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Thread: Build your own telemetry sensors.
15/07/2019 21:12:26

If anyone is expecting a reply about purchase of PCBs could you look at your PMs please.

The last two enquiries had replies sent by me about a week ago, neither has been read yet.



Thread: How to Attach Photos
15/07/2019 19:39:05

There are a good few forum user guides here, Martin, in case you come up against any other difficulties.

Thread: Build your own telemetry sensors.
08/07/2019 16:59:42

Hi Mike

I'm away on holiday at the moment but yes that's all correct.

If you send me a PM, I'll get back to you with PayPal details etc and you can let me have your address. No rush though, I can't do anything until the start of next week, sorry.

Thread: Nigel Hawes Tucano power train
30/06/2019 23:42:06

Plenty to read about the Tucano in this forum section, Douglas.

Thread: Servos moving on power up?
28/06/2019 23:53:41

Keith how much do they move?

I set my flaps so that with servo centred I get half flap.

I mechanically set the linkages so the full up and full down flap are pretty much at either extreme of servo travel.

So unless your servos are glitching beyond normal travel range, there wouldn't be a problem, would there?

Thread: Switching Brand
28/06/2019 16:58:56

Very little difference in capabilities, Martin. There are fewer knobs and switches the lower you go down the price range.

The Horus types have a larger and colour screen.

For me this means that I find it easier to program a Horus direct on screen than by using companion on a PC. That's because the bigger screen means they can fit more on it and it's all easier to read.

For s Taranis, I get on better if I use companion then transfer the setup to the radio.

The Horuses (Horii?) Are generally better built (with more expensive components) Different versions have better (hall effect) gimbals.

Note: the HorusX12 is quite big for a Tx. Ideally you should hold one in your hand before buying. I'd say the X10 is better built inside (like a second generation) and is a more familiar size.

28/06/2019 13:32:59

There's some very good reading matter on OpenTx here

27/06/2019 21:13:25

With the background you mention I wouldn't look anywhere other than FrSky.

All their transmitters from the bottom to the top of the range come with the same 16 channels. With another 16 available by using a plug in module.

There's a choice of operating systems.

The one I know is OpenTx. You can download OpenTx companion PC software, on which you could do all your Tx programming before uploading it to the Rx. Companion can be downloaded so you can have a look yourself before purchase.

There's masses of support out there for it too.

If you decide to upgrade transmitters, companion will help your u copy your models from one Tx to the other

Personally, I now do all my programming on the Tx screen.

Check out the prices of hardware too and compare that to other manufacturers.

Thread: My biggest "model" yet
21/06/2019 21:36:44

Hi Geoff. No telemetry fitted now but during testing it did hit 46A peak. That's split between 2 x 45A ESCs.

21/06/2019 17:31:28

Thanks chaps.

Yep fail safe and range check both already done. As is a throttle cut switch that sets both axes to off.

You can see the power connection that can be easily pulled at the start of the video. That's more than the so called "professional" original install that had no way of disconnecting and no fuse!

I just wish the ESCs had a brake function. Once up to full speed there's a bit of a coast period as the caravan slows down to a stop. At least there's a mechanical handbrake, I guess.

I'm looking forward to hitching up, it should be a doddle to place the hitch right over the car's tow bar. (and probably just as easy to run right into the car if I don't take care).

Caravan racing at a fly in, anyone? teeth 2

Thread: Seagull 80" DH Chipmunk
21/06/2019 11:02:10

These lights look great, at a great price.

But the diameter looks too big for this particular application I think. (I haven't actually measured).

Thread: My biggest "model" yet
20/06/2019 21:16:23

Haha funny you should say that John.

I've gone with a mix pretty much like a V tail. So only using the right stick I have forward and backward on ele stick and turn on ail stick. I know, lots of other options but both axes need to centre for off.

I've ended up putting a deadband on the turn axis so that the stick has no effect until it hits 20% of movement. Without that, even slightly off centre and it would be turning. This feels much better now.

20/06/2019 21:07:19

So I now have full proportional control rather than the "bang on" of the old relays. I can also have one wheel going backwards while the other goes forward so the caravan will spin on the spot, that wasn't available before.

This doesn't show any of that at all well, but you get the idea.

You can also see why fine control is a must, where I park it.

Edit - Oh don't you just hate that when folk don't hold the phone in landscape when making a video - sorry!

Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 20/06/2019 21:09:57

20/06/2019 21:00:09

You have it Don.

The electronics of my very old motor mover have given up and all avenues I've found so far to sort it, look very expensive.

So I thought - what if..

2 x £10 ESCs later and it's working a treat. Much better than the old system.

After pirouetting around the drive for a while I just though to take a quick vid. Sorry it's just the last bit of parking up. (Ooh I might fire up a PC to post that. Back in a min).

20/06/2019 20:44:46

It's not much of a guessing game and the next clue pretty much gives it away, but it still might raise the odd eyebrow.


20/06/2019 20:29:43

Great guess Denis but no, it's not a plane.

20/06/2019 20:19:32

Have a guess what this lot is going in now it's had a quick test. More clues a bit later.


Thread: Seagull 80" DH Chipmunk
20/06/2019 18:22:13

Hi Russ

Good choice. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with it.

I have the lights working on mine but I have to say I can hardly see them in flight. There must be something brighter that we could use.

I connected them in to the Rx supply via an RC switch.

Something like this, available at many different places. That then plugs into a spare servo channel that I slaved off the flap channel.

Thread: Build your own telemetry sensors.
14/06/2019 20:20:41

Wow Paul you've really picked the ball up and run with it there.

Nice job. H

have you gone about calibrating RPM? I.e what sort of numbers have you put where? (OpenXSensor and the Tx).

How do you fancy picking up temperature sensing? That's something I'd be keen to follow.

I'll PM about PCB design as that's a whole new subject.



Thread: Anyone for a Tiffie?
11/06/2019 09:42:57

That's looking very nice Trevor. I'm following with great interest.

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