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Thread: Benefits of the lockdown
07/04/2020 16:26:33

Don't know if this comes under the heading "benefits". I suppose it depends on your point of view.


Thread: Pink and Purple Super Sixty
07/04/2020 15:34:05

There are plenty of rib cutters out there and many recommended on the forum. Look in the adds column in the magazine as well.

I think most of the ribs are the same, so why not make a (thick) plywood template and let her cut her own ribs ? It will be good practice for her (and keep her busy for a while wink 2).

You have got a first aid kit, haven't you ? teeth 2

I might be able to help with the pink solar film. Not sure about purple though.

kevinb (likely to get lynched department).

Edited By kevin b on 07/04/2020 15:36:19

Thread: Benefits of the lockdown
07/04/2020 15:26:02
Posted by john stones 1 on 07/04/2020 15:14:25:

The wifes bored rigid, taken an interest in DIY. surprise

Me being a helpful sort am encouraging her, "how do you mix Pollyfilla" same as your spuds dear, but without the lumps. face 1

May I suggest not asking for mash for tea. wink 2

Thread: Insurance costs
06/04/2020 19:16:43

Theft from home. Can be covered on household policy.

Theft from car. Need to check with car insurance on contents cover.

Theft from anywhere else. Not available.

Best insurance for crashed models. 40p (black bin liner).

If you think that's bad try getting 3rd party insurance for a working model traction engine. It's dearer than having a qualified 17 year old on your car policy !

Thread: Grass Cutting
04/04/2020 10:47:08

Where I live (9 miles from the nearest town) we are still seeing cyclists and camper vans going past our houses, though not as many as usual. All the locals are playing by the rules and have the same attitude. You can't educate pork.

Anyway back to the grass.

I had noticed (as I live near the flying field) that the grass in the field was getting long. So it was arranged for a couple of us to go cut the strip the day before lockdown started. It was decided we could do so and keep our distance from each other. We got there to find that the sheep had beaten us to it ! Obviously the grass on the strip is tastier and the farmer had let them in early. Having got there it seemed a shame not to get a couple of flights in (from either side of the strip). That seems like years ago.

Thread: Benefits of the lockdown
03/04/2020 18:05:43

Anybody had a visit from the J*****s W******es recently, or M****ns ?


Edited By kevin b on 03/04/2020 18:07:18

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
02/04/2020 22:25:17
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 26/03/2020 08:13:51:

Its a nice idea but i need the others to run the machines. Also, if supplies of ali and steel continue to decline we will all be twiddling our thumbs anyway

Ah, plenty of time for development work then. yes

On a slightly more serious note, Some time ago I bought a cheap Chinese petrol strimmer to play with the engine. It has a copy (?) of the Honda 26cc OHC engine fitted to it (maybe I will have time now !). The question I ask, is why model engine manufacturers haven't developed OHC engines ? The advantages are obvious, but I assume there must be some disadvantages otherwise we would be seeing them. Particularly petrol versions.

Now there's a thought. An inline twin Laser with double overhead cams (One has to dream).

teeth 2

Thread: Will we continue to get the magazine (RCM&E)?
02/04/2020 14:58:56

kc. You are not wrong.

Just went onto the MyTime Media website.

It is 5 years out of date !!!

Not good for a media company in this day and age.

02/04/2020 14:52:23
Posted by Peter Miller on 02/04/2020 13:37:38:

I am helping fill some pages with the odd article or two or three.

I have an unpublished book that I am allowed to use as it will never be publised now

Ok. Somebody has to ask.

Why not question

Thread: Grass Cutting
01/04/2020 22:17:18
Posted by Fatscoleymo on 01/04/2020 18:50:36:

John Stones - gawd bless you my son - you do talk a lot of common sense - which we need in bucket full's at the moment.

In that case, what is he doing on this forum ?


01/04/2020 11:52:50


They can still cut golf courses, but we aren't allowed to cut flying strips !

There again, golf makes more money than model aeroplane flying.

Maybe I'm just cynical. question

Thread: NEW POLL - Has home isolation prompted you to start trad' building?
31/03/2020 20:15:45
Posted by john stones 1 on 31/03/2020 19:25:03:

No for me, finishing off models left wanting plumbing and setting up, got two done, two to go.

Sock draw tidied, I went with matching colours, do hankies go with undies or socks ?

I hope you ironed them all first !


31/03/2020 19:13:14


I don't think it so much as tests your skills, as your dexterity and eyesight. smile d

Thread: The penny is finally dropping....
31/03/2020 11:29:34

I didn't see a CAA number on that drone. devil

Thread: Will we continue to get the magazine (RCM&E)?
31/03/2020 11:27:29


With the number of posters and flyers around at the moment I don't thing the printers will be closed down soon, Certainly not those involved with "media". That is unless the raw materials are diverted for alternative production (if you know what I mean wink 2).

I haven't watched soaps since Ena Sharples was alive and Elsie Tanner was still chucking it around, but I think you should be reasonably safe as long as the phones are still working.

Regarding workshop time, eventually your other half will get so fed up of you being "under her feet" that she will be positively pushing you into the shed. So now is the time to put that purchase list together because before too long there won't be any objections !

Think positive and stay safe.

Kevin b (self isolating for the last 20 years)

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
30/03/2020 22:25:45
Posted by Stuphedd on 30/03/2020 22:10:24:

Hi Tim that luxurious work bench takes me hours to iron flat so as the wings are built without warps, but it does mean I dont have to go far to bed ,

as there is no smell to these electric things I can use the spare room and nobody notices !


Just make sure you account for all the pins, or you could be in BIG trouble. wink

30/03/2020 16:20:04
Posted by john stones 1 on 30/03/2020 15:57:28:

It's cute, I like it, spats the correct way around ?

That's what I thought !

Nice model.


Thread: If bored from lockdown
30/03/2020 13:11:52

I consider myself very lucky. I don't like sports, TV, or constant socialising (apart from flying). Yes I am affected by the current situation, but my phone and computer are still working so I am in contact with people and I only travel to the supermarket every 2-3 weeks (which could be fun as it is this week !). Because I live out in the country I am generally well organised, particularly at this time of year and well stocked up (on balsa and glue)(as well as toilet rolls). I have several projects of different natures on the go and many more in mind to start.

My sympathies go out to those less fortunate than myself, who are having great difficulty adjusting to this situation. We all get bored occasionally, but this enforced boredom is, for most the worst kind. I can only hope there is a positive outcome in that people will renew old interests, or perhaps learn new skills (both practical and academic) rather than sit and wait to be entertained by others. That is where boredom starts.

Bored, me ? No, but sometimes I do run out of enthusiasm !


Thread: Malta
29/03/2020 18:57:31
Posted by Kevin Fairgrieve on 29/03/2020 17:57:21:

Same here Ken.

Just trying to sort out the farce that are Ryan Air.

We were due out early June.

Don't hold your breath and think yourself lucky if Ryan Air are still around in June.

sad (we're all doomed a tell ee).

Thread: Flying Scale Models Magazine.
27/03/2020 14:30:37

That's good news Jeff.

This thread caused me to look at my magazine collections and though I couldn't help with this one I was surprised at how many FSM magazines I had !

As collections go it is nowhere near complete and I have decided it would be interesting to see if I can possibly do so. If anybody has any surplus to their needs let me know and I will send you a "wish list". I don't expect them for free, but I won't be paying silly prices (born and bred in Yorkshire).


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