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Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
09/04/2020 20:49:50

The inventor of predictive text has died - He will be burned after a funfair service next Monkey

09/04/2020 09:41:37


15/02/2020 21:27:01

I was watching a plane doing a spot of sky writing. When I saw it starting with 3.14, I decided it was all just pi in the sky

Thread: Tony Nijhuis' new Vulcan
13/02/2020 11:20:45
Posted by Martin McIntosh on 13/02/2020 09:34:54:

You will not require 4s. Beside the flight time being less you will have trouble squeezing the packs into the already very limited space.

Don't forget, Martin that there are TWO FMS units - the 3S and the 4S. The 4S version running on 3S has LESS thrust than the 3S version running on the same set-up.

From the thrust quoted by Allan, he has the 4S versions

Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 109 club.
04/01/2020 15:43:15
Posted by Brian Hammond on 04/01/2020 15:22:58:

Why is the 109 sometimes ME and other times BF please

It all depends on who is saying it. Strictly it's 'Bf' (Bayrische Flugzeugwerke/Bavarian Aircraft Works) - not to be confused with BMW (Bayrische Motor Werken)

The designer was Willy Messerschmitt and the company was rebamed 'Messerschmitt AG (Arbeits Gruppe/Work Group or Team) in 1938. However, officially earlier designs retained the 'Bf' prefix, unofficially they were referred to as the 'Me' prefix.

Perhaps this wiki quote will clear it up (or make it even muddier)

" BFW was reconstituted as "Messerschmitt AG" on July 11, 1938, with Willy Messerschmitt as chairman and managing director. The renaming of BFW resulted in the company's RLM designation prefix changing from "Bf" to "Me" for all newer designs that were accepted by the RLM after the acquisition date. Existing types, such as the Bf 109 and 110, retained their earlier designation in official documents, although sometimes the newer designations were used as well, most often by subcontractors, such as Erla Maschinenwerk of Leipzig.

In practice, all BFW/Messerschmitt aircraft from the Bf 108 four-seat touring monoplane, to the Bf 163 light observation aircraft (which competed unsuccessfully for the government contract won by the rival Fieseler Fi 156 Storch design) were prefixed "Bf", all later types with "Me". "

Edited By Daithi O Buitigh on 04/01/2020 15:45:03

Thread: Ebay sellers...
09/12/2019 21:04:47

I agree Peter - but some people have been posting to the effect that they'd never buy anything there (I ain't superstitious about where I obtain some items - seeing that visiting my closest model shop requires a trip across the water)

09/12/2019 20:51:52

Some people seem over-anxious to run down ebay. Fair enough, a lot of idiots sell (and buy) over-priced pieces of junk, but it's not all about clapped-out engines, over-priced kits or dodgy airframes. I use it a lot because it's cheaper for some items that I need.

I gave up ciggies and vape instead. Ebay is cheapest for replacement heating elements. I've also purchased off-cuts of fibre glass PCBs at a very reasonable price (for control horns) and also fretsaw blades. It's also a good source for NiMH batteries (for the computer mouse, TV remote etc).

Sure, there IS a lot of junk available - just don't buy it but use it for stuff that you may need and is available at a reasonable price (including P&P)

13/11/2019 13:44:41

I think this one doesn't so much need 'some assembly' as much as last rites (but then again, it's on the US site)

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
18/10/2019 17:00:07

Strange things turn up (according to Hollywood) at Hallowe'en.

I knew drones were evildevil

Thread: Ebay sellers...
17/10/2019 15:24:49
Posted by Peter Miller on 17/10/2019 11:20:33:

I haven't seen any really good examples latey but this one takes the cake.

Note, it is described as "used" and the definition if "useed" is given just above the listing description


I think they omitted the first two letters - ABused

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
03/08/2019 09:27:51

It's something overlooked in so many scale models. The Fokker D VII and D VIII also had the fin offset and the Messerchmitt BF 109s, from the F series onwards, used a Clark Y section on the fin/rudder. Most scale drawings don't show it, but close examination of photos do show it (as in the Knowlton D VII)

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Sabre & MiG15 RCM&E 2018 Special
09/07/2019 15:58:46

An alternatrive (I've used it on foamies) is fibreglass tape .

A couple of strips on the belly and each wingtip should work

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
15/06/2019 01:29:07


Thread: Dambusters Raid
14/06/2019 06:29:11

The Australian radio documentary wasa 26 part dramatisation of the original 'Dam Busters' book by Paul Brickhill (I read both that and Gibson's 'Enemy Coast Ahead' while I was still at school)who did receive some assistance from the Air Ministry in research and it did cover a lot of events post the original raids - the Bielefeld Viaduct, the U-boat pens, the Tirpitz (the Navy claimed it wasn't sunk because, although the bottom was blown off and it was resting upright on the sea bed, the decks were still above water).

They were posted to the Far East but the Japanese surrendered first (a comment quoted in Brickhill's book was "They must have heard we were coming"

13/06/2019 23:26:10
Posted by J D 8 on 13/06/2019 10:08:09:

Also have an interest in what was the first precision bombing raid.

In the 60's plastic model maker Revill brought their 1/72nd Dambuster Lancaster out when the Upkeep bomb came off the secret list. I made one and the bomb was nothing like the one's in Dambuster film as when the film was made in the 50's they just had to guess what it looked like.

Director Michael Anderson went to a lot of trouble to find actors and extras that looked like those they portray in the film.

Edited By J D 8 on 13/06/2019 10:08:56

Actually they weren't allowed to guess what it looked like - when the film was made the bomb was still on the secret list so Air Ministry bods were hovering around to make certain that it looked nothing like the real thing.

Even the newsreel clip of the tests had the bomb blotted out by the censor - what looks like a bouncing ball was a painted spot on the film.

Then there was the Grand Slam parked for years at the gate of RAFScampton - when they went to move it for road works, it seemed heavier than it should have been. On checking they found it was still full of torpex

Edited By Daithi O Buitigh on 13/06/2019 23:30:56

Thread: Mills 75 setting up throttle
08/06/2019 11:07:51

Of course, being an oldie like myself, you should eschew this 'radio assist' nonsense (it's a bit of inverse snobbery). Back then we called it what it was and still is - single channel radio control cheekywinklaugh

Edited By Daithi O Buitigh on 08/06/2019 11:08:12

Thread: Ink Jet Printing
04/06/2019 21:46:35

I don't know if this will work but back in the day when a single channel outfit cost a fortnight's wages, we used to make waterslide decals from gummed paper.

You gave the gummed side a lick of thinned dope (or varnish) and painted on the required decal. Now whether an inkjet will work on a doped surface I don't know (I gravitated to hand painting markings directly) but it may work with a laser using this sort of paper

Thread: Daks Over Normandy
03/06/2019 01:56:10

I just found out (after browsing a war time copy of Air Trails) that the venerable C 47 was only a 'Dakota' in the RAF - in the Yank service it was a 'Skytrain'. The C 53 was a RAF 'Dakota 2' while being a 'Skytrooper' with the Yanks.

Nothing like sowing a bit of confusion now and again laugh

Thread: Soldering station.
02/06/2019 15:42:33

There's also this one - you get both a soldering iron (rated at 200W) and a hot air gun (400W rated) for a tad over 40 quid

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
06/05/2019 04:40:51

eagle.jpg Get that quadcopter off my tail!!!!

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