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Here is a list of all the postings Peter 'Ivanna Crashalot' Savage has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: Ripmax 2500 and Tornado 3700mAh Nimh GETS VERY HOT!!!
27/06/2010 01:20:40
There is absolutely no reason why this should get this hot, It says it charges at 3.5Ah, Is this not incredibly high?
These packs are/were pretty expensive and we used them in our RC cars.
This got hot enough to even shrink and rip the heat shrink around it. 
It was on the AC power supply.
I can't see something generating this heat, even getting a CE sticker, producing so much heat.
Does anyone else have one of these?
It has spent all it's time in a box, it has been used three times in a few years so there is little to no chance it has burnt out or anything. 
Thread: Awesome weather - how much flying are you getting in?
21/06/2010 21:54:17
I guess it would pay to keep a few spare horns and a variety of self tappers in the tool box, along with all the other stuff! I swear one person in my club lugs half his stocks up to the field, and he is the one that flies the least!
Forecast from now till the weekend looks nice!
Feeling a bit sad as I have stripped my only nitro plane to re-cover it (It's an ARTF, what more can I say!) and that has got to be the best bang for buck plane I have had! (It was free!) Maybe I can 'borrow' dads acrowot XD
Got my eye on the ARTF phoenix model Cessna 182 (incidently exactly the same company the other ARTF is from!) for my birthday, which will fit the engine. No one seems to have one though, can't find any reviews what so ever :s
I turned over to page one of RCM&E and there it was I knew I had to have it! 
Thread: SC 52fs
19/06/2010 22:03:56
ah, I did not know ringed engines have low compression at slow speed, this explains why my os 48 fs is so uncompressiony
Thread: Zulu E
18/06/2010 02:29:50
It is some where, no thanks, I have scrounged enough stuff for now XD (there was a time when I did not think I would ever utter that sentence!)
18/06/2010 01:38:38
Damn found the magazine without the plan :s I really have to stop ripping the plan out before I commit to building it!!!
Thread: Tony Nijhuis Racing Duo
17/06/2010 21:13:56
It is 60mm from the leading edge! found the plan the other day
17/06/2010 20:39:56
It can be great fun reading Chinese -> English manuals, stuffed full of engrish! Thats what you use to entertain yourself, after you have built it from common sense and are waiting for the maiden!
Thread: Looking at what i want for christmas 6 months early!!!
15/06/2010 22:31:51
With my 18th around the corner, I have my eye on the phoenix model Cessna 182! Just wondering whether I could scrounge an engine and servos as well! I would probably be getting a high spec laptop for Uni as well
Thread: Dad's final creation flies
15/06/2010 18:45:04
Can't imagine how humbling this must feel to be able to finally maiden your dad's pride and joy and by the sounds of it, its a nice model to inherit! 
Thread: Is the RC Industry Dead?
15/06/2010 00:36:52
I'm sure there are quite a lot of people who could build a kit plane better than an ARTF, maybe not me just yet I'm sure the regular plan designers, like Peter Miller or Tony Nijhuis could blow any ARTF out of the water!
And while the 'older' generations will stay building, when these people move on and it is the current youth moves into their place and they are buying ARTFs, it could well die out, lets change this! Keep kit planes going! 
14/06/2010 22:43:48
We will all be immediately transported back to neanderthals
Thread: Zulu E
14/06/2010 20:19:17
I got an idea Lindsay, Zulu 3D!!! Haha then his power train will be great!
Thread: Flight Boxes
13/06/2010 22:22:27
Someone in our club used an electric golf thingy, burnt down with his lipos though!
Thread: Is the RC Industry Dead?
13/06/2010 21:49:28
Still don't know what these laygos every american is talking about are! Lol
I too am a Dave Powers follower
This has opened my eyes a bit about bugging businesses, having said that, I think rob from giant cod investigates any problem no matter how big or small and you couldn't ask for a better source of bits!
I will point out I still like gluing bits of balsa together!
Thread: Tatty treasures
13/06/2010 18:28:49
Blimey! oldest thing I've got is a 5 channel AP-535 acoms tranny XD
Thread: Looped it!
13/06/2010 18:07:19
You've beaten me to it, but my heli isn't that good! (that's my excuse)
Thread: Zulu E
13/06/2010 18:06:05
Wish I did not have all this college work to do! Have to find the zulu plan!
Thread: Flight Boxes
13/06/2010 17:56:43
I am debating the idea of getting some drills or 12 volt motors and electronicorizing my flight box up or maybe even some of those dirt cheap chinese brushless motors! and when I'm finished with them, I can put them in a plane!
Just need a place to put the fold up gazebo, gas barbecue and a set of picnic chairs!!! 
Thread: Building the Nijhuis Lysander
13/06/2010 11:22:19
Not that I have had one, but I am guessing it is not as bad as a two engine plane losing an engine, you still have at least one engine on each side.
13/06/2010 00:49:13
Razor plane then flat wood with sand paper on, must be flat or it ends up being curved!
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