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Thread: Re: Looking Back 43 Years
07/09/2019 19:06:10

1976 ?

I had recently discovered an alternative to model aeroplanes - GIRLS.

They could be just as awkward as your average diesel. Probably as expensive as airframes, but lots more fun to hug than an RC transmitter !


Thread: One for the single channel fans
05/09/2019 16:08:06

I was browsing through Ebay (as you do), when I came across this.


If it is of any interest to you.

Thread: interest renewed
28/08/2019 18:27:32

Welcome back Peter.

Do you mean traditional style (scale), or traditional build (plan or kit) ?

Lots of free plans available on 'tinternet and still a few kit manufacturers about if you look.

What area are you located in ?

Thread: Drone At Gatwick
28/08/2019 14:46:50
Posted by ken anderson. on 28/08/2019 14:42:15:

where I live, north east there are some nice tourist spots on our doorstep...………… Saturday I was at one of them with probably100's of others around lunch time, lots of activities going on and above our heads was a drone....and someone nearby with his FPV head unit on...…. he proceeded to overfly all and sundry, I was thinking that if it came down it was guaranteed to hit someone or thing. After 1/2 an hour he landed and retreated to his in theory in a couple of months he would be liable to a canny fine or would he still be ignored? also he was in controlled to my mind he was def breaking a few existing rules and regs…...

ken canny fine dept.

There is never a policeman (or woman) around when you want one. devil

Thread: SC30 FS problems
07/08/2019 19:25:38


Andrew is your man.

Thread: Aldi
25/07/2019 19:05:47
Posted by Martian on 25/07/2019 15:10:28:

Hi I didn't provide a link because they are available in store it looked like a standard disc to me 5/6 inches approx

That's small ! wink 2

Thread: Good news thread.
11/07/2019 20:07:16
Posted by john stones 1 on 11/07/2019 19:59:05:
Posted by David Davis on 11/07/2019 17:32:04:

England bowled out Australia for 223 in the Semi-Final of the Cricket Woirld Cup then proceeded to score 226 for 2 in only 38.1 overs!

They face New Zealand in the final.

Yep, and on free to view channel. smiley

Excuse me, but this is the Good News Thread.

Not the Optimist Thread !

wink 2

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
11/07/2019 10:51:18

I take it you asked them for samples ?


Thread: Giving up
10/07/2019 10:55:35
Posted by Don Fry on 10/07/2019 10:36:04:

Possibly. The article I read had pictures. It would quite distract from propellor discipline.

I think you need to go take a shower and then read the new BMFA magazine !

10/07/2019 10:51:22

I have lived on my own (mostly, with interesting breaks) for over 37 years.

When I bought my first house friends and family kindly bought me lots of "extremely useful" bits and pieces to help with running the new home.

I still keep finding them !

Sometimes though you get fed up of being on your own (only rarely though) and I was thinking of putting an advert in the Post Office. What do you think ?

Man who doesn't, looking for woman who does. Comfortable accommodation provided. Sense of humour required. Must not be allergic to glow fuel, dope fumes and balsa dust. Needs to have interests to keep busy when weather is dry and calm. No pets, children or scrounging relatives.


Thread: What happened to 'How times change'?
09/07/2019 21:04:46

Not to mention the cost of moulded gliders.

They're soaring. teeth 2

09/07/2019 21:03:14
Posted by brokenenglish on 09/07/2019 14:12:09:
Posted by David Ashby - Moderator on 09/07/2019 13:15:10:

It was about nothing in particular and just an attempt to antagonise and agitate forum members. It exists no more.

Wait a minute David, I haven't started yet...devil

Yes and have you seen the price of black powder propellant recently ?

It's rocketing ! wink 2

Thread: The demise of. ASP/SC
09/07/2019 11:10:04

It would be interesting to see exactly what engines are available in the U.K. and their prices.

Anybody got a list ?

Thread: What happened to 'How times change'?
08/07/2019 23:03:55
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 08/07/2019 22:32:02:

Don't know what this is all about, but to me it is just a hobby forum.

I agree, but to some the forums (and complaining) are their hobby !

08/07/2019 17:45:59

It would probably have been too difficult to cut the bad posts and keep the continuity.

There seems to have been a lot of this type of problem recently, but I don't think it is just this forum.

Maybe too many people, with too much opinion.

It wasn't like this when I was a lad. wink 2

Thread: The demise of. ASP/SC
08/07/2019 17:38:34

I like Saito, never owned one but have a hankering to. It's a good point as to why you would choose one over a Laser?

Edit: I think Denis has just answered it for me.

Edited By Doc Marten on 08/07/2019 15:13:01


Laser don't make radial engines - yet devil

Thread: Beginner Questions
06/07/2019 20:02:33

Hi James and welcome to the hobby.

Let us know what area you are in and maybe we can help you find someone local who can guide you through the minefield that beginners face. You don't have to do it all on your own. We all started somewhere and most of us are keen to lend assistance where needed. This is a great hobby once you get involved, with many different branches. You never know where you are going to end up !

Thread: Local club attendance
03/07/2019 14:52:48
Posted by Percy Verance on 03/07/2019 14:13:03:

As mentioned earlier, we don't need any Council permission as it isn't their land. It's privately owned, with the owner having an interest in both multirotors, helicopters and powered gliders. Oddly he doesn't fly with us on the bit we use though. He has his own area a few hundred metres (out of sight) from us......

Planning permission isn't an issue either as there is no change of use. The land, all 100% of it - remains in use for it's original purpose. This is entirely intentional.

Edited By Percy Verance on 03/07/2019 14:34:16

Thanks Percy. I understand.

However, even though it is agricultural land it will still be subject to the 28 day rule and if someone uses it for any other purpose than agriculture for more than 28 days in the year, then you have to get permission. The reason I know this is that I own the field next to my house and can only fly on it for 28 days per year without council permission.

02/07/2019 18:49:57
Posted by Percy Verance on 02/07/2019 18:25:04:

We're fortunate in that we normally get at least 50% attendance at most flying sessions. Mind you, there are just four of us in our group. We aren't registered as a club anywhere, and just one of us is a BMFA member. The remainder are with alternative Associations. We all stump up 25% of the field rent cost and share the mowing. No flying suits, no hi viz vests, no hassle. It works well.

Edited By Percy Verance on 02/07/2019 18:26:15

Hi Percy.

If you are not registered as a club, how did you get permission to fly from the local council ? I have a legitimate reason for asking as I have access to several fields.

Kevin b

01/07/2019 22:26:41
Posted by Martin Harris on 01/07/2019 19:51:52:
Posted by Richard Acland on 01/07/2019 19:39:44:

We have 30 odd club members

How many sensible ones? wink

Silly question.

You have to be mad to be an aeromodeller. crook

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