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Thread: Graupner Terrible Customer Service. Advice?
14/07/2017 21:24:57

Graupner have recently changed their support in the UK, letters have now gone out to retailers, but its early days and things are still being put in place. I'm (Motors & Rotors) now the UK support for Graupner products. In this instance the retailer should contact me 01923 270405 and I'd try and sort things out.

I'm on a vertical learning curve catching up on radio things, but I have a long and happy relationship with Graupner (they were one of my first agencies-back in the good days)

Dave Wilshere

Edited By Dave Wilshere on 14/07/2017 21:25:22

Thread: Oleos needed
02/07/2017 21:12:30

Thread: DualSky Outrunner Electric Motors
15/06/2017 21:06:02

Been flying one in MacGregor's test mule 92" Edge 540 on 12s and its been faultless, quiet and smooth. I'm going to fly the model at Wings & Wheels next week.

Thread: 30cc pilot rc extra 330sc
05/06/2017 20:53:30


Thread: Dual elevator servos and flap mix - AAARRGGGHHH !
18/04/2017 21:26:42


You have to go into device select and inhibit all the channels you are not using on Aux4. Then it will be available.

But JR default is Aux 3 for the second elevator.

When setting up a new model inhibit all channels you are not using, then select wing and tail type, Flap system and its easy

Thread: Horizon Hobbies
10/04/2017 22:23:28

Unfortunately you probably will never hear the real truth behind the poor management that has caused their demise, it goes back years, involves several big stores who bullied discount, undercut everyone to 'box shift' and ultimately did not pay their bills. If you knew the full extent you would not believe the figures we are talking about. My 11 year old daughter would have been a better MD as she understands the difference between turn over and profit and that you need to get paid...

HH happily supplied the big guys at prices that allowed them to sell at a price the small guy could not BUY at. It meant their customer base shrank massively and the guys who stopped buying, paid their invoices and were invoiced at a higher (profitable) price. Its school boy business.

If they had balls and pulled in the debt many shops you know would have gone by now.

Then the real reason the hobby is collapsing...drones. Yes really, its taken people from every aspect of the hobby, anyone can fly one. So boat, car and free flight people can 'pilot' one. But its the boat, car, aeroplane and particularly helicopters (one continuously profitable aspect of the hobby) who went drones...and stopped buying servos, Rx's and even Tx's. So ALL radio manufacturers have seen a massive fall off in sales, because most drones come with a Tx and don't need an Rx and servos.

Hobby shops who sold the plastic fantastic heli's Concept 30, Shuttle, Raptor etc made a fortune on the weekly crashes and 'need' to upgrade helicopters...many of these shops jumped on the quad market without seeing they were kissing good bye to profit...they don't crash as much, cheaper to repair, quicker to repair. People who loved the mechanics of a helicopter left the hobby...for the same reason HH sealed the eventual doom in our loved hobby...BNF foamies, the only pleasure is flying, no building pleasure or pride, so its like everything these days its instant gratification and then throw it away.

Its why clubs are shrinking and the hobby is too. BMFA numbers still good? Obviously...the drone dudes need insurance, does not mean the hobby is still alive as we know it.

Don't you all find it strange the shops like SMC don't have a HH account? Huge business, paid their bills...does not make sense does it! Well think about the other side, if you owe HH a packet.

I stopped supporting HH years ago when I saw what they were doing.

Thread: Best glue??
04/04/2017 20:30:27

Use Hysol 9462 it etches into the surface....

Thread: BMFA NAtional Centre website launched
22/03/2017 21:42:49

I think the BMFA should be applauded for finding such a perfect site, with good access from North and South. Yes Western members might find it a painful journey, but it was never going to suit everyone. Flying sites being lost, its a guaranteed place to fly. I'll support it and visit when ever I can. I think it will be well used and generate enough income. We need to get behind the BMFA guys and give them as much support as possible, its easy to criticise, much much harder to act. I have not found anyone negative yet, we are 1 1/2 hours from the site and people around me can't wait to visit.

The JMA agreed to make a donation to the cause at last weekends AGM...the only comment-maybe we should give more than the sum I suggested!! We hope to hire the venue for jet flying and I look forward to watching it grow.

Everything in aeromodelling is going to go up, the prices have been too low, for too long with model shops propped up by heavily discounting distributors-well they have paid the price, paying for use of this site is the least of your worries.

Thread: Hacker Me 163 Komet video
20/02/2017 19:46:30

Not very scale, but a great fun flying wing with a tiny 450mAh 3s Li-Po

3 channel only



Thread: EDF 1:5.3 BAE Hawk!
19/02/2017 18:16:29

Dad was more the ST man (Mick) than me, but I still know one end of a glow plug from another.

Yes, one of the reasons for doing it was to prove and show it could be! Electric can power just about anything, its still not low cost though compared to fuel burning.

