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Thread: 1950s Farnborough Air Show
25/02/2009 21:51:01
Whoops, finger trouble - DH 110!
25/02/2009 21:03:15
It was the DH 108, flown by John Derry.  Broke up when turning in front of the crowd. My great-uncle was a driver at the RAE at the time and he was involved in transporting the bodies to the temporary mortuary on the other side of the airfield. Something he did not wish to recall.
Strangely enough, a good few years later, my work involved some aspects of the major disaster planning for Farnborough! Fortunately, I was never called upon to put it into practice..........
Thread: 'Tooting Popular Front' on its way?
23/02/2009 10:07:38
Erfolg said in another thread:
This era sees, public bodies leving fines for, incorrect disposal of house refuse, parking, late returns on tax, late receipt of Road fund payment, etc.
Private business does not generally need these signs.
In general poor service leads to reduced business, which can lead to the demise of a company. This is not so with our Public servants. Who press ever ahead with policy that many find unacceptable.
There is no excuse for being rude. Anger and frustation may say something about the society that has been created, as well as the individual.
You are spot on, mate!
This country is suffering from the over-creation of regulations and unaccountable, largely anonymous factions who have been given relatively unlimited powers to exact fines and other penalties upon their fellow citizens.
By way of an example, last week my MIL helped out a disabled friend by taking her to a shopping centre. The friend took her disabled parking badge with her but placed it upside-down on the dashboard. A ticket for £50 was duly issued by a 'click, lick, stick and runner'. Is it worth appealing the fine - not a chance! The parking company - note no public accountability - won't let its income go that easily. They stick to the strictest letter of the 'regulations' - something they made up, not legislated - and ignore any attempt at mitigation.
I spent 30 years in the police and I can state categorically that, had those circumstances arisen during my service, it would have been unthinkable not to have cancelled the charge immediately. As for accountability and regulation, I don't think people realised just how well off we were when, for example, the police had control of traffic regulation, for and on behalf of the public.
Nowadays, there are countless tiny-minded people who have been given  powers way beyond their intellect and wit and for whom 'natural justice and morality' is an alien concept. I believe there are about 1400-1500 organisations who have now been authorised to exact penalties. Unfortunately I cannot see any politician with the courage to sweep them away and re-think the whole thing. I think it would need a revolution now
Bah, I'm off to walk the dog - making sure I have a poo bag with me!
Thread: Customer service
23/02/2009 09:44:14
Erfolg makes some good points, so, as it's off topic, I shall respond in a new thread in 'Chit Chat'
Thread: Electric foam Hercules
23/02/2009 01:27:09
Bravo Toni, well done, most satisfying for you! That has to be up there with the Depron Vulcan from last year for 'scaleability'. IOt looks so 'right'
Retracts next???
Thread: A Spitfire over Cheshire
23/02/2009 01:13:19

Out walking the dog a few weeks ago and did a double take when I saw a Cessna-type with floats flying over, east of Basingstoke. Thought the eyes were just playing me up for a minute!

However, I was driving past Blackbushe last week when I saw it parked up, head and shoulders above everything else, in the parking area. Well, I know we've had a bit of snow and rain recently but that's ridiculous...................
ps, I think you'll find it's a turbine Islander, Ben, but keep on reminiscing - it's good for the soul! 
Thread: eBay inconsistent.
23/02/2009 00:57:44
I'm staggered by the numpties who pay over the odds for products on Ebay when five minutes of searching would produce the same item from retailers, at a lower cost and more often than not with lower postage rates as well! I ca only assume a redmist descends when the bidding starts.
I watched a couple of auctions the other day, where the advert clearly stated the items on offer were PLANS for an autogyro, where the bids reached £50+!
I'd love to be a fly on the wall when they arrive in the post...........
Thread: Customer service
23/02/2009 00:46:32
Sorry folks, rant and minor deviation from thread coming up!..........
Please correct me if I'm wrong but are we the only country in the world where retail and public service outlets find it increasingly necessary to post notices at the counter reminding customers that abusive or threatening behaviour towards the staff will not be tolerated?
I spend a lot of time over the water and it saddens me so much to see these notices more and more evident each time I come home. It is depressing to see just how ignorant, aggressive and antagonistic so many UK 'citizens' have become in the past few years. I, for one, wouldn't want to swap places with retailers any day. Yes, it works both ways but as a customer, you have the option to withdraw your custom. The poor old shop assistant is stuck with it.
What has become of my dear old country???
Rant over, probably get another ticking off from Timbo now
I'm going to get back to balsa-bashing.........
Thread: DIY hi-start
23/02/2009 00:17:50

