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Thread: Re-cycle your stuff my way
19/03/2010 15:22:47
Hey all,
I've got the VMAR Aero Subaru that I won last year to give away for free (sans radio equipment). I've not really any need for it, its just sitting on my model rack. Its yours if you can pick up from the Fareham area.
If anyone has got anything small park-flyer size I would be grateful. I can't afford to be in a club at the moment so I'm restricted to a small field near my house. Click on this link and you'll realise why I can't afford it!
Happy Landings, Ben Mullins.
Thread: GWS TEXAN 39 inch Electric
09/01/2010 11:47:06
Heya Stephen,
Try and get as much movement in the elevator as possible. I didn't, and now regret it! Also, the recommended C of G is too far back in my mind. When I flew the model on the stated C/G the thing was bouncing around the sky like a bucking bronco!
All in all, a really nice model to fly!
Thread: VMAR Aero Subaru
09/01/2010 11:40:06
Hey all!
I could have sworn I had put newer pictures up here. Obviously not! My model flying is winding down this year due to exams and the fact that I've just got into full size aviation! So I don't really have the time and money to keep all going and, to be honest, model flying has a lower priority than exams and full size! Im sure thats the way it would work for most people (:

Anyway, here are some more pictures:

So, its a nice model and it still hasn't flown! As you can see from the pictures, the steerable nose wheel doesn't look like it would work. The firewall is just too close.

Happy Landings, Ben Mullins (:
Edit: Simon, the wing has the smallest amount of dihederal, 5mm or so under each wing.

Edited By Ben Mullins on 09/01/2010 11:42:10

Thread: Appropriate Limericks
27/11/2009 21:37:30
An Ol' classic,
One fine day, in the middle of the night,
Two dead men got up to fight.
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords, and shot each other!
One fine day, in the middle of a flight,
My Jeti Box told me my Height.
I thus flew my model into the ground,
and ended up with a great big mound (of balsa)

Thread: E-flite Diamante
23/11/2009 16:53:34
Nice, especially the price!
What do you think about an Electric to IC conversion? I've got a .25 burning a hole in my spares box, and need something for it to go in!
Thread: Pylons
19/11/2009 17:13:10
How big would your speed controller have to be to handle 230,000V 
Thread: Electric Airsail Beaver
15/11/2009 17:26:32
Electric Airsail Beaver Build
Time spent on build: 02:30
Money spent on build: £84.60
Hoorah! I've stolen a bit of time from my exam revision to do something on the Beaver. Cut to the chase:
So, I applied lots of little dots of Evo Woodstick to both the doublers and the fuselage side. I then placed them on top of each other and did my trick a described above. I wasn't too sure if it was going to work, but thankfully it did. I then put a load of weight onto it and left to dry.

Now, compared to Thijs' pics, it looks as if i've gone and done it wrong. But, I hope I haven't. I've moved the doublers back so that the firewall will be completely on the fuselage side, but it means I have some overlap which will have to be dealt with. I felt that I'd rather have a firewall that stayed on and have the fuss of cutting a little bit off, rather than my motor coming lose but not having the fuss . Looking over the plans, I don't think it will affect too much in the future, only time will tell.

Next step was to cut out the window holes. I did this but left a little bit of balsa to be sanded away to make sure all was good and square. My scalpel skills are not as good as they could be. Remember, you can take away but you can't put back on.
Thats all, who knows when the next update will be!
Thread: Warrior 40
11/11/2009 17:15:47
Hi all, my attention has turned back to the Warrior 40. I've had a look at the tank, it is a 9 oz one. Now I bought a 4.55l can of fuel at one of the shows earlier this year, and some simple maths gives me the answer that it equals 17 full tanks worth of fuel. To me, that doesn't seem to add up, because the people down the field say they only get through 2 cans a flying season. I fly more than 17 times in Half a season!
Can anyone shed some light?
Thread: hobby zone mini cub reveiw
04/11/2009 21:06:59
The BV138 is on hold at the moment, but the wing and most of the fuselage has been modelled.
She has gone and designed a First person view mdel which is nearing prototype stage.
You'll find her on RCGroups.
Thread: Where do you fly?
02/11/2009 19:27:09
There are about 3 clubs between me and my flying site. Wouldn't dream of changing club though! I really like my club, and tbqh, at the end of the day it would only shorten the journey by about 10 minutes.
Regarding the map, my BMFA Area website has a map on it allready, might be worth a check to see if yours has.
Thread: R U near Fareham, Hampshire?
31/10/2009 10:13:06
I Most deffinatley am flying near Fareham! I fly with Padmac at the moment. Have a look at the website. Not much on there, but there are some contact details for membership etc. Unfortunatley, I can't find any fields around Fareham where they let models fly (other than club sites), it's quite annoying!

