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Thread: Walkera 37
26/06/2009 19:18:07
I placed an order for the needed parts with Unfortunately they emailed me to say that a number of items were no longer available so, if they haven't got the bits, I'm not going to trawl the world on the off-chance of picking up the right bits. I think this is destined to become an ornament!
 Sorry, did I swear?
Thanks for the advice, all

Edited By Timbo - Moderator on 26/06/2009 19:28:37

Thread: Solarfilm colour matching
26/06/2009 15:04:54
Thanks, David, that's very useful info. Doing my research it seems that Humbrol is the way to go for small quantities - it's a long time since I bought a car spray can and I hadn't realised how expensive they've become!
I think I've found all I need here as I want to take some Tamiya acrylics back across the Channel for my Sea Fury and Lightning purchases. It's gonna be a busy summer
Thread: FlyFly Hawk
25/06/2009 22:58:34
A million commiserations, Timbo, it was a fine model. At the very least, make it a CDM and Bar ( a second one, that is.........) You deserve it
Thread: Solarfilm colour matching
25/06/2009 20:03:32
Does anyone know of a suitable Halfords type spray colour to match Solarfilm Dark Red, please? If I can find a more economical, and easier to reach, alternative to Solarlac I'd be very happy
I haven't got a lot to do - it will be for the ABS engine cowls and trim areas on a Fournier RF-4. Would I be better going for a Humbrol enamel, perhaps? Any prep/priming needed - it's been a long, long time since I last did this!
A budget-conscious Pete.........
Thread: What have you flown? What are you flying now?
23/06/2009 23:02:08
Cor, this can be quite a memory-jerker!
First stint - late '70's to early '80's:
Some balsa canoe with wings for slope didn't!
EMP Corona 100"
Multiplex E1 sailplane
Waterhouse and Ely Superfly
Miles Magister look-alike - can't remember the name.
This time around (2008 on):
Ripmax Nebula
Multiplex Easyglider
Phoenix Rainbow
E-flite Cub 25
Waiting in the wings (sorry about the pun!):
CMP Discus
E-Flite DHC-2 Beaver
Vintage Sterling Schweizer 1-34 kit
Today's purchases:
E-Flite Sea Fury
E-Flite P38 Lightning
West Wings Fournier RF-4
Must go...........I can hear someone!
Thread: The Cafe
22/06/2009 02:07:26
Now why would you need to, Polywack?
Thread: Walkera 37
20/06/2009 21:48:01
Thanks, guys. I've checked Ebay - ok for blades but very few spares specifically for #37. have all the spares listed so it will probably be simplest for me to put in one order with them. Some of the multi-packs of blades on Ebay seem very reasonable - are you aware of any quality issues with them? 
18/06/2009 22:23:33
Hi Gents,
I'm a bit off familiar ground here - fixed wing is my usual territory. Wandering around a car boot last weekend I came across a Walkera 37, a bit worse the wear, but for £14 I thought it might be worth a punt.
Since then I've trawled the various forums for information and I get the impression Walkeras are not universally held in high regard.......
However, I'd like your views in whether it's worth my while - and cash- to tidy it up and dip a toe in the water, so to speak!
So far, I've established that I need to replace the following:
New set of blades (one cracked at root)
New tail boom (see photo). Belt appears ok
Replace flybar linkage (see photo). How is this linkage termed?
Upgrade the brushed motor for brushless ( i have a 3s 1800mah Li-Po that will do nicely as a replacement). The Align L430 seems to be the favoured motor but I can't find it in the UK. Would any similar c. 3500kv model from GC or BRC, etc be suitable?
Transmitter - battery pack corroded - sort this out or use my Dx6i in heli mode?
Does anyone know of a UK retailer who stocks #37 spares? There seems to be a lot of contradiction on the net as to whether parts from the #36 and #60 are interchangeable with the #37 Any advice on suppliers and recommended spares would be appreciated.
I'm aware that this isn't necessarily the best way to approach this branch of the hobby but I'm keen to give it a bash!
Some pics:


