTM and cancelled my subscription to the magazine. I just can't justify the cost any more and although I think that KC will do his very best for the magazine, sadly I believe he's batting on an ever increasingly sticky wicket. I'll buy a copy from Sainsbury's now and again but at £5.75 a shot it'll only be when there's a plan or project that really piques my interest. Another big wheeled foamy test, precision aerobatics (already fully covered in BMFA news), a fuel article, old radios and slope soaring are subjects that don't really encourage me to read them closely.

Not critical of the journalism but it's not for me on a regular basis any more. Coupled with that is the BMFA News that's raising it's game fairly well now after much criticism and is to all intents and purposes FOC. However, glad that others are happy with it and I hope RCM&E continues to be around for the casual purchaser.

Edited By Cuban8 on 25/01/2020 12:42:45

I fully understand your point of view, which I feel you have presented in a very balanced way.

However the problem is not with the magazine.

Regarding the cost of the magazine, if you look at the figures going back many years the price is still relative to other items on the "shopping list". The size has increased (unlike beer, loaves of bread and fish & chips), though the advertising content has decreased.

It is consumer expectations (and demand) that have changed and that is down to marketing, irrespective of the commodity.

Remember. It is the advertisers who pay for the production of the magazine. Most (if not all) of the cover price is swallowed up by printing, transport, distribution and retailers.

I wouldn't be surprised to see an amalgamation of the boating and flying magazines within the not too distant future. After all, it's what the advertisers want. Why pay twice to reach the same volume market ?

Food for though ?


Thread: Cheaper or more expensive.
19/01/2020 00:22:05

Charlie. yes

Relatively speaking our hobby and many others have never been so inexpensive. This I think will eventually change. However, most "traditional" modellers will have no doubt filled their lofts with kits (the foam will help with the insulation) and their sheds with components, materials and tools (solar panels on the roof to assist charging).

If it is so bad over here, why do so many people go to such great lengths to try and get here ?

And why do we stop them (misery likes company) ?


Edited By kevin b on 19/01/2020 00:22:46

18/01/2020 19:52:03
Posted by Don Fry on 18/01/2020 19:14:14:

I am exposed to immediate market responses. You get it a bit later, when traders can no longer bear the strain, and keep in business. No one noticed how expensive an OS engine looks against a Laser?

Yes, but you can't fly a model using a waiting list !

Laser prices these days are good, but unfortunately there isn't enough profit in them for Jon's bosses to put them into mainstream production. Thus we have to be thankful that Jon can get any made at all.

If OS are charging more, it sounds like they aren't selling as many, which we all know anyway.

With regards to ic engines in general, what price nostalgia in 10 years time ?

"Buy em while they're cheap !"


18/01/2020 19:06:43
Posted by PatMc on 18/01/2020 18:46:48:

Life in Britain is going to become more expensive due to Brexit.

Why blame Brexit ?

Thread: CAA registration take-up?
18/01/2020 10:38:03
Posted by Steve J on 18/01/2020 09:59:25:
Posted by stevejet66 on 17/01/2020 17:50:43:

Go to CAA website,


Take test

Print docs off

Go fly

I agree. The BMFA should not have got involved with DMARES.

Why not ?

Does it involve model flying ?

Does it involve education to do with model flying ?

Does it have the potential to improve take up of our declining hobby ?

I am asking questions, not making a statement.

If the answers to any of them are yes, then of course the British Model Flying Association (no acronym) should show an interest. Most of the members (other than those who join for the cheap insurance) would agree, but there again. "What did the Romans do for us ?"

Thread: A long time since i did this.....
17/01/2020 19:24:34

May i suggest laying each layer of cloth up separately and use 15 min catalyst.

If you try and layer it up in one go with a slow cure you will either end up very tired from pulling the resin back up the mould for hours, or with a cowl that is very thick at the front and very thin at the rear. That is unless you have a machine to keep rotating it until the resin goes off.

I have experience !


Thread: Hi from me and my KK Fairey Gannet build
17/01/2020 19:16:12

Are you fitting contra-rotating props ?

Big fuselage, not a huge wing. Keep it light !

Good luck and welcome to the madness.


Thread: CAA registration take-up?
17/01/2020 19:11:14
Posted by stevejet66 on 17/01/2020 17:50:43:

I think all you lot need to get a life, I just think a lot of you if not most lead a very very sad life as professional keyboard warriors all day playing, Mr policeman, Solicitor, Politicians And the mr do gooder, Now Lets simplify all this,

Go to CAA website,


Take test

Print docs off

Go fly

Aw Steve, your no fun.

What have you got against the BMFA ?

Regarding your last comment, I would love to, but due to all those Americans eating cows and digging up fossil fuels (as well as other people), we have had very little opportunity in my area to do so for the last year or so. currently it seems that the only time we have dry weather and the wind is low is during the hours of darkness !

It's interesting that the latest copy of RCM&E has an article about model boats. There hasn't been one of those for years ! There again you can sail boats when it is raining, or a bit breezy (and you don't need to take a test to say that you are aware of the rules - even if you haven't read them).


17/01/2020 11:00:42
Posted by Colin Carpenter on 17/01/2020 10:32:10:

We must all be asking the same question? Where have they all come from bearing in mind I thought there were only 40k of us old farts flying!! Colin

It will include all those who use a drone for work, such as estate agents, the emergency services, civil engineers, councils, schools, farmers, etc.

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