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Thread: Binding more than one Rx (3) to a Tx 2.4 module
25/05/2009 23:10:05
Don't know if this will shed any light on the problems, gents?
Thread: Shuttle
25/05/2009 21:21:48
At least you've got a chance to do an overshoot, Shaun
Thread: Binding more than one Rx (3) to a Tx 2.4 module
24/05/2009 18:51:29
Myron, I might be stating the obvious but do you have a manual for the 2.4ghz module? If not, there is one here
The binding instructions seem very straightforward. Some people have had problems setting up the Corona synthesized receivers in the past but they seem to do as they're asked for me
Thread: Shuttle
24/05/2009 18:45:13
I was very lucky a few years ago. We'd planned a flydrive through Florida and were due to arrive there the day of a launch. It was postponed 48hrs so we were able to watch Atlantis launch ( I'd always assumed they went straight up but in fact they turn right and head out over the Atlantic!).
Two weeks later at the end of the roadtrip I went to the Space Centre and saw it landing. Nice memory of a great trip. Shame they are reaching the end of their working life with no obvious replacement. After the demise of Concorde it sometimes seems we're un-inventing the wheel
Perhaps it's the sign of a more austere future for mankind....
Thread: Looking for tiny screws to secure canopies etc
23/05/2009 22:38:40
Couldn't recommend other than this company.  Huge range of tiny bits and pieces and I've always had a quick, reliable service.
No connections other than as a satisfied customer.
Just checked their site - smallest pozi countersunk is 2.2mm dia x 6.4mm length - that small enough? Pity they're on holiday 'til 29th May, though...........

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Thread: The Cafe
23/05/2009 15:24:19
I'll have a Brawn if you've got one, Stephen - preferably low mileage, MOT and a new set of slicks
Thread: Cowling fixings
21/05/2009 21:38:35
A 'Tried and Tested' tip, ta! Just mounted my E-flite Cub 25 cowl this way and very pleased with result
Thread: Wattmeter while charging?
21/05/2009 20:59:15
Ahaah! A polyglot, I think? Pretty close, Phil, but Myron's son lives in Brittany at present
I can understand you missing it, Myron -it isn't paradise but you can live in blissful relative ignorance of what is happening around you. I can fly in the back garden which would have been inconceivable in the UK.
I'm in the Lot, about halfway between Brive and Cahors, about 90mins north of Toulouse. I can be in the Pyrenees in 3 hours and on a Spanish beach in 5.....
R/C bits are pretty expensive out here and the nearest shop is in Brive, so I top up when in the UK or mail order from the net. Very good, quick service from BRC, Modelfixings, GC and others, so I'm no worse off than being in the UK.
Sorry the thread has drifted so much, Mr Polymorph, but you started it!!!
20/05/2009 21:21:06
My school, happy as I am that I went there, was geared up to get pupils to University, so it was all academic - no woodwork, metalwork etc. I was one of their also-rans.........  You managed about six more than me!
I was in too much hurry to get on with my life so bailed out half-way through 'A' Levels to go into computing. Unfortunately it screwed forever my dearest ambition to fly Navy helicopters
Anyway, I managed a career as a rozzer and am now enjoying my pension in deepest France - 28c+ today!
19/05/2009 23:02:58
Why, Myron, I do believe that's a Smiley! Better not let the others know..........
Yes, lots of useful information over and above the 'Switch on here' variety.
I'll puzzle it all out one day, I'm sure. I struggled in Physics for four years at school as the teacher and I never got on, despite me really wanting to understand it all. Electrickery remained just that, only half-understood. Fortunately, a change of teacher in the 5th Year made enough gel in my brain to get the O Level. Sadly, it's along time ago now so I've had to start all over again
19/05/2009 21:23:43
It's quite easy, Ben. All you need to do is make up a lead (I have Deans) to reverse the plug/socket arrangement of the connectors. Called 'plug - plug jumper wires' in the manual. You have the charger end as 'Source' and the battery as 'Load'.
It's shown in the manual page 17 which is available  here
No, you don't have to change anything and you leave all settings as normal. The meter won't take anything away from the charge.
Cor, I'll answer them all shortly! Yes, you can put it in line and find out interesting things on landing!

