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Thread: Artificial Respiration
31/12/2016 14:09:09

Roared with laughter at the first aid meeted out on Page 122, but, having just done a refresher course, and at the risk of being pedantic (Don't Care Ya Boo), I would like to point out that you use two fingers for babies, one hand for small children, and two hands only on adults. If you find someone who is not breathing, and nothing is done, it's three minutes to possible brain damage, four minutes to certain, so anything is better than nothing, is the current thinking.

Thread: Book Club
04/12/2016 23:20:27

Apart from Amazon, psbooks is a good source of discounted new books. For second hand books try abebooks. The seller will state condition, which is usually (and honestly) good. I recently bought a copy of an aeromodelling book, mentioned in Latest Posts, from them, and can fully recommend both companies from past experience.

Thread: drones again
30/10/2016 10:16:22

"Guardian" Sunday October 30th

In an article on "Five best drones", the suggestion is made that they are fun to use when hugging the ground around children and dogs.

No comment regarding flying near passenger aircraft or "sensitive" areas.

Is this now OK?

Edited By Terry Mills on 30/10/2016 10:18:12

Thread: Science Museum, London, January 28th
02/12/2015 18:13:10

Drones: What's next

January 28th


Free, but limited places, booking esential.


More details on their website

Edited By Terry Mills on 02/12/2015 18:15:56

Thread: FAA Xmas Drones
24/11/2015 11:49:36

Report in New York Times

4000.000 "drones" expected to be sold in USA over Christmas.

New regulations expected to be in force by then for machines weighing between 1/2 lb and 55lb. (Wozzat in Kg units)

See paper for full report

Thread: Small helicopters
14/10/2015 14:17:18

TED do some interesting talks for free

Have a look at

TED vijay kumar

Thread: Eric Brown
17/11/2014 09:03:57

re Eric Brown

from the 2007 paperback - page 108 - photo of Me 163b

caption : "flown in towed and gliding flight by the author, the Walter rocket motor having been removed and an auto observer installed in its place to record test data"

There is a Desert Island Disc program available still where Cecil Lewis, early pioneer and author of Saggitarius Rising, reminisces on his life.

Deifinately worth a listen.

Thread: more Maplins
24/10/2014 10:36:42

Maplins have their version of the workmate back on sale @ £10.

Possibly compact enough for use at the flying field.

They are also selling a tool set containing balsa stripper, plane, knives etc for about (from memory) about £6.50 - apparently half price. Can't comment on quality as I did not buy one.

Thread: Duxford chaos on Sunday.
15/09/2014 23:47:49

Agree wholeheartedly about pre-booking for special events, as this would speed entry up, even though the approach from the A1 can only be single lane for the last few miles. I left home at 9am for a one hour drive, arrived on the airfield at 1pm - the final few miles took three hours. This probably coloured my mood, as I thought that the flying display as a whole was "low key with sparkly bits". I was disappointed with the Lancaster display, as they spent most of the time in a tail chase. At the end of the official display they flew off to the north of the airfield, and seemed to be doing the sort of things which would have made a great public display. Then the B17 took off, and my heart leaped at the thought of a Lancaster / B17 formation, but it did not happen. Why?

The "feel" of Duxford seems to be changing. There seemed to be more non-aviation stalls, and the public access to the flight line fence seems to have been further eroded by special "pay extra"enclosures. The same mistake was made at Old Warden.

Do I need to say that the queues for the lavatories, both male and female, were ridiculous, but that on a positive note, the numbers of peole trying to hog the viewing fence by erecting tents was much reduced.

Happily, the Red Arrows were in amazing form.

And although the staff were working very hard, leaving the airfield was very, very, slow - but given the number of people who were there, and the narrowness of the roads, it could not have been otherwise.

Thread: Horseflies
21/07/2014 20:14:27

Re the bottle of repellant. NOMAD is the name of a firm of outdoor clothing specialists. Might be one of theirs.

And PLEASE answer the question : Soy sauce : drink it or rub it in?

Thread: log in
24/05/2014 10:21:42

have just used the "forgot password" log in. I can't find how to change this password to something permanent.

Help, please.

Thread: Free Glue Grab Weekend
23/05/2014 23:34:10

I just love glue

Thread: Burning ESC
25/01/2014 09:42:37

Great action video!

But was this the best way to deal with the problem?

One person was left coughing with a lungful of (carcinogenic?) fumes from burning plastic, and another stuffed his hand into a confined space to retrieve a burning object. Luckily, it was not the battery, and he appears to have escaped without serious burns.

With these thoughts in mind, and now with the benefit of hindsight, would you do what they did, or would you let your pride and joy burn, assuming that you did not have a CO2 extinguisher available?

DA. You could use this for your next opinion poll.

Thread: Any Middlesex flyers?
08/10/2013 09:34:12

As i understand it, the BMFA insurance is valid if the site has been used before for flying model aircraft, without complaint. As ever, go to the source, rather than relying on hearsay. BMFA is online.

I was a member of the original Northwick Park club, but that was a long time ago.

06/10/2013 23:04:17

!/ I understand that If you fly in Northwick Park, in addition to your BMFA membership, you will have to buy an annual £25 licence. Don't know if this is enforced, but the area is multi use with football and rugby posts.

2/ The Field End Road site is used by some modellers, I have used it myself but have never tempted fate by contacting the council. Officialdom will tend to play safe and say no, although the field is little used by the public. The entrance is opposite the school. It is not a particularily good site, as it is on sloping ground, and is subject to rapid changes in wind direction and speed. There is an awkwardly placed spinney which presumably affects the winds.

3/ Why don't you contact the BMFA and find out about local clubs.

Thread: Free stuff weekend
05/10/2013 20:26:18

Is it all or nothing?

Could do something useful with the balsa, and the jig is an idea that I have considered, but taken no further

Thread: parts and suppliers
13/08/2013 15:06:29

An unfortunate ground contact has left me with wobbly blades on my Graupner 35 MHz micro jet ranger. I am assuming that I need to replace the main shafts.

Q1 has anybody ever successfully straightened mildly bent shafts?

Thought that I would ask, just in case.

Q2 Does anybody know of any supplier of these parts?

Q3 My Mk1 eyeball thinks that it has detected significant similarities between the Graupner and my Blade CX3 MD 520N. Does anybody know if this is correct? Are the working parts interchangeable?

Thanks in advance for the expected helpful comments.


Edited By Terry Mills on 13/08/2013 15:07:41

Thread: HOBBYZONE sale
24/03/2013 16:30:30

Sale commences on line today 24 march, shops from Monday. RTP @ £20 (was £70 reduced to £40, see comments on Forum), Spitfire £70 (was £99), various small helicopters. Last week they were closing down Holborn shop. Hope that we are not about to lose another retailer.

Thread: Flyline Air Combat
24/03/2013 16:21:15

see Hobbyzone ad (sale) march 24th £20

Thread: Weekend Giveaway
01/03/2013 09:58:02

Sunderland please

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