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Thread: Malta
18/08/2018 06:58:37

Glad to see you are liking it Chris.

Public transport in Malta is always rammed, no matter what time of year.

The Maltese seem to have a festival at just about any time so the chances of catching one is always high. When we last went in April there was a Festa in Rabat the old capital of Malta. That is one place you need to go as well is Mdina the silent city. Walk all the way to the dirty great wall at the far end of the village, and look out over most of Malta. From there you can see the dome at Mosta and Taqali airfield where the flying club is.

It is a lovely place but sadly I am not going to make a second trip this year. Family wedding got in the way of that one.


Thread: Chorus Gull
13/08/2018 20:26:36

I cheated!!

Got a set of foam wings cut.

Bilkits did them for me.


13/08/2018 20:26:35

I cheated!!

Got a set of foam wings cut.

Bilkits did them for me.


Thread: Mini roo
13/08/2018 17:44:52

This very long thread may provide you with your answer!!


IIRC mine had zero zero.


Thread: Anet A8
09/08/2018 22:05:25

Some useful "THINGS" starting to come off the printer.



I have been after a decent triangular balsa cutter for a while.

What better than to print your own.

29/07/2018 20:31:36

So here we are a couple of weeks down the road.



More Orange starting to appear.

Auto level sensor fitted and firmware upgraded to Marlin.

Now sitting on a 1/2" board which is on top of 1" of foam and has a layer of that grippy stuff on top. All to try to reduce the noise level.


Also screwed firmly to the base at 6 points. 





Edited By Kevin Fairgrieve on 29/07/2018 20:33:22

Thread: Solarfilm
29/07/2018 10:12:37

I just bought two rolls of Light Blue for my Hannibal refurb.

Everyone has a Red Hannibal.

Not me. yes


Thread: Sound Test Certificate.
23/07/2018 06:53:34

Thanks guys.

We are already logging sound levels and have them on a spreadsheet, and a hard copy held at the club.

All we are after is a simple piece of paper (that may or may not hold any "standing" for the owner of said model to show another club member if they are asked to prove that it has been sound tested.

We have considered small stickers etc etc, but decided upon the certificate route. No certificate no fly, just like "cymas" sticker,

We have also had the BMFA and local council down to the site and have passed any sound testing with flying colours.

Each model must also be re tested when changes have been made.

So yes we have considered all of the above well made points, and so all I was looking for was examples of certificates if any.

22/07/2018 21:37:52

Our site is quite sound sensitive and as such we are introducing strict sound levels.

Each model to be issued with a certificate.

Now to stop me reinventing the wheel, does any one have any examples of certificates that they can post an image of to give me some guidelines. Who knows I may just nick the best ideas!



Thread: Harrier Jump Jet- The aeromodelling Holy Grail !!!!
21/07/2018 17:29:25

I guess most people have seen this.

From 30 seconds in.

Stunning, but why so near to power/phone lines?
Thread: Flair Hannibal information sought...
20/07/2018 21:45:29

I am about to undertake the refurb of a Flair hannibal.

Topical as it is covered in this month's magazine.

I am unsure as to the layout of the closed loop system for rudder and elevator.

Does anyone have any picture's of there installations.

Thanks in advance.




Thread: Anet A8
11/07/2018 18:52:13

My first "upgrade" arrived today!!



Still printing a few bits off to improve the machine.

I am looking for a substantial bit of wood to make a solid base so that I can move the machine around the workshop.


Thread: woven type covering materiall
04/07/2018 21:37:06
Posted by r6dan on 04/07/2018 21:27:57:

thats the stuff! thanks mate

Prepare to be disappointed.

Solartex is no longer being made.



Thread: Anet A8
04/07/2018 20:55:20
Posted by Nev on 04/07/2018 20:12:35:

Hi Kev, BEB.

Before you do too much printing I would recommend you secure the wires coming off the hot bed somehow. When you see it in action, you will realise why, all that bending of cables will soon result in a broken track or wire and bad things will happen.


This works well for me, others have more elaborate solutions.

Its good fun once you get the hang of it but can be a bit frustrating until you do.


Good shout Nev.

Where I have mine, if the printer moves at all the bed cable will hit the wall.

I am looking to relocate it or somehow move it away from the wall, but that means a major workshop reshuffle!!


04/07/2018 20:52:58
Posted by Mark Stringer on 04/07/2018 08:51:30:
Posted by Kevin Fairgrieve on 03/07/2018 17:18:18:

Assembled and ready to print.

There are so many settings, where to begin?


One of the most important things is to get your bed levelling right so spend plenty of time on that.

It is well worth adding the auto-levelling sensor but you will want it working first to print the parts its needs anyway so do it the manual way first smiley

After that i have found that the two vertical axes can get out of sync occasionally so i use a spacer that fits in the one gap (white bit to black base - see pic) and gently hold that motor shaft while i very gently adjust the other one to be exactly the same distance.

A symptom of this is having the first layer being stringy / loose rather than nice and tightly meshed together.

X axis distances

Then pop to B&M and get some Duck Tape wide masking tape and a can of hairspray (I started with their own but now have Elnettt - both work well). That tape on the bed isn't great and without decent hairspray will rip off when you take the first print off it.

I tend to do a pre-heat from the menu to get the bed warm which makes it easier to peel the old tape off - clean with something like nail varnish remover then put the new tape on and while warm spray with hair spray the areas where your print will be.

Hope some of this helps - have fun - and learn a bit of CAD ... i am yet to do this but would love to create from scratch as i use mine for loads of things .. i am told Tinkercad is good and is free!

Thanks for that.

I do intend to upgrade to a sensor for the bed, but at the moment I am upgrading the printer itself.

My first successful print was a round fan duct which although not pretty is fully functional.

My second successful print is the first part of a Y belt tensioner.


Strill rough but once I have the machine to my liking I can always print another.

I did get some square tape from HK for the bed and have changed the horrible tape supplied for one of them.


As for CAD that is a way off yet, just happy that there are others who can do the hard work for me.

03/07/2018 17:18:18

Assembled and ready to print.

There are so many settings, where to begin?



The old laptop still running Windows XP not connected to the internet, is an old 32 bit OS, makes software choice a pain.

I will persist.

30/06/2018 17:35:28

Ordered mine from evilbay Tuesday, delivered Thursday.

So far I have only had the time to open the box and assemble the spool holder.



Sunday is looking like a very windy day so may be a short trip to the field!!

Looking forward to the very steep learning curve.


Thread: RCM&E The Inside Story
06/06/2018 21:10:12
Posted by Graham Ashby (Editor) on 06/06/2018 20:37:38:

Evening Tone. Ooof, straight for the jugular. I'm planning a re-start! smiley

And continuing the build blog in the magazine?

Thread: Aldi bargains
02/06/2018 07:11:39

Replaced my old Humbrol brush with this.


For £65 it looks to be OK.


Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
27/05/2018 17:22:08

For the first time I do believe that I got the 1 2 3 in the correct order!!

And fastest lap and safety cars...

There it will fall flat on its face as my "team" let me down.


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