18/02/2017 20:17:43

CARF Hawk powered by a DS-94HST. 14s 10,000mAh packs (8kw)

This was its second flight of three today. Still keeping it short while the packs get used to delivering 180A...



Thread: Time to change car
17/02/2017 22:33:21

Buy a Ford S Max. Nice drive, instant fold into floor rear seats. Ford were nice enough to loan us a couple to do a European event and I loved the way it drove and it swallowed 2 jets and all the luggage for 4 days flying.

Had a Mondy Estate for a couple of years, but not enough height to pack models and stop the kids squabbling! I traded a 4 year old Merc for that and I'd never suffer one again...worst dealers in the world too!!

I had a Ford Galaxy for 13 years...petrol, same exhaust and clutch, amazing car. My wife has a C Max and loves it.


Thread: converting from Nicad to lipo reciever
12/02/2017 21:46:20

All Rx's will take a 2s Li-Po battery, its the servos that need to be suitable. I always use Li-Po Rx packs, Li-Fe are fussy to charge properly like Ni-mh. Current of a regulator required comes down to the type and number of servos, but since its not a 3-D model a 3A constant load switch regulator or just regulator if you don't mind a sliding switches potential weak point. Powerbox Digi Switch or they do a stand alone regulator too

Thread: Hacker Vagabond 1.5m Aerobat
09/02/2017 22:20:25

I think the 257 is a little weak for the elevator, I have 255's in mine 3.9kg

02/01/2017 21:46:29

I've had one in the same scheme as yours for over a year. Some of my friends who got them at the same time did not get on with it...but I think it is misunderstood! Its not really a fly around slope soarer, you will be probably be disappointed if that's your thing. The short small wire joiner should give the clue, its not designed for high G turns, I call it a static aerobatic model, sit in front of you on the slope edge and perform rolls with no forward speed, flips in its own length. I've not tried it in less that 10-12mph winds, wouldn't think its a 'scratcher' As always the slope type and lift will be the decider.

Ensure your choice of elevator servo centres and that the pushrod is not sticky!

Thread: JR closing down?
02/01/2017 21:27:51

I'm not into reading all the posts, but

JR not allowing conversion of DSM-2 radios to DSM-X in Europe is nothing to do with Mac's or JR. Think where DSM-2 came from and understand who distributed JR in the USA...Same people who made supply JR made DSM-2 Rx's scarce. I actually sold the last of our new stock JR 921DSM-2 Rx's just before Xmas.

DMSS is one of the best protocols released into the model market, quality does not die, Powerbox even bought the flawed Weatronics brand. I am very comfortable about the continued supply, they are not moving the production to Malaysia, anyone that can read will already know that most of the stuff has been manufactured there for years (inc the start of Speky stuff! ) Since we are one of the UK's biggest JR suppliers, selling vast numbers of the 28X i'd know what is happening.

The hobby is in decline, drones hold a big part of JR's (and others) struggles, they had a very active helicopter business, profitable from parts sales. Drone fly themselves, have few parts to break and in some cases are very 3-Dable. This has killed model helicopter sales and any business that relied on their sales to stay in profit. Add to that the US situation, where their biggest distributor went, it does not take a genius to work out that times were hard.

Thread: Pete Aston's Chippy
28/12/2016 21:48:23

Pete Aston built this Chippy OS 40GF. First flight showed the need for more flap and re setting on the tick over, but superb model.

103" approx, Pete moulded his own canopy glass and cowl.

Said it's a weekend flyer and not that scale

Thread: Pete Aston's Chippy
28/12/2016 21:48:21

Pete Aston built this Chippy OS 40GF. First flight showed the need for more flap and re setting on the tick over, but superb model.

103" approx, Pete moulded his own canopy glass and cowl.

Said it's a weekend flyer and not that scale

Thread: NFC Update
17/12/2016 19:44:10

I wasn't sure until recently, the SMAE/BMFA have handled certain things very badly in the past (I go back over 40 years and have an elephants memory) BUT, I'm very impressed with what I know so far.

The hobby is changing and will continue to, there are lot of people who travel some distance to fly and many who enjoy and support 'event' flying. I think the location is perfect and I will 100% support the NFC.

In the club hut today waiting for the fog to clear (it didn't) the membership talked about this and the 'air' was positive

Give it time, the lease length means that we can spend a few years getting the site right and still have a good few years with few fears. Nothing is certain any more, but hanging on to see how things go just wastes valuable years before many (all??) of us check out. I won't see the end of that lease.



Edited By Dave Wilshere on 17/12/2016 20:09:18

Thread: Running ignition from receiver pack.
06/12/2016 20:50:30

Powerbox also say Never! I have people wanting to share ignition and radio on some of the PB dual switches and PB say its potentially very dangerous. Their Spark switch is isolated, radio operated and failsafe.

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