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Thread: JR DSX9
22/01/2019 20:27:43

MacGregor have still been buying some stuff from relaunched JR. Its like the old days before everyone expected to surf their phone on the toilet and find everything listed...its not.

Try contacting them, even use the phone option on your gizmo, lots of information is available from old fashioned speaking. Sure the days of them stocking things went with the original company, the discounts went with that too, for years the UK was the cheapest place to buy JR, I'd sell it into Europe at full rrp and get asked how I sold it so cheap!!

Thread: Gyro assisted CofG
16/01/2019 20:51:40

There are a lot of pilots now using gyros in slow scale models, some notable ones at the Nats in scale! The Powerbox igyro3e has a 4 x setting exactly for this. So effectively 400% gain, Std gyros would not be sensitive for roll, and slow on pitch. The iGyro works on the slowest models and I've seen it flown in a President Stamp with 30 year old (slow) servos.

Many display pilots use gyros...even in slow flying models, it make the model look amazingly stable. Also some set the model tail heavy (neutral) and use the gyro to stabilise the craft in pitch. All in one Rx/gyros are a world away from what the Powerbox gyros offer.

Anyone wants to discus a requirement 01923 270405 office hours.

Thread: Wanted Jet Pilot Figure (The Smaller One)
18/12/2018 20:46:29

I might have some left, will check in the morning.


Thread: Decided on 60cc aircraft expressly designed for electric flight
18/12/2018 20:12:50

From my shelves! I've been a main Graupner agent for over 20 years. Graupner did/do a 2.4m wood Extra 330 based on Gernot Bruckmann design, they recommend this motor and I built one for a customer and test flew it for him. It worked great, so when I got the Hybrid Extra from CARF I skipped the DLE 61 first thought and went electric since I have plenty of 6s packs from 90 size heli's and the motors were on a super cheap offer.

I'll do a better test once the temperature allows the cells an easier time. But I was finishing at 3.82ish after the 6.5 minute flights, with electric its a case of flying a schedule-high power stuff at the beginning of the flight and flat controline inverted circuits and alike at the end, like this the cells won't be 'stressed' as the voltage drops and you can eek out another 30secs on the end.

I have 6-9KW EDF models and you get used to coasting once you are 3/4 through the flight.


Thread: Wanted Jet Pilot Figure (The Smaller One)
18/12/2018 19:55:18

Image result for Ripmax Jet Pilot (1/6 Green)

This one? Ignore the sizes people state...95% of the time they are way off!

Thread: Decided on 60cc aircraft expressly designed for electric flight
17/12/2018 22:22:21

I have a set of Overlander 5800 35c packs, flying 6 1/2 mins on two sets of 45c 5000 and one on the 5800 35c gave me a very similar end voltage on each cell. It was not that warm and the packs were not warmed to 30 degrees for optimum discharge.

I have a Graupner 8028-190 motor since they had it on special and i'm running a Graupner Electric 22 x 10 at the moment. I have a 24 x 10 to experiment with when its warm again. On the 22 x 10 it prop hangs just above mid stick and punches out well.


17/12/2018 20:23:01

No, there was no camera the day I test flew it (3 weeks back) and I've not flown it since. Did you ever post your final weight? I was happy with mine, with 12s Overlander 45c 5000's its 8.42kg ready to fly. Flies light too!

Might not fly it again until its warm, I started the build back in May and finished it in Nov with other commitments!


17/12/2018 20:05:36

I have a CARF Hybrid Extra with four MacGregor 5921HV and 1 x 6928HV on rudder, I'm using a Powerbox Sensor Switch HV (so output 7.4v) with two 1000mAh Overlander Rx Li-Pos and I get three flights inc some 3-D.


Thread: Super Tigre 20cc - 30cc engine parts
12/11/2018 19:52:48

I still have lots of ST parts, less of the commonly wanted Carb and exhaust parts. Any 10-11% oil fuel with 0-10% nitro works fine, best with an OS F four stroke plug to protect the plug element in the huge head bowl.

Electric starter is not needed, prime it well (big cylinder volume) plug on you can feel it kick. Bounce back technique works well.

Thread: Flying a Turbine
08/11/2018 22:09:31

Our club operates an A cert minimum to fly a turbine-with a spotter/helper who is B cert and Jet approved.

Even a B cert (C cert) is not enough to have you signed off to fly turbine models-you still must have a spotter, but once you are signed off the spotter does not have to be a B+or jet approved.

The logic is someone who has a cert and jet experience still might struggle to fly in our safe airspace. People come from huge open spaces or airfield operation and they need to prove they are spatially aware enough to operate a turbine model at our site.

The JMA do operate a B only rule, mainly because we operate more than one model in the air and the meetings are too busy to allow for people who might not have the required skill or safety knowledge.

Thread: Seagull Hurricane
08/11/2018 21:58:04

The nosing over is generally because the wheels are not in line or toe in. The ones I have seen tend to be set with slight toe out for wheel and door fit in the wing. Check they are (ideally) fractionally toe in.

Thread: horns
05/05/2018 20:26:13

You don;t give a size, but Graupner and Macgregor sell ready made horns of a larger size

Thread: E-Flite Convergence anyone?
27/01/2018 19:08:35

If its the BNF version the factory are daft enough to have the two aerials fore and flying away or towards the Tx you have little range. I pushed a hole up into the wing at 90 degrees, angled up and slid one aerial up that.

