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Thread: Seagull 80" DH Chipmunk
13/11/2019 21:03:07

I can't remember exactly what mine weighs, George. But when I read your "a couple of ounces under 11lb" I did think "that's just like mine".

I'm on 6S 4500.

13/11/2019 19:54:10

George I didn't find the shiny decals to he a problem at all because they go on a shiny surface anyway. I didn't think the pilots were particularly heavy either. They looked nothing like chipmunk pilots, though but had to do after a bit of a paint job.

The changes I made to the canopy were to film over the screw holes on the outside of the Fus and instead of screws, hold it down with magnets.

It's a pussy cat to fly and seems to be fine with quite a range of c/g. Further back I find it harder to settle nicely into an approach and too far forward it doesn't really want to flare. So fly it and tweak the c/g to suit yourself.

Oh and I filmed over the area between pilots in black.


Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
05/11/2019 21:17:08
Posted by Michael Adams 3 on 05/11/2019 20:50:21:

Hi Nigel, typical of all these sort of people who try to govern the country, pass the buck and let some one else sort it

when they know they cannot. My flying days are over now because I know for a fact that at 83 years young no way could I remember all the answers to those questions. I have had a bit of a total up and I recon I will be sending about £1,000.00 worth of planes and equipment to the land fill site, Can't go fishing as I can't walk so far along the bank with all of the equipment, what a life we do live.

Good luck to all who pass so as they can carry on with there sport and pass time.


That would be a real shame Michael.

As I understand it the questions are quite easy and if you get any wrong they tell you the right answers and let you have another go. Have a look here **LINK**

Note also that for BMFA members there's no need to do anything until membership renewal.

At that point Members with existing acheivements will also be exempted from the requirement to take the CAA's online test. Those without an existing acheivement will be able to take the BMFA's own 'Registration Competency Certificate' as an alternative to the CAA test.

Thread: Gas engineers
05/11/2019 18:16:59

In a previous house we had a very old but reliable boiler. It was floor mounted under the first half of the staircase and the area was open to the kitchen/diner.

I eventually replaced it for efficiency reasons and promptly had to have two kitchen radiators installed. The old one had been keeping the kitchen nice and toasty it's self. So there's a big chunk of extra efficiency lost.

The reliability of the new one was terrible. So much so that after the warranty period, during which time their service was awful, I got to know it's ins and outs intimately and kept it going myself for a few years. It was mostly silly design things like the magnet/reed switch hot water flow sensor failing due to being demagnetiser by the temperature.

Thread: How much does an RC hot air balloon weigh?
05/11/2019 18:07:48

Just wondering? Does an RC hot air balloon weigh over 250g?

It doesn't when ready for flight but may well do when not inflated. Discuss.

Thread: LUA script
04/11/2019 08:27:31

BLHelIi32 (the 32 is important as there's also a version called BLHeli which won't work for us).

It even has a button for turning an Arduino nano into a USB linker. But given that the linker is a similar price to a nano, you pays your money and makes your choice.

I now have BLHelIi32 as an app on my android phone. Used with an adapter cable, I have found it really useful at the field.

One thing I found particularly nice about the Neuron was being able to set the end points very precisely. Make them match the Tx throttle channel and there are no dead spots at top and bottom of the stick, or tweak to your preference.

The tickover speed available is very very low too, lovely if that's what you like.

Just make sure that the centre pin (+) of the telemetry connection isn't connected through to the Rx. By now, all Neurons sold should turn up with that pin missing anyway, but it's worth a double check.

03/11/2019 21:55:46

Hi Geoff

The LUA script is already written and included on the SD card contents for the latest versions of OpenTx.

Once you have Tx and Rx bound and the telemetry connection made to the ESC, you run the script by navigating to it on the Tx via SD card contents screen. Highlight the file and click or long hold enter to run it.

If I remember correctly the only one for Neurons is to set the UBEC voltage.

I did an article recently in the mag on these speed controllers. Sept 2019 issue.

Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 03/11/2019 21:59:53

Thread: NEW POLL - do you use a throttle kill switch?
26/10/2019 09:48:38

Always. Every model. For the simple reasoning of why wouldn't you? and to keep all my models the same.

Mine are a "sticky throttle cut" which means that when the switch is moved to "enable", nothing happens until/unless throttle stick is fully down. This way, an inadvertent knock of the switch can't accidentally start the motor.

Also, when the motor is enabled there's a clear announcement of the fact.

I still don't rely on it for complete safety. Only a disconnected battery will do for that.

Thread: Ashbourne 2019
24/10/2019 13:46:22

Chris I didn't come this year but then I didn't put my name on the list.

Personally I'd say "steady as she goes". It's been a lovely event when I have been able to come. Not too tightly specified to one type of model, marshalled in a very relaxed manner, loads of unusual models to see and folk to chat to etc etc. The food has always been a big part of the attraction too.

I'd guess you suffered the double whammy of the postponement and the cold weather. I wouldn't read too much into a one off blip in numbers.

Maybe next time push a bit harder the fact that asking folk to sign up is about numbers for catering and keep asking folk to let you know in good time if they know they're not coming? It's a hard one to balance, I know.

Thread: PWM Switching rate anybody?
21/10/2019 20:07:25

Simon have a read here. Switching rates referred to are higher than yours but these ones refer to small high revving quad motors. I'd think that the general principles apply, though.

Thread: Latest CAA Update
21/10/2019 19:58:50

Chaps if you want a slanging match then please go and find another forum. This is not the place.

This is an interesting time in this saga so I don't want to close this thread. But at this rate, that's not far off.

Thread: Receiver question
19/10/2019 19:16:39

FB the answer is that it's not just a voltage no. It's a regular series of electrical pulses. The duration of the pulse tells the servo which position to go to. For most systems, if the pulses keep coming, each having a duration of 1.5uS then the servo will be centred. If the pulses move towards 1uS long then the servo will go one way and if they move towards 2uS then the servo will go the other way.

Assuming that you're using the same 35mHz transmitter then it's the Tx that sets the pulse lengths, so the servo should go the same way even if you change Rx.

I guess there's a possibility that a Rx with digital signal processing might change the direction, but even then I'd doubt it.

Thread: S8R problems...
29/09/2019 16:09:12

You're right Martin. For quick mode, It's 9, 10 & 12.

It looks like you have everything working there. Just make sure you check the direction of correction once it's in the model.

29/09/2019 12:50:46

If you're set to D16 and Channel Range 1-16 then you're fine.

If by any chance channel range is reduced then you may not be sending control channels 9, 10 & 11 that are used internally by the stabiliser, that was the point, really.

28/09/2019 21:00:53

Martyn is your Tx set to send 16 channels? That's quite a common thing to forget.

Yes the servos must do the dance before you move the sticks to all extremes.

Thread: Spot
27/09/2019 21:44:06

I would sure like one of these. It looks perfect for lugging all your gear around.

Thread: RCM&E 2019 Fly-In - pics etc,,
21/09/2019 11:01:55

There's a great shot of the pilot, Geoff, holding the model too. laugh

14/09/2019 19:42:50

Still flying...


14/09/2019 16:05:14


Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 14/09/2019 18:17:42

14/09/2019 16:01:14

Some random pics, sorry - can't see my phone screen too well in the sunshine so these may not be great.




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