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Thread: DB Sport and Scale Corben Baby Ace build
17/03/2019 19:01:34

Hi Ian,

Aye lad, Tha' knows, az wi gerrabit owder, wae need fert't be a bit andier fer a bus root so uz wi can get ter't docters or ter'th shops.

this ere owd age dunner cum on it's own, it brings all it's orrible mates wi it an allangry

All the best, Edd.

Thread: Corben Baby Ace DB problems
17/03/2019 18:31:24

Hi Andy,

What you initially describe very much sounds very much like excessive aileron movement as well as lack of differential movement. What tends to happen is that when the ailerons are fully operated (cranked over) "which we all tend to do from time to time" the aileron itself actually stalls if it is set to move too steeply. This can be identified if the plane seems to behave reasonably well when small inputs are used (just breathing on the stick).

As Richard said earlier, the recommended starting point is 20mm up 10mm down or 3/4" x3/8" in old money. Even then it is likely that less input will be required than these throws offer, remember that these are a Maximum, not regular flight operation limits, they are far less movement than that. Not suggesting that you were that erratic on the sticks, but when things appear to be not responding, it is a natural reaction to feed a bit more in, which often leads to desaster.


Thread: DB Sport and Scale Corben Baby Ace build
17/03/2019 17:57:52

Hi Ian,

Nice that you remember us fom Elvington show, we loved doing the shows, plenty of banter with our customers, we could tell a few funny stories. That Ace looks good with you, just the kind of thing to stooge around with on nice long summer evenings (might get one sometime after we have sold the house and re-located.

nice one Ian,


15/03/2019 17:54:48

Well Ian,

you might just be not quite right about no one seeing it. I saw it, and it's encouraging that the site still remembers me, because I haven't posted for a very long while.

Enjoy it mate, it should be very stable and docilewink


Thread: Jodel D-120
09/11/2018 09:05:28

Nice one Bill, I thought he would, I noticed that there are a few not linked for download, but no doubt they will come as needed,


08/11/2018 09:18:34

Hi Bill,

Apologies, I'm sure I remember Richard telling me about a year or more ago that he had uploaded them all to tthe site. Maybe that one got missed (easy done). I'm sure he will email a copy over to you if you ask him, I have them here if you get stuck, but I don't want to step on Richard's toes "so to speak"!!!


08/11/2018 07:42:34

Hi Bill,

If it is a laser cut version of the D B Sport and Scale model, the instructions are downloadable from their Jodel web page, if it is an older version with foam wings, Richard at D b might be able to help, but if not I might have some answers to your questions.

All the best,


Thread: DB Sport And Scale - Cirrus Moth
28/07/2014 09:07:39
Posted by kevin b on 27/07/2014 21:54:47:


PM me your e-mail address and I will send you a digital copy of the plan. I'm just having a fibreglass cowl moulded for mine (restoration job as well) as the old one is now full of holes !


Kevin, please don't do that, (see my PM) !


Thread: DB Sport and Scale Tiger Moth
21/03/2014 09:43:24

Hello Sean,

Nice to hear from you agan "mate", when you get back over here in ol Blighty, & seeing that you came half way round the globe, why not do another few miles & come for a cuppa where the action is in our workshop.

Have a good trip,


Thread: Jodel D-120
20/01/2014 21:01:38

Hello Pete,

It's on page 9 of the instructions:-

We are constantly looking at new or alternative ways to improve our products for our customers. Should you feel that there are areas we could improve, either with the product or the instructions, please feel free to air your views to us. Refinements are always welcome.


20/01/2014 08:56:04

Hi John,

Thanks for the way you put it, but to us it is a very big deal because if we have overlooked or missed what some may think of as a small error, others will see that as a real problem. Also it means that we are cutting scrap parts without realising it.

As many of you out there know, we do try our utmost to get things right, and regarding the customer having to make parts the correct size is not quite what we intended. We are both glad it flies ok (we knew that anyway) it can be a tad quick, and like any tail dragger, prone to nose overs, but generally a good flyer.

Anyhow, Happy flying all,


19/01/2014 23:29:39

Hi John,

Just been alerted to this thread, very useful to many out there. I do think that it would have been nice to have been alerted to the fact that the ply floor part 120 was too small prior to your posting on 07/07/2013 12:52:50 in order to enable us to correct it both for you and for others. We only found this out by another customer alerting us to it (privately). We have now amended that, also the parts 215 & 216 that were too narrow.


Thread: DB Sport and Scale Corben Baby Ace build
04/01/2014 16:07:37

Nice one Tom, what a pity that your Ace got so damaged when in "Trusted storage" !!! You must have been GUTTED.

