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Thread: Un-equal movement
22/12/2019 07:24:49

Thanks for the replies, Simon, I have spent what feels like hours getting the mechanical geometry as close as possible to perfect, I could not belive how long it took! so I am happy there.

Frank, I think my problem lies within your answer, I will look again today when 'The Strife' lets me escape and hide in my shed! I will report back with my findings.

21/12/2019 14:36:13

Hi, I have what I feel to be an odd one here, I have read the article by Andy Ellison on the use of snap flaps.

I have set the wing up correctly in my Spektrum dx9, done the relevant suggested programming and although I get the ailerons going down together , the right one drops a little more than the left.

Has anybody come across this? Can anybody explain why it is happening and a possible cure?

All advice welcome!

Thread: Repairs
18/01/2019 12:35:24

Hi, I have just had a less than perfect landing with my HobbyKing Voltiguer,....yes I know , ..a bad approach often leads to a bad landing!....and the live hinge has split on the right side of the elevator.

I am thinking of repairing it in the following way as the split is so clean. UHU Por for the hinge it'self and following this with a length of 'Blenderm' tape on both sides of the hinge.

I used this method on the rudder of my 'Wargo Yak' when it failed on the building board. I throw this Yak around like mad and the repair has stayed put for a whole season with no sign of failing.

I would like your views on this please.



Thread: Depth placement
13/01/2019 08:09:27

Thanks for the replies. It seems that I am not alone in this. It is interesting that we are all suffering more away from the close up zone.

We also conducted tests with people on the boundary fence and had the same result, the plane looks closer than it is in reality.

A lot of we problem is having to land in fields that are a little small for the size of plane we fly here.



12/01/2019 21:31:09

Hi everybody, first off I am not a 'newbie' flyer, I have been flying for many years in many disciplines...trainers, wot4's, warbirds,gliders,EDF's, and 3D.

My question is this, how common is poor depth of field placement, ie 'am I over the boundary hedge line yet'? hitting trees when I could have sworn that my plane was between me and the tree by a good distance?

Just interested in the experience of others.



Thread: Vario
14/06/2018 22:01:06

Thanks for the replies everybody.


I will be going the route you mentioned, by the way I programed my DX9 as per your video and it is BRILLIANT !! thanks again for your advice!

kind regards


13/06/2018 21:38:41

Hi, looking for more advice please!

I have now got my Multiplex Heron up and running and enjoying great thermal flights.

I am starting to think that a vario would be nice but I have no idea what to get.

The set up I have is a Spektrum DX9 (black edition) and a Lemon 10 channel rx.

What would you suggest?

kind regards


Thread: reflex and camber
04/06/2018 19:21:15

Hi Speedster, sometimes I could just kick myself in the ass!

I was trying to do it from the camber menu and quite rightly I should have been in the camber presets....all sorted and working now thanks to your advice! Cheers!


04/06/2018 13:37:46

Well, thanks to peoples help and advice here and with further advice from John Lee I am slowly getting the programing for my Multiplex Heron sorted out.

My current problem is trying to get my DX9 to add a little reflex in the speed flight mode and camber in the thermal flight mode.

Everything I try is not working, so .please any help would again gladly received!

Kind regards


Thread: What goes where?
27/05/2018 21:26:10

Thanks everybody for the replies, ...yes am using a Sektrum DX9.

I think that I would prefer crow on the throttle stick so I will use the suggestions of John Lee

Also I think all replies are valid and have helped me think this through, thanks once again to everybody for replying!

kind regards


27/05/2018 12:03:34

Hi, I am an experienced power flyer and have been given a 'Multiplex Heron' as a gift.

My intention is to set it up with flaps so that I can set up 'crow' ,camber, reflex etc , I will be using a 'Lemon' 10 channel RX and I have realized I do not know what goes where when plugging in separate ailerons and separate flaps. (I would like to use separate flaps so that in certain flight modes I can combine them to achieve full wing length ailerons)

Any help and advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks Mike

Thread: precision aerobatics addiction X
24/09/2017 19:15:16

Hi, I am looking for an Precision Aerobatics X , I don't seem to be able to find one, are they no longer made?

Thread: Why the saddening blow to my fms mustang?
06/07/2017 19:26:38

With my experience of bad flap servos and very poor quality links, and the thing I find really telling: the other crashes, on maidens, with video on youtube to back it up all suggesting servo/links failure. I think that is the answer! Too many planes doing the same thing from the same company!

06/07/2017 10:02:44

It is interesting! I went over from Futaba to Sektrum because I could take advantage of BNF aircraft and I have had plenty over the years with not one radio related crash (it's trees with me,....they are plane magnets see   I am flying the edf!

Having said that ,as you say, with a little digging we can see that maybe all is not well in their camp. I have a long standing flying mate who has had constant problems with a DX6i. when he got himself a new DX6 all his problems vanished!

06/07/2017 08:05:28

Hi everybody, ....just decided to do a quick search on FMS P51D Mustang crashes especially on maiden flights.

I searched for two reasons, one, when I am interested in getting a new plane then a visit to 'Youtube' is mandatory.

It soon became apparent that I was noticing , to me at least, that a lot seemed to be lost on maiden flights. The aircraft would appear behaving normally for a while, then all hell would break loose!

The second reason to search is when constructing my FMS P51 D the flap servos failed on the building board and had to be replaced and the control surface to servo links (at the control surface end) broke on the rudder and the elevator.

Now I have been modeling for many years and was able to rule out 'Mr Fat Fingers' and replaced the offending links and went on to a very successful maiden.

I have not flown it since, but am now thinking to replace all of the links as I do not think they are up to snuff.

Do you think this may be part of the problem?

Thread: Help with dynam meteor retracts please.
08/03/2015 14:43:38

So,...we are making progress! Tried every thing that has been advised here so far, with no joy. On another forum across the pond it was suggested that the retracts on this model ( and one or two others from the same company) were temperature sensitive. Now, it's darn cold in the man cave so the Meteor was brought indoors for an hour or two to warm up.

The result is that they are now working....ish, but well enough. By this I mean that the two main body legs are deployed by the 'gear' switch, but the only way I have found to make the nose wheel deploy is to assign it to the flap switch.


I must state at this point that this is the first model I have had with retracts so all this might be normal, if it is not any more advice you can offer re operation of the retracts by just the 'gear' switch will be warmly welcomed!

Kind regards


08/03/2015 00:11:37

Hi, Simon. yes, that was the first thing I checked, I even swapped out the triple 'Y' lead for another, and back again with the same result all round.

Ian, I will try this tomorrow and let you know how I get on. Thank you.

Kind regards


07/03/2015 17:03:03

Hi, can anybody please give me some advice on the retracts for the Dynam Meteor v2(retracts) please. The situation is that it is a tricycle system but only one leg is going up and down(port side),nose wheel will not go up or down, though the steering left and right is working and the starboard side is not going up or down. They are connected by a triple 'Y' lead plugged into the 'gear' slot on the rx which is a Spektrum AR6210 and the TX is a Spektrum DX6i

Any help on how to rectify this problem will be much appreciated!

Kind regards


Thread: Dingbat
02/11/2014 06:34:58

A friend came by yesterday with an un-built kit of a "Dingbat"....I think it may be a late 1980's design made from thin corrigated plastic sheet like that used in house 'For sale' signs. Looking for basic info such as engine size as it is not mentioned in the instructions. Plus anybodys experiences of the model.



Thread: What motor combination?
23/10/2014 21:33:03

Thanks every body! that has given me a direction to go, Robotbirds will probably get an order soon!



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