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Thread: Tx Conversion
03/07/2019 23:31:58


Mike did mine too (a left hander).

DX6i conversion

The rudder control is on the end of the stick, the throttle is on the side of the Tx. The right hand stick does nothing however the trim switches are still needed. This is a Mode 3 Tx. Have a chat with him.

I built myself a transmitter tray to steady the Tx because using the throttle slider one-handed will cause the Tx to turn about the neck strap making control interesting.

Thread: Looking for a flat pack high wing leccy trainer that will fit in my car boot
03/07/2019 23:09:37

Found some of the photos.

The thud...


The tears (in private)...


The rebuild...


The nylon bolts stayed in and the wings tore out, these are balsa plugs before shaping, I will epoxy liteply on both top & bottom surfaces to make a sandwich repair.

03/07/2019 22:45:50

brokenenglish - Good points however I work away, am in a bedsit Sun - Fri and the car is parked in a public car park all week. It's a bit risky leaving anything in view and my digs are small. The big car stays at home (two bl00dy great big dogs - combined weight 25 stone). Jonathan M stated the blindingly obvious and set me thinking about changing my rebuild slightly. I thought about it before and now realise I have nothing to lose if the wing cutting goes pear-shaped.

When I finish rebuilding my crashed plane into the flat pack one, I will have two Boomerangs, the flat pack one will stay in the car boot and my home plane will come out at the weekends. I will upload some photos later.

Jonathan M - Ouch! I know that feeling... The wing mounts look weak. The Graduate looks a bit like the Ares Crusader. My Boomerang weighs just over 6 lbs with a 4S 5000 mah battery & an 850 kV motor (no ballast needed). It handles the winds well & makes a louder thud when it hits the ground... the wings stayed reasonably well but tore out of the wing bolts, when I find the photos I will upload them.

Now, where is my scalpel...

02/07/2019 23:59:10

Thanks Jonathan, you have me kicking myself hard.

I thought about cutting the wings before but they are epoxied together and there is only one aileron servo - that is mounted at the wing joint serving both ailerons, like this (it was a Swift 40 but the mounting is identical):

Swift 40Now I am rebuilding a crashed Boomerang (terminal velocity really did mean terminal) and I have a scroll saw...I have a spare aluminium tube wing spar and the wing fixing is really strong - two lugs on the leading edge and two bolts on the trailing edge. I will epoxy a servo mount to one wing.

I will make the main u/c legs removeable by fixing them into a wooden block that will bolt on to a pad glued to the underside of the fuselage and voila! I have a flat pack Boomerang.

I agree with the lightweight planes comment - my instructor doesn't want me to learn with my Bixler 3 as I won't know whether it is the wind or my bad flying causing problems (usually both) and my Super Scorpion doesn't have enough rudder authority for windy days either.

Thanks, it was a really good thought.

Thread: Local Model Shops
02/07/2019 23:14:54

I agree with Nightflyer and always try to support local traders, be it the garage for car servicing or my lms which is Elite in Elland. I take the long view, you build a rapport with them and help to keep them going. True it can be more expensive in the long run but you can see and feel the product, talk face to face, get advice or natter. I do like hunting for bargains at Weston Park, the LMA meets or the web but you may save more with good advice with your trader.

I am fortunate with my lms and have bought a couple of Boomerangs from him (lost one where terminal velocity was very terminal!) and it looks like an E-Pioneer soon. He gives a club discount for us so I am happy.

I also have seen an lms close and have had spend the morning travelling miles to come away empty handed after talking to an idiot.

It is too easy to order a plane from your living room and at best send it back two weeks later when they find out it is harder than they, at worst crash it or hurt someone.

Don't know what the answer to that is when the lms is up against box shifters who pile them high and sell them low with scant regard for customer service.

Thread: Looking for a flat pack high wing leccy trainer that will fit in my car boot
02/07/2019 22:30:29


Has anyone got any pictures or photos of the box that the E-Pioneer comes in that they could upload? I have worked out a way of removing the main u/c legs without disturbing them (screwed into a wooden block that bolts on to a pad glued to the fuselage underside). The nose (c/w front whee)l and tail feathers come off so I can flat pack the fuselage...

