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Thread: Flight Boxes
13/06/2010 00:45:52

Thats a link to the album

12/06/2010 23:20:34
Haha I made my own! big enough for 2 gallon fuel bottles side by side and all the other ancillaries, and you can tow a plane along behind it You can bungee the lipo box and tool box onto the top and you can also put the bungee through the skids of my heli, so all round a very versatile thing!
Thread: Lipo Warning
12/06/2010 00:05:10
Haha I dodge it with my lightning reflexes! I charge from an old PC power supply (good for 8 amps on 12 volts) in an area where there is normally atleast one person and they will call for me if anything happens. The thought of pitching a chair up next to your lipos seems a bit daft, Just don't put a stanley knife propped on a table above the lipo and it'll be fine!
Not had one fire and the three lipos that were 'better to be safe than sorry' are rotting in a salt water bucket out in the garden!
These days, we handle the lipos just like we would with the nicads back in my day! cause it is the new norm, anyone turn up with nicads would probably be laughed at! 
10/06/2010 18:50:29
As timbo shows in his other thread, you can bend lipos in hard crashes but as long as they are not gassing/bloating or punctured, they should be fine and very unlikely to explode, oh and don't charge them at too high current (more than 2.25 amps for a 2250mAh or 1 amp for a 1000mAh) or it is only a matter of time till they go up, not counting the special 5c (11.25 amps for a 2250 lipo? that doesn't sound right ) charge rating lipos, not sure what these have the others don't
Thread: A battery wing?
10/06/2010 18:05:25
It actually looks like those back pack mounted UAVs the military use!
Thread: Gutted!
09/06/2010 19:19:48
Keep it as a 'relaxing' model (reduce the Gs going through the tail!) :P instead of all that mind boggling 4 dimensional stuff!
Thread: Lipo Warning
09/06/2010 17:29:55
Maybe your point is why hand held devices (phones & PSPs) only have 1 single lithium cell, so the chargers can be simpler
Thread: Gutted!
09/06/2010 17:24:18
What about leaving the engine running? then if the stand fails, is goes into a prop hang!
Thread: How Daft can you be?
09/06/2010 17:21:57
Yup! on the other end of the scale, I nosedived my depron f117 into the ground with the 35mhz aerial down, It stuck in the ground like a spike!
Thread: Lipo Warning
09/06/2010 15:21:52
Maybe you could bring out the opposite of not being able to buy alcohol till your 18, not being able to buy lipo's after the age of 70! (Or you have to participate in a safety course!)
Thread: Ouch!
09/06/2010 15:10:25
Oh right, that sounds like the postman blowing up!
Thread: Lipo Warning
09/06/2010 00:54:46
Almost an excuse for going glow! You have a few more flammable liquids, but the batteries are not as volatile!

Edited By Peter 'Ivanna Crashalot' Savage on 09/06/2010 00:55:07

08/06/2010 23:17:35
Oh thats terrible,
Perhaps a good time to invest in a lipo safe :s Well obviously not for the poor guy. Maybe it isn't a good idea for my granddad to have lipos"sorry granddad, it's back to the Nicads for you! Lipos are too dangerous!"Would his home insurance pay for this?

Edited By Peter 'Ivanna Crashalot' Savage on 08/06/2010 23:17:57

Thread: Pix - E Major
08/06/2010 22:52:06
Is it just my astigmatism or is your rule not straight? :P
I love these lightweight structures, and how amazingly light they can be! speaking of which, I have that main board from my vapor knocking around somewhere!
Thread: Wing Over
08/06/2010 22:47:07
Posted by Malcolm Fisher on 08/06/2010 20:56:45:
From memories of my early C/L days, a wingover was an attempt at a loop which didn't really make it...

 That was blatantly invented by someone who wasn't quite as good as everyone else, and wanted to look good!

Thread: Ouch!
08/06/2010 22:44:48
Oh timbo! put it in a vice and straighten it out! In this economic climate, we can't afford to buy new lipos willy nilly!
(Unless, I may point out, you buy loong max lipos!) 
Thread: Gutted!
08/06/2010 22:11:29
I'll have the saito :P haha just kidding real bummer Our model things are more secure! some cheap quality skirting board screwed to the rafters in the garage, which is screwed to some cheap quality strip wood... *quietly slips down the stairs and checks on it!* All my models are safely away from this mounting, being hung by the tail, from some piano wire hooked round the rafters, not a smart move with your model!!!
Thread: 1 Plane, 1 Caravan!
06/06/2010 23:53:04
No sight of any yellow shirted scoundrels!
Great field! Got another video the edit now! 
04/06/2010 13:49:26
Gotta switch the laptop off now, were almost ready to go, got my video camera and my flycam so if there is a wifi I can 'borrow' I'll keep you updated :P
04/06/2010 01:02:49
Haha Just reading the title, why stop at one plane? :P
Yeah austin powers is funny! Ivanna .........alot! :P 
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