Your candid comments are most welcome!
Thread: The Cafe
17/06/2009 01:03:57
"You don't moderate, your wrong, you do moderate your wrong."
A bit like life as a policeman, Gemma!
17/06/2009 00:59:15
There's nowt so queer as folk.......... a mate of mine was a mod on a British ex-pat forum in France until early this year. When the forum was sold to a commercial concern it was as if someone had thrown a hand grenade - all hell broke loose and there were mass defections, slanging matches, etc.
When my mate started to get personal threats amongst the dozens of PM's he was receiving every day, he decided enough was enough and threw in the towel.
I rarely look at that forum now - much nicer bunch of folk here
Thread: I'm in need of a small park flyer, Which do you suggest?
17/06/2009 00:11:22
How about this, Ben?
Thread: The Cafe
16/06/2009 23:59:55
Ta Phil, just needed the encouragement. By the way, good to hear from you! Somehow I seem to have inadvertently managed to 'ignore' you a little while back - net result was nothing you posted came up and whenever I clicked on this thread - and any you'd posted in - I only got a blank 'reply' page
Anyway, much better now
ps - thought you'd been sacked........................
16/06/2009 23:48:01
Don't think so, Nobby - I reckon it's one of those new clouds they are appreciating elsewhere on the forum
16/06/2009 23:10:34
Anyway, what I originally logged on to ask was, should I pluck up the courage to admit to the heli-boys forum that I bought a Walkera #37 for a few quid at a local car boot on Sunday. Having looked at the long threads on RCU etc, they don't seem to rate Walkeras that highly. I might just turn it into an ornament if it ain't worth spending money on........
16/06/2009 23:01:36
Posted by flytilbroke on 16/06/2009 22:25:53:

They don`t know what`s hit them yet. I have known two big winners, one moved up from assistant to owner of his business as he had always wanted to be. The other just wanted the extra Comfort without much changing in thier lives. The hassle from pesky people, some they had considered long term friends meant change of lifestyle big time.

 Can I get to know you, FTB, me old mate, pretty please?
Thread: Computer seller
05/06/2009 21:13:04
It's not my area of expertise, FTB, but it sounds to me that the whole system is not of merchantable quality and you are fully entitled to return it for a refund. This might be of some help.
Thread: How do I get out of this one?
03/06/2009 22:29:25
Ask yourself this - when did you last stick your hand in a spinning prop, slice your finger off with a blade or stub your toe in the sand at the beach? Garry has the right idea - all life is a risk and you can just as easily cut yourself doing a myriad other things.
A year ago tomorrow, I dropped a 9" disc cutter in my lap when my working platform collapsed, cutting into my thigh over the femoral artery. I lay there for a little while with my life flashing before my eyes, wondering if the artery would burst if I moved. Well, I did, it didn't and after being stitched up most promptly and expertly at my local French hospital, I came away with some apprehension about using the cutter again.
I still had the house to finish, so, after a few cold sweaty nights, I realised I'd have to use it sometime. I have done on a few occasions since and, apart from being even more careful than I was before - and I considered myelf very careful before the accident - all has been well. 
Try a Google search for your condition - I bet there will be a number of support forums for people with the same condition. That may be of help.
Very few 1:1 pilots walk into their props - if you approach your flying in the same systematic way you should be just as safe.
I'll get me coat........
Thread: The Cafe
01/06/2009 23:24:03
This one's quite old........
Two owls sitting on a branch and one says, "Whooo won the grand prix last week?"
The other one replied, "Lauda"  (see, I told you it was quite old)
"I said, WHOOO WON THE GRAND PRIX LAST WEEK?", repeats the first, raising his voice.
"LAUDA", replies the second, a bit exasperated.
"I SAID, WHOOO WON THE *$£*$£!! GRAND PRIX LAST WEEK?", shouts the first.
Thread: Boeing 747 build thread 54.5'' wingspan depron foam build
01/06/2009 23:00:44
It's QANTAS, gents! Queensland and Northern Territories Air Services!
If that fourth engine had failed, Ben, they'd have been up there all night, wouldn't they?
Nice build, Brett, carry on the good work.
Thread: Thanks for this forum
30/05/2009 21:56:45
Ditto to all the above.......
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