Thread: Telly tonight - slope soaring at Ivinghoe.
25/01/2018 20:48:32

Sean and Dave Woods are members of our club (PMFC) both enjoy flying electric models on the flat.

Sean built my 6th Birthday of his glider designs, dad crashed it (into me) knocking me unconscious on Ivinghoe shortly after...must tell my mother some time, we kept that a secret from her She knew when dad broke my arm at Croxley Moor...he did a lot of injuring, me, himself and I'm sure others )

Thread: FMS Hawk anybody?
21/01/2018 20:37:58

I've been flying one since the first batch-the second one only arrives the end of this month. I use a 5000 6s 50c Overlander pack in mine, I have also used the 35c 4250 6s pack from the same company.

With the 5000 all the way back its still a tiny bit nose heavy, but it still climbs in knife edge! Flown mainly from grass the gear copes with the weight just fine. Take off flap is always used and take off roll on grass is 30m. Full flap passes are lock solid. Full gear doors and lights add to the look. Nose probe unscrews and I 'plug' it into the cockpit area to store.

Its a really well sorted package, I fly 5 minutes mixed aeros, near 6 minutes with out any long verticals.

Thread: Vectorcraft
21/01/2018 20:31:18

There are several being built! Perfect timing with so many indoor groups operating through the winter.

Thread: JR Propo declare bankruptcy in Japan
30/12/2017 22:17:17

Nothing changes for us over what happened in August 2016. The factory continues making stuff and new products are being worked on...with long time JR employees involved.

JR Propo were effectively as design house and a legal agreement continues.

New servos are being developed (top range) and the new Rx's are due 1st qtr 2018.

Thread: What do people use to support their models when working on them ?
09/10/2017 21:34:44

Building and assembling at the field get a Byron Craft cuddler stand. Had my first one 20 years, build foamies and 40% composites, the straps conform and it adapts with the legs sliding up and down the bar.

Thread: Southern Model Air Show at headcorn
09/09/2017 21:45:20

The internet killed shows. Shops are already competing to be the cheapest, thinking people will only buy from them if they are the lowest price.

The days of doing well at a show died with the internet, shows were a time to increase business, so deals could be done, you had a bigger audience to sell to, now the world is your audience!

It costs a fortune to attend a show, so when I'm asked what the 'show' price is and I reply higher than buying from me in the shop they look confused...its simple business! Unfortunately the hobby is full of people running an extension to their hobby...pretending its a business.

Free shipping from shops is all profit gone...when the margins are already small. Offering free shipping when a shop does not do shows kinda makes sense to me, you are offsetting the cost of going to a show with the shipping. A business that offers free shipping and does all the shows...stupid! Why would you pay £12 to get in(plus fuel) when you can sit in your arm chair and have it land on your lap for free!

Doing shows in a big way makes no sense, leading up to most show weekends the phone rings less, since the few people looking to buy will hang on hoping for a bargain, so business is poor before and after a show weekend. This means the money you take over a show weekend is not 2 or 3 days takings, its the day before and day after getting things straight again-and a few days before and after of poor sales. So work out your weeks turnover and the huge effort and its not worth doing. Yes, a few business with manufacturing will have decent margins and it might work, but the already cheap outlets like the crazy fool Dave at Inwoods, it does not work.

Then there is the boot sales that shows organise...we pay 150-500 quid for a pitch to fund the show, then they invite people to come and trade among themselves...In the old days before the market was rammed with product, people came to sell 'junk' and put this money towards a new purchase, now they sell something probably worthwhile, that they bought-not really wanting cause it was a bargain and buy something else in the boot sale and the trade does not see any of the money. (yes there are exceptions to all the above-but its all too common what i'm saying)

The hobby dies with 'us', the younger 'instant gratification types' are never going to join a 'club' and anyway model shops don't exist to draw people into the hobby when they wonder past bored, with an interest in practical hobbies or aviation. People offer to pay me to screw together an FMS foamie!! because they 1/ can't be bothered-2/ they are busy on face book or alike and just want to fly it. They won't fix it if it gets damaged, so it goes in the back of the garage and eventually looking at the pile they realise they have wasted a fortune on foamies...and they then leave the hobby, since they also missed out on the rewards you get from crafting and fixing something that flies.


Thread: Traplet
20/07/2017 21:04:15

You need to understand the way a company is structured and owned, before jumping into published figures, the big decrease was when the owners sold the large building they owned. Sadly like most things since the internet nothing has a gestation period where the whole story has time to come out, every one has an idea what is happening.

The truth is the hobby is in a huge decline, people can't see it-sadly its already too late because the World has changed so much, there is too much to spend recreational money on, people coming into the hobby want instant gratification, so even foam ARTF models are asked to be fully assembled in the shops by customers!

Radios and helicopters were the few areas that made money for hobby shops, Drones killed sales of both of those, they don't use Tx's Rx's and servos. People who had found that they couldn't 'drive' a flying model took up ground operated craft, which at least used Tx's, Rx's and they can fly a drone (because you don't need to be able to fly) so less radios sales. Helicopters don't sell because Drones are aerobatic, they crash better, can be repaired in minutes-require little skill to repair (instant gratification again) So people who came into the hobby to build/engineer helicopters and have the challenge of learning don't bother now. The hobby was as much about the building, as the flying. The youngsters aren't interested in that, when they are used to hitting reset on a computer game.

I've written for Traplet for 20 years, they were old school. Don't fully write them off yet though. Some areas still made money.

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