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Thread: Gatwick drone incident
22/12/2018 22:10:07
Unless I have read it wrong, fence disrupts radio signals, and I thought they had already said it was unlikely to be flying by radio. More likely to be a programmed flight using GPS, so how would that help?
Thread: BMFA Website down...?
24/09/2018 17:33:43
Seems to be working again.
21/09/2018 18:06:59
Could it be that for some reason people who think they are on the site are actually on a cached version?
Thread: Cambrian Little Midge
30/08/2018 16:15:10

I contacted Cambrian, and they responded by saying the left thrust was deliberate. Apparently they tried it with right thrust, left thrust, and no angle, and were told it worked best with left thrust. The reason given was the little motor. I was not aware that scaling everything down and using a little motor would swap the required thrust direction, and it is definitely not something I have noticed on small and indoor RTF models. But there you go.

29/08/2018 15:31:31
Thanks for that, I think pushing it back the other way with a wedge seems reasonable. A shame really as other than this it has been very slick so far.
29/08/2018 14:33:07
Finally got round to building this. Main structures went together in a couple of hours, but I have now stopped as something seems odd to me.
The fuselage sides are handed, and I have them the right way round, but looking at it there is a built in side the left. That seems the wrong way round to me. Am I missing something?
Thread: P38 Lightning
07/08/2018 18:35:56
I seem to remember seeing mention of a version of PLA that is sufficiently more thermally stable to make it not really an issue. It may have actually been on the Aerofred website.
Thread: Thinking of changing my car
02/08/2018 22:35:31
Yet another note for the Mazda 6 tourer. Loads of space, goes like stink, and does more to the gallon than my wife's city car (oh yeah, and actually looks good). Diesel get an undeserved bad press in some cases. Mazda go better than the strictest regs (hence joke cheap road tax) without having to add the blue stuff, just by good design and having the lowest compression ratio diesel on the planet to increase burn time. Never had a Mazda before, but would have another in a heartbeat.
Thread: P38 Lightning
02/08/2018 22:23:49
Looks pretty impressive. It all looks to sit true, which would be a worry building from small blocks. I like it.
Thread: Phoenix and Win10
30/07/2018 22:19:33
On a home pc (unless the shop were naughty and put a password on it so you have to go back to them) it usually says that you need administrator permissions and you click OK and it gives you them. Very pointless, but I have seen it a good many times.
Thread: P38 Lightning
28/07/2018 11:43:18
I'm another secretly watching with interest. IMHO this could be the future of model building as 3d printers get better and cheaper. It sort of has karma as well, as most of us started building airfix kits and could end up printing and building what are essentially giant airfix kits.
Thread: Imax B6
28/06/2018 22:36:13
As far as I can make out a lot of the chargers with "6" in them are badge engineered from the same manufacturer. I have had the same thing happen on more than one (they will usually say full....but can be hours to do the last few mAh). It isn't the batteries in my case. In fact I have a couple of duo607 chargers where the batteries now register as full in the right period of time on the left hand connectors, but not on the right. Weird...but not a lot I can do about it. Realistically, when pressing the display and it is showing 4.20V per cell, and only a handful of mAh in half an hour then they are done. I know this as if I swap sides they register as full within a couple of minutes.
Thread: Cambrian Little Midge
26/06/2018 17:49:02
I picked one up, but it is still in the box.
Thread: Power HD Servos
01/05/2018 22:59:40
Not from me, and they have been on some of my models ( Inc a 72 inch Katana) for a few years.
01/05/2018 20:46:27
I have used a lot of the HD1201 (12kg) servos and they have always been accurate strong and reliable. Can't fault them.
Thread: Sir Ken Dodd
12/03/2018 19:40:29
I saw him a few years ago and he joked about us not getting out until after all the buses and taxis had stopped. Turned out he wasn't joking......
Thread: Vapor replacement esc and servo block
11/01/2018 23:49:31
They are not out of stock at Steve Webb's (Servoshop) as 2 arrived from there today. They are 25 quid though.
Thread: Which 12v motor for 30" carbon prop?
10/07/2017 18:35:51
So at 44V you would need 4 batteries in series. It would pull 180A, so 4 lithium car batteries of say 54Ah each would run the motor flat out for 18 minutes. (discharging to a point that would not be advisable).....and I am guessing be a bit heavy and bulky into the bargain.
10/07/2017 18:24:10
I assume you realise that 12s is not 12V. It is 12 lipo cells at 3.7V each. 12x3.7=44.4V
So this motor would spin it, but at 44V to match 100cc engine.12V would not be even close.
10/07/2017 17:34:41
Unfortunately cost will be high. The potentiometer would have to be able to take the power dumped away from the motor when it it turned down. That means it becomes a several KW heater. It is for that reason you have no choice but to use a speed controller, and at high power they are expensive. In the model world anything more than a few kW would result in a petrol engine being used based on cost alone for all bar the most determined. At high powers the motor ends up the cheap bit. Even the batteries become VERY expensive, and that is for flight times of under 10 minutes, which I am guessing won't be enough for a paraglider. 4kW at 12V is 333A. That means a 33Ah battery (33000mAh) would only last 6 minutes.
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