Oliver Beams said:

Thanks for the advice guys.  As a cheaper alternative to surgical rubber tubing would it be possible to use the round, stranded, cotton covered bungee available off the roll from DIY stores?
Reply is a bit late, I'm afraid, Oliver.  Your question doesn't seem to have been answered above. Surgical tube is a much better alternative to cotton-covered bungee. The problem with cotton bungee cord is that the stretch is seriously limited by the covering so, if you manage to avoid ripping the towhook out when you stretch it, you get a disappointing short amount of oomph before it has fully contracted. You should get a much softer, more prolonged contraction with surgical tube and, with practice and the right conditions, be able to 'kite' the model a bit to get the maximum height on launch.
I'm starting to sound a bit like a midwife, I think.......
Having said all that, it's fair to say that, having come back into the hobby, the last time I did a bungee launch would have been about 1983...........but I'm sure things haven't changed that much.
Mind you, I'm surprised to find that model shops are still selling the cotton-covered bungee kits! How many of those are now laying around in sheds and lofts, never to see the light of day again??   
Thread: muliplex easy glider brushless upgrade
16/02/2009 02:32:10
Hi Andrew,
Lots of information in this thread from a little while back.
Thread: Its a what?
13/02/2009 20:28:54

I won't give it away as I think I've found the same pdf document as you!


13/02/2009 20:06:48
Looks suspiciously like a Burnelli CBY-3 Loadmaster (about 1946) to me.
I have to confess that I found this when googling for the flying wing, though!
13/02/2009 17:31:17
Thanks, Phil & Ben,
Pity it was lost in a fire........who knows what may have become of it. Struggling with the flying wing, though!
13/02/2009 00:50:06

It's the Lockspeiser LDA-1. I remember seeing this flying over Farnborough quite regularly, back in the '70s. As far as my memory serves me, it would occasionally fly around in the late afternoon-early evening, when the RAE activity had ceased.

More info here and  pics here
Thread: Nice Beaver!
05/01/2009 16:00:00


Many thanks for the replies and advice. Orders have been placed and bits are, hopefully, en route as I write. I'm in the UK for a while before I go back to my base in France (where the workbench is....) so I'll not be able to give you an update for a while.

As it is, I've got a Phoenix Rainbow (aka Graupner Elektro-Kadett) sitting in its box out there, awaiting my attention. OK, so there's a CMPRO Discus as well.....

I want to get some time in on the Rainbow before I get to grips with the Beaver. It's just that it is so much cheaper here in the UK (even with the currency woes) that it's worth stocking up when visiting. In fact, generally speaking, it's probably 25-30% cheaper to have gear posted out to me than it is to go to the LMS there!

If anyone is in any doubt, take a look at some of the French and Belgian online stores, such as Weymuller or Pigs Airlines.

Despite some price rises here and, yes, they always hurt, UK modellers should realise that they are still getting a pretty good deal compared to their Euro compatriots, and perhaps some UK retailers don't necessarily get the credit they deserve for holding down the prices.

I'm not wishing to be controversial or start a long discussion - just grateful that I have the chance to buy here!


31/12/2008 15:58:00

Hi All,

Many thanks to you both - it's coming together now. I have been thrashed into line by your persuasive arguments and ordered the same Turnigy motor 42-50A 700kv as Frank has used, together with a Turnigy Accucel 6 lipo charger (must get around to selling my stock of little-used chargers....).

Can I just confirm that this Hobbywing Pentium 60A ESC should keep everything in check and that I should not need a UBEC?

Now I just need to find 4S lipo's at a reasonable price.....


ps surprised and disappointed not to see Timbo in the NYH list - well, he darn well should be!

