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Thread: The August Grand Prize Draw
06/08/2008 10:54:00
You gotta be in it to win it!
Thread: Folding Prop Question
18/07/2008 23:16:00

Well, a week turned out to be a bit optimistic!  I finally made the first flight yesterday and have already managed to put a couple of hours on the airframe. Flies very nicely and, even better, I haven't lost my touch so I still have something to fly tomorrow

Big difference between electric and pure glider, of course, is airspeed but it hasn't been a great problem. There's a very satisfying rustle and whoosh on a quick pass and, now sunny France finally is sunny, the thermals were seriously impressive today.

This is just a preamble before saying a big thank you to Timbo and everyone else who chipped in with advice when I was trying to get my head around the electrickery situation earlier this year. The motor combo recommended seems spot on - it climbs at about 80deg and would probably carry on indefinitely if I didn't cut the motor! The torque roll is quite impressive too, despite the wedges of offset thrust I built in

Now I must get started on the Easyglider.....................the bug is back!


Thread: A little competition for forum users
30/06/2008 23:11:00

Make a change from thermalling!


Thread: The July Grand Prize Draw
30/06/2008 13:23:00
Oh, go on then!
Thread: The WORST plane you ever had?
16/06/2008 23:51:00

Ah yes, the W & E Superfly! I didn'trealise it was so bad - I thought it was just my flying ability

It must have been about 1980-81 when I was flying mine (OS 40 powered) from RAF Odiham one Sunday. Just after takeoff, the battery lead unhooked itself. We were all then just spectators watching it describe a gentle left hand climbing turn (prop torque) for about ten minutes until the fuel ran out. By then it was just a speck (and my initial panic had subsided into resigned expectation of loss or rebuilding) - probably at 1500ft+ - after which it started an equally graceful series of right hand descending turns, finally landing, perfectly well,  just inside the boundary fence on the northern edge of the field. Behaved just like a free-flight model - which I suppose it was!

I have to admit it flew far better without my clumsy mitts on the controls.........


Thread: Folding Prop Question
08/06/2008 17:56:00

Thanks for comments.

I cut 2-ish mm slots in the ply to match the mount thickness - there was enough flex in the plastic to ease in the ply mount. Spotted the ply in correct position with CA, then slopped on epoxy fillets, reinforced with a self-tapper through the plastic into the ply. Time will tell whether all will remain attached...!

This is the prop photo I didn't seem to have room for in the original post - I kept meeting the 3899 word limit  until I moved the pics to photobucket, rather than loading the pics into the page:

They do fold back against the fuselage!:

 All being well, I'll get a flight this week and let you know how it goes. 


08/06/2008 00:51:00

Hi All,

Timbo may recall suggesting some brushless motor combos for my Ripmax Nebula back in April. Well, I've followed the suggestions and would like to show how it has turned out, so far, if I may. I used the original brushed motor mount which, with a bit of trimming, accommodates the BRC A2814-8T 1000kv 300w motor. Possibly a smidgeon more downthrust has crept in from the original but, given the results, may be no bad thing!:

A neat solution taking up a fraction of the space of the original 600 motor:

Plugging it all together (note- heeded advice re wattmeter!):

The question is, should a folding prop fold forwards like this?  Is the centrifugal force sufficient to overcome the tendency to clap hands? Daft question, perhaps - I just don't know the answer!

Anyway, the test results - limited at present but the setup is the motor already mentioned, a Fly 33A ESC, 3s1p 2200mah LIPO and 11 x 6 prop. AUW is 1067g (2lb 5oz), compared to the original brushed and 6 cell NiMH weight of 1350g! The meter showed maximums of 29.3A and 277W at 11.4V.

I suspect I may have a bit of a beast here............... I have not yet tried my alternative props of 10 x 8 and 11 x 8. Am I right in thinking that a smaller prop, ie 9 x 6, would reduce the tendency to go into orbit?!                                                              


Thread: What should a brushless feel like?
05/06/2008 19:06:00

Thanks, both, I'm reassured. There is certainly no roughness and I understand that the magnets will have a 'resistive' effect when the motor is turned by hand. I shall proceed gently.......

