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Thread: Are we an ageing hobby?
09/03/2010 20:18:10
IC Sport
About 14, can't remember my first successful flying model, too long ago!
Thread: The Mode Survey - what do you fly?
12/01/2010 15:29:37
1. Mode 2
2. Northern Ireland
3. West Midlands
4. Self taught
Thread: Anyone know what these 2 planes are ?
02/12/2009 20:30:15
Posted by Basildon Biggles on 01/10/2009 03:14:10:
P.S. A guy turned up with a nice Junior 60, tanked it, sat on the bench and flew it for 1 hour 10 minutes - cool.  Photo below;
This is a SUPER 60, not a Junior 60, very different models! Junior 60 was designed in 1948, and I'm still flying one!


Thread: The November Grand Prize Draw
13/11/2008 11:11:00
Well, I'll keep trying!
Thread: Lipo Balancers?
07/11/2008 20:21:00
Yes, thanks, David, that's what I was looking for!
07/11/2008 16:30:00

As an electric beginner I still find some aspects of electric flight very difficult to get my head round!

For example, can someone explain, in as simple terms as possible, exactly what the "Balancer" refered to frequently when discussing Lipo charging is? I know that it's something to do with "balancing" the charge to each cell, but how do you do it? what's involved? what happens if you just charge the Lipo without it? help!

If someone can explain (Preferably with pictures for us dumbos!) I'd be very grateful!

If it's all explained in a previous post, (as it probably is) please just point me towards it!

Many thanks

Thread: Pushers
07/11/2008 08:57:00

Many thanks for the (very!) swift replies to my question, I knew it was a pretty basic question to ask anyone who has flown electric, but I like to be clear on basics before I decide what model/motor/esc etc to choose as my first venture into electrics, clearing this up widens my range of possibilities.

Thanks again 

07/11/2008 00:07:00

Hi folks,

I have not yet tried electric flight, but I intend to very shortly.

As a rank beginner (In electric power, I'm a long-time aeromodeller) can I ask a VERY basic question which I am sure anyone here can answer for me, namely, if you are using an electric powerplant as a pusher, can you simply reverse a brushless outrunner motor by swapping the positive & negative leads, as you would a normal DC motor? and if so, do you use the normai (tractor) prop, or must you fit a pusher?

Thanks in advance for any advice

Thread: The September Grand Prize Draw
19/09/2008 00:29:00
I'll try again, I can't lose EVERY time! (Well, I suppose I've lost every time so far!)
01/09/2008 17:09:00
First time I've tried, perhaps beginners luck really works??
Thread: OS Max Spares
18/04/2008 14:33:00
Brian Parker wrote (see)

If you need PAWs telephone number it's 01625 423891

 If this helps......I have an old OS10 MAX. The valve body thread is 4mm 0.7 pitch.

 The needle valve itself is 3mm dia 0.35 pitch. (this puts some trust in my eyesight).

 The needle is 1.6mm dia.   29mm in length with a taper length of 9mm.


Thanks for the info. Brian,  I found the PAW website last night, didn't know they still existed! So I should be able to get a needle from them without a problem, thanks again.
17/04/2008 19:11:00
Eric Bray wrote (see)
If I recall a similar problem, the PAW 2cc diesel spraybar and needle assembly fits quite nicely into the OS10.

That could solve it, if I can get one!  Thanks Eric
17/04/2008 10:50:00
Brian Parker wrote (see)
Try ebay for a complete used engine.  Probably the cheapest option.

Thanks Brian, but that's where I got the engine from!
16/04/2008 23:02:00

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get spare parts for an old OS Max 10 glow engine?

This engine is in excellent condition, but is missing it's needle valve, prop driver and prop washer.  I have found a supplier in Canada who has the last two, but no needle valve, any suggestions gratefully accepted!

Thread: Where do you buy your Balsa?
10/04/2008 10:32:00

If anyone reading this is from Northern Ireland, and knows of a reliable supplier of balsa and other modelling materials in the Londonderry area, I would be eternally grateful for the information!

The only "Model" shop I have found so far has a few odd bits of balsa and that's it!

Postal ordering is also difficult from here, most suppliers seem to think I am an international customer, and charge carriage accordingly (Post is the same cost to here as anywhere else in the UK!)

You folks with a choice of local model shops don't know how well off you are!

Thread: Trying to catch up!
05/04/2008 13:17:00

Thanks for your answers, folks, and especially thanks to Timbo, you have given me at least some of what I need to know, Depron I had found on the web anyhow, but things like Correx are totally new to me, at least now I know what it is!

You see, to me "Superglue" is "Superglue", not "CA", I grew up with balsa cement and PVA. so it's expressions like this that have me confused, but, "with a little help from my friends" I'm sure I'll catch up sooner or later!

Thanks again 

04/04/2008 16:45:00

Hi Folks

Having returned to aeromodelling after a gap of over 30 years, I am somewhat confused by what is no longer available, and also by what is!

Can anyone give me a quick run-down on modern building materials and basically what they are? or recommend a basic book that will give me the info?

I see folk on this forum using expressions that I don't understand, and I WAS a very experienced modeller, and it's VERY frustrating!

Any help would be most appreciated

Thread: Renewed Interest!
29/03/2008 18:40:00

Thanks, Timbo, I appreciate what you're saying.

I was exaggerating a little about the "Ready to fly" type model, I admit, the trouble is, to modellers of my generation (that is to say, old!) any mention of plastic, foam, and electric power instantly conjures up the "Toy Aeroplane" image.  Yes, I know, before anyone screams, that this is far from the case now, but it takes us old 'uns a while to catch up to the 21st Century.

No doubt when I have eased myself back into the world of aeromodelling again, I shall progress to modern stuff but bear with me for a while!

29/03/2008 08:34:00

Thanks for the welcome.  Sorry, Timbo, I'm afraid at the moment I don't even know what "depron" or "EPP" are!  No doubt I will find out these things in time.

I am (and always was!) a traditionalist as far as model aircraft go, foam wings and plastic fuselages where just starting to appear when I was still modelling, and I disliked them then!  I learned my modelling in the 50's, when the elite of aeromodelling were the  Wakefield builders!  To me, the building is just as enjoyable as the flying, many times I spent months building some scale freeflight model, that, deep down, I knew was going to pile into the ground on it's maiden flight!

I'm sorry to say that the idea of buying an electric powered model, taking it out of the box, switching it on and hurling it into the air, does not appeal at all!

My reason for going for the old Junior 60 to restart, is that it will be the 3rd or 4th that I have built, so I know the model pretty well, I know that if all else fails, let go of everything and the model will sort itself out, not dive into the ground at 90mph!

28/03/2008 20:39:00

Hello to everyone

I have recently found a renewed interest in flying models.  Back in the 50's & 60's I was a fanatical freeflight and control line flyer, but then I took over a model shop, and when you are dealing with models all day, you don't want to bother in your spare time, so the active flying ceased, it's probably 30 years since I built a model!

Hower, since I retired I find the interest is returning, I am astounded how much model flying has changed since my day! can you still get tissue, dope, balsa cement etc?? 

I intend to build the old Junior 60 when I can get plans and materials, in order to re-learn R/C flying, I shall need something that, like me, is slow and stable!

I look forward to perhaps getting some help and advice from members of this forum.

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