31/12/2008 00:37:00

Thanks, Timbo - a rush of nothing to the head there, I think

So if I go for this motor,, this OPTO ESC and this UBEC, together with a 3300mah(+) 3S1P or 2 x 2200mah in parallel, I should have a reasonably well-balanced power system for the Beaver?


30/12/2008 22:05:00

Thanks for the responses so far, all. Do you want the good news or the bad news? OK, bad news first:

Just had an email from the company I placed the order with to say that they must have sold the last one at Xmas........ and the new stock will be much more expensive

The good news is: TJD have just had a delivery, lower in price and my order has been placed! Just hope I don't get a similar email tomorrow Please don't disappoint me, TJD! (not that they ever have)

Anyway, lots of food for thought above and, inevitably, some difference in opinion. I see you've gone for the E-Flite 32 equivalent, Frank, and there is clearly power in hand with that motor. I've just checked the Hobbycity prices and the state of the pound has made them rather uncompetitive now, sadly. Very useful review, thanks. I'll absorb what you've said there.

Thanks, David, for the flap servo reply. I'll look for a servo speed reducer  to slow it down a bit and increase the amount of flap stage by stage to avoid any surprises!

Looking closer to home, I've found this motor at a good price which seems to be about right if I stay with 3S. I'll probably go for a 3300mah or so battery if I cannot squeeze a pair of 2200's in. I really don't want to buy yet another charger right now!

Tom, you've started to lose me on the 'switch mode one'. I've noted what David said about the E-Flite 60A ESC but as I won't be using one, I'm still concerned as to whether I can manage with a 40-45A or whether a 60A would be advisable. If so, can anyone point me towards a suitable item, please?

On the other hand, if it is more prudent to have a separate battery supply for the receiver, would this OPTO ESC and this UBEC meet my needs? I'm rather confused now, to say the least. Will I need a separate RX battery if I use an OPTO and UBEC set-up?

Apologies to all - I'd rather not be asking so many questions and it's taken me all evening to compose this reply! I don't know about  BEC's frying, my brain's just about done...........


29/12/2008 22:23:00

Well folks, now I have your attention (!), I'm in a bit of a quandary and it's the electrickery thing again....

Having been dispensing the largesse around the family, as you do this time of year, I thought it about time that I treated I shall soon, Royal Mail permitting, have a nice E-Flite DHC-2 Beaver in my grubby mitts

I'm going for the lower power option, floats not being really necessary in my neck of the woods, but I really can't justify the premium for the E-Flite motor or 60A ESC. I've waded through the threads on forums (fora?), far and near, and the general impression is that 500W is plenty of power for the model.

Having looked at the spec for the E-Flite 25 motor, I'm hoping that this motor from BRC Hobbies is a suitable alternative, together with this 40A ESC.

I want to stay with 3S1P Li-Po's as my existing charger won't charge a 4S pack and I'm disinclined to invest even more right now! I have 2200mah packs and expect these will give me a fairly short flight time, so I may have to get a 3000mah battery like this. Short flight times are not really an issue but, space and weight permitting, I could link the smaller packs in parallel to extend the flight time, could I not?

Am I allowing enough margin with a 40A ESC or should I go for a 60A? With a weight of about 5 - 5.5lb and approx. 500 watts with a 12x8 prop, I expect about 100W/lb, which will be quite adequate performance.

Finally, the vexed question of servos. Six are required and I'll be using Hitec HS81's on ailerons and elevator, with an HS82MG for the rudder (to cope with tailwheel steering). I have some 9g micro-servos from BRC. Would they be adequate for the flaps or should I stay with the HS81's? I'm on a Spekky Dx6i so the flaps will be a straight switch because I do not think proportional operation is possible. The last and most important question is, can I use 6 servos with a BEC ESC like the one above, or should I go for a separate power supply for the receiver (AR6200)? I'm confused about this as, although E-Flite state their ESC is fine with 6 servos, there is a lot of disagreement on the forums.

The head is now starting to spin, as usual, so any advice or alternative suggestions will be most gratefully received, thanks.......Happy New Year, All!


Thread: Defiantely nothing to do with flying, but -
24/12/2008 21:24:00

er - better still, DEFINITELY!

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