Edited By Pete B on 19/05/2009 21:25:03

Edited By Pete B on 19/05/2009 21:26:08

Thread: Britton Norman Islander
17/05/2009 22:46:40
Good luck with it, Ryan - looking forward to some pics!
Thread: TV Bloopers
16/05/2009 22:31:30
I used to go to Tongham Stadium back in the early '70s - they always paraded the cars to 'Mouldy Old Dough' IIRC.  I remember Mick (Duffy) Collard and I think it's his son, Rob who is now driving in the BTCC. I wonder how many yellow reflective jackets would now be needed for a Destruction Derby?
There was another side to it all, of course. I pulled a van trailering a 'Destruction Derbied' Morris Oxford near Hook one day. I checked it out and it had been stolen from an elderly chap in a retirement home a few days before. The car had been in A1 condition for its age. It was the chap's pride and joy. When I took him to the nick to identify it he just broke down and cried. The old boy never did get any justice as the toerag who nicked it skipped his bail and was eventually locked up for shooting someone, so the theft of the car faded into insignificance.........
My first car was a 1963 Mini (just an 850) called Daisybell.She had hooded headlamp rings and some very modest wheel spacers.  Used to drool over Car and Car Conversions each month, although I didn't have the knowledge or the cash to do all I would have liked. I recall thinking that the screen washers weren't that effective, so I bought some sooper dooper bar washers which pumped the screenwash from numerous holes the length of the wiper blades. The only problem was that they emptied the washer bottle in about ten seconds
Thread: Does it matter what solder i use on deans connectors
16/05/2009 21:44:28
This is a pretty helpful video, Austen. The only thing he does not do is connect the pair before soldering.
There are a few other vids there, too.
Thread: Heathrow runway cam
13/05/2009 22:03:26
Try SBK Brushwood Killer or Roundup (Glyphosate), Phil. They tend to work better before
you cut the weeds down! They are systemic, ie the leaves absorb the active ingredients, carry it down to the roots and kills them off.
Thread: HDD space wildly fluctuating
10/05/2009 21:35:00
It's the Mysterons. Are there two small spots of light moving across your wall?
Thread: I'm struggling with the molocake...........
10/05/2009 21:13:45
I've just bought a covering iron from a European website and it appears to be just the job. I'm certain it will do everything I ask of it. Unfortunately there were no instructions enclosed but I can manage.
Helpfully, the Taiwanese manufacturer has put a comprehensive list of his product's features on the packaging - and I've just got to share them with you
C & Y's iron 1 can adjust a temperature to above 230c and if necessary can also be controlled to a stable temperature on balance.

The iron's base mount is comprised of extreme hard materials covering aluminium and metal. Especially, it can be implemented durably on the best condition even under a quite high temperature because of its Teflon design.

The creative shoe with lightweight shrinks more surface areas, and the iron has a tapered edge to allow reaching all toughest corners.

It won't be happened to break off the molocake while you are using the iron for the shoe with turning toward 3 degree.

The C & Y's iron had been tested to connect plug with electricity for lasting seven days and it never burned out because of the specialised pressure board inside which formed by a cam.

On the other hand, sealing iron is made of fibre steel which appears two sort of advantages for its endurable clean and rust-proof.

Therefore, the new iron idea is cooler to the touch, easier to work with and value so great you mustn't wait!

That's all pretty self-explanatory and I suppose if I steer clear of the molocake I shouldn't have any problems.........
Thread: EasyGlider (E)
02/05/2009 22:21:17
Oh Alex, what sort of a father are you? Haven't you explained to her just how crucial C of G is to everyday life - and particularly aeroplanes? Until she knows what C of G means, you can't send her up a tree to recover any wayward model, can you?
Anyway, glad you remembered to feed her, at whatever price!
Lovely sunny evening here tonight. I was using the EG to avoid having to take Dotty the Dalmatian for a walk - every time I do a low pass she chases it all the way across the field. Gets far more exercise than I could give her........Mind you, I have to shout a bit when I land it!
Sounds as if you have sorted the ailerons - and don't rule out the spoilerons, if you can. Very satisfying when you can drop the model in front of you
02/05/2009 15:20:47
Good luck for tomorrow, Alex. I don't know how well the RR servos are glued but I was able to cut mine out a couple of times when setting it up() - just a dab of hot glue on the mounts at each end secures them.
Thread: Building the Mercury Chrislea Skyjeep
01/05/2009 23:11:20
Fascinating thread, Fred - always a joy to watch you build - just wish I had 1/10 of your skills! Looking forward to the maiden,
ps by the way, you don't 'alf look like the bloke in your avatar!
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