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Thread: TX stick/gimbal direction guide plate?
27/11/2019 07:04:03

If you know someone with a 3D printer these are a possible.



They may need a little re sizing to suit.


Thread: Mini Blitz
22/11/2019 20:27:06

As per the original plan.

8 1/4" from the trailing edge.

22/11/2019 19:56:07


Had to wait for a 2oz tank to complete the build.

All being well, I shall attempt a maiden this weekend.


Wish me luck!!


Thread: Building Board Cover
13/11/2019 06:57:14

Cling film for larger models or grease proof paper for smaller models.

And SLEC do a sheet of plastic plan protector.

Link to the product here. Plan Glue Protection Sheet 600mm x 3000mm



Thread: Firefly 46
08/11/2019 06:53:50

Hi Alan.

No I did not get the plans.

I have no skills that would allow me to build one.blush

Thread: Mini Blitz
05/11/2019 16:46:41

Sat at the bench waiting for the fog to clear before going flying, and this happened!!!

So that was a productive day. I feel it is going to need a big chunk of church roof in the back though.😢

Really should have gone flying.





Thread: The Bolt chuck Glider Powered Version
31/10/2019 07:08:28

Still have my "Wonky Wings and Wheels" purchase to convert.


Following with interest.



Edited By Kevin Fairgrieve on 31/10/2019 07:08:41

Thread: Firefly 46
28/10/2019 18:18:07


The build article may be found on this very site.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

I am sure the drawings were here at one point, but I am struggling to find them now.

"Detail drawings for the Whittaker Firefly 46 appeared in the February and March 2012 issues of RCM&E."

May be able to order them as back issue`s.

Hope that helps.


Thread: Boddo's Biggles Biplane
20/10/2019 21:08:07

Simulating the effects of an attack from the hunn!!

replica fokker dr1.jpg

20/10/2019 20:08:43

I think this is it. A very poor picture taken by me at Cosford in 2014.

replica be2c.jpg


Thread: What model is this?
25/09/2019 18:46:53

Forgot about this video.

How much fun can you have with 15 or so gremlin type planes?

Edited By Kevin Fairgrieve on 25/09/2019 18:51:19

24/09/2019 18:11:09
Posted by Paul Marsh on 24/09/2019 13:38:30:

Finished Gremlin combat aircraft. Fitted the rest of the gear, and added some fins. They are removable with screws so can be swapped without glue.

gremlin (4).jpg

On mine and on the plan it shows the fins angled out. I used a bit of trailing edge. I am sure it will fly as it is, but you never know.

Mine fins are also bolted on for knock off ability. So far not required.



82. My old 35mhz channel frequency.

22/09/2019 19:36:58

Tis a Gremlin.

I love mine.

Full specs etc here.Combat Gremlin


I have the plan as a PDF if you want a copy.


I had severe elevon flutter on mine. Check out this video.



First instance at about 2.35 mins in. Cured with a strip of "blenderm" over the hinge joint. Power from a very old worn out Thunder Tiger GP.42.




Edited By Kevin Fairgrieve on 22/09/2019 19:43:58

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
30/08/2019 20:00:36

Predictions done.

Flying to the Far East tomorrow, so no chance of doing them after FP3.

Will also be away the following weekend, just hope I can get some internet access in Vietnam.

If my score tumbles after Italy you will know I was unsuccessful. Great excuse if I need one.


Thread: New Poll - sticky situations.....
26/08/2019 14:53:29

I voted rarely.

Superglue is not my go to glue. I much prefer aliphatic or epoxy. Sadly over the years I have become intolerant to the fumes. I have to don a full face mask whenever I do use it.

At least I have an excuse for my slow builds..


Thread: Brian Winch
25/08/2019 09:02:17

As a mainly oily flyer Brian`s column was always a go to for me.

A loss to his family and friends all over the world.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
14/08/2019 18:29:10

Maidened this yesterday.

Goes like stink on a TT42GP.

Ran out of elevator on finals (dead stick) and it landed flat in a field of sugar beet. No damage.

CofG amended and it awaits its second flight.

2011-01-18 04.32.53.jpg

2011-01-18 04.32.47.jpg

I am sure I saw a post a few days ago where someone was looking for this plan or something very similar to convert to electric, blowed if I can find it though.

Thread: Electrifying a 120cm chuck glider
09/08/2019 07:00:57

Thank you Stephen.

I had seen your thread, but had not realised it was the same mode.

A motor will be going on mine, not sure of size yet though. It is also a few builds down the list.

08/08/2019 18:48:02

I also have a small chuck glider that I would like to electrify.


A set up for this would also be good please.


Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
22/06/2019 06:51:29

Double post. Deleted.

Edited By Kevin Fairgrieve on 22/06/2019 06:51:52

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