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Thread: Colour scheme advice needed
10/12/2019 14:36:28

Got it !!!

Thanks Martyn.

colour scheme (2).jpg

Thread: Flair Legionaire plans
09/12/2019 18:47:29

PM sent

Thread: Ebay sellers...
09/12/2019 17:32:05
Posted by John Lee on 09/12/2019 16:50:11:

The most unusual Super 60 I've ever seen. I'm not knocking the builder/seller in any way, looks a very nice job.

Well it wouldn't win at Krufts !

Thread: Colour scheme advice needed
09/12/2019 12:31:48

Thanks chaps.

I forgot to mention, but it is a razorback, not a bubble top. That does unfortunately reduce the options a bit.

08/12/2019 22:21:44

I have been tasked with finishing off a 3rd hand TopFlite P-47 kit.

One of our club members bought it and decided he didn't want to finish it after all.

As I like building, he asked me if I wanted to finish it.

I like a challenge and have not been disappointed !!!

Anyway, I am making good progress. Most of the "problems" have been resolved and it should make a reasonable model.

However it is not a subject that has great interest to me long term, so it will be sold once it has been test flown and is considered satisfactory.

Now the problem is what colour scheme to do it in ? Myself I would probably do it in a British scheme, so desert colours, or Far East camouflage. Or do I paint it in one of the American "colorful" schemes (yuk). The alternative would be to leave it in primer and let the buyer paint it. I do like to see them finished before I part with them though.

This is going to be an average club model, not a totally scale model and will be sold fully working. It is fitted with Robart air retracts, A Super Custom 91 four stroke and all servos.

Any thoughts on the scheme, or interest in the finished model would be appreciated. I live in North Yorkshire.

kevin b.


Edited By kevin b on 08/12/2019 22:22:01

Thread: Ebay sellers...
08/12/2019 19:35:50

Working !

But it doesn't say when, or how.


Thread: Christmas Excess
30/11/2019 18:11:29


(there's always one)


Thread: How to remove glue from ARTF before recovering....
23/11/2019 14:09:23

Acetone and cellulose thinners are totally different solvents, although they do have some similar properties.

Either way you MUST ALWAYS work in a very well ventilated area when using these solvents and try to avoid skin contact with them as much as possible. Safety glasses are also a good idea in case of splashes. Finding solvent proof gloves might be a bit difficult as most disposable gloves melt in seconds !

Thread: Looking at a new supplier
16/11/2019 15:34:16

They appear to be "box sellers". Mainly aimed at model cars.

Aeroplanes and associated items seem to be limited.

Not a "proper" model shop, but been trading for some time.

I personally would prefer to use someone more familiar with aeroplanes, particularly if I was buying something I hadn't seen "in the flesh".

You pays your money, - you takes your choice. As they say.

Thread: Foam Wing Cutter
14/11/2019 17:56:23

There seems to be a fair bit of information on YouTube, but little on the forum and all the links are out of date.

I too would be interested in any advice.

Thread: Cremation, or Composting ?
11/11/2019 12:56:02

I was reading one of the other threads about an item on ebay which should have been "put on the bonfire". This lead to the little grey cells starting to wake up.

In these days of climate change and global warming, maybe we should consider more, the disposal of our old models.

I know, by virtue of our hobby that we are in the majority recyclers of long standing and that wastage is a cardinal sin. However there does come a point when we run out of options for reusing something. The burning of said airframe, although of semi-religious significance is not the best option in these "green" days. maybe we should break down the remains into component parts. Most of the plastic components are of recyclable materials, as are the metal parts. The wood could be put in the compost bin. That would leave the covering materials, which would need to be sent for land fill.

With regards to ARTFs, I have another suggestion.They should be treated like any other electrical appliance and should be returned to the manufacturers for disposal through the suppliers. If they can do it with cars, why not models ?

Thoughts please ?

Thread: Is it just me or do we all take ages to do things?
07/11/2019 15:50:31

Does it matter ?

They say if you want something doing quickly, ask a busy person.

That way the rest of us have time to do what we want, when we want.

I could be lethargic, if I didn't already suffer from apathy.

Who says age doesn't have benefits ?

Thread: Sourcing PETG Sheet
23/10/2019 10:05:56

See if you can find a local (small) vac forming company. If you explain what you are doing, they will probably sell you a small sheet. That's what I did.

Thread: Latest CAA Update
21/10/2019 22:27:53

So, let me get this right.

Anybody with an "A" certificate is ok as long as they pay the fee. Through the BMFA is easiest.

Anybody without an "A" certificate has to pass an online test every 3 years until they get their "A" certificate, but can still pay through the BMFA (subject to new rules next year).

Anybody who fails the online test cannot fly, except on a buddy lead at BMFA registered clubs, but doesn't have to pay the fee.

Unfortunately I have to have this in plain English to pass on to some of our club members.

I will double check this with the BMFA.

Edited By kevin b on 21/10/2019 22:29:37

Thread: How far do you travel to fly at your club?
20/10/2019 11:25:21

5 minutes on a bad day (traffic wise). yes

I live 2 miles away from the club field (almost in a straight line !).

The only down side is that we only have an East / West strip. The prevailing wind used to be in the right direction, but over the last couple of years it has become increasingly changeable. The local trees are also starting to grow straighter as well instead of leaning !

Edited By kevin b on 20/10/2019 11:26:21

Thread: Chilli jam or chutney
18/10/2019 19:49:08
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 18/10/2019 19:41:04:

Good grief a lot of flyers must be suffering Cabin Fever with all this rain. wink


Can we have an emoji with an umbrella please mods ?

(anybody got a good recipe for ginger nuts ?)

Edited By kevin b on 18/10/2019 19:50:03

Thread: Old 35mHz Futaba
18/10/2019 18:17:06

A lot of us are keeping our 35mhz kit.

Just i case !

Thread: Suggestions for sport planes for an OS 25 FX engine
10/10/2019 00:04:04

Marutaka Mighty Knight ?

19-25 2 stroke, or 30-40 4 stroke.

Bolted, or banded on wing.

Trike or tail dragger with retracts.

Mighty Knight

Thread: scottish aviation bulldog
07/10/2019 20:21:51


Nice aeroplane, but not without its problems.

They tend to come out rather tail heavy, so the wing loading is quite high when balanced.

Scale undercarriage gives minimal prop clearance, so small props have to be used.

The original had a .60 2 stroke in it and apparently needed full flaps to get off the ground !

I have done a lot of work redesigning this model and am now on my second prototype. The first one took off from a very nice, long run and smoothly lifted up to about 2 metres off the ground. Then for reasons we still cannot figure out it stood on its nose and went in under full power. It was as if the wheels had hit a crosswire across the runway. Many lessons learnt from that airframe and hopefully the modifications on the new one will address the tail heaviness a little. At least we now have a more than adequate power system.

Eric Evans original plan featured in RCM&E December 1974. I can copy the article for you, if you want.

Thread: Point of purchase tax
04/10/2019 21:08:17

There will only be one winner. wink 2

We all want to buy it cheaper. That is why so many LMS have closed.

The answer is. If you want to play the game, then you must study the rules carefully, so that you understand them. When you have done that, you will then be in a position to decide if you are saving money. If you cannot be bothered to spend the time in doing so, then caveat emptor, as they say.

Edited By kevin b on 04/10/2019 21:15:39

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