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Thread: Black Magic and twin diesel build
06/06/2009 00:56:31
Sorry for asking what is probably a really dumb question...but.
How does the fuel get from the carb to the combustion chamber? I don't see any signs of porting up the side of the cylinder. And how will this motor fire...what I mean is both pots at once or one after the other?
Nice looking build by the way...I never seem to get things that neat. Ho hum.
02/06/2009 02:54:35
A fantastic build thread, well done, I'll be watching closely.
Thread: The Cafe
02/06/2009 02:09:31
Dunno Myron...have you seen what the oil price has been doing the last few weeks? Closed at close to 68 yesterday!
But I'm OK jack...the higher the oil price the more work for me...yippee!
Matt (from an oil rig in the north sea)
Thread: High Lift Wings
29/05/2009 04:56:37
I've been toying with the arrangement of flap hinges to make them move back and down, just by moving the hinge point, with some success. But only in the virtual world of my PC. I havn't tried it for real as yet, due to being the worlds slowest builder.
The only problem I could forsee would be in making the structure stong and ridgid enough to cope with flying loads.
I'd love to be able to figure out a 'self deploying' system for slats...I believe the Lysander had them but could be wrong. Anyone know for sure...or how they worked?
Thread: Design It Yourself! - What you are designing around the Peter Miller series of articles
29/05/2009 04:38:03
Hi Peter
I've only just stumbled upon this thread, so sorry I didn't join in sooner.
I'm in the process of designing a Long EZ, using autoCAD and Profili Pro, though with the problems associated with canards I might put her on the back burner whilst I start with something a little more basic!
I'll try to get some sceen grabs on here when I get a few moments.
Thread: Model Diesel
17/05/2009 22:23:43
I looked up the formula for D1000 and it is as follows:-
Ether                       35%
Kerosene               35%
Castor oil                28%
Isopropyl Nitrate    2%
Rather nice of them to publish the recipe I'll be using this next time I mix up a batch...all I need to do is build a model to fit the motor too.
Thread: Run backwards
17/05/2009 22:11:17
Your too kind G-UMPY 
Can I be minister in charge of guillotine?
BTW Frank thanks for the reminder about turning the prop over...knowing me I'd have forgotten. It'll probably take a while to remember to flick the motor the right way as well!
17/05/2009 19:08:36
"do this on electric pushers where all you have to do is switch a couple of wires around."

But where is the fun in that, or the achievement, if I can get one of my motors to run backwards and make enough power to fly that makes my model even more unique.
Yes your right, it would be much simpler, but I don't have the spare cash to to buy my way out of modelling challenges. And I LIKE playing with oily engines.
17/05/2009 18:29:27
Haven't you lot heard...there won't be a 'next election' to rig...I'll be leading a revolution against the capitalist pigs who tax my fuel and spend it on their husbands porno.
Maybe if she wasn't so busy ripping us off her husband wouldn't need the 'blue movie'
Talking of fuel...I've just watched a 'flaring off' on an oil rig for the first that's impressive!  What a heat...I think it was about ten years worth fuel for my car, planes, helicopter, house, shed you name it! Do you think they'll let me take some home?
Your revolutionary leader
Thread: MP's.....(bless 'em)....
17/05/2009 01:15:56
And get some more parasites...I think not...time for a proper revolution...OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!!
Thread: Run backwards
17/05/2009 00:46:52
Thanks Eric I'll have to have a look through my engine collection when I get home and see what's possible.
As for electric...wash your mouth out...go and sit in the corner and stop being so silly .
16/05/2009 20:01:21
Ho hum...never mind was worth a thought I suppose.
16/05/2009 18:26:03
Hi All
Due to the limited sizes and price of backward props, I was wandering if it was possible to run our little two strokes backward? Some of mine do fire backward when starting up but run as rough as a badgers backside.
Just an idea.
Thread: Starter builders
23/02/2009 22:40:59
Hi Alan
Been playing this game for years and have NEVER heard that one! My god what a wonderfully simple solution.
Thread: Pick -a- 'plane discussions
19/02/2009 22:39:19
I wouldn't mind a Lysander as that was the first proper kit that I built...for rubber...I still remember fitting each stringer to the back ...and my first experience with dope.
I can't for the life of me remember who made the kit...I would guess that it had a wingspan a shade over a foot...but I never got it to fly as I had NO experience in trimming and no one to guide me...ho hum.
19/02/2009 09:43:40
Love the idea of a flying car.
18/02/2009 20:06:24
How about a few more votes for Mr Burt Rutan's fine and different aircraft. Why do we always look so far back when we look for scale models (unless we're building a jet). I would love the chance to make a long EZ or a Voyager.

Thread: Pick a plane 2009
14/02/2009 22:16:01
1.  Something by Burt Rutan
2. An Auto gyro
3. If you have to be conventional a Lysander.
Thread: Building from scratch
14/12/2008 19:14:00
With my eyes I find the brightest of 'Dayglow' colours I can find are the best. I have one model with yellow/ red stipes...I havn't lost it yet .
Thread: Model Diesel
01/12/2008 22:55:00
Nice one...I'll have to try that!
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