I must add, by the way,  that I've been very pleased with the quality of products and mail order service from BRC, TJD and Modelfixings - all have been prompt, helpful and a pleasure to deal with!


ps Babelfish did very well with the translation, Ron, but didn't even try 'Flusschwankungen'!!! 

05/06/2008 17:26:00

Hi All,

Have come to a temporary halt to the renovation here in France due to an unfortunate collision between a disc cutter and my groin yesterday (stitched but I'm still alive and shaking.......)

You may recall I recently posted some newbie questions, kindly addressed by Timbo and others, about the great electrickery mystery. I took the advice and made the recommended purchases so thanks to all.

I now have the perfect excuse, for a few days, to turn my attention to the accumulation of bits and kits I've acquired, at frightening expense(!), with a view to converting the Nebula to brushless, assembling an Easyglider Electric with an inrunner replacement for the stock brushed motor (see source of info here under 'Flight Tests' ) and eventually, tackling a CMPRO Discus. Yes, I know the link is to a French site but the numbers are European and you'll recognise most of the nouns!

To the issue, at last. 

I have purchased two brushless outrunners, a 200w and 300w, and I'm surprised at the variation in effort required to turn the motors by hand. One turns over quite easily whilst the other has considerable resistance, clunking from one sector to the next. Being out in the sticks, my only knowledge reference point, apart from your good selves, is the rest of the web. I have found this short video where the chap is demonstration one motor against another, claiming one is defective. The turning resistance on my two motors seems to fall somewhere between that shown in the video but not far off the extremes. Unfortunately he does not state which one he claims is defective.......

Having never handled such a beast before, I have no experience of what should be the correct 'feel' for a motor. I haven't yet wired them up to test them in case one needs returning. Do motors vary in their turning resistance? Is the defective motor the looser or tighter example? Does it matter?

You know, I've just realised that ignorance isn't a problem until it becomes a problem.........


Thread: The June Grand Prize Draw
01/06/2008 16:30:00
Great machine, count me in, please!
Thread: The May Grand Prize Draw
02/05/2008 20:25:00

Do you feel lucky, punk?

Well, not really, but I'll have a go anyway!


Thread: The April Grand Prize Draw

Yes please!


Thread: Where can I get one
24/04/2008 09:55:00

Just to add to the previous, they offer 11x6 or 11x8 props, but you may wish to go for Graupners elsewhere....


24/04/2008 09:53:00


I have just placed an order here

They seem to have what you need but I cannot comment on quality, etc.


Thread: Exploding Ni-MH pack?
23/04/2008 17:56:00

I've blades on the Blighty list for next week, Erfolg - can you arrange some sunshine, too, please?

I've placed a couple of orders with UK firms for collection back home and I've played Customs roulette with some bits from United Hobbies, in the States, so I'll let you know how efficient the French douaniers are!


22/04/2008 18:22:00

Well, suitably refreshed,  I'm about to place the order for the 2814-8T combo as it seems the biz. Good news is the diameter of 36mm means that I may be able to use the existing cradle in the model.

I like the look of the Graupner folders but the 5mm shaft left me searching fruitlessly for info on adapting shaft diameters to accommodate folders. However I have found this spinner

which seems to have the correct spec. I'm tempted to get two sets of 11x6 props (one for spares) but would it be worth going for a 10x8 or 11x8 as well to cover the options? - at less than £3 per set it's not a lot of money.

I'm back in the UK next week so I can collect the bits there. I'll be able to sort out any connection leads then.

Once again, thanks for your help - it is becoming clearer - slowly


21/04/2008 23:33:00

Many thanks, Timbo - I'm an hour ahead here so it must be bedtime - will absorb this when I'm compos mentis!


