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Thread: Hobbyking site development.
25/01/2020 08:23:21

Thanks for saying I don’t support my local shop. I have been for years until they retired and closed shop. The other model chain, the high business rates killed them off so do I go on a car journey a few hours round trip to the nearest model shop just to see what they have? Or go on the internet and it mostly links to Hong Kong?

24/01/2020 17:17:28

Have ordered last week of November as both items shown “in stock”. Now it’s 24th January and I have contacted them, One of the items has a warranty issue so it now changed into “back order” As it’s the Chinese New Year, I will have to wait to mid February for an update.

Thread: Antonov AN124 Ruslan
22/01/2020 08:31:59

Hi Simon.

The AN 124 looks amazing and what’s the total weight including batteries?

I work out the maximum thrust could be 3,344g from the 4 EDF units and being hand launched helps.


Thread: Real Model Pilots
14/11/2019 11:56:35

Hi Callsign Tarnish

Did your order come through? If yes how long did it take?

I have ordered two full bodied 1/12 scale pilots, one to be painted 5 weeks ago and have sent email via their website, no reply so am interested in how long it will take. I am in Surrey, UK.

Thread: AND finally.....the 'Mini Jet' TSR2
29/07/2019 16:56:42

Thanks Tony. Any other info you might be interested that I can give you from the book or photos?

Happy to help. Keith

28/07/2019 16:27:35

Hi Tony. About stretching the TSR2 wings, according to the book by Damien Burke, there was a study for the big wing considered in January 1963 for a possible strategic version as the small and highly loaded wing was a drawback. Version 1 has increased span to 44.36 feet and leading-edge sweep was reduced to 58.5 degrees.

Total wing area 840 sq feet. (703 sq feet for standard wing - span 37.14 ft)

Version 2, Span increases to 51.80 feet, sweep reduced to 48 degrees and wing area increased to 980 sq feet.

Tailplane in each case was left unchanged. But the increased take off weights meant the tailplane’s authority is reduced.

In the end, the proposal was a dead end as the cost was mounting and quietly dropped.

I will send a PM of photos taken from the book.

Thread: Handley Page Heyford.
17/04/2019 07:12:10

I think the idea of 5 degs is for ground clearance for that model, as you don't want to have the lower wingtip touch the ground during take off and landing causing a ground loop and having possible damage as a result due to a wind gust. It will give more stability for the flight.

Thread: Prostate Cancer
10/04/2019 07:22:36

My dad died from Prostrate cancer a few years ago and it's a horrible way to go. He had a scan and was treated about 10 years ago, then was given an all clear with regular after checkups around the prostrate for a few years.

But the cancer had moved to a secondary site (bowel & liver) and had spread unchecked till it was too late. (My dad was going private and went to see a specialist but he only checked the prostrate and didn't think of other sites then)

I am having a scan next week but most of my family in the past who have died are from cancer, two from heart attacks and another from stroke.

Thread: 3D printer from Aldi
09/04/2019 09:01:46

Many thanks for your input.

The reason I added a spinner is really the top end and I would like one day to create a tractor spinner behind a normal plastic spinner as like in twin prop setup such as an Avro Shackleton which is a future project. (Would it be easier for me to modify a larger plastic spinner for this?)

I will build mostly in depron and balsa/light ply in high load bearing areas and fly in a slow graceful manner, that means as light as possible. It will be electric and hopefully the prop rotation speed will be slower.

Perhaps it will be more cost effective for me to have my 3D objects created elsewhere and for me do my business with a few guys on this forum, if not then I will go online.

07/04/2019 23:06:06

I have found a Balco 3D printer from Aldi online for £249.99

Is that any good and can you create say a spinner from the machine or is it a soft material? i.e. No metal type filaments?

Thread: Aircraft maintenance
28/02/2019 16:22:59

I enjoyed the film clip, thank you and is it a real emergency? Looks staged to me as film cameras from 1924 are heavy and bulky and there are plenty of them from several aircraft and on the ground. Gladys Ingle is well known for doing daredevil stunts on the aircraft and is a barnstormer. She sadly passed away in 1981 at 82 years of age.

Thread: German WW2 Insignia
28/01/2019 15:29:50

I feel that if you do want to build a model of German Aircraft during WW2, are you glorifying the Nazis, No and I am interested in advancement and ideas of the arms race during that time. Raiders of the lost ark film has a swastika on the aircraft used in an action scene and it was acceptable due to it being "film art" in Germany.

It's illegal in Germany to have a swastika on any models and I wonder in say another 100 years in the future, will it still be the case?

Thread: Gatwick drone incident
21/12/2018 17:34:53

No !

I do hope the police helicopter in the air and chasing that drone.

Edited By Keith Simmons on 21/12/2018 17:43:57

21/12/2018 17:20:52

I do hope the person or persons responsible for this do get caught as if they get away then there will be an aftermath.

If the drone or drones were preset in waypoints and GPS and not by radio control as it has been suggested, then what good will additional control be imposed on radio control use and the future drones won't broadcast user id or transponder over the wavelengths when queried by relevant authorities as User ID and/or transponder technology could be removed or switched off in the drone by that person.

To have and continue our hobby, I would welcome such technology as I don't have anything to hide.

Thank you.

20/12/2018 17:56:32

I am sorry for the tens of thousands of passengers affected by the deliberate disruption of using drones over a major airport such as Gatwick. The Christmas spirit is ruined for many families.

20/12/2018 17:18:41

Now the Army is called in to help. Hopefully it includes the SAS whom will soon catch the perpetrators and said specialist equipment is being deployed.

I am surprised that it is still going on and in my view, it's not the average joe doing this but bigger with deeper pockets? I have my suspicions but it's speculating and no place to be on here.

Thread: Can a drone fly at 10000ft?
16/12/2018 09:18:00

Interesting, I have seen videos of near misses of military and light aircraft, so a camera exists, but not for modern airliners? There is a black box each for cockpit recordings and flight data. I would have thought an another black box for external views of the aircraft looking forward plus engines and flying surfaces (wings & tailplane etc)?

In the BBC report, the drone was at 20 times the legal limit so that's 20 x 400ft = 8000ft. (Unless the ground is at 2000ft above sea level? Which I doubt it.)

Thread: More flying sites needed!
16/12/2018 08:59:53

Sadly the developers are known to buy land and sit on it knowing that the value will go up. The less land available for development, the more expensive it will be. It's all for PROFIT.

Thread: Electric Cars.
19/10/2018 21:43:30

I was talking to a guy in a electric hardware shop about electric cars and in his view this will not happen as you will need larger dia electric cables and many roads will need to be dug up just to lay them. Each house will need a charging point and what if your car is parked on the other side of the street, or you live in a block of flats? Health and safety issues with electric cables across everywhere. Businesses will need charging points and as far as I am aware you can only fast charge once then the next charge will have to be a slow charge.

I have read that there will be smart chargers so to smooth out the demand and even some cars will have to give some charge back so to keep the supply stable. What if the whole town or city has started to charge at about the same time as well as cooking as when we come home from work and need a quick top up for going out later at the end of the week?

All this costs money and do we have enough power stations to cope? We need far more power supply then we currently have.

Thread: Wren 54 starter problem
19/06/2017 18:34:20

This is not good enough and wrenpowersystems should put their house in order.

Is wren USA a big market ?

If yes then I expect the Americans will do something about it as the turbines are not cheap.

Have you tried the American forums and did they offer you any good advice?

Well done in getting the turbine to work and I am sure you can rig something so to get the turbine starting and then running with the starter disengaging to your satisfaction. 🤓

Edited By Keith Simmons on 19/06/2017 18:42:52

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