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Thread: Middle Wallop Festival of Flight
03/07/2009 23:06:24
Well, for better or worse - it's my first attempt - here are three videos of some of the models at Middle Wallop. Constructive criticism welcome!

I wouldn't want to make a living from it - apologies to those I missed.

Thread: Ripmax Spitfire EP
03/07/2009 22:26:35
I would unquestionably have bought one of these recently except for two things:
1. The cowling just doesn't look right.  The cone-like shape immediately behind the spinner isn't part of any Spit I've seen. I understand the Haikong Spitfire cowl is a direct replacement for it, if one can be found.
2. The silvery camouflage finish again just does not look convincing.
It's a real shame - I saw one flying at Middle Wallop at the weekend and was really impressed with it.
I'll get me coat..........
Thread: August Issue
02/07/2009 21:03:12
And it's called Customer Services??
Thread: Language, please gents!
02/07/2009 21:00:09
As OP I wasn't sure what reaction this subject might provoke. It's clear peoples' views are quite polarised, as I expected, and it's gratifying that so many have taken the trouble to respond. I'd just like to reiterate that the articles in question are well worth reading and this won't stop me from continuing to enjoy the benefit of Alex's knowledge.
I would like to emphasise that,far from being a prude, I am probably the least-PC animal that I know - to the extent that I retired from my ever-more PC-ruled job at the earliest opportunity! I'm a dinosaur, I accept, who merely wishes that society could hang on to just some of its former standards.
When it comes to using bad language, I swear far too much - only in appropriate company -  but would not dream of using it in any formal writing.
By the way, I too believe that winessing a bout of 'educated swearing' is a joy to behold!
I think it boils down to what one expects to find when one buys a publication. If I want to read something containing 'lads' mag' language, then I'd buy Loaded or Nuts or whatever.
Olly P is spot on when he says that you 'tweak' your style according to your intended reader. That was a skill I prided myself upon in my job - I was always able to speak to people, at their level, in a language they understood, be they a drunk or a duke. It was about communication - getting the message over.
Andy hits the nail on the head when he says that it is more unprofessional than offensive - a view with which I agree totally. I suppose it comes down to whether the editor considers that the image projected by the magazine is an important issue when comes to sales!
There is another RC magazine which is so full of proof-reading, spelling and grammatical errors that it is almost painfully comical to read - but that's another story!
Thread: Speed of service
30/06/2009 23:54:22
OK, so I checked my account with Foamyjets at lunchtime today and the order was still shown as 'pending'. I rang them and a young lad answered the phone. Once I had established that it was indeed Foamyjets I was speaking to ('Hello' isn't quite enough when you are running a business), I offered the order number. That wasn't needed, just my name and phone number and the items I'd ordered. I was then told the owner would ring me back. It's nearly midnight now and no call.
I'm back off to France tomorrow. My family will have to post the order on to me, incurring a second lot of postal charges, which doesn't please me. I would be very surprised if Foamyjets offer to re-address it to me in France at no extra cost!
Another order placed with GC on Sunday evening arrived this morning. If one can do it, why do some others not even try to match quality of service?
Thread: 10000!
30/06/2009 23:20:40
I've just noticed Timbo is on his 9999th post! What's to be the 10000th?
Thread: Language, please gents!
30/06/2009 16:36:25
The BMFA Indoor Scale Event Report (pp 40 and 42) and the Weekenders column (pp 46 and 48). Both are excellent articles, by the way!
30/06/2009 15:36:57
Much as I enjoy the magazine, I sometimes wince when I see expletives used in articles. By all means make an emphasis, but I'm not comfortable in seeing it in a published hobby magazine.
For example, in the July issue, in two articles by the same author, the word 'b****y' appeared four times and 'b****r' once.
Is this necessary? Should editorial control extend to asking contributors to moderate their language?
I'm no prude - far from it - I just see this as another example of erosion in standards in everyday life. I don't think it sets a particularly good example to youngsters either - they've had the opportunity to learn a decent standard of written English denied them by the education system, so they will tend to accept what they see printed elsewhere.
Here on the forum we abide by the rules - I've fallen foul of them myself! - should the same rules not apply to the magazine?
Thread: Polyphilla is very quiet.
30/06/2009 12:27:04
Good to see ya, polylazarus!
Thread: Middle Wallop Festival of Flight
30/06/2009 12:24:56
I had a very enjoyable day, albeit a bit frustrating, as all my models are 600 miles south of here!
I too had a chat with Rick, the Sea Fury guy and have emailed him to let him know of the interest here. I'm sure he'll contact you directly.  All being well, I'll try and get some video on Youtube in the next couple of weeks - off back to France tomorrow.
ps don't hold your breath for the video - it'll be my first upload!


Thread: Walkera 37
29/06/2009 20:58:10
Sorry Timbo - I meant Fixed Wing, not whatever you thought!!! This is the Helicopter forum, after all
Tchh, some people's minds...................
Thread: Speed of service
29/06/2009 20:35:18
Yes, Simon, I've used BRC a lot and I'm well-pleased with them too.
Emodels order arrived midday Mon 29/6, so very happy with that level of service.
Just checked the ********* web site - my order placed on 23/6 is still shown as 'pending'.
Now there may be a very good reason for this ( I wouldn't include going to Wings and Wheels at the weekend a good reason) but, if there's a problem, say, with stock, the merchant should let me know. Right now it's the last time I'll place an order with them - if that's how they want to encourage business, it isn't mine!
Hoping to assume Myron's mantle,
Thread: Graupner Tigershark ARTF
29/06/2009 20:19:54
Not for me but this looks to be a real bargain!
Thread: FlyFly Hawk
29/06/2009 00:03:29
The Raptor and others were being flown very nicely by Jepe today at Middle Wallop - all a bit too fast for me though...........
Thread: Polyphilla is very quiet.
28/06/2009 21:33:19
Well, there's the problem - mustard and onion sarnies are enough to hospitalise anyone!............
Thread: What to put an old .25 in?
27/06/2009 21:49:27
.......and stay that way, young Ben - save the planet!
Thread: Passed my A!
27/06/2009 19:57:24
Way to go, young fella
Don't you just hate Americanisms........but sometimes, they're about right!
Thread: Speed of service
27/06/2009 19:32:44
It is interesting to compare the speed of service between various retailers when making on-line purchases. I've bought a few bits this week to take back to France and for many customers, for various reasons, 'speed is of the essence', as they say in legalese.
For example:
Giantcod; orders placed 1930, 23/6 and 0120, 24/6 - arrived midday 26/6
Modelfixings; order placed 1300, 26/6 - arrived midday 27/6 (!)
Emodels; order placed 1000, 26/6 - email 1724, 26/6 informing me item is now in the post.
******** ( a forum contributor) order placed 1920, 23/6 - just checked their website 1830, 27/6 to find order is 'pending'.
I've always had excellent service from GC and Modelfixings - well done to them. It's the first order I've placed with Emodels and their response seems very promising.
The last supplier, again it's the first order I've placed, seems to be rather less concerned about getting the order out, as that is the impression I get.
Now I understand that there may be very good reasons why the service may vary from firm to firm, but the suppliers should realise that customers do compare them, and, more importantly, that first impressions last!
I went to the last supplier as they had the particular item I wanted. Whether I'll want to place another order with them in future remains to be seen.......
Thread: Polyphilla is very quiet.
27/06/2009 17:47:55
Yeah, I've been there too.....hurry back, polypatient
Thread: FlyFly Hawk
26/06/2009 22:35:01
I reckon Timbo will have got something sorted out before his 10,000th post!
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