I cannot find anything on the web or YouTube to see what room I have in the box for the wings, Tx, batteries and bits.


01/07/2019 08:20:45

Morning all,

Many thanks for the replies.

The Sky Scout carry box storage idea (I like the instructions and packing photos) is exactly what I am looking for.

Separating servo leads is not a problem, I have to do it now when I take the wings off my other planes. I hadn't thought too much about the undercarriage. Maybe fixing blind nuts into plywood and gluing/epoxying that to the fuselage, then use nylon bolts that will snap on hard/crash landings? Or will that just wreck a foamie fuselage?

On my Boomerang, I Velcro my battery to the tray, then use a Velcro battery strap, the battery hatch bolts on and the club instructor asks for an elastic band to go over the hatch, hopefully the battery won't fall out...maybe with the Riot I can glue battery straps in place?

Thanks again.

01/07/2019 00:23:38


I am looking for an ARTF electric high wing trainer that can be flat packed into the boot of my car and would like to hear your experiences & recommendations.

I work away from home during the week and want to keep learning to fly through the week, not just at weekends. The plane will be be stowed in the car boot along with Tx, Tx tray, flight box, clothes, food, laptop, etc. so it must be able to be broken down into the main parts (including two-piece wings) & put in the box for transport. I only have one hand that works so simple field assembly is a factor.

My current planes are the Boomerang II, Super Scorpion & Bixler 3; however they all have large one-piece wings that won't fit in the car with all my other stuff.

The flying sites are on the Cumbrian coast (two are the beach). The coast is known for their gentle sea breezes that will blow you away, so foamies may be too light.

Research has found two planes that seem to be the closest to what I am after. They are the Seagull E-Pioneer & maybe the Max Thrust Riot. There are other models however the two-piece wings and flat pack are not obvious on most of them.

What models would you recommend?





Edited By Nifty 50 on 01/07/2019 00:25:28

Thread: Pack flat field stand
17/02/2019 22:32:26

I made the cradles adjustable so that my narrower planes were more stable in the cradles. They went from this:

field stand 3.jpg

To this:

field stand 10.jpg

field stand 11.jpg

I glued the bolts into the wood and used wing nuts to fix the sliding jaw so that spanners and screwdrivers are not necessary.

field stand 12.jpg

The bottom pipe insulation padding is kept in place by the two uprights. I am trying to figure out how to fix the bottom padding while allowing the sliding jaw to move.

Thread: Wing bag material
03/12/2018 00:01:56

I have a thread on my wing bags created from radiator insulation foil if it is of any interest to you.

Thread: Sandbox
02/12/2018 23:59:36

wing bag

Thread: Pack flat field stand
18/11/2018 00:34:02

Hi Bruce, the top cross bar is where the plane is going to be. I used the cross bar mounting holes as the mounting holes for the cradle. You got me thinking about the adjustable cradle gap and I have an idea. I will try it first then let you know if it works.

Below are a couple of photos to show why I want the shelf to be a bit narrower, the corners foul the neck doubling plates.

field stand 8.jpg

field stand 9.jpg

You can never over-engineer something like this - 240V extension socket for power tools, radio (R2 of course), kettle then maybe a biscuit barrel (custard creams & suggestive digestive) on a lower shelf but I think the 24 carat gold leaf monogram could be a touch too much...

Thread: Hanging planes on the wall
17/11/2018 23:45:09

I don't have many planes (vertical landings at speed x 2 has kept the numbers down) so I have a little space to store my planes like this. No need for brackets, clips or hangers that could damage the plane. I hook the bungees to the undercart then hang it up - one-handed operation.




Yes, it is half a Boomerang II - the re-build is a winter project. I bought another Boomerang which is in build at the moment.

Thread: Pack flat field stand
16/11/2018 23:23:04

Hi Bruce,

I will get the measuring stick out at the weekend and send a sketch over to you.