It's nice to see your demonstration of how to make wheel spats from wood, just how it always used to be done, it'll be a nice touch when they are sanded up to profile, lovely job.

It's nice that you can try to put such setbacks behind you and encourage your son also in the process, Keep it up Tom,


Thread: DB Sport and Scale Tiger Moth
25/12/2013 20:45:40
Posted by Trevor Rushton on 25/12/2013 17:41:03:

You don't fancy producing a sub 7 kg version of the Hurricane I suppose?

Hi Trevor, Thanks for the encouraging remarks, regarding your latter suggestion, we do need to leave something for the successors of the business to tackle, otherwise it would be much too easy "cant have that now, can we?"

Regarding power & set up for the power unit (plus other stuff) have a look through our hints & tips pages (selection far right in the page header of our site).

Kind ones, Eddie.

05/12/2013 17:40:18

Hello Trevor & everyone else on here,

Only just come across this thread, and I have to say it is quite interesting reading. Reading through, I noted the use of a .40 size engine rather than the .20 size, & reading on it came to light as to why. Trevor, you say that you had a power problem with a couple of aircraft when using the recommended engine size range, the second one being the Auster.

Very often these days, engine manufacturers will state a particular prop for use with the engine. Sadly their recommendation is usually for quite a steep pitch prop that cannot take into account all of the drag variations of a whole range of aircraft that that particular power unit can be used for. When we are asked what prop to use in our aircraft, we always advise starting with a 4" pitch prop to ensure that the engine gets enough purchase on the air to lift off. it is a sad fact that many a maiden take off is marred by the fact that the prop pitch is too steep and prop cavitation is never overcome in the take off run which subsequently leads to disaster.

I am not suggesting that this was the case with your situation, but closer scrutiny of prop selection is often worth the extra time. Very encouraging build thread, you might like to look at some of our suggestions for various things on our "Useful hints & tips" pages.


Thread: Mass Build general chat
23/10/2013 19:11:07
Posted by WolstonFlyer on 23/10/2013 18:54:53:
Thanks Eddie, so just to check. 3/4" dihedral on the bottom wing and 1/2" on the top wing? Is that under each wing tip or with one wing flat on the workbench. . Sorry I am not an experienced model builder!

OK, this is fairly simple & straght forward when dealing with parrallel chord wings. Always imagine dihedral as the distance under each wingtip (both tips propped up) or even imagine a wing laying inverted on the bench and the gap between the bench & the centre will be the same as what each wingtip would be propped up by.

Eg, 3/4" under each tip (the right way up) will equate to 3/4" gap under the centre inverted, does that make sense?


23/10/2013 15:47:48
Posted by John F on 23/10/2013 14:55:11:

Ha ha Eddie, only joking, I have no doubt that you're working hard.

I'm at RAF Henlow if you're left wondering.

AHa, The mud finally clears & settles to the bottom, Yep' its all on it's way. It is a bit ard ter work out Ooos Oo from the andles beein cranked on ere, so yerl ave ter fergiv us if we seems like we're in the dark.


23/10/2013 14:08:48
Posted by John F on 23/10/2013 13:59:47:

Point taken, single ailerons only.

Shouldn't you be cutting out my ribs Eddie? wink

Edited By John F on 23/10/2013 14:00:35

How can I possibly know that when you are only cranking the handle of (John F) on the forum with no other ID? if you have ordered them they have been cut & sent, can't be more specific than that.


23/10/2013 13:57:23
Posted by WolstonFlyer on 23/10/2013 13:01:55:

Eddie, can you give any other advice ? I am not sure between just ailerons on the lower wing or to have them on both wings and use link rods or use 4x 9g servos.

I have not done it on this, but from the obvious design performance of the aircraft in that it is designed to fly on R/E only, then it seems reasonable "& from experience of other aircraft" to simply reduce dihedral to about 3/4" & 1/2" respectively & fit barn door ailerons to the lower wings only.

The only aircraft (bipes) that I know of with 4 ailerons, are WW1 fighters & stunt planes to give them fast & furious agility in the air, the tinker is a tad more sedate so lower ailerons only will suffice.

Link rods or separate servo's are OK, just personal choice.


23/10/2013 12:30:49
Posted by WolstonFlyer on 23/10/2013 12:20:55:
There are 6 models but the Tinker /Tyro are variations of the same basic design, so got grouped together by "the powers that be".

Great news about the Dural U/C Eddie

"Nah" the Tinker's a Bipe, the tyro's a Mono, looks a tad different when there's a wing missin, (sorry) "it just had to be said" Eddie. (None meant)

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