21/04/2008 21:05:00

I am impressed, Timbo - that clears the fog somewhat! As the motor diameter is 30mm compared to the c.35mm of the existing 600, I presume that I should replace the existing mount with, say a ply bulkhead inside the nose with a cruciform engine mount  such as this

The existing set up weighs c.1300g, so the brushess version should reduce that by at least 250g plus any noseweight needed (!), so would you suggest a prop of 11 x  6 or thereabouts? I haven't yet got all the calculations clear and I'm aware that this can be done mathematically but, in time.......

Turning to the charger questions and links that I screwed up in the earlier post, I understand that you get what you pay for but, as each vendor/manufacturer seems to have a different way with words, this too appears to be a minefield. I see this at the cheap end of the scale

which, on the face of it appears to be able to perform largely as this one which appears more versatile

I see that the Prodigy II still needs a balancer as well and, as I don't envisage needing more than 3 cell charging for the foreseeable future, would the Multiplex be likely to meet my needs? I'll address the plug compatibility later......

 I will try to start thinking for myself soon, honest!


20/04/2008 20:53:00

Suitably clothed in sack-cloth and ashes, Timbo, now I can see the chain symbol. I won't make that mistake again, sorry!

I'm pleased to say I managed my first flight since about 1982 today, and, with nothing else to compare against, I was very satisfied with the performance of the existing set up. I managed about 15mins flight time overall, with 7.9v left at the end - rain stopped play. CG was probably a bit forward of optimum and I can see that less all up weight with a modern system would make it a bit more of a floater, so I'm heading towards your suggestion of a brushless/LiPo replacement.

Unfortunately, your phrase "fit a nice cheap low kv outrunner brushless, with a decent 11 / 12" diameter prop" exceeds my knowledge base, so I'm going off to do my homework and try and unravel the jungle I seem to be entering!

Thanks, all, for your help so far.


19/04/2008 19:38:00

Thanks, gents, for your very prompt replies - and the amusing anecdotes! I've been shifting topsoil today (oh, joy) so it's taken a while to get back to important things....By the way, thanks to Erfold, the house is now buried and the topsoil, which was intended for flower beds, is now covering the house. Can't wait to see how big the carrots will be!
Having operated on the offending item, I've managed to re-solder the pack as a 6-cell, charged it and, much to my surprise, found it working and giving 8.45v - I was under the impression that one multiplies the number of cells by the nominal voltage, to give me 6 x 1.2v = 7.2v. Have I misunderstood something?
At least it means that, weather permitting, I may get a test flight in tomorrow.
Within the end cap of the cell was a plastic insulating disc. As you may be able see from the photo, the insulator is creased over on one side, and I'm thinking this may have been a manufacturing fault and the cell shorted internally. Perhaps that would explain the bang?


Given that the risks appear to be similar whatever the battery (!), I shall accept the advice to go to LiPo's.
Right now, I'd be happy to get the beast in the air and I can get modern soon.
I have to admit I'm struggling to get my head around this. It's spinning a bit from all I've tried to take in from the various sources. At present, I'm trying to keep costs down, for now at least, and performance is not the priority. Presumably, with LiPo's, I can continue with the stock 600 motor and the Jeti 30 ESC. Timbo suggests a 3S1P battery, which I understand to be 11.1v. Can the 600 motor run with this voltage? Would a 2S1P at 7.4v be adequate for the Nebula? What sort of maH capacity should I need?
I don't want to be seen as lazy about these questions - it's more a case of information overload at present and I need to clear the fog.
In terms of chargers, and it's a pity my nice new Pro-Peak is like to gather dust, are the chargers such as this:

link deleted !

adequate? It is described as a balance charger but the price looks considerably less than many others.

link deleted !

Would I do better with this?
Do you have any recommendations? Do I need any other equipment such as a digital Lipo Indicator, connector leads etc? As you'll understand, living in France requires an internet order and I'd hate to overlook an essential part of the kit.

Thanks for your patience, your help is appreciated,

Buenos Dias,

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