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Thread: Futaba FHSS
12/02/2014 11:52:25

I have just seen a wot 4 complete with Futaba FHSS receiver included.

My Futaba TX is a T6ex (FASST) can anybody tell me if they will work together please?



Thread: Why do I support my LMS
08/01/2014 17:54:11

Roy, thanks for putting fingers to the key board! you and your shop sound like just the place that most of us would like to visit, it is obvious that you understand customer service because people such as "Crosstown Tee" are willing to travel large distances for your service.

Looking through this thread again it appears that a large group of people are reaching for the 'net because a significant number of shop owners don't understand that the important thing is 'service, service, service!'

Although I have not visited your shop I feel that if I was in your area I certainly would. Thank you for being there and making a difference.



Thread: Opps i may have made a bit of a mess (Sorting the shed out)
08/01/2014 17:21:00

WOW! have some nice planes there!yes



08/01/2014 13:47:50

20140107_133245.jpg20140107_134316.jpg20140107_134221.jpg20140107_133233.jpgYou have given me inspiration to clear my shed!


First time posting picks so sorry for the orientation of some of them!...shed now tidy!, balsa shavings, dust and old ARTF boxes gone!




Edited By Michael Wright on 08/01/2014 13:50:48

Thread: Why do I support my LMS
08/01/2014 13:29:43

Crosstown tee, don't worry mate, no offense taken!...I know what you mean now, in fact I travel from Suffolk to Brentford Greater London to use my favorite model shop, not as far as you are traveling but still a 200 mile round trip!

What I am really trying to get across in my posts is that I am happy to pay more, wait for stuff to be ordered in for me, but I also expect to be treated politely by the staff, agreed, I don't expect tea and cakes but a smile and 'hello' would be welcome. In this economic climate as a shop owner, if your customers are 'geeky' or a little unusual then said shop owner needs to remain professional and maintain politeness.



07/01/2014 21:41:43 right to complain!???


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 07/01/2014 22:04:04

07/01/2014 17:36:19

MikeS, I know what you mean, because of stock levels I bit the bullet and bought my wot4XL from slough, still met the same attitude until I mentioned I needed an engine for it at over £300.00 at that point the 'smiles' started.

If it had not been so false I would have bought it then, but because of the 'falseness' I went else where, ie Brentford RC where terrific service was received!

Now, this may seem like negative posting, but all we just want good customer service. I work in the service industry and have learned early on that my idea of customer service is not relevant. What is required of me is to find out what the customer in front of me (yes, my job is that hands on!) thinks is good service ...then give it to them!!

While I agree with BEB as to why it is happening, it is not an acceptable excuse and should not be tolerated!



07/01/2014 10:24:02

This is an interesting thread. When I lived in the Heathrow area I had three model shops within easy reach, one in Harlington,one in Slough, and one in Brentford, all competing with each other, mind you ,I am talking a good 10 years ago now!

The first shop mentioned refused to order a speed controller for me, the second was very rude, I needed a female green plug for my twinstar but at the time had a senior moment and said " just let me think a mo" at witch point the owner of the shop thrust a female and a male plug across the counter and literally sneered.."YOU CHOOSE!". The last shop was visited with a friend to help him buy a second hand trainer. We discussed this with the shop owner and it was obvious from what we said and my friends body language that he was on the point of commiting...HE REFUSED TO GET THE MODEL DOWN FOR FINAL INSPECTION saying we probably would not buy it anyway!. If the shop had been full of customers I could understand and would have been happy to have gone back, but it was only us there!

Since then the shop in Brentford has changed hands and is now "Brentford RC" where I have enjoyed the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I'VE EVER HAD ANYWHERE IN ENY TYPE OF SHOP EVER!!!.

Why this 'grumpy attitude' exists I've never been able to work out...from the look of this thread I am not alone!



Thread: Squirrels in the loft
05/01/2014 22:20:28

Hi Plummit..." It's Squirrels Jim, but not as we know it"!

05/01/2014 21:50:52

Hi people...LISTEN UP!!!...sorry to sound a little heavy handed but here goes! a qualified pest controller I have seen on average one house damaged by fire every two years that I have worked in the job. Thank goodness nobody was injured in any of the cases, so, you must really get this problem sorted, the fastest way is to use a professional pest controller as we know exactly where to look for entry holes and the traps a lot of us use are so fast and powerful death is almost immediate ....177?..forget it!...22?...through the eye is your only chance for a clean kill, you would not beleve how fast these guys move when caught in a live trap, belive me, I know!, I shot one with a .22, aimed for the eye, missed and hit him just behind the only knocked him out, and he was up for more before I could re-load! (gun tested every six months and at legal power limit) so forget that idea too! wink

Thread: servo recommendations
18/12/2013 16:48:42

Thanks for the advice guys, I will be following Victor's recommendation,



17/12/2013 16:20:29

I have recently come by a Wot4 xl kit. I am now ready to fit the radio gear and wondering what servos to fit. I am thinking that a standard size is o.k. for the throttle but maybe something more substantial for the control surfaces, the fitted servo tray is sized for standard ones.

Any advice would be welcome as I am aware that it is a slightly larger than normal model.



Thread: RCM&E October 2013
11/09/2013 07:17:55

Hi said it's for humor!...get over it!!..some would see the use of 'Buster prop' as a name to be equally silly humor, harmless and unimportant.

teeth 2

Thread: Update - No! Ouch! Poo!!!
16/07/2013 07:42:26

Nice to hear you are almost ready for round 2...we are all waiting with baited breath!!!

15/07/2013 08:30:08

Thanks for the 'heads up' Bob, that will help if and when I bounce mine!...cheers!!..are you going to post some pics of the re-build?...we would all ove to see those as it will help others greatly!

10/07/2013 21:09:29

Bob, I had the same issue with mine...when I conected power to the model I had to ajust the rudder, and elevator at the push rods!...once in the air it took four clicks of up elevatoer to fly hands after that flight at push rod again....keep going mate..we all bend 'erm eventually!!

10/07/2013 06:58:32

Sorry to haer about the crash Bob,...did you examine the plane after firt flight of the evening?

It sounds as if the damage is quite major...I did not know you could get spares..thats good to know!

What did you have to replace?

Thread: Four Take Off's....... And Three Planned landings
09/07/2013 13:18:16

Hi Bob, different flight sim and cable! As for the breeze, ...for an experienced flyer I don't think its a problem, but for a real novice anything above 7-8mph may be a little disconcerting, but not impossable!

Just for fun I fly my 'Baby Boomerang' in a breeze and although it's all over the place its still possible!...I do like sustained inverted with it !

09/07/2013 08:58:08

Funny you should say that Bob, I generally use a flight sim to get me back to where I was so that I could fly again with confidence, but the pc/tx lead has gone missing in the move! hence I had to get the Sportsman. RCME liked it also!

09/07/2013 07:50:23

Is that the 'Glassair Sportsman' with the Virtual Instructor?...they a very good in my opinion, as like you my ability to get in the air is generaly difficult with often months and this time just over a year between flights. I have a hanger with ten air frames in it at various stages of construction!...the good news?...I have recently moved and have a very large community ground just behind my house, and after discussion with the powers that be there I can fly electric there with thier blessing! I bougt the same plane as you ( I think!) and it has enabled me to blow away the rust without haveing to find an Instructor for a brush up lesson!. Where I lived before this was never a problem but having moved to a new village I don't know where the clubs are yet, when I do I will be joining, but until then....

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