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Member postings for Peter 'Ivanna Crashalot' Savage

Here is a list of all the postings Peter 'Ivanna Crashalot' Savage has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: 1 Plane, 1 Caravan!
03/06/2010 20:25:44
Lol, hows the divorce going jk
Thread: The "GumCam"
03/06/2010 19:16:35
Doesn't really seem worth it :s
Thread: 1 Plane, 1 Caravan!
03/06/2010 17:57:59
Haha Would have been better if they had blown up the folding camper, and we get the insurance!
03/06/2010 11:03:00
Going camping tomorrow to test the new caravan out, turns out the camp site is next to a massive field! My mum has a thing for picking great camp sites!
Its a caravan with loads of cubby holes so plenty of space for the trusty skybug!!!
The last camp site we went to just happened to be next to the field hired out by the wyre forest model flying club!

Thread: I am a Crasher
03/06/2010 10:10:52
I find, it is flying that relaxes me, I will get riled up over flying deprivation, so I go over the school field and fly for a bit!
03/06/2010 02:21:44
I had a friend at school who flies cessna 172s, 182s and that kind of aircraft, he then got an RC aircraft, and yeah he wasn't really that good! He kept insisting that he could fly the real thing, therefore some little toy plane would be easy...
You can see him crashing on my youtube account!!!
He promised me a go in his plane once, that never happened!
I guess this 'Right state of mind' is like driving a car, they say if you feel tired or angry or something like that, to not drive. 
Thread: The "GumCam"
03/06/2010 01:41:06
They look better than my flycam, and at %20 of the price!!!
BTW I subscribed to your youtube Gemma! 
Peter (vanepico on youtube!) 

Edited By Peter 'Servo Scrounger' Savage on 03/06/2010 01:43:22

Thread: Feugray TR_260
02/06/2010 22:31:50
Nope, it is running the right way, I have to confess, it is noly that easy to start when it is heated up! I don't quite get what you mean by its not nice to put a person to a name, I assume you didn't mean the put the 'not' in!
I am trying to become a super popular youtube person *shameful youtube channel advertisement alert* so subscribe if you want to be updated about my videos XD
I would have been taxiing it around the garden but the balance is way too far forward for that now, will sort all that out when the wings are done.
I have one aileron finished which is what is holding me back, and all the other projects!!!
Peter (vanepico on youtube! :P)

Edited By Peter 'Servo Scrounger' Savage on 02/06/2010 22:32:16

02/06/2010 03:20:46
Thread: I am a Crasher
01/06/2010 17:15:42
There are certainly a lot of people at the field who crash more than others, whether it be people who think they are ready to fly 3d (with 50 degrees of movement!!!!) planes when in fact, they have only just got past their trainer aircraft and then the people who are just destined for helis and nothing else! XD

Edited By Peter 'Servo Scrounger' Savage on 01/06/2010 17:16:46

Thread: The oil leak
01/06/2010 13:30:51
How much oil is in the well? surely it would just be best to let it escape, put a surface skimmer on the top to stop it then gather it up
31/05/2010 23:55:18
People's lives need to be at stake to call in international rescue!
Massive cork I say! Or expanding foam? 
Thread: Awesome weather - how much flying are you getting in?
31/05/2010 22:52:28
Oh Fiddlesticks with a capital F!!!!!!!! Next saturday: Max 20*C, sunny, 3mph wind, going camping OH WHY DO YOU TAUNT ME CRUEL CRUEL WORLD?

Edited By Peter 'Servo Scrounger' Savage on 31/05/2010 22:53:02

Thread: Zero
31/05/2010 19:13:47
*Bookmarked for more awesome pictures!*
Thread: Awesome weather - how much flying are you getting in?
31/05/2010 19:11:51
Still, driving test on the 7th july, be flying non stop then!
Thread: Feugray TR_260
31/05/2010 01:32:59
This makes it a lot easier to show. Tried to cover the cheeks while they were on the plane but ended up getting annoyed and throwing them across the room in a rage I then carefully ripped them off and covered them seperately I have regained all sanity lost now! 
Thread: Awesome weather - how much flying are you getting in?
31/05/2010 00:27:59
Hopefully the bank holiday tomorrow will be nice!
Thread: 50th Anniversary Fly-In, who's coming? What are you bringing?
30/05/2010 23:38:28
Well we have a caravan now, might be able to get him to go anyway just to see it as a model show then maybe bring something along so I can possibly do my A, now what plane would be capable?
Will there be like a slot for people to take the A? Maybe not 
Thread: Awesome weather - how much flying are you getting in?
30/05/2010 02:25:17
*cough* Night flying LEDs *cough*
Thread: HILARIOUS loop hole in new BMFA handbook!
28/05/2010 22:40:58
Peter Miller Converted his Seagull Spacewalker (the one he crashed for the repair article) to IC
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