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Thread: Wings n Wheels 2013
29/05/2013 19:21:47
Posted by Martin Harris on 29/05/2013 17:09:08:

The majority from our club usually go on the Sunday and it's the one show that we never miss. Trust those Northerners to organise the Greenacres fly-in on the same weekend - every year!

The last time I looked Greenacres was near Walsall, which is near Birmingham. From my geography lessons (a few years ago) this area was considered to be the Midlands. There again I am from Yorkshire. I'm not going to say that this is what we expect from Southerners, but you don't do yourselves any favours do you ?

Roll on the great referendum, when Yorkshire and Lancashire vote to join the Untied Counties of Scotland. Then no doubt we'll get called southern jessies !!!


Thread: Digital Copy free plans ??
22/05/2013 21:52:44

Hi MoeSA.

What are you looking for ? I don't use all my free plans.

You can pm me with your contact details.


Thread: Gear Drive Reductions
19/05/2013 23:27:26


That is great. I bet it sounds wonderful.

What's next, variable pitch prop perhaps ?


Thread: RC Clinic
16/05/2013 17:45:35
Posted by WolstonFlyer on 16/05/2013 13:44:31:
I could fall out with people for bragging like that Kevin

I had to smuggle my latest big box of balsa into the house at 11pm yesterday... luckily I can get things delivered to work!

Sorry WF Couldn't resist it, but wasn't bragging. The grass is always greener on the other side. All my own cooking, washing, ironing, house cleaning, gardening, not to mention shopping !!!

Also I'm not selfish, so if anyone local fancies a joint-build or needs a small flying field let me know. I'm in North Yorkshire. Any single female modellers please pm me with their phone number for more details.

kevinb Not desperate, but hopeful.

16/05/2013 11:52:04

Reading the above I must consider myself very fortunate. I'm still single. Have my own field to fly in. A workshop 6m x 5m and machine room 6m x 3m built into the house. A huge stack of balsa and kits (all bought at ridiculous prices). Just this last week I picked up a brand new Jen 91 with silencer for £40.00 and 6 gallons of fuel for £45.00. All I need now is to sort out the early retirement and get some flying lessons ! It's been a long while since I flew properly.

P.S. Already been to see the shrink. Every day in every way I feel a little better.

kevinb Feeling smug dept.

Thread: How 'wet' can a brushless get?
14/05/2013 20:11:58

Bet you can't do that with an FS40 ! Well at least not for as long.

The moral being I suppose, if you fly from water, fly electric. Then if you land inverted, you can still get back to shore.


Thread: Hello
12/05/2013 20:55:46

Hi Ian and welcome.

You will like it on here, everyone is so helpful. The rich and famous (or is that editorial staff) are more than happy to hobnob with us mere peasants as we look on in awe and admiration. Mind you there are some grumpy old g**s on here as wel, just don't take them too seriouslyl. Lots of valuable advice given free as well as encouragement.


Thread: Enlightenment required please
11/05/2013 20:20:44

I have a copy of this plan. Having looked at it, I would say that the weight is probably to counter torque. A 2.5cc diesel on that size wingspan could possibly need it. If you are building electric powered then I would leave it off. It's a nice looking model. Is the quality of the kit good ?


Thread: In your experience what's the most common cause of a crash?
10/05/2013 19:48:17
Posted by kevin b on 10/05/2013 18:58:41:
Posted by cymaz on 10/05/2013 09:37:00:

The %'s only add up to 99.......who stole the other 1%??

I'm not saying, but divine intervention hasn't been mentioned in the poll. Not wishing to tempt providence, but maybe a few crashes were retribution from an anthropomorphic divinity who has been wronged. How many pilots WHO, on seeing their pride and joy go chasing moles, hasn't looked up and said, or at least thought "why me ?" It's either that or little green men.

kevinb Waiting for the van to arrive.

Should have been who, not have. Somehow I can't edit the post.

Kevinb Bad grammer is us.

10/05/2013 18:58:41
Posted by cymaz on 10/05/2013 09:37:00:

The %'s only add up to 99.......who stole the other 1%??

I'm not saying, but divine intervention hasn't been mentioned in the poll. Not wishing to tempt providence, but maybe a few crashes were retribution from an anthropomorphic divinity who has been wronged. How many pilots have, on seeing their pride and joy go chasing moles, hasn't looked up and said, or at least thought "why me ?" It's either that or little green men.

kevinb Waiting for the van to arrive.