Modifications? The gap in the cradles is too wide for most of my models. This is because I have sized it for my Maxford Antonov An-2 model (still in the box) - she is wide, however additional lengths of pipe wrap will close the gap nicely (I haven't worked on sorting adjustable sliders that can be used one-handed - yet).

I would make the shelf a little narrower on the width, this is to stop it fouling the neck doubling plates when packing it flat (this will be included in the sketch I will send over).

Other than these mods, I am happy with the design. I fly electric, so I only treat the wood with yacht varnish(no need for fuel-proofing) and I don't run up the motor, just blip it for pre-flight checks. Each cradle can be set to a different height, so planes like the Super Scorpion can still be level for putting the wings on.

It doesn't take long to modify the trestle, have fun.

Thread: Wing bag and hanger
13/11/2018 23:59:57

Duct tape is like The Force. It has a dark side, a light side and holds the universe together.

But duct tape is like the universe, isn't it? It becomes unravelled over time and with energy...

Sorry, I just couldn't help myself

13/11/2018 23:52:29

I used to lay my wing bags flat on shelves in the garage until I found out my cats used them as springboards to get into the garage I hang them off the wall (the bags, not the cats - I can't catch them...)

The bags are made from radiator reflective insulation material, it is foam backed foil on a roll


I wrapped the wings in the foil roll

Wing bag

Wing bag

Then stapled the edges together and sealed them with duct tape

Wing bag

Wing bag

I used velcro pads on duct tape patches to keep the bag closed

Wing bag

The finished wing bag

Wing bag

Then came the need for the hangers, I used the straight clothes hangers, shortened them to suit and the clips came off the hanger ends.


I cut a slit in the edge of the bag and sealed it with tape to stop the slit from getting larger over time and then pushed the hanger through


Now they hang off the wall out of the way


Thread: Pack flat field stand
13/11/2018 23:08:50

Hi, thanks for your comments. I only have one good hand (left) so things need to be simple and I fly electric. Before this stand I used a pasting table in the pits, which was a little on the large size, then bought the SLEC table from them at Weston Park one year. It was MDF, a poor choice of materials 'cos the nails & screws split the MDF. The SLEC table was never used at the field as it needed two hands to put it up. Here is the Mark 3 field stand packed flat:

field stand 7.jpg

field stand 6.jpg

The stand is sturdy. I use it to build the plane in the garage and assembling the plane at the field. I only blip the motor during the pre-flight checks.

This is Mark 1 "stand" - the pasting table


Thread: Sandbox
13/11/2018 22:43:38

Foil roll

Thread: Pack flat field stand
13/11/2018 00:04:18

Thanks Geoff, that is what I was doing when I stopped to take the photos. I have the main work bench against a wall in the garage, however I put this stand in the middle of the floor so that I can set/change working heights and can walk round the model, which is really useful when working with on setting the wings.

12/11/2018 23:45:47

Following on from Dai Fledermaus & Phil 9's field stand threads, I thought I'd show you my version. This can be put up & taken down with one hand & fits in the car boot.

It started life as an adjustable trestle:

screwfix trestle table.jpg

Unbolt & remove the top cross bar. Make two wooden cradles (my case marine ply) and bolt one to each upright. I tie-wrapped soft foam pipe insulation to the cradles. Glue might have been a better idea.

field stand 3.jpg

Make the shelf (marine ply again) the length of the lower cross bar & as wide as you want. I put a lip around the shelf to stop things falling off.

field stand 1.jpg

Cut two battens that are the same distance apart as the width of the lower cross bar

field stand 4.jpg

field stand 5.jpg

Glue & screw them to the shelf underside. I varnished all the woodwork.

field stand 2.jpg

Push the shelf onto the cross bar, it should be a snug fit so it won't rock.

Packing the stand away is simple, take the shelf off, unpin & lift out the uprights, turn them through 90 degress and put them back in, undo the locking slats at each end then push the stand flat.

I made this as I went along, if anyone would like the dimensions then I can send them over.

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