Edited By Ben Mullins on 31/10/2009 10:14:16

Thread: Lets start it off!
28/10/2009 19:18:39
So, post a pic of your favorite plane, or your favorite pic of a plane

Airbus A380 taken at the end of the Runway at Farnborough at the 2006 airshow. The sun came out just at the right moment! Its been my desktop background ever since!

Edited By Ben Mullins on 28/10/2009 19:34:46

Thread: James May (Playboy)
28/10/2009 10:14:59
Good ol' Airfix. I think I had 20 or so half painted models flying about on my ceiling. That included 3 Lancasters . Thinking about it, Im pretty sure i've got some un-made ones up in the attic!
Thread: Windows 7
27/10/2009 12:22:06
Birdy, maybe if you do a search on google someone might be able to help you get those games working. You can get into bios on any computer, or at least any that I have tried, and that includes laptops from HP. You've just gotta know how .
 If your current graphics card is too underpowered to take on all the graphic related processes then they get off loaded on the CPU. A more powerful graphics crad will take those processes off the CPU and back on the the graphics card, thus leaving your CPU to do its work.
 If you want to see how 'good' your computor is on Vista or 7, go to: Control Panel>System Maintenance>Check your computer's Windows Experience Index base score. There you will find the different parts of your computers performance 'score' and you can see what you need to improve, chances are, its the graphics card letting you down.
 Yup, I'd class myself as the 'ordinary public'. I did the beta testing and acctually found very little wrong. Erfolg, what you have been told means that boot up and the running of your computor is a lot faster than that of Vista. 
26/10/2009 20:09:29
Bob, you are going to be hard pushed to run any simulator or 'memory' hungry software on the machine that you have spec'd. Linux is a marvellous OS, especially as its free, but as you know, its not really compatible with the wider world. You should be able to run 7 on a machine that has previously run XP, in fact, I found that 7 was faster than XP on the system I am running. However, the system I am running has 1.5 RAM, and a pentium 4 2.8GHz processor overclocked to 3.2GHz.
 If you are confident, and only if you are very confident, you may wish to try overclocking your processor, It may sort your problems. BUT, and this is a very big but, if you overclock too much (and not provide adequate cooling) you WILL blow your computor, meaning you would have to buy a new computor. A little less drastic way of improving your computor might be to buy yourself another Gb of RAM and maybe a new, higher spec graphics card. You could do this without spending more than £30, I did!
 A new Graphics card would off-load some of the processes which are currently being run on the CPU onto the graphics card. A graphics card has its own mini CPU, which I like to call the secondary one. Acctually, the processing power of the graphics card of my Vista system out-specs the CPU!
 Having said all of that, an old system can only get so good. You may wish to think about a completely new system that'll last you a few years.
Any more questions and ill be happy to help. Ben.
26/10/2009 16:27:18
I doubt there will be many bugs that need fixing . I've had Windows 7 since last year when the Release Candidate came out and never had a problem with it. On the occasion that I go back and a have a look at Vista there are many things that have been sorted on 7 compared. Also, 7 is a lot faster. I can tell this because the system with Vista on is better but slower (because of vista) where as the system with 7 on is much faster but worse, if you get what I mean!
Basically Microsoft have de-cluttered and made a generally nicer OS. Still not as nice as Leopard/Snow Leopard though!
Thread: Warrior 40
24/10/2009 12:07:15
Well the pump and stuff arrived today, Thanks Galaxy! They managed to get it to me within 3 days, excellent considering the postal strikes.
Just need to wait for the weather to subside now . . .
22/10/2009 20:55:35
Hey all,
 A while back I got given an old and well used Warrior 40 with all teh gubbins' in apart from the reciever. I hope to get it back flying, I don't think much will be needed to get it there.
 The model itself is only the 2nd production model of the kit, the first being the prototype! Its got a fiberglassed wing and very well built fuselage. All credit to the original builder there then. Its been through the wars a bit, with damage to both the wings and fuselage from various crashes, all beautifully fixed. The engine inside is an old Irvine 40, which runs, just. A bit of fuel through it and a bit of run time should sort that out. The Wingspan is 60", with a dry weight of 6.5lb (all those repairs weigh up!). I've got my glow start and all the rest in the post at the moment (I've only previously owned lekky models), hopefully they will get through the postal strikes. Here are some Piccies:

Look at that rudder! Should make stall turns easy . . .
Engine and tank with easy acsess, now thats proper good British designing
Ill keep you updated, Flying should happen within 1 or 2 weeks.

Thread: Colomban Luciole
22/10/2009 20:30:46
Yeh, good point there!, nothing like a good show off!
Its good to know that model doesn't have any strange habits with that tail.
22/10/2009 19:29:38
Great! The mag fell through the door a couple hours ago and I went straight to the plan. And wow, what I scortcher! I will deffinatley be building this.
One thing though, that all flying elevator is a bit wierd and a bit disconcerting. Would it make alot of flying differance to just make a standard stabiliser/elevator? 

Edited By Ben Mullins on 22/10/2009 19:36:04

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