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
09/05/2013 19:43:30

A mummy covered in chocolate and nuts has been discovered in Egypt .>>


Archaeologists believe it may be Pharaoh Roche...>>

Sorry. I've not been on this thread for a while.

09/05/2013 19:42:28

Two women called at my door and asked what bread I ate, when I said white they gave me a lecture on the benefits of brown bread for 30 minutes.>>


I think they were those Hovis Witnesses.>>

Thread: Ton Van Munsteren's P-51 Mustang
05/05/2013 22:43:10

Just fairly standard small 2s (helicopter) and Overlander sport 26Cs (2200mah-3s) at the moment, as well as other types of battery, I will check the chargers manual for you in the morning. If you want to pm your e-mail address I could scan the manual and send you a copy.


05/05/2013 20:05:22
Posted by Ton van Munsteren on 24/12/2012 12:19:52:

I like the Lipo 3S 2200mah packs and also use them in the Siebel and Tailwind, the only thing Iam now looking for is a charger to charge 4 pack's at the same time so I don't have to wait between flights wink.


Hi Ton.

I use an Etronix Powerpal 4. It's a brilliant multi charger.


Thread: Do you know what it is yet ?
03/05/2013 22:58:55

Thanks rActive and Martyn. Making a wing is no problem and I know not hugely time consuming. I think I will take it to the club i am joining and get their opinion as to if it's worthwhile. It wouldn't take me too much longer to build another fuselage and I have all the materials. It's just that my Yamamoto is getting lots of negatives and I haven't quite finished it yet (running in motor). I suppose I could scale up a Bushwhacker to take a 40. Most instructors seem to prefer i/c to electric and my other trainer is a Magister with a brushless.

Just in case has anyone any idea how much dihedral a new wing would need ?


Thread: Leather look cockpit surround - HELP!
03/05/2013 22:38:24

Call me silly, but couldn't you just cover the tube, stitch the tube then after matt varnishing the stiching (to glue it to the leather) split the tube. Then you could just glue it around the aperture. I know it's a cheat, but I'm sure it would look ok.

Small eyelets. Hmm, Thin brass foil from the LMS metal stand and a punch made from thin tube of the right internal diameter. Your sowing needle should go through the foil easy enough.

kevinb anything for an easy life contingency.

Edited By kevin b on 03/05/2013 22:44:39

Thread: hi all
03/05/2013 22:24:09

Hi Puddlechucker and welcome to the forum.

You will get lots of friendly helpful advice on here, mostly from people better qualified than me to do so.

In the meantime have a look on here to find your local clubs. **LINK**

kevinb part-time welcoming commitee

Edited By kevin b on 03/05/2013 22:24:36

Thread: Cessna O-2
03/05/2013 19:55:07

Hi Simon.

I have the Royal Skymaster plans at 28ins span if they are of any use to you. Could also enlarge them as well. Pm me if your interested.


Edited By kevin b on 03/05/2013 19:56:44

Thread: Do you know what it is yet ?
03/05/2013 19:45:50

Many thanks for the info.

The viceroy does sem to fit, although in the pictures I can find it appears to have a slightly different cowl shape and is a tail dragger.

From what I can gather, it wasn't a particularly good or liked model, so I can't see any value in trying to resurect it. I think I will salvage the bits and save the wood for November 5th.

Now what am I going to build for an Irvine 61, with tricycle undercart and ailerons to use as a trainer ? It's probably going to be quite big by todays trainer standards and NO, not a Super 60 ! I have no problems cutting foam wings, but cutting ribs is boring and I haven't built the CNC machine yet (Next winters project). Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

kevinb slightly less clueless, but not glueless.

Thread: flying areas west yorkshire
02/05/2013 23:10:48

Now let me get this right. You can't fly solo because you haven't got an A cert. Ok. In order to take the A test you have to fly solo. Correct ? So do you have to take the test at another club ? I think the club should look carefully at its rules ! If the club "qualified" instructor thinks you are safe enough to fly solo, then surely in order to practice for the test you should be allowed the opportunity to do so. Isn't that in the best interests of the club anyway ? I thought the idea was to encourage newcomers to the hobby. It's hardly a good advert for that particular club, is it ? Also they will have taken membership fees off you, even though you haven't got an A cert.

pm me with your location in Leeds. I am just joining my local club "up the road" from you and they seem to be more interested in flying (safely), as well as